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Virginia Tech Mass Murders

Are the Virginia Tech mass murders due to increased demonic activity in America?

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 ---Janet on 4/17/07
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The answer is YES. The days of a God fearing nation are gone. God is taken out of society. the family unit is attacked daily, children grow in hatred through abandonment. money, greed, power have replaced living in righteousness. instead of wholesome music that uplifts our souls, evil rap music now dominates the airwaves. television promotes violence, sex, perversion. Evil practises by many have replaced repentence and avoiding evil. Instead of shunning evil, many christians have embraced it.
---ashley on 5/20/07

The VA Tech murders were the result of the murderer. Is that rocket science? Why does it seem like everybody is trying to blame this trajedy on everything but the person who did it???????????????????????????????
---Anthony on 5/19/07

There's twenty-one basic reasons why a nation can be cursed. Why give demons the credit. Men can be worse than devils. The devils will help if you ask them. Christ told the devil "for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men."
---jhonny on 5/19/07

The military brags about how well disclined our soldiers are, don't they? Yet, the ones that are not going to be killed are coming back home with messed up minds. What is that going to give us back in this country; more people with messed up minds. How long is it going to take for people to know, and to realize that only God has the answers. When are we as a nation, going to come down off our pedestals and for goodness sakes put God back on His. What is it going to take?
---catherine on 5/19/07

To all the professional therapies with all of their education and knowledge [ALL I have is an highschool diploma boo hoo], who believes they know God and know more than God. Anyhow, Jesus saids, for what's it's worth to you, "are you ready"? >>>"The devil come but to steal,kill, and to destroy, but I come sos you can enjoy your life and live it in abundance until it overflows".
---catherine on 4/23/07

Along with prayers, we need action, action, action.
We're becoming desensitized to acts of violence. TV, violent computer games and a constant reporting of crimes, we look at the television and say pass the sugar, please. What bothered us eight years ago, does not bother us now. If you are honest with yourself, what unnerves or surprises you today. If you're old enough to remember, are Iraq casualties bothering you as much as VietNam? VA Tech as much as Columbine?
---Rachel on 4/22/07

Unfortunately, Satan is everywhere and trying to get his army up to fight the new beginning. Our Lord is always with us though. May God bless those that were killed and their families. I pray that the families have God in their lives and turn to Him for comfort. He is here for them if the let Him in as He knocks on each and every one of their doors. Bless them all and i pray for them all.
---debbie on 4/22/07

So sad, what can I say?
---Marcie on 4/22/07

Wickedness and crime are a revelation that individuals, groups, and nations are making their choices--for God or against Him. Jesus said that these things happen so that all of us might realize that without His grace received by faith into our hearts, there go each and every one of us. Do we say, Not me? Then we reveal like Peter, our ignorance, and will surely fall. Only His power cans deliver us from sin within.
---Wayne87 on 4/21/07

We have federal air marshals. We need marshals on large universities, etc.
We need them because we need that element of doubt to block a criminal's intentions.
Doubt and the possibility for their plans to be destroyed for soft targets.
We have more security for football games and concerts than we do at NASA. All that money and no metal detectors at the door.
---Rachel on 4/21/07

Why, in a society where the are many more laws concerning guns and states with very strict gun purchase requirements, etc., does it seem that gun related violence is on the rise and more extreme than ever before? You would think that more laws would make for less violence... The blame doesn't belong on guns, it belongs on the darkened hearts of the men/women who use them. One of the worst mass murderers in recent history, Timothy McVey (sp?), didn't even use one... he used explosives... go figure.
---daphn8897 on 4/20/07

Yes, this nation has turned away from God. But, it is not a surprise. Men/women always do - the nation of Israel did so repeatedly in the OT - and they, as a nation, have been favored by God more than any other. We need to stop blaming and start praying. Monday morning quarterbacks always know the right plays...
---daphn8897 on 4/19/07

jana, your remarks remind me of Charlie Sheen.
---Bob on 4/19/07

The U.S.(some of them) has left their first love and turned to idolatry: They have forgotten that God blessed them more so t han any other and therefore, turned away..This was on television tonight If it is true, then it explains why the disasters occurring there every year...the 9/11 was a wake up call...
---jana on 4/19/07

Banning guns is not the answer, Jesus is. The state I live in has carry and conceal legal now. Maybe if more law abiding citizens had guns the crime rate would drop because criminals would be more cautious knowing that who they are attacking may be able to fight back. Criminals will always be able to get arms, that's why they are criminals. Law abiding citizens need to be able to protect themselves.
---betty8468 on 4/19/07

From the beginning he said, I set in front of you life and death, blessing and cursing: Choose you this day whom you will serve. This nation has chosen death and cursing, rather than serving the Lord; for this comes the wrath of God with his plagues and none of his good blessings. For he will not bless sin nor honor any evil person. Only through true repentance and making amends to each of us whom belong to him will he turn back the curses upon this land. Only by his mercy is this country at all standing
---Eloy on 4/18/07

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I feel these incidents show lack of Tolerance,Respect,and denial of God's Holiness & Truth;Unfortunately,Oh God series,held somber notes.I recall George Burns quote "If I take sad away, Happy has to go too".We are chosen by God's Love.He offers us free-will, to chose the Right way and solid Path to Glory.By our Decisions,we are led to either Destruction or Peace & Unity. The World is not of God.He makes The Sinner'bear consequences of his lewdness and detestable practices'(Ezekiel 16:58)
---rosem4839 on 4/18/07

