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Cosmetic Surgery For Christians

Should Christians have cosmetic surgery?

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 ---Joan on 4/18/07
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Sure it's OK if your "defect" keeps you from participating in a full life. I do think our society put too much emphasis on looks. Some surgeries hardly cause a noticable difference to others, but make the person think better of themelves.
---Donna66 on 1/10/11

Depending on the severity of the need.

To many are beautifying the flesh. They need to work on the spiritual state on the inside.
---Lawrence on 1/8/11

Why not? Where would the sin come in? We as christians have the right to improve upon our appearances. To look as attractive and put together, as possible. I think we(christians women) have more of a reason to make ourselves attractive. Because we can't and don't wear revealing clothes as we use to. Don't rely upon outer appearances as much as we did when we were in the world. Among other reasons i won't say here. So go for it!
---Robyn on 1/6/11

I have thought of having rino surgery for years and still desire to do so, I want to do it with a clear conscience from God. I want to do it because my nose is ver large compared to the rest of my features and I have always been ery insecure about it to the point where I refuse to have my picture taken or I just won't smile when I do. I feel so obseed with it that I hope and pray that oce I have it done I can go on with life and not let my nose be such a huge distraction for me. I don't judge others who have had surgery for whatever reason.
---Yoles on 11/15/10

This is a really old blog, but I was looking around for what Christians were saying about plastic surgery. I am having Rhinoplasty soon. I have a deviated septum that effects migraines/breathing. I am also having my bridge narrowed. I can remember before I was a Christian wanting my nose fixed. I have wrinkles and eyes starting to sag and stuff. Those things are natural. The crooked nose has given me problems all my adult life. I have to believe that the Lord knows my heart, even if I make a decision that isn't good, I can learn from it. I am hoping that He will use even my interactions with my surgeon for His plan and Glory. Thanks.
---nancy on 6/1/09

I plan to have cosmetic surgery when I finish losing weight, as I want to get rid of the excess skin from the weight loss. What is wrong with that?
---Madison1101 on 2/2/08

By the way, I did have a couple of nose jobs about 25 years ago. It had nothing to do with vanity. After a severe car wreck, I just didn't like the looks of my nose under my right eye. I hit the steering wheel with my face and that is with a shoulder harness seat belt on.
---Susie on 4/30/07

I say this with humility. I have personally never felt a desire to have said surgery done. But, I think it's fine to do IF you were born with a facial defect. Or as a result of some horrendous injury. But, OTHERWISE, to do it because you don't think you look as beautiful as Miss So&So. OR, as HANDSOME as Mr. Goodlooks. That's all vanity. Accept youself as GOD (YAHUVEH) created you. You're going to get a new, glorious and incorruptible body someday in Heaven. Let's keep our eyes on THAT hope and on Him!
---Gordon on 4/29/07

Madison: I am glad you are able to have this procedure done. I was told by my DR, since I have had 2 c-sections, my small flab in my belly, if I strengthen up those muscles, then I will have flabby, lose extra skin hanging down. I have a small pouch, but I can live with that. If you decide to go through this, I hope all goes well.
---Rebecca_D on 4/29/07

Rebecca: I have always had a feeling that women who try to be younger throught surgery is not honoring to God. The main reason gastric bypass patients get the surgery is because of the infections that develop from the skin hanging over so much after they lose the weight. That is why a lot of insurance companies are now paying for it.
---Madison1101 on 4/28/07

Madison, what I'm about to say I do not say you are like this person, I had to say that, because someone will take one word and misuse it. I was watching DR. Phil the other day, and this woman has had over $100,000 in cosmetic surgery. She wants to look 21 again. Appearance is the upmost important thing in her life. She's like 40. When this woman told Dr Phil what all she went through with and is going to go through with, he was speechless. (suprising for DR. Phil).
---Rebecca_D on 4/27/07

Trisha...You scared me there for a minute. I'm approaching 60. LOL!!! But, I don't smoke and can't stand the taste of coffee. I'm grateful that I was able to have two wonderful mothers in my lifetime, my birth mother who died when I was 9 and my adopted mother who adopted me at 11. They were not the kind of mothers that you told about. However, I know a lot of women my age who are scared to death of getting old. All the cosmetic surgery in the world is not going to stop us from aging.
---Susie on 4/27/07

