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He Is A Perfect Non-Christian

I was dating a non-Christian and we were heading for marriage. We live in different countries and it's hard to decide leaving all for him. My biggest concern is FAITH as he is nothing and I am a strong Christian. The rest is perfect! What should I do?

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 ---Rachel on 4/14/07
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the daughter of my fellow church member married a guy from the middle east. He carried her back to his country where she can't come home and she is abused by husband and father in law. She has contacted the American embassy and no one can help her. Who ever is planning to marry from another country, will be stuck.
---shira4368 on 10/1/11

Okay what should you do run in the opposite direction....

If you were strong in the Lord and not a strong" Christian"
Strong in the word and not strong in a name or self conviction, you would trust the Word.

The Word say not to have communion with Belial, not to mix light with Dark, not to be unequally yolked with an unbeliever.

Trust God what is God his word

Still have a PROBLEM?.

By gods word you will after you are married to this non believer.

God said NOT so DON'T.

---Carla on 9/30/11

Rachael: While I agree that your friend may be 'perfect' please take it from me. I also married a non-Christian, a very short time after believing.

While she is a lovely wife, I am still feeling that I made a mistake. It's better not to, if you have any concerns at all - afterwards, it'll be too late!

---Peter on 9/27/11

Rachel: You are discussing marriage contrary to the word of God? Have you asked God to show you HIS choice of your life-partner? Some of us have made this mistake before and regretted it, take heed.
---Adetunji on 9/28/11

I assume Rachel is no longer with us, but I will answer the blog anyway in case there is others planning the same thing.
The answer is, run as far away from him as possible. Ask youself this question,
Would God sanction the marriage? Not on your life. Of course you will not listen to advice, but you will listen to your needs, and you feel you need this person no matter what. Everything might look perfect now, but it will never be perfect once you are married. You will have to face the consequences later.
---Mark_V. on 9/28/11

If the one whom you are dating is not a christian,that makes it all imperfect!
When one has a good relationship with God then everything fall into proper places.On the contrary,its a chaos to live with man who has no faith in God.So dont head yourself for!
---mj on 9/27/11

I'm sorry about your dilemma, emotional ties make decisions VERY hard. Do not listen to others who say you are not a strong christian, ONLY Jesus knows what and who you are. NONE of us are exempt from falling, from sinful natures, or from traps. Dear sister, you know the answer, God has laid it on your heart. You must decide and be willing to carry the burden either way: the burden of heartbreak or the burden of an unequally yoked bond. I'm going to pray for you right now that God will lift your head up to His glory and for Him to give you HIS strength to work through this. My heart is with you on this matter. Love, Cathy
---cathy on 8/8/08

hi, read your blog and the dilemma that you are in. i think we Christians have this perception that we know whom God has planned for us and for some reason when we meet someone whom we think God HAS send to us we jump to that opportunity because when we are praying we already have the answers to what we want. my dear hope you prayed and if he loves you pray that he will change because i think we all came from sin and it took someone else effort and prayer to bring us to Christ.
Love u and God does more
---Eve on 8/8/08

Rachel you are delusional. If you are such a strong Christian, you would have never gotten involved with this man, at first! God has already told us as Christians who and what to avoid. An unsaved person who does not love your Saviour is surely a red flag that you should have recognized in him,miles away. You are the one I am mosly concerned about.
He has told the truth but you are in deception and lying. Which displeases God,greatly.
Leave this man alone then repent to God.
You are not the strong Christian you think you are.
---Robyn on 8/4/08

Rachael, what makes you "a strong Christian"?

Doesn't FAITH come by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Ro. 10:17)? So, what does God say about your situation (2 Cor 6:14-18)?

The choice is yours, i.e., obey God & prosper (be blessed) or disobey God & reap the whirlwind (pay the consequences). I pray you'll do what's right (obey).
---Leon on 6/20/08

If you really want to follow the LORD GOD (YAHUVEH) then do NOT be unequally yoked with neither an UNBELIEVER nor someone of ANOTHER FAITH. Just TRUST GOD (YAHUVEH) to provide a Christian mate for you.
---Gordon on 5/10/07

If you want a partner who is a non-believer, then you are truly asking for it in the long run. If God is not in his life, then he will eventually bear his spots! Just from personal experience, I'm not stating that he couldn't convert and be saved as a Christian. Does he have any desire to follow God? If you know the Bible, this should already be a response of "no"!
---sue on 5/3/07

There is no such person as a perfect non-Christian. How can there be, Jesus does not live in them. Even the few He does live in, far from perfect. Need I remind you, the devil has dominion over all unbelievers.
---catherine on 5/3/07

Rachel, I am friends with a Christian in our church who tried this, except the man was in the states. He sounded all wonderful and she visited him in his home state several times. I am sure he looked all glorious, up until the time he moved here with her, talked her into putting him on the deed of her home, and then refused to marry her even though he still lives in the house with her. She is having a terrible time getting rid of him. He doesn't beat around the bush about what he thinks of Jesus.
---Linda on 5/3/07

The bottom line is this: a man (or woman) who is not born again can only be selfishly motivated because it is the death of Christ operating in someone's life that causes them to love unselfishly. You take a tremendous chance when you are unequally yoked. If you were at peace with this, you wouldn't be asking. Selah.
---Linda on 5/3/07

The Bible says you must be equally yoked.ARE you deeply in love with this man and he with you?Pray for his salvation,be his friend,but if he will not accept God,friends is all you should ever be.....
---Judy on 5/3/07

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Darlene's answer is spectacular, filled with so much truth.