What I read in Ezekiel 16:59 is truth;'You have despised my oath by breaking the Covenant'.People take Prayer out of School, and defile the 10 Commandments by continually ignoring them. I think it is more tragic in Today's Society.What happened to the moral I once heard in a Waylon Jennings tune? He sang,"maybe it's
time we got back to the Basics of Love".
God IS Love,and we sure have forgotten Him.
---rosem4839 on 4/18/07

This is my nation. This is God's country.This nation does not belong to the devil and his people. The devil and his people have run things long enough, consequently, we now have a MESS. We need some saved people. We need for America to be Godly again. We need some God fearing patriots. We need some Godly Judges, if they are going to be allowed to judge people. We need some Godly men and women on the police forces,if they are going to be telling people what to do.
---catherine on 4/18/07

Ed, those kids were shot in a gun free zone. No guns were allowed on campus. An outlaw will find a gun.
To leave everyone else like lambs for the slaughter is not the answer, either.
We live in a different world. We need agents on planes and more campus security.
Anyone can walk through any open school/college grounds undetected.
Yesterday, there were 7 copycat threats to schools/universities around the nation.
---Annie_Oakley on 4/18/07

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I agree with Matt Dillon, the law abiding with registered guns, hunter/gun safety courses, etc., are not out to destroy. The outlaws and why those with green cards are allowed to purchases weapons, that's what needs changing.
---Annie_Oakley on 4/18/07

Here's the thing, Ed. When only the outlaws find guns, in the states with the toughest gun control laws on the books, you find highest crime rates.
When you outlaw guns, you will have the T. McVey's finding other means.
Leaving everyone sitting passively on the curb is not the answer.
---Annie_Oakley on 4/18/07

Where I live, hoards of former city/east/west coast dwellers are moving in.
They can't stand the crime. What's the first thing they want when they move in, to change all the laws. They want gated communities exactly like they've left and no guns.
We say, if it worked so well, why are you moving here.
---Annie_Oakley on 4/18/07

Thirty-two bright individuals are gone, including one Holocaust surviver.
All the roadsigns and neon lights were flashing around this mentally ill person. One professor tried to help, God Bless her.
In our PC world, no one can be censured or shut down.
---Annie_Oakley on 4/18/07

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A ban on guns does NOT keep psychos from getting guns, BUT it does disarm potential victims and leave them defenseless against creeps like this. I bet every person in that building wished they had a gun that day, AND I know they would have used it too.
---Crystal on 4/18/07

It was a brave off-duty police officer that saved many lives not too long ago in a mall.
He had a gun, without it he would have been helpless to save countless lives.
---Annie_Oakley on 4/18/07

I take this to heart because I am a Virginian, Upon graduation my classmates went there, and now their children are there. It saddens me to think there kids may have been in that number, Yes this Asian boy from South Korea was mentally disturbed, however, it is my strong belief, that this person was seduced, and disturbed by unclean spirits, evil spirits, HE NEEDED A DELIVERANCE, NOT A MEDICINE. part 1
---Cynthia on 4/18/07

Ed don't dummy up on us. The gun had nothing to do with the murders. The gun is only an object. It was the man that was the problem.
People don't like to confront the real issues.
It ran like this;
The schools threw Gods Word in the street and out of the schools. The courts did the same. The Government did too. Now because of that we have to throw dead bodies out also.
Instead of crying about guns let's cry about our mindset towards Gods Word.
---Elder on 4/18/07

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This world is having a hey-day in the realms of using the occult, and all kinds of scorcery, wizardry you name it to conjure up unclean spirits. His goal is to ROB, STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY EVERYTHING that belongs to us, and until the church learns how to take its rightful AUTHORITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS, and START PRAYING IN TONGUES AND GROANINGS WHICH CAN NOT BE UTTERED, IN INTERCESSION TO PUT THESE THINGS TO A STOP IN YOUR LAND, they will continue.....
---Cynthia_1 on 4/18/07

This country in general has chosen to serve Satan, so God gave them up to their own vile desires. You cannot serve the enemy of God and also be God's friend and expect be blessed by God. Unfortunately it will only get worse, but there is a remedy if only man would listen to us prophets of God: Return to Jesus, and put God back in the country and back in the government and back in the schools and back in the work places and back in the homes. Please Read- II Chronicles 7:14.
---Eloy on 4/18/07

What about banning guns?
Surely the gun culture plays some role, even if very small, subtle or impossible to pin down how exactly, in these sort of crimes, overall.
Of course the person is responsible, ultimately, without doubt - personal wickedness. But what helped him to induce this hatred of others: society, violent TV - and at some level: gun culture.
Do something positive, practical, responsible and tangible: ban the gun.
---Ed on 4/17/07

It was prophesied that things were going to get worse. This is an example of that.

From reading about the shooter, he was a very troubled young man and needed a lot of help, spiritual and psychological.
---Madison1101 on 4/17/07

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Well here we go again. You better know it. It is all demonic. Did you know that most people in this world do not believe that there are demons. Nevertheless they are real.
---catherine on 4/17/07

The Bible also warns that, in the end times, wickedness shall abound. If this doesn't qualify, nothing does. Jesus is coming soon!
---Crystal on 4/17/07

Yes, the DEVIL is always behind "ALL EVIL"!!
---Ruby on 4/17/07

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