Susie, Helen - have you ever known a mother who was in competition with the daughters?
The mother is approaching 60, smoked like a chimney for 40+ years, several pots of coffee aday. The mother wants a facelift to take the ravages of time/smoking off, now. But tightening the skin that looks like saddlebags for a HarleyD. will be a miraculous feat. Laser surgery will be next.
---Trisha on 4/27/07

Those daughters, my relatives, had to watch their mother flit around in little clothes all of their lives. The bigger they grew, the happier she became. When the first daughter was going for surgery, she was in the panic mode, scared to death for her life. She was not scared when daughters were approaching 4.0.0 on the scales. Those girls suffered from low self-esteem. One was a mouse and one became wild to over-compensate for the weight (the life of the party).
---Trisha on 4/27/07

Am I happy for their surgery, you better believe it! The mom wants a face upgrade, now. Mothers/daughters and difficult relationships. It can take a lifetime to overcome. For these two, their life is just beginning, they were headed for an early death. The mom is a compulsive cleaner to keep the pounds off, smoking/coffee assist the cleaning. I wish the mom would clean the rooms inside of her head and heart, instead of her house. It might have saved the daughters from all this heartache.
---Trisha on 4/27/07

I agree with you Trisha.
---Helen_5378 on 4/26/07

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Trisha...I know what you mean. Years ago when I was about 40 pounds overweight, I worked with a skinny-minnie who thought she should tell me about diets. She looked like she was anorexic. I said, "You know those people who are anorexic who are skinny, but think they are fat. Well, I'm the opposite. I'm fat and think I'm skinny." And, I don't know how many people say they don't want to quit smoking cause they don't want to gain weight.
---Susie on 4/26/07

In some cases, the surgery, drastic as this might be, would be a real lifesaver. It would have quickly reduced the strain on the knees for one thing. This in turn would have enabled regular walking, which is one of the best exercises. This in turn would have had further benefits. People should not have to suffer because of legalistic ideas against surgery.
---Ktisophilos on 4/26/07

trisha: I have no problem with people sharing their opinions, just leave my name out of it.
---madison1101 on 4/26/07

I was only adding to discussion, not singling you out in any fashion. I was not intending for an argument or judging or conflict.
This is way too touchy to continue with.
---Trisha on 4/26/07

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Seems that Madison had good reason to have her surgery. Why should anyone judge her? There is no biblical prohibition against it. Sure, cosmetic surgery can be abused, but it's the abuse that's wrong, not the surgery per se.
---Ktisophilos on 4/26/07

Susie: The hospital I had my surgery at has a support group that meets twice a month for pre- and post-op patients, where there is plenty of discussion about the lifestyle changes that need to be implemented. Furthermore, they have nutritional counseling from the very first consultation. In addition, I participate in an online support group for additional help and encouragement.

I know full well about the need for diet and exercise program and am participating in such.
---Madison1101 on 4/25/07

Betty: I don't understand your post. Some people die from bypass surgery, true. Morbidly obese people die from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and other comorbidities of obesity. For me, it is life saving surgery. It saved me from developing the problems I was sure to have if I did not have it. I was prediabetic, and on cholesterol medication.
---Madison1101 on 4/25/07

Trisha: I thought your post was directed at me because my name was the first word in it.
---Madison1101 on 4/25/07

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Madison..My family also has a problem with obesity. One brother has worked out several times a week for years to avoid getting overweight. One brother has lost about 100 pounds and kept it off by changing diet and exercising. One brother has lost over 100 pounds through Weight Watchers. By eliminating butter, grease, soda pop, etc., I have kept from getting my weight out of control. You can have all the surgeries you want, but if you don't change diet and exercise habits, it won't work.
---Susie on 4/25/07

My daughter had stomach by pass surgrey she weigh 230 now weigh 130 she 4ft 9inches a man in my church had the surgrey also they both look like walking dead people she looks older than her sisters she is sick all the time and so is the man some people come threw it fine but some people die from it Take a monday until the next monday an count every thing you have eat for a week we don't realise what how much we do eat but some people do have health promablem that cause them to gain one is thyroid
---Betty on 4/25/07

I was not directing my comments at anyone.
I have a relative with two children, both have had the surgery.
The relative lives on coffee and smokes, thin as a rail and proud of it.
The children reached 3.5.0. Genetics play a part. Living on coffee and cigarettes is not the best alternative.
---Trisha on 4/25/07

I do not know how the children could avoid their genetic pattern. Starvation, smoking and coffee have drawbacks, too. Their thyroids were normal. Genes.
---Trisha on 4/25/07

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Madison - What Trisha is saying that if you are skinny minny etc. there is no way you will understand what it is like to be obese. Hope you are doing well.
---Helen_5378 on 4/25/07

Trisha: I do not smoke, never have, and I am not a skinny minny. I was the one who had the gastric bypass surgery for my morbid obesity. I do know that genetics is a factor in my obesity, as all of my siblings are obese, and my grandmothers on both sides were obese.

