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When Was Jesus Born

When was Jesus born? Some say 4BC others say 0AD. What evidence in the Bible or in extra Biblical works reveals clues to the year or month of the birth of Jesus?

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 ---Pam on 4/18/07
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Iami,You,through your posts, read and study the past-history of physical people and events giving primitive expressions of the spirit as they understood spirit and as you interpret them.The past is not as reliable as the present or the future presence.If this post is posted i will continue.There is new revelation in the public domain, and it makes true sense.Some of the most intelligent minds on earth are in very deep examination of the content the revelation offers to the reader.The revelation is un desirable by current traditional religions as we know them.This is expected.You might say his is a revelational clarification of past ,present and future and whom we speak of as Spirit .
---earl on 11/19/08

Iami.I have posted you .Uncertain if it will post .A correction on the word 'his'to 'this'.My back button is not working for me today.
All of the questions you presented here and all from the past you have also posted have merit and are given attention .
As I said God never ceases to revelate .God is an unceasing revelation.
In time clarification will come to those who ask in senserity.However many will cling to the old and be confident that what is/was then is all there is for the/our future.From this, confusion remains and not all are /will be on the same page of revelation.As the o.t. was then came the n.t. Now there is more and has been for a while.But who is looking for it?Consider the reality of new revelation in your life time.
---earl on 11/19/08


Those are two brilliant posts. I have stated numerous times on this site that you get this thing. As you know, I have been asking that question on Spirit for a while and you are the only person who came close to the "correct" answer in the past. Obviously, then, I must have an idea about ATTUNING (through meditation and scientific prayers) to this invisible Spirit. Alan's question that generated my response was suspect, and that is why I wrote what I did. Nonetheless, for someone who is this deep on invisible spiritual matters, how in the world can you get taken in with an historical Jesus story, when throughout history, except for late 1st century C.E through today, the story has been mythical or mystical? How?
---I_AM_I on 11/18/08

Iami,Spiritual attunement is by experience only.Scientific technique or method to discover Spirit is useless.
Attunement is achieved when one experiences God -the moment of realization of-God consciousnes-the realization that one has just appealed to the highest authority and has recieved confirmation of truth-commonly called a spiritual experience.
Lack of spiritual attunement acknowledges lack of spiritual experience.
Believers believe without the aid of the physical eyes.
---earl on 11/17/08

"What is this Spirit made up of so that I may attune to it."
Does this mean that you have no knowledge of Spirit influence,activity,revelation or most of all 'experience'?
I am sure you have read- Jesus said that ,"happy are those who believe without seeing."
Atheists have been looking for a mineral composition(physical matter) from the time atheism began it's march into science.They have failed to discover the existance of Spirit as you have failed also.
Your question suggests you have no spiritual experience and for the unexperience one will continue to have difficulty in recognizing the existance of Spirit and where Spirit comes from and where Spirit resides.
The element chart does not contain Spirit.
---earl on 11/17/08


You would do better here if you provide the proof ....great minds, including some of the early church fathers, have investigated the Jesus story. Some of them were honest enough to admit that the story is unoriginal!

---I_AM_I on 11/16/08

Ha. I clearly see how desperate and confused you are. I have sifted these scriptures through a finer mesh,adversary of old. I sought to prove it wrong.
I have truths which flicks your reasoning away like a gnat.

br>3For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears,

4And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
---Trav on 11/17/08

You are only kidding yourself if you think you can understand your bible and some of its BEAUTIFUL TEACHINGS without this background knowledge! The Christ is REAL but not historical!
---I_AM_I on 11/16/08
5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

6For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

7Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. <
br>9But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as their's also was.

13But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

---Trav on 11/17/08

Like everyone else, I want TO KNOW how all this got started! I look at myself and I am immediately humbled because I recognize that I cannot create myself (as in to move myself into being), even though I can co-create myself once I am already here. What brought me into being (not on earth!)?
---I_AM_I on 11/16/08

You can believe in a Creator, but that Creator may not be Jesus in your thinking.
Do you believe Jesus is a God that became Man for us to die for us to redeem us?
That He rose from the dead after 3 days?
That beliefs makes you a Christian.
So, are you a Christian or not?
Do you believe in the Trinity?

Or do you just hold to the fact you don't know, but know Another created you?
---Nicole on 11/16/08

I researched all the verses you gave, and they do not suggest God is the Sun.
They are only metaphors.
How else are they going to compare God's strength and power?
Nothing else to compare Him to that is brighter and stronger than the Sun.
That doesn't mean He is the Sun.

Of course the dates of Solemn feasts dates goes by the solar and lunar timeline.
That is the only way to tell time and date.
Everyones uses the lunar and solar if they wish to know the time of day.
It doesn't mean they are worshipping the stars and the moon.
---Nicole on 11/16/08

According to the Holy Scripture the man Jesus Christ was proven to be born at night between 7 and 8 o'clock Mediterraean time, on December 25th, 5 B.C. Recorded in the Holy Bible in Haggai 2:15,18,19+ Daniel 9:25+ Ezra 7:8,13,21-23,27+ Luke 3:23+ Matthew 26:20,21+ Luke 2:8-14+ Isaiah 12:4,5+ 28:16+ Matthew 21:42-44+ 26:20,21+ Isaiah 53:2+ 66:7,10+ Matthew 1:18-25+ 2:1-12+ Luke 1:24-38+ 2:7+ 2:1-38.
---Eloy on 11/16/08


It would be interesting to know what you do beleive! Clearly you are not Christian. But what do you beleive? ... all I can see is you saying what you do NOT believe. Alan 11/16/08

Like everyone else, I want TO KNOW how all this got started! I look at myself and I am immediately humbled because I recognize that I cannot create myself (as in to move myself into being), even though I can co-create myself once I am already here. What brought me into being (not on earth!)? Everyone religion, philosophy and science I have examined say Spirit (they call it a different name but the meaning is the same) did this! I agree! However, what is this Spirit made up of so that I can attune to it? I know God = UNIVERSAL Spirit.
---I_AM_I on 11/16/08


You would do better here if you provide the proof and spear me with the diatribe. There have been great minds, including some of the early church fathers, that have investigated the Jesus story. Some of them were honest enough to admit that the story is unoriginal! Some blamed the devil for "making" other Jesuses before your alleged Jesus of Nazareth. Do the research for yourself and you will CLEARLY see! For starters, study the Christians before your alleged Jesus and then study the period from 1st century C.E to 3rd century C.E. You are only kidding yourself if you think you can understand your bible and some of its BEAUTIFUL TEACHINGS without this background knowledge! The Christ is REAL but not historical!
---I_AM_I on 11/16/08

I AM I...get to know Jesus and it won't matter.
The exact month and year of his 30-year life span is not as important as the result of his 30-year life span.

You are fighting the battle not knowing you missed the conclusion of the war 2000 years ago.

What creature waste its time debating the birth of his own creator. Good grief man, meet the creator and get a life!
---larry on 11/16/08

in all the discussion on the existance of Christ you have been blinded to the fact that the question was not did he exist or is he God but when was he born. the person who says he is (sun). is using writings and opinions made by a human. but cannot accept the writtings of the bible. They are also leaving out the fact that Jesus said blessed are they that have not seen and yet believe (faith). The writtings of Josefus mention Jesus. i don't worship the sun but the God that made it. i believe that jesus is God and he has never failed to shine in my life. all i can say to this person are the words of the prophet Elisha you pray to your god i will pray to mine in the end we will see who is God. Joe
---joe on 11/16/08

Where are the non-biblical contemporary eyewitnesses of Moses and Jesus? Give me just one!
---I_AM_I on 11/15/08
Pharoah and Pilate will witness to you one day. Along with Baalam, Jezebel and assorted other tangled/mangled lessons in the wide way.
You am a great asset and at the same time a waste of time.

Your am an asset in that you are the very essence of the "Tare" parable. A good example of the tare fighting for the nutrients of the wheat.

A waste of time in that your history is flawed in the most strategic places important to your "am" disciples your seeking.
---Trav on 11/16/08

I AM I ... It would be interesting to know what you do beleive!

Clearly you are not Christian.

But what do you beleive? ... all I can see is you saying what you do NOT beleive
---alan_of_UK on 11/16/08

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I love you brother, especially when we disagree.


Perhaps my last post to you and your post to me were sent simultaneously? Nonetheless, in one of the many scriptures I cited, GOD = SUN is mentioned. In the event you refuse to STUDY (not just read, which will not help you on astrotheology in the bible) those scriptures, look up Ps. 84: 11-12 and Mal. 4:2. When you study astrotheology, you will CLEARLY see that many of the dates in Judeo-Christian-Islam-Hinduism-Budhhism are solar and lunar!

If you refuse to research the Great I AM (YHWH or Yahweh), how will you ever understand what you claim to worship? Where are the non-biblical contemporary eyewitnesses of Moses and Jesus? Give me just one!
---I_AM_I on 11/15/08


You always ask piercing question in our exchanges and I always try to answer them! When I say "Jesus" is one of the lesser savior gods, that is in the context of the myth that goes back to ancient Egypt which had God impregnating a virgin to produce a savior God. This story has been passed on to many nations, with the names of the Father God, Mother Virgin and Son God changing to suit each culture! It is a blueprint! Can you prove that it is not? Even though this is basic mythology (non-historical), that does not mean that the story is not REAL or contains TRUTH on God, Matter and God-Matter or 1, 2 and 3 or the "heavenly or spiritual" trinity, which you and I have discussed in the past.
---I_AM_I on 11/15/08


If you research what I wrote in #1, you too will see that "Jesus or The Christ" (a title) has always existed from ancient Egypt and many nations had their virgin-born Christ. All of these Jesuses are mythical, however, including those with 12 disciples. There has been no historical evidence of these Jesuses and their disciples! The Jesus of Nazareth and his 12 disciples are no different, except this specific story has several historical persons who were documented outside of the bible story.

I completely agree with you that the evidence or lack thereof is WITHIN each of us! That is why each person has to do her own research when she is ready to get to the root of knowledge!

God bless.
---I_AM_I on 11/15/08

Iami,You state lack of an historical Jesus and then discount other apostles as "mythical."
Are you stating -lack of evidence for all?
Or,do you ,from lack of evidence for one ,discount all as mythical?
Will you clarify again who does not exist/was not a mythical character but was a real person for you have clearly stated you have done your research.
since this is going through the weekend I will state that physical evidence will not be found.
However,evidence will only be found within the self." Evidence within the self is self evident."
The people of this world are most recognized as a people who "believe without seeing".A very spiritual group we are with a high degree of spiritual quality.
---earl on 11/14/08

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Iami..You stated, "lesser savior god such as jesus".
Can you clarify ?Does Jesus exist?Does he exercise control over this universe?If not, is this universe functioning or operating without spiritual purpose?
Are we/this universe and all things seen with the eyes an automation with no source of origin or purpose of direction ?
Will you say evidence does not suggest a source of origin but all here is spontaneous?
If so ,can you prove/provide evidence that the physical is all there is and the spiritual is nonexistant?
---earl on 11/14/08

I AM I ... I'm sorry, I got that wrong.
---alan_of_UK on 11/14/08

PLEASE do some research, including on the Great I AM, which existed before Judaism and the mythical Moses and Jesus!...MANY scriptures on Jesus being a sungod in another post!---I_AM_I

No need to research false data?
So you are saying Moses and Jesus never existed?

I can't wait to see the clear Scriptures of Jesus being the sun god.
Please do not disappoint me by using the Gospels of Jesus saying He is the Light.
Light isn't the Sun.

The Sun is a star that puts out it's 'accident' of brightness due to it material.
Accident is something you can not see nor remain on it's own.
Such as a cold sandwich. Cold can't be by itself.
The Air is cold. Attached.
The Sun's light is the accident.
---Nicole on 11/14/08

IAMI, Jews used their calendar to determine when their feast days is coming.
No worshipping going on.
The earth goes around the sun and the position of the moon helps us tell time and dates.

Because Romans and others happen to place fake gods to this objects in space:sun, moon and stars, worshipping them, NO ONE ELSE CAN USE THE OBJECTS TO HELP DETERMINE TIME AND DATES?
They are off limits?
There isn't another set of Suns, stars, and moons for us to use you know?

If you call that sun your god, fine go ahead.
But, because I use the same sun to help grow my vegetables, direct me going places in the daytime, DOES NOT MEAN I AM WORSHIPPING IT.

Luke has read his Bible.
You seem to be abusing your Bible.
---Nicole on 11/14/08

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Luke & Nicole,

Apparently Luke does not read his bible because the Jews most certainly worshipped the SUN, moon and stars. Their calendar, even through today, is still based on ASTROTHEOLOGY and many zodiacs have been unearth in Israel. STUDY these! Gen. 1:14, Job 38:31-33, Job 38:7, Ps 147:4, Ps 148:1-3, 1 King 22:19, Ps. 89:36-37, Ps. 50:1-2, **the sungod: Malachi 4:2 and Ps. 84: 11-12,** John 1:3-8, 3:19-20, 8:12, 9:5, 12:35-36, 12:46, Matt 4:16, 17:2, Eph. 5:14, Rev. 1:7 and more!

A blogger on this site brilliantly explained the Greek word aion (age) two years ago. Here are some sungod scriptures on it: Matt. 12:32, 13:39-40, 24:3, 28:20, Luke 18:29-30, 1 Cor. 3:6-8, 10:11, Heb 6:5, 9:26, Rev. 15:3, Eph 1:21 and more!
---I_AM_I on 11/14/08


YOU WROTE: Yet elsewhere you have stated that God was born a woman.

Show me where I have ever written such nonsense as God been BORN! Go read my 11/9 and 11/12 posts again! I have said that God (She-Male, IT) was first recognized or worshipped as FEMALE. This was way back before the bible and Genesis, both of which arose as a direct result of the many sungod men who started creating the world and giving BIRTH ("men" giving birth, LOL) to lesser savior gods! Those godmen who did not give birth found a woman (mater, matter, mother, Isis-Meri, Mary) to carry their lesser savior god, such as Jesus. Of course, this is all mythology, as the Greeks and Romans clearly knew!

Have you found one historian yet?
---I_AM_I on 11/14/08


I will make this short and sweet. If the trinity (3 Gods) is the "US" in Gen. 1:26, then I guess Adam is a 4th God under the "US" in Gen 3:22. Even God said Adam is God ("US") in that scripture! Should you believe God or yourself?
---I_AM_I on 11/14/08

I AM I ... If you honestly proclaimed youeself to be an atheist it might be easier to discuss things with you.

Christian belief (which you sneer at) is that Jesus was a real person, who was born as a baby (as we all are) about 2000 years ago.

You say He did not exist at all.

Yet elsewhere you have stated that God was born a woman.
---alan_of_UK on 11/14/08

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Nicole: "I clearly have never seen it before."

Nicole, you crack me up. I think our friend is under the impression that the Jews spoke English 2000 years ago and got their 'o's and 'u's mixed up and ended up worshiping the sun! Lord, Lord, it was a typo!

But let him believe what he wants.
---Luke65 on 11/13/08

imi:You short changed yourself. The Trinity goes back to Genesis"Let "US"create man to our image and likeness (Plurality). Gen 1:26.does that not shoot your theory up in smoke about Egypt, or does that not exist in your KORAN, if you are Muslim.Egypt is only mentioned By the visitation of an angel."Take the child and his Mother and flee to Egypt and stay there Till I tell You, for Herod is about to search for the child to destroy Him"Read verse 17 For the confirmation of Jeremiah's Prophesy.Your roots may extend to Abraham but only in Name You cannot ignore neither deny or disregard the TRUE ONE God Father son and Holy Spirit TRINITY.I AM WHO AM.
---Mic on 11/13/08


There you go again contradicting yourself! God was not born but God's earthly body was born. Ah? The trinity does not need to be born! No historian or writer CONTEMPORANEOUS with the mythical Jesus mentioned him. Why? Because there was no Jesus! Provide just one such historian. Just one!


I do not mind the insults because that is all some indoctrinated people like yourself can resort to when shown that the Jesus character is really the sungod or godman myth that originated in Egypt and then spread to Asia and Europe. I can accept your belief so long as you know that it is not historical! I live my life based on truths attributed to these sungods, including Jesus!
---I_AM_I on 11/13/08


While I have done more research on the lack of an historical Jesus than on Paul, the Paul described in Acts and those epistles is not historical, even though Josephus (who was neither contemporaneous with Paul nor Jesus) mentions him. Peter, John and the other apostles are also mythical! Non-biblical sources document Ceasar. I will get back to you on Hadrian.


PLEASE do some research, including on the Great I AM, which existed before Judaism and the mythical Moses and Jesus! I will gladly provide you with MANY scriptures on Jesus being a sungod in another post!
---I_AM_I on 11/13/08

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Mic, I am not telling you about Greek heroes as in Greek Literature, as we have Robin Hood or King Arthur. No! This is Greek and Egyptian philosophy that was brought back under Queen Elizabeth 1 of England, and made the basis of all our information from the earth goes round the sun theory to EVIL-ution, to general (and moral) relativity, to moon landings. It is all lies. There are only two religions that most people are really actually participating in. One is Eco-friendly hermeticism, and the other is the Capitalist version of hermeticism. This is what the war is really between. Christianity has all but disappeared. Churchianity is just a trojan horse for these two systems.
---frances008 on 11/13/08

IAMI, your name suggests that you think you are some kind of oracle. Do you think that Paul was a historical figure? What about Peter, Paul, and John? What about Titus the first 'pope'. Do you believe in Julias Caesar? What about Hadrian who built the wall between England and Scotland - well actually in England? I am sure if you continue on long enough you can prove that God did not make the world because it is just an illusion. We are not really alive either are we?
---frances008 on 11/13/08

Frances, yes it is. Let the world think that Christianity got it's ideas from the pagans (and Judaism), we can know the truth. God is the Creator, Satan is the Imitator - something God took into account before the creation of the world.
---Luke65 on 11/13/08

IMI:-You say that your belief is based on MYTHology.which in short 'IDOL worship'.I say that My belief is based On "His Word" who declared (not by Myth) but by Prophets the word by Mouth by the creator, of this universe who created the sun Your myth the word of God written in a book, who took the form of Man(made Flesh)in accordance to that same Book.To deny Him the creator is wrong b/c HE created the sun.Your Mithra ect is a figment of your demented imagination,sorry I use the word demented because it is satanic, this is where evil steps in different to God who is truth, which you should be following.
---Mic on 11/13/08

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Frances:-Thank you abour telling me about the the Greek Heroes In Greek Mythology.I also read about these Heroes in legendary and story Form,Arganoughtsstudied then in school class 4 .We forget that the time span from genesis was one fraught with develish supremacy, Great Flood, Sodom & Ghomorra, people turning away from God who in His infinite patience,waited for the turn of events.Good people wanted something different, and so was The MYTH born where a different life emerged sports spartans into all this came the realisation of the ancients Prophets and Finally Christianity.The seed of Abraham was also spreading,from where we get our Huns Atilla.
---Mic on 11/13/08

...= Jesus of Nazareth = sun god as the bible CLEARLY states!
The trinity goes back to ancient Egypt and the Word becomes flesh EVERYDAY!---I_AM_I

So? It was a Jew who first found out God's Name.
This Jew, Moses tells the other Jewish people God's Name.
They feel they can not even speak His Name because He, and His Name is too Holy to even voice.
Jesus who is God speaks in John 58-59 telling the Jews that He is I AM, and they try to stone Him for calling Himself God, who actually is God.
Jesus had to hid.

And you think it is okay?

Could you also clearly write out verse from verse that is clearly written in the Bible that Jesus is the Sun God?

I clearly have never seen it before.
---Nicole on 11/13/08

I AM I ... Glad you agree God is eternal.

That means GOD was not born, either male or female.

It was God's earthly body that was born a man 2000 years ago.

I am not going to waste time on your assertion that we are all gods
---alan_of_UK on 11/13/08


If you have found the ample available evidence of God (She-Male) first being recognized by humanity as FEMALE, you have done your research, and Judeo-Christian-Islam should be really easy to comprehend! Good for you!


How can I fail to see that God is eternal when I have repeatedly stated on this site that we are gods (eternal and immortal)? FYI, the Word becoming flesh is a concept that goes back to the God Thoth or Tehuti of ancient Egypt. The Jewish Philosopher Philo introduced the Word/Logos concept to Hellenized Jews between 20 BCE and early common era! Philo NEVER mentioned Jesus or Christianity!


The trinity goes back to ancient Egypt and the Word becomes flesh EVERYDAY!
---I_AM_I on 11/12/08

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Interesting isn't it, Luke?
---frances008 on 11/12/08

"Mithra, Hermes and Thoth are all names for the sun god. This is legend not even a historical personage." France 11/11/08

Finally, someone on here has read more than just the bible on Jesus being yet another sun-god, SUN of God or dying and resurrecting godman! Osiris, Horus, Chrishna, Mithra, Dionysus, Mithra, Buddha, Attis, Hercules, etc. = Jesus of Nazareth = sun god as the bible CLEARLY states!

Frances, you are correct that these characters are not historical! They all follow the first godman blueprint established by the Osiris, Isis (the 1st virgin Mary!) and Horus (Jesus)! Sadly, you fail to see that Jesus is also not historical. Oh well!
---I_AM_I on 11/12/08

Alan is defending the truth.
No matter who says it!
You made a mistake and He was clarifing your error.
He didn't contradict himself.

Jesus is the name given to the 2nd Person of the Trinity (AKA the Word) when He took flesh from Mary's body.
This flesh took after a man's body. XY.

Anyone coming out of a womb of a lady is called born or birth.
Babies are alive 9 months before they are born. We might start counting our life at birth as day one, but we know it should be 9 months and day one.
No time to God.
Time was made by God as well.

Should you be using that name?
---Nicole on 11/11/08

IAMI,You know that on other worlds where there is female dominance in a primitive global society that God may represent himself as dominant female gender for obvious purposes-relating to the relationship parallels of the said society.
The offspring of that world may look to the female gender as the head of household, strength, protector and spiritual warmth giver as 'normals' recognize the male sector on this world.We can relate to a Father to run to to protect us and keep us safe when we fear and like wise on other worlds the reverse may apply.
---earl on 11/11/08

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One biblical clue as to the year of Christ's birth is that Herod the Great died shortly after this. Remember he was responsible for the massacre of the infants at Jerusalem. Matt 2:15 & 16.

According to history Herod the Great died in 4 BC.

Hope that helps.
---trey on 11/11/08

Frances, I just saw you point out yesterday how Satan likes to imitate God (I did yesterday too!). Satan and his demons may have witnessed the birth of Jesus Christ. They may have witnessed the angel Gabriel's Annunciation to Mary. Satan knew the One who would "crush his head" would be the "seed" of "the woman". And he knew Isaiah's virgin prophecy. He's a smart devil, I think he figured it all out!

Now, what evidence is there of the "Mithras" mythology before the 1st century A.D.? Answer: ZERO
---Luke65 on 11/11/08

I AM I You seem to have difficulty with the principle that God is eternal ... has been, is, and will be for ever.

Since God was there since ever, God was not born, nor was the Word, because the Word always was God.

But we are told that about 2000 years ago, the Word (ie God) became flesh ... Jesus, the earthly physical body of God was born 2000 odd years ago ... and was born as a male baby.
---alan_of_UK on 11/11/08

Mic, you should know the enemy . Mithra, Hermes and Thoth are all names for the sun god. This is legend not even a historical personage. However they wish us to worship him - they being the sun worshippers or idol worshippers. Even if we are doing it without realizing it, that is just as good, if not better as far as they think. Now, there is a whole new ball game in Satanism, Luciferianism, and devil worship. Other names include Baal. There is also a lot of overlap. Again, they would like us to obey him, if not worship him. Unless we know what they want, we stand in danger of being obedient to them rather than to the God of the Old and New Testament. Symbolism is important to them. Note the sun god symbolism in Catholicism.
---frances008 on 11/11/08

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I was being very geenerous to Alan because he sounds like a nice guy. However, if you read his post, you will see that he contradicts himself in coming to your defense that God is a man! Note that he said God is not a man but God is a man! Ah?


All you are doing is giving me your belief based a mere book. Now prove your claim without using your book! If you can only use this book, then I can show you that the book is based mostly on MYTHOLOGY! That is real easy to do! God = She-Male or IT! Prove otherwise!
---I_AM_I on 11/11/08

imi:-You astound me with some wierd revelations. First we know that God is a supreme spirit and now you say God is a woman.ELUCIDATE.Man you go from one extreme to another.The bible whom we all acknowledge and is written "The word was made Flesh and dwelt amongst us"The only one was Jesus, who rose again from the dead as prophesied. Are you saying Jesus is a woman?Dont you think His mother Mary and His Foster Father Joseph would Know the difference.Maybe you are trying for the Noble peace prize.
---Mic on 11/11/08

"We know God was born a Man." Nicole 10/30/08.
If anyone can prove this SEXIST statement true, she deserves the Noble Prize. However, Please do some research!
---I_AM_I on 11/9/08

I AM I ...when Nicole said "We know God was born a Man"
She was referring to the earthly birth of God, and He was indeed born then as a man (at least a male baby)
She was not saying that the Eternal God was born a we all know, God was not born anyway, because He always was/is.will be.---alan_of_UK on 11/10/08

I AM I, you do know that the Noble Prizes comes with a million dollars?
AlanofUK is waiting for his prize. But he isn't a she, but a he.
---Nicole on 11/11/08


YOU WROTE: I AM I ... Even I can see that when Nicole said "We know God was born a Man" she was not being sexist. She was referring to the earthly birth of God, and He was indeed born then as a man (at least a male baby)

Am I misunderstanding you? You claimed that Nicole did not mean that "the Eternal God" was born a man "because He always was/is.will be." Yet, above you said Nicole was referring to the earthly birth of God. Which God, since according to you this is not the Eternal God? You also said God cannot be born. Please explain again! Is God a man, woman or SHE-MALE (IT)?
---I_AM_I on 11/11/08

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I could not list all the reasons why I dislike celebrating Christmas but one reason I like it is that you see nice Christmas decorations. As long as we are not actually celebrating a pagan god, surely there is no problem. The problem is that we are being drawn into a world religion with Christmas as the World Religion Day. So who are we REALLY worshipping. In Japan the days get lighter after 25th Dec. Sun God = Mithra. Jesus Christ wanted a royal priesthood a holy nation a peculiar people who were called out of darkness (pagan life) into his own wonderful light.
---frances008 on 11/10/08

Frances:Who is mithras? is he a person,have you ever seen him heard about Him yet you call him a god following those, who were not able to know the difference of their elbow from their Knee.But you do know that By Prophecy The SON of God would come to redeem Man who ever chose Dec25 is a moot point but it has been acknowledged for eons as Jesus birthday This is what we celebrate HIS BIRTHDAY.who cares if it fell on the date that satan was cast from heaven or any auspicious day.He the creator deigned to take on Flesh, to show us the way back to His kingdom If we are intelligent enough to Follow HIM.who cares about imi,rhonda's warbles.He is our God come to save us.Follow HIM.
---Mic on 11/10/08

#2. According to Luke chapter 1 and verse 26, the Angel Gabriel next appeared to Mary, to tell her that she was going to conceive and eventually give birth to Jesus. What is of interest here is that verse 26 tells us that it was in Elizabeths sixth month of pregnancy with John the Baptist that the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary announcing her pregnancy with Jesus...
---David8318 on 11/10/08

I AM I ... Even I can see that when Nicole said "We know God was born a Man" she was not being sexist.

She was referring to the earthly birth of God, and He was indeed born then as a man (at least a male baby)

She was not saying that the Eternal God was born a Man ... as we all know, God was not born anyway, because He always was/is.will be.
---alan_of_UK on 11/10/08

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"We know God was born a Man." Nicole 10/30/08.

If anyone can prove this SEXIST statement true, she deserves the Noble Prize. However, no one throughout history has ever been able to do that! For the record, the earliest worship of God was as a woman!!! Please do some research!
---I_AM_I on 11/9/08

#1.Luke reports that the Angel Gabriel first appeared to the priest Zechariah to tell him that his aged wife, Elizabeth was to have a son. Their son was to become John the Baptist. What is to be noted in this account is that Zechariah was serving as a priest at the time. In fact, Zechariah was serving as priest the division of Abijah. (Luke.1:5) This puts John the Baptists conception at around the time of late Spring, early Summer...
---David8318 on 11/8/08

Wayne, I just keep reading the Bible and observing what is happening in the world. Thank you for being one who has always known the truth. Unfortunately I was in the world (established church) for many decades before being persuaded by reading certain passages of the Old Testament, that the Church as got cut off from her roots and that is why we are blind to what is happening.
---frances008 on 11/7/08

2nd, they had gifts they gathered before starting on their search for Jesus.
So they were still birthday gifts.

LOL whatever Nicole you poor thing you have submitted your mind and will to another flesh and blood man's not possible for you to comprehend Gods Truth ...the wise men were not bringing birthday gifts but if thats what your religious system TELLS you then who am I to say ...Gods Word is clear but you do as you wish with the traditions given to you by MEN ...I'll stick with Gods PLAIN Truth not the fables fantasies and pagan ideals you hold so dearly ...there is a very big difference between truth of God and lies of men Mark 7:7
---Rhonda on 11/7/08

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What has turned you around? I have been saying these things ever since I came to this forum and you disagreed. Now your saying the same things, why? Im glad you are saying the truth, but what changed? Your right its very pagan, and God has told us not to worship Him the way the heathens do. Jer 10:1-10 describes trees decorated with silver and gold. Lets wake up people and follow the only true God who sent Yeshua into the world.
---Wayne on 11/7/08

Rhonda, nice try. But you need to read carefully.

No, interstates and cars back then Rhonda.
It took them a long time to WALK to find Jesus.

2nd, they had gifts they gathered before starting on their search for Jesus.
So they were still birthday gifts.

3rd, Only one gift from one wise man was to honor His Kingship. Gold.
The other two was for His suffering in the future and Priestly duties.

We can not celebrate His Resurrection if He wasn't BORN FIRST.
Go in order. It is okay to celebrate His birth and His Resurrection.

If His birth wasn't important, why would Luke write so much details into His birth.
---Nicole on 11/6/08

Christmas is a pagan festival. It is for businesses to be given a bit of a lift in the winter months. It also cheers up those in cold countries. I think we should dump 25th Dec and create another date to celebrate the birth of Jesus. IF you talk of 25th Dec being Jesus's birthday celebration in a secular educational establishment, they will not allow it. It is not Jesus's birthday, so why claim it to be such. Pick another day. It is the sungod Mithra's day.
---frances008 on 11/6/08

Look even the angels and wise men celebrated Jesus's birth.

The wise men DID NOT "celebrate" Christ birth

READ GOD TRUTH CAREFULLY ...they came to Christ when he was a CHILD not a baby at his "birth"

Christ is the King ...he will RULE the earth when he returns was custom then and still is for Kings to receive gifts ...the wise men brought Christ gifts to HONOR him AS KING ...they were not there honoring the pagan tradition of a birthday ...Jews did not celebrate pagan days at the time of Christ

True Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ where we wait in faith to inherit the promise of salvation and gift of eternal life
---Rhonda on 11/6/08

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What Christian wouldn't be grateful for the birth of our Lord?
How bizarre.
Look even the angels and wise men celebrated Jesus's birth.
Why wouldn't you?
Very strange.

Celebrate Christ. His birth, his life, his death his resurrection, his promise to return to earth.
Christ the King! Amen!
---paul on 11/6/08

there is no command to celebrate his birthday...crept into Christianity by converted sun worshippers.---kenrank

Yes, but there isn't a commandment saying I can't celebrate His birth either.

Instead of being upset that the RCC converted these sun worshippers to worship the true Light, Jesus the Lord, why don't you praise God for their Salvation?

Remember Jesus said that the Angels in heaven are happy when even one person turns away from sin.
If all the Heavenly Host are happy about their conversion, why are you upset or see wrong in it?
Is it because the RCC lead them to Christ and not Protestants?

This isn't a contest.
Mark 9:40
"For whoever is not against us is for us."
---Nicole on 11/5/08

I find a few things interesting in this thread. First, there is no command to celebrate his birthday. Historically, December 25th seems to be the birthday of Ba'al, and that date seems to have crept into Christianity by converted sun worshippers.

When was Messiah born? Based on a number of scriptural points, Messiah was born either during Passover in the spring, or during the Feast of Tabernacles in the early fall.
---kenrank on 11/4/08

No one knows the exact date.
We only know it had to be during a season where there is grass for the sheep to eat.
Since the Angels went to Shepherds in the field.

That's beside the point as Susie states. We know God was born a Man.
Do we have to know the exact day just to celebrate His birthday?
The RCC picked a date and declared it to all Christians to celebrate Him in unity.

My grandfather didn't know his true birthday. His mother died approx., 2yrs after his birth.
Oddly, his father couldn't remember the exact date, October 15th or 18th.

So, he picked a date for himself and we all celebrated his birthday on the date he picked.
He deserves a birthday as well.