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Is Apostolic Poverty Good

Apostolic Poverty. Should we go around in sandals, without money - poor, like the first apostles? Do we compromise sometimes with our wealth and position in the world?

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 ---Ed on 4/14/07
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Ed, that's the other extreme of the prosperity gospel.
To be poor in spirit means that we decrease and He must increase. Our dependence must be in Jesus Christ. To beat yourself up or throw everything away, live in a cardbox box in an underpass somewhere is taking one belief to extremes and making a religion out of it.
---Bob on 3/10/08

I never said you have to.
Being a friar is one way though.
But we live in such a materialistic age surely we need more people living in apostolic poverty.
Again why did John the Baptist choose to live in poverty in the desert eating locusts.
There is a tradition of Christian aestheticism going back to John. Our Lord backs this up when he invites his apostles to wear one pair of sandles and so on.
---Ed on 4/16/07

Why do you have to become a Friar to do any of those things? A Christian can do those things as well. Soup kitchens, Souls'Anchors for the homeless, drug rehab centers, VA centers, all of the things you mentioned. Why do you have to go to an extreme to give someone a helping hand and pull them back up out of an extreme?
---Bob on 4/16/07

There are two traditions of friars. Those who spend more of their time in the world (with drug addicts, violent offenders, dysfunctional people etc.. in the cities) and those who spend more time in friaries in the countryside.
But both have to spend their time helping the community as well as secluded from the world in prayer.
The friars were the first real organized Christians in the Middle Ages to take to their religion to the street corners of towns and cities.
---Ed on 4/16/07

Parents must go out and earn a living and look after their children (as well as support hospitals, public institutions through taxation, charities etc ..). Public duty is important.
But equally i think it is important that we have people living in apostolic poverty. To devote themselves to matters of theology, to pray for society, to help those on the edge of society and so on. But the world we live in today feels very uncomfortable with the idea of men and women going around living in poverty.
---Ed on 4/16/07

Finally. John the Baptist is probably the best example of an aesthetic mortal. He lived in the desert eating locusts. How would people in our modern cities react if they saw him walk onto their street (well they would propably walk to the other side of the street, or just ignore him).
---Ed on 4/16/07

We are to be content no matter what our situation. As "regular Christians" (as compared to the aposles job) we are to lead a life that is not lavish, being willing to give up everything when the time comes. A husband must care for the family. If he can't care for the family, how is he to care for his flock? Paul says he led a rich life and a poor life, feast or famine, but he was content in all situations. Thanking God for everything.
---Steveng on 4/15/07

Luke 22:35-37.
Matthew 19:23-26.
Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:13.
Money is not evil unto itself. It becomes evil if it becomes more important to you than doing the will of God.
---lorra8574 on 4/15/07

Ed, my friend, I think you're still struggling with the Friar decision.
Jesus pulled away for times of prayer and fasting. But He always returned to be amongst the people. He did not hole up like a gopher, sticking His head out every now and then. No, Ed, He was always in the mix. He was fearless that way. He never turned away from adversity, He was God and He was man in every way.
---Bob on 4/15/07

Some of the eastern relgions practice solitude in a cave, years spent in deep meditation. Their countries and populations are far, far away from Christ. Sewage runs in the streets, people sleep right next to it. Ed, that is not what God intended for His children. Deep solitude, hiding behind religion can be a way of escape from what's really tormenting us. You see it on the blogs every day.
---Bob on 4/15/07

Ed, there are people hiding behind the blogs. Their words reveal torment and hardship. Jesus was mentally sound in all of His decisions. He had times of prayer, but did not pull away others to avoid the Cross. You have a cross to bear and I have one. The human race needs you more than the solitude.
---Bob on 4/15/07

Your words reveal struggle. If you were meant to be a Friar, you really wouldn't need to ask the blogs. Confirmation comes, but it's doubtful you would need to spin the blog wheel and see where it lands. Your calling would be sure. Your surety is in the Lord.
---Bob on 4/15/07

I am not saying that we should do this.
But clearly God does ask some to: just look at the apostles for starters. Because people who have absolutely no worldly concerns can devote themselves 100% to prayer (you can't really pray if you are flying a plane, or working in a bank - all to pay for your family's needs: perfectly legitimate). We need people set apart from the world - this world which is so dysfunctional, wars, killings - people spiritually blind etc ..
---Ed on 4/15/07

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