I was prediabetic, on cholesterol medication, and dealing wtih arthritis, plus edema, prior to my surgery. I am off the cholesterol meds and the diuretics and have no joint pain since the surgery, and my blood sugar is normal.
---Madison1101 on 4/24/07

Madsion, genetics have something to do with weight, too. You can fight the genes all of your life and reach a point that surgery is the answer. You have to be there to relate.
So if you're a skinny minny, huffing and puffing on your ciggies, smoking like a feign and drinking caffeine, walk a mile in someone else's shoes.
---Trisha on 4/24/07

If ciggies and caffeine are keeping you slim, sooner or later that vice will catch up with you, too. If you're slim naturally, God Bless you. If you struggle, God Bless you, too.
---Trisha on 4/24/07

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Susie: You have no right to say that weight loss surgery is the lazy way out. You have no idea what is involved in it, and how many years of trying and failing to lose the weight and keep it off I had gone through prior to making the painful decision to have the surgery. Your sister is an unfortunate example of someone who failed to utilize the surgery for the best. Please e-mail me to discuss this further. madia3794
---Madison1101 on 4/24/07

Why not? We are people too. We have hopes and desires while we are in this world. If it were not pleasing to the Lord, I would not do it. Be led by the Spirit. God does not leave us ignorant to the things of this world. Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Don't put unnecessary restraints on yourself. God does not.
---robyn on 4/23/07

Rebecca...I wasn't referring to accident victims or people who were born with birth defects. My husband was born without an ear and has had dozens of surgeries. I was referring to vain people who can't keep looking in the mirror. Having surgery to reduce weight instead of exercising and stopping eating so much is the lazy way out. My sister had her stomach stapled years ago so she would be able to work and get off welfare. She continued eating the same way. It was a waste of the taxpayer's money.
---Susie on 4/23/07

most people who do cosmetic surgery are is required for burn victims etc. why change what God gave you if it is not disfigured? Are you not happy with what God gave you? He made all things beautiful...
---jana on 4/23/07

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Susie: One of the reasons for me to have cosmetic surgery in a year will be to remove excess skin from my weight loss. This is not just vanity, it is for medical reasons. The excess skin hangs over and makes folds, where sweat accumulates with bacteria and skin infections can develop. This is painful when it occurs, and could require medications like antibiotics.
---Madison1101 on 4/22/07

Susie; so if a person was insucure about how they look, for example if a person was in an accident, and their face/body was mangled some look into cosmetic surgery. That wouldn't be about vanity. If one does this procedure and there is nothing wrong their appearence, that would be vanity. the famous people do it because they don't want to look old. That is vanity.
---Rebecca_D on 4/22/07

Susie - Yeah. I just hope my wrinkles don't get raptured.
---Helen_5378 on 4/22/07

Bob - ("So slap my face, twist my nose, pull my ears, kick me in the shins and love me.") -- Oh my, don't think I have the energy to do all that. I might fall over trying to throw a kick. :o)
---Helen_5378 on 4/22/07

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Madison, if that makes you happy, why not? It may even help you be healthier and allows you to exercise and keep fit in the future.
---Caring on 4/22/07

Bob....At least if there are any scars, you can always have cosmetic surgery. LOL!!!
---Susie on 4/21/07

Ever notice how some people can only talk about themselves. Who cares about the vanity of people? Jesus is coming soon and we better get ready. Spend all the time looking as good as you think you need to look, and in the end, Jesus is still coming back! Why waste so much time thinking about how good you look?
---Susie on 4/21/07

Helen, before you throw me in the drink, and you will. When people used to chew on you many months ago, I would stand up for you, too. Time after time. You won't remember, because you would move on to your next post without a glance in the rearview mirror. It finally dawned on me, that you really didn't want anyone reaching that hand out there. So slap my face, twist my nose, pull my ears, kick me in the shins and love me.
---Bob on 4/21/07

