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Church Furniture Grows Church

What effect do you think that new church furniture has on the growth of your church? My church is having a major fundraiser for new church furniture and says it's needed to bring in new members.

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 ---Susan on 4/17/07
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It depends very much on the motives for believing that new furniture will attract new members. If the new furniture will be much more comfortable I applaud the idea (I suffer from severe back pain and cannot concentrate on a sermon whilst in pain).

If it is purely because it will make the place look more modern then they will not keep new people. They will soon become bored and the appearance of it all will become 'old-hat' before you know it.

We all would love to have more members but if there is no desire to learn of Godly things they will be 'ships that pass in the night' and the church will be 'back to square one'.

Your church should save it's money unless the new stuff will make people more comfortable.
---Rita_H on 5/4/14

Susan, The true Church only grows because of the LORD's offer of Salvation, His Love, His Mercy and Loving kindness.

To even attend a Church Service just because of it's new furniture is a shallow reason for going.

But, still, if an unsaved person did go only "for the furniture", and then, heard the TRUE Saving Gospel, and got TRULY Saved as a result, then, GREAT!
But, a church that thinks new furniture will grow a Church has their priorities backwards and may not be preaching the true Gospel, and is without true Power.
---Gordon on 5/2/14

We used to go to church for worship not for the furniture. Yes a new furniture can beautify the place but church is a worship place and it should not be seen from furniture's point of view.
---eganchurchfurnishings on 5/2/14

furniture does not grow a church but the word of God does through proper preaching and teaching. The furniture whether chairs and anyother kind of furniture is for the body of Christ to use.
---Derrick_Gooden on 7/24/12

The use of folding chairs and a movable modular worship center is very practical for a new congregation it allows maximam utility of existing floor space for alternative programming during the week besides a worship service.

As the congregation grows in membership when you exceed existing seating resources I recommend up to three non concurrent morning services prior to a physical plant expansion project, particularly if pastors change less than every 5 years.

Managing membership demographics is everything if you want the church to last more than 30 years. You can have the best worship program there is but unless you manage your stewardship and demographics you church is in for a hard crash.
---Blogger9211 on 7/24/12

Mostly trying to keep new members in the church. People will often use a church remodel to keep the church "fresh" if you will by keeping up with the times. I've seen over the last 22 years church's move away from pew to chairs for example for lots of reasons, cost, design, value but time and time again they tell me and my staff that it's bc they are wanting to expand the church and they want to keep the church building modern and new for the new church members that may have arrived in the last couple years.
---Joshua on 7/23/12

People are very much influenced by their surroundings. A church that is nicely furnished and remodeled will be more attractive to visitors who are seeking a home. Your church leaders know this and are acting upon it. God bless your church that it gets a good face lift and in so doing is able to give the Gospel to more people.
---john on 1/17/08

You shouldn't worry weather your church has new furniture. I think the prime concern here should be whether we have a renewed heart and mind to go out there and preach the gospel like Jesus did.Jesus did not worry whether he wore new clothes or not. The fact is that Jesus looks for a new heart and new furniture doesn't even matter. Your church needs to examine themselves before they can even begin to examine the furniture. Seek he first the kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you.
---rita on 6/12/07

Wendell: I totally agree with you! :)
---Katrina on 6/10/07

Jesus was in a manger and I didnt hear his parents complaining. Jacob was resting on the ground and a rock for a pillow. Moses was on a mount when he worshipped the Lord, he pulled off his shoes and I am sure his feet got dirty..did he care???? I have to agree that its not the place its the LIGHT they see shining in people. the Lord is everywhere, the building is just a building with no soul. wherever a christian is Christ is there.( where 2 or more are gathered I am in the mist <--remember)
---Jan4876 on 6/7/07

God's house should be clean, nice and looking good. We wouldn't want our houses to be messy, dirty, and unclean. So why should the house of God be any different? It shouldn't. But the church should spend more money on the needy istead of more things for the church, that isn't needed.
---Rebecca_D on 6/6/07

Wendell: You could not be more wrong in your response. I totally disagree with you on this.
---Robyn on 6/5/07

Church furnishings,clean surroundings, inside, outside of the church building itself, is just as important to a church as love is to a marriage.
---Robyn on 6/5/07