There is no perfect man outside of Jesus.
You are deceived if you believe he is perfect. The bible says, "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers." You must obey God's word if you are a "strong" Christian which I doubt because a "Strong" Christian would know to walk away and not even let the devil tempt her with an unbelieving man. Repent and go on with the Lord. Leave this man to God.
---SeekerofHim on 4/16/07

Rachel - You say you are a strong Christian. If that is so, then how come you do not know the truth? God says "come out from among them and be separate" (2 Corinthians 6:14-17). You should drop this man immediately. You are unequally yoked with him and therefore in disobedience to the Lord.
---Helen_5378 on 4/16/07

i think you are heading for trouble.the bible states how can two walk together unless they his country is the religion there christian or muslim or can you be sure you can practice your religion freely there?is he willing to learn of our father?if he is thats something that you could work with,but if he doesnt show any interest i think you should really pray hard about this situation.i pray you make the right choice.amen
---jesuschild on 4/15/07

first of all never say that someone is
nothing,just because you think he has no
faith,God uses such ones to close the mouths of peoples like you. maybe your the one whose lacking the faith.
---mae on 4/15/07

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God created Eve from Adam's rib and with marraige they become one in Christ with the Holy Spirit.A couple should share love and faith.90% of marraiges of christians and non christians do not last for long.
---Alfred on 4/15/07

I agree with the others here.
The forbidden fruit looked perfect to Eve; and look how that turned out. I'm reminded of the old cliche': "All that glitters is not gold."
---tracy3346 on 4/15/07

It is easy for things to be perfect when you are dating someone who belongs to Satan, and it is the trick of the Devil to draw you into hell. The Bible doesn't tell Christians to fellowship and marry other Christians for nothing. Being with Christians builds you up,nonChristians pulls you down. Satan doesn't torment or bother what already belongs to him . Don't be foolish and be taken in by Satan's lure,run for your life away from that nonChristian.
---Darlene_1 on 4/15/07

Because you can endure something doesn't make it best, what an unbelieving spouse is to a Christian is a constant counter weight against your life in Christ.

That fellow must be converted, but don't tell him you're leading him to it, he'll play along, (TAKE IT FROM A MAN WHO KNOWS) once he sees God for who he is he'll either change or run, if he runs just wait, he'll be back.
---Pharisee on 4/15/07

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Rachel is correct. Huge problems. I do not know how so many people in the world does as well as they do without Jesus. Would someone, anyone, let me know how you make it in this life. Man I am so curious. When you do answer me, only one request, NO Blasphemers.
---catherine on 4/15/07

You might get along ok at first but when trouble, stress, and kids come along and you have to get involved with his family and he yours, then you will find out exactly why God said don't be unequally joined together.
What you value and what he values will be miles apart. You have received good advice from many people here. I hope you consider it all.
---john on 4/15/07

This may lead you to even worse situation than unequaled relations if the man you plan to mary has connections to the world of evil spirits (How can you prove not...).

This may ruin your whole spiritual life and your relationship with God. Solomon was deceived by his wives who worshipped idols who made him to worship as the bond of marriage is too strong to influence our faith.
---Ephre3798 on 4/15/07

Are you still dating him? Cause you said you were (past tense) dating him. If so, how much do you love him? Are you willing to leave all for him? Seek God and let him guide you in the right direction. If your faith is strong enough, God can save this man and then you wouldn't be so hestiant to marry him.
---Rebecca_D on 4/14/07

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You are thinking of moving to another country to marry a heathen. Does this really make sense to you? If you were truly a strong Christian as you say, you wouldn't have been in a relationship with someone who was a non-Christian.
---Susie on 4/14/07

Perfect fell apart in the first five words.
There is nothing that will bring you more heartache than to marry a non-Christian.
You're setting yourself up for an unequally yoked marriage. Huge problem.
---Rachel on 4/14/07

Study God's Word and see what it says about being unequally yoked with an unbeliever. Talk to other women who have married nonbelievers and regretted it. Pray and ask the Lord for guidance and wisdom. Then, pray for the strength to obey God and trust Him for your future happiness.
---Madison1101 on 4/14/07

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