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Madison, if you are unable to express/describe emotions verbally, or acknowledge that you experience emotions - communication is detached. A person's writing reveals a great deal. Connecting with others is a vital part of Christianity, too.
---Bob on 4/21/07

Helen, I have been around for a year.
I was expecting your response. Lack of affect is emotional detachment from others.
When a man reaches out and wants to be your friend, Ed, and you say, bluntly - are you the one who wants to be a friar. That's a flat, monotone detached response.
---Bob on 4/21/07

Helen, when someone reaches out with a light-hearted touch, something comical, humorous - and you give them an immediate rebuke with a scripture, that's detached.
When someone questions you, you hollar loudly. When someone used your name awhile back, it was a real crisis. An afront to your pride. My name "Bob" is used constantly. It's generic.
Your delivery is detached and blunt, and maybe you can't help that.
---Bob on 4/21/07

Bob - You have written all that, so what is your point if you have one? I have noticed that you are new around here. Or are you?
---Helen_5378 on 4/21/07

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Bob, that is an excellent description of lack of affect, and describes very well many of Helen's posts on these boards.

I did not personally take her encouragement on this issue as a negative comment, but that is not to say I have not thought many of her comments to me in the past were negative and lacked affect.
---Madison1101 on 4/20/07

I've read many of your harsh, blunt words for others, Helen. When someone asks for prayer, the bluntness takes the love right out of it. If anyone questions your lack of affect, it's defined as rebuking and coming against you. You're allowed to love everyone the way you see fit, out of hell. When we don't see it as you do, it all becomes close up and personal for you.
---Bob on 4/20/07

Lack of affect - unable to express emotions verbally and may even fail to acknowledge that they experience emotions. Common in people with anxiety or depression. The distinguishing factor is inability to elaborate beyond a few adjectives to describe feelings. Lack of affect, emotional detachment from themselves and difficulty connecting with others.
---Bob on 4/20/07

This should be up to each person. If a person doesn't feel secure about themselves and feels that cosmetic surgery will make them feel secure, then let them go ahead and make that decision. I can't say if it is wrong or not. Because I don't know. I wouldn't have it done on myself. but if I got burnt very badly or something simular wrong, I would if I had the money.
---Rebecca_D on 4/20/07

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I think that I will just wait for that new body that I'm going to get some day. Don't want no cutting on my body. Is anyone else getting sick of seeing all these movie stars and news people with those silly, puffy cheeks?
---Susie on 4/20/07

Bob - How is that you can "hear" my words? You have not met me. Don't judge now. Some people make it very difficult to reach out to when they cut you right off.
---Helen_5378 on 4/19/07

Madison1101 - Despite Bob's rebuke I meant what I said. I know of a lady who had stomach banding done, and she showed me all the excess skin on her tummy and it did not look nice at all. So that is why I encourage you.
---Helen_5378 on 4/19/07

You know what, Helen, your compliments have a tinny sound. The bells really don't ring when you try to say nice things to Madison.
I'll say this much for Madison, she reveals her true self. When things are going haywire, she doesn't fluff it all up like an angel riding on her cloud.
---Bob on 4/19/07

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Some celebrities have their faces stretched so tight they look like a catfish with the trout pout. :-O
---Sharpei on 4/19/07

Madison1101 - Nothing wrong with that at all. How is the weight loss going? I admire you for going through with it. If it were me I would sure want to have the excess skin surgically removed too. You will look stunning.
---Helen_5378 on 4/19/07

Oh, good advice Lynet!
---catherine on 4/19/07

Having cosmetic surgery is a personal decision. I would never discourage anyone for doing what they feel is right for them.
If they're married they'll discuss it with their spouse. Other wise it's no ones business.
I would only add, do your homework when seeking a doctor to do the surgery.
---lynet on 4/18/07

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There may be good reason for it. If, God forbid, you are disfigured as a result of an accident, it might well be indicated.

If you're trying to hold age at bay, it might be more an exercise of vanity and pride.
---Jack on 4/18/07

Not a thing wrong with it. Now, when I need one, I am going to trust God to give me the money to do it.
---catherine on 4/18/07

If you are not vain why need cosmetic surgery. Impress God, not people.
---Junia on 4/18/07

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