I would be ashamed to invite anyone to my home church if it did not have comforts like comfortable seating, A/C, clean bathroon,kitchen and so forth. I definitely would not join a church that looked like a pigsty.No way.Even a shack would look better with a coat of paint. We need to be concerned about our surroundings. Especially in the big cities. Country churches tend to not be as elaborate,or as comfortable as city churches but I have seen nice,comfortable, clean country churches.
---Robyn on 6/5/07

If you are trying to reach the lost and the condition of the church or furnishings is a stumbling block, then you should do something; and a fundraising effort is a proper and biblical way to finance it. As a church building consultant, I cannot say whether there is NEED in your case or not, that is for you to determine.
---SteveA on 6/5/07

We go to church to hear a word from the Lord and to fellowship with other believers. If the concern is on whta furniture may or may not be there, you may be going for the wrong reason.
---Wendell on 6/4/07

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Moderator: I beleive that there are more important issues that could be stated under the Feature Christian Blog. Priorities need to be set on what is important. Furniture is definately not one of them.
---Steveng on 5/29/07

Hi, I personally don't think it has anything to do with getting new members.I think new member comes from the people in the church.People look at the members of the church,to see how they act.To see if there friendly and Spiritually.I think you get new members by the way you act not how beautiful the church is.My opinion..
---Donna on 5/29/07

I like those kneelers with soft, cushy pads.
You don't have to be a Catholic to be moved to kneel down in church. I like kneelers.
---Paisley on 5/27/07

I am not going back to a church where I have to fight off mosquitoes and sit on squeaky benches. Had enough of that in my daddy's shotgun church years ago. The Spirit of the Lord dwells in nice ,cool clean buildings,too.
---Robyn on 5/27/07

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I like pews with cushions.
---Tim_Doss on 5/27/07

The impact of new furniture in your church can be quite significant in many ways. I believe if you want to reach new members and bring in fresh bodies, you have to be forward thinking and willing to relax in some ways.
Even consulting an interior designer isn't a bad idea. But know your own goals before you hire anyone. Tell them what you want out of the environment and they should be able to achieve that in a positive way.
---Larry on 5/27/07

I mean some church people gossip & talk about their weeks activities which is not a place to do in the service, they can do it before or after the service ,if they stay after & talk, fine, but during service is not the time. that should be rendered for GOd alone. This is what i meant by socializing.
---candice on 5/25/07

We do go to church to socialize. We are a family. I go to see my family. I go to give them my love and to receive their love. We are a fellowship designed to help each other grow in Christ. We hug, kiss. We eat together, share prayers, worship and praise together. We weep together. Just like your regular family. Come on now...people.
---Robyn on 5/23/07

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Candice, what makes you think we don't go to church for socialization, even though that wasn't even my point?
How is it that we go to church for God and Jesus?
Among the self-improvement and self-nourishment reasons why we go to church, and why the church even exists, if there's anything that we can say is done for God or Jesus, it would have to include attracting people to attend the church, so that they can, perhaps, be saved.
---Okebaram on 5/23/07

A comfortable atmosphere may very well be part of what attracts people to your church - and that's what you want, to see more souls saved. Just make sure that Jesus is at the heart of this (and every) decision you make as a church. Make sure that the decision is fueled by a desire to love God and people. Make sure your church prays about decisions. There's nothing wrong with getting new furniture as long as priorities are straight.
---LL on 5/23/07

We go to church for God, & his son Jesus,not for socialization, if you go for good looks & nice things in the church instead of for God you are serving for the wrong reason! However yes it is nice to have descent things in the church,but God comes first over matierial objects.
---candice on 5/22/07

We all like a nice looking building but the building is not the church. Our mission is to go out into the world and show the love of Jesus to a lost and hell bound world. A family without food or shelter will never be reached by a fancy building. They will be reached by your giving help in christian love and then to minister their spiritual needs.
---Daryl on 5/16/07

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This is extremely unsettling. Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, WE are the put so much emphasis on a building ( to attract new members) and not the Lord and His word alone is wrong. Remember, the Lord did not accomodate the rich man in Matthew 19 with all the "luxuries" he was accustomed to, but Jesus told him to give it all to the poor, and take up his cross and follow Him.Is the pursuit of impressive, new "church" furniture what we have been reduced to?
---Kim on 5/16/07

**I think if a church needs new furniture it should replace those that are needed, but NOT to attract people.**

Candice, God bless you, but how can you say "NOT to attract people?" Goodness! Do you have any clue what the church is for?
---Okebaram on 5/14/07

