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Biological Evolution Facts

What forms of biological evolution are ok in a Christian worldview?

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 ---Sally on 4/13/07
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Transitional horse fossils

A horse with no name
A horse with a name
A horse that's lame
A horse not tame
A horse inthe game
A horse in the rain
A horse without rein
A horse is a horse
---Mark on 2/8/08

transitional horse fossils,

---MikeM on 2/7/08

How has the horse evolved?

Through selective breeding from miniature to Belgian, a horse is a horse.
---Mark on 2/7/08

God made the universe....there is some change over time, but always within a species......never a new species....
---Fred on 2/7/08

Sally; What form of biology evolves?
---1st_cliff on 2/7/08

The only parts of the theory of biological evolution that are not ok within the Christian world view are those that leave God completely out of the mix. there are good faithful committed Christians that believe that God created the world through evolution as there are very good Christians that totally oppose evolution. It is a theory. there is evidence that both supports and contradicts it. that is why it is not a scientific law and never will be.
---Jared on 5/3/07

I do believe that God created life to adapt. this is in essences evolution in it's purest since. this is why the theory is and will continue to be taught. Christians all over the world agree with this. True a dog is a dog and a frog is a frog but there are differences a bullfrog will not mate with a poison dart frog. Are you saying that God created thousands of types of frogs or just one type? I believe that there was one starting point of each type of species and they emerged from there.
---Jared on 5/3/07

Judy natural selection/adaptation, falsely called micro-evolution, causes changes within populations however no single creature changes or evolves. Those who lack the charasteristics to allow them to survive die out & those who already have the characteristics (right genetic information) necessary to survive do so,breed & the population changes.

This isn't evolution as there's no uniquely new genetic information so a dog is still a dog, a frog still a frog. This isn't microbe to man evolution.
---Warwick on 5/3/07

Judy our enemy Satan is a deceiver & uses people to deceive Christians. Lots of Christians on this website are very confused about creation & evolution. They have believed Satan's lie because it has been taught to them by so called experts. If you do a little research on the website creationontheweb dot com you and others will get solid properly researched answers. Let's get rid of confusion & half truths!
---Warwick on 5/3/07

Evolution of one species to another species is incorrect.However,some creatures do "evolve"and mutate according to their situation and environment.So there are some types of evolution proven in existence.
---Judy on 5/3/07

MikeM(ocker): name ONE fundamentalist who claims there is "no natural selection, fossils are fake or the devil made them." Does he not care about the 8th Commandmant against bearing false witness?!

Hardly surprising really, since he disbelieves the rationale for the 6th Commandmant (6 days of creation and one day of rest, hence work for 6 days and rest for one makes no sense unless the days of creation week were the same length as the days of our week).
---Ktisophilos on 4/16/07

Haha, jana i love how what you said really has nothing to do w/ evolution...
---mark on 4/16/07

Evolution is a lie and has no place in Christianity.
---Helen_5378 on 4/16/07

Catherine sister, you summed it up very well hoseh...a friend who believes in evolution said they can do and know everything the Bible has and more..then I said "How do you think the moon, stars, sun and the planets are hung in the air? He said it is by a magnetic force up there pulling it up hahahah" This I had to laugh and laugh..and said, yes, that magnetic force is God the creator of all...creator of evolutionists 2. He was very annoyed with me...and left
---jana on 4/15/07

The biggest Hoax, lie,>> Ann take your pick, that Satan has ever come up with in modern days, this thing called Evolution. [Evilution].
---catherine on 4/15/07

There are none since evolution is a hoax.
---Anne on 4/15/07

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It all depends on who you ask. Most protestants see no conflict, or have no issue. Through not Catholic, Pope John Paul made an intelligent statement about evolution. Its only fundamentalist who say there is no natural selection, fossils are fake or the devil made them.

Science/evolution should never be used as a rationalization, an argument for atheism. Some may see 'randomness' as God being out of the picture, but that is not the case, as Newton, a devout Christian said the same thing.
---MikeM on 4/14/07

Jack you say Genesis shows evolution from simple to complex. Having read Genesis many times I see nothing which supports this idea. Genesis says God created creatures capable of reproducing after their kind which allows for variation but this is in no way evolution from simple to complex. What do you mean?

The God I worship has no need of evolution, an unproven idea, the speculation of falible sinful minds. He speaks and things are created, often from nothing.
---Warwick on 4/14/07

It depends on what you mean by "evolution".

Properly, it means a gradual development from simpler to more complex forms. Even Genesis 1 shows this.

I have no problem with an evolutionary theory that does no exclude God from the process. Unfortunately, God successfully resists quantification and observation in laboratory sciences.
---Jack on 4/13/07

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