I think if a church needs new furniture it should replace those that are needed, but NOT to attract people. We at the church of christ have pews in our church so If the material gets old ,& pews not as new & wood go bad,then by all emans replace the pews or material!
---candice on 5/12/07

We have many multi million dollar churches here in Texas. I suspect those gold faucets in the ladies room and warmed toilet seats along with the million dollar A/C units have a lot to do with the growth of their rolls,registers or whatever you want to call it. Churches are more modern and richer now. We don't have to sit in shacks, with cardboard fans fighting mosquitoes and the sweltering heat. Thank you Jesus for conveniences today. You are a mighty God.
---Robyn on 5/11/07

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That's right. A fundraiser for churches are needed from time to time but we should make sure Jesus is the center of our praise, worship, and the pastor is teaching the un comprised Word of God. Jesus is the head of all the churches of God. For sure. But a nice cool church with fairly comfortable seats are a God-send for me. Blessings.
---Robyn on 5/11/07

Part 3: Jesus said that even now the spirit of antichrist has entered the world and in 2pet, matt, rm, mk,titus,1&2 tim,isa,Rev,deutr ,we learn that 2000 yrs ago there were false prophets and teachers influencing the churches and saints. I believe that by this influence, now we in this country have been born into a world of mostly false teaching in as much as we have lost the intent of the gospel. Christianity taught today is a way to MAKE IT in the WORLD with the help of God by believing in Jesus.
---jody on 5/11/07

PT 4: Jesus did NOT come to teach us to MAKE it in the WORLD. This is false teaching cultivated throughout the centuries to a point of deception , undetectable. There are many books and tapes showing how to have a prosperous life!! Is that What Jesus taught? No!! He said do not concern your self with the things of the world. Take up your cross and follow me. Sell all that you have. Friends with the world is enmity with God. The church is actually an Enemy of God these days and teaching others. Woe.
---jody on 5/11/07

PART's ANSWER : DEFINE PURPOSE : To bring in ones to be saved? Increase numbers thereby increasing dollars for salaries , costs which will increase as necessary staff for new programs are added which lose your current and new individuals within them ? Mesusement of success by numbers ? Need for lagrer audience for exposure to GREATEST PASTOR who is proudfully puffed up wanting to be Mr. Gov paid, John Heggee who will face God ? Intent : according to Gods Word if you can remembering to FEAR GOD.
---jody on 5/11/07

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Part 2: While it is a great thing that this site offers a mall to purchase furniture which I encourage any church to use in order to keep the site open and free, the origional churches were small home based gatherings structured to allow the Spirit to flow in order for spiritual gifts for perfection of the saints. There was order which was provided by the pastor and rules re use of gifts and orderings. Church programs and growth were not heard of.
---jody on 5/11/07

I think this is alot rubbish.The church were I am has poor furniture and is continually growing because we always give our $ away. That does not you guys have to do it.But it sounds a "we must look good call to me"
---trevor on 5/11/07

This reminds me of something about furnature, in this case pews. As a teen i was in my relitives pentacstal church. A very 'large' woman next to me was getting rather animated, jumping up and down, as see was very endorphined filled. The pew I was afraid would buckle the wood protested her weight. I turned to the man next to me and asked, "Are these pews bolted?" For that comment i was asked to leave. I chuckled then and now. Church furnishing must be tough.
---MikeM on 5/10/07

Please read the book of Haggai for those of you who feel that leaving God's house in disrepair and not caring how it looks, is ok. It is not ok. We live in nice homes(furniture etc...) drive nice cars, you get my point. But we do nothing to beautify the house of God.
It does not work like that. We take care of the Lord's house and He takes care of us.We should make sure it is neat and clean, comfortable and worth worshipping in. The same goes for our own homes, our bodies and our surroundings.
---Robyn on 5/8/07

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I applaud your church for the fundraiser. Not only will it likely increase growth but attendance,too. sometimes people are uncomfortable and will not come to church. I simply adore A/C at my church. I perspire a lot, when I shout and praise God, I really need A/C. I grew up in a shack church. I thank God for the modern conveniences we have today. God is worth all of the beautifying we can do to our churches but we should not make that the main focus. Jesus is the focus of any church.
---Robyn on 5/8/07

Sounds like..."If we build it, they will come" If they are acting on a word from God, then bless them for their faith and obedience. Salvation belongs to the Lord, and He will plant His people in the church. He will add to the body as we are faithful. :o)
---Kim on 5/8/07

I hope your church is spirit-filled first of all. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is love, joy and peace. But new church furniture and worshipping where it is comfortable and clean has a lot to do with persons joining the church, as well. A church on the move and doing things for Christ is going to grow and draw people. I do not want to attend a church where the seats and benches hurt my legs and back. I want to be fairly comfortable. I speak not for myself, alone, I am sure.
---Robyn on 5/8/07

I think todays churches focus too much on the material things to draw the unbelievers,, Im not sure your church is doing that as I do not have enough info,, but if we preach the truth,, it is the Lord who will draw others unto himself
---Doris on 5/2/07

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The number one furnishing > leaders who obey 1 Peter 5:3 > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." > Furniture should not posture a lording-over image.

Also, Paul wrote, "I have become all things to all men, that I might save some." (in 1 Corinthians 9:22) > He became "as" those to whom he was reaching (1 Corinthians 9:19-27); so furniture should help make you become "as" the people you want to reach.
---Bill_bila5659 on 4/29/07

I don't think furniture has anything to do with a spirit filled church.
---celia on 4/27/07

Exzucuh: What does those scriptures have to do with furniture in the church?
---Rebecca_D on 4/23/07

Acts 2:47 Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.

Acts 5:12-14 And by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people; (and they were all with one accord in Solomon's porch. And of the rest durst no man join himself to them: but the people magnified them. And believers were the more added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women.)
---Exzucuh on 4/21/07

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Acts 2:38-41 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. the promise is unto you, and to your children, and all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.
---Exzucuh on 4/21/07

If it is the furniture that brings in the new members, then they are not good for the church. New furniture should be to provide for the needs of new members. Not one true member was won by Jesus to His church by providing a fine temple or fancy furniture. They were won by His teaching the truth, and then He provided things to fill their needs. He offered them the cross, fellowship with His suffering, and encouraged them that good would triumph for it was of God.
---Wayne87 on 4/21/07

How does buying new furniture help bring in new members? All this is saying about your church is this, "Look at our church, and look what we can do". It says nothing about winning people to Christ.
---Rebecca_D on 4/20/07

Seems to me the focus should be on getting out the Word of God, that's what people need and will draw people. We're in a spiritual battle and wrestle not against flesh and blood...this seems a fleshly tactic. It is not by might or by power but by My Spirit says the Lord.
---Christina on 4/20/07

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So outraged by this question was I that I took it to a number of my friends who are staunch church people. About half agreed that a nice building in furniture is somewhat important. But all agree that the physical church and soulwinning do not go hand-in-hand. Question--- for what reasons does the church exists except soulwinning?
---Mima on 4/20/07

Most Christians and churches deny the power of God. These are times when Christians depend on worldy devises to attract members. They depend on marketing plans, new furniture, entertainment, certain activities. Today's Christians deny the power of God to do anything. They depend more on technology, science, medicines, politicians, to make changes when God is right there willing to help if He is only asked.
---Steveng on 4/19/07

The only way to grow a church is to have the pastor teach the congregation to become disciples. Teach them to form home churches in which the small home group have a place to gather on the Sabbath to meet other members of other groups. Time is near when churches will be regulated by the government and organized churches will not teach the truth.
---Steveng on 4/19/07

And, of course, depend on the Holy Spirit.
---Steveng on 4/19/07

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If people would come to Church because of the furniture, you are probably better off with them. The Holy Spirit draws those who He wants to a particular Church. The superficial and carnal are concerned about trying to lure others in by such means. Would be better off sitting on hay bales.
---RICHARD on 4/19/07

My church is standing room only already. Forget new furniture, we need more room.

Of course, sprucing up God's house is a nice thing to do if your furniture is getting shabby or unsafe.
---lorra8574 on 4/18/07

Seems to me this question got asked before not too long ago.

In the first Christian sermon delivered on Pentecost, what kind of pews did the listeners have to sit on? There were NO places to sit in the Temple, you know.
---Jack on 4/17/07

In this day and age, so many people are overwhelmed with life and looking for solutions to their problems. When they go to church they want to meet with God. I think the new furniture and fixtures may attract visitors but only the Spirit of God will keep them there.
---DoryLory on 4/17/07

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I've never heard of it.
Is that not similar to the cart before the horse?
---Susan on 4/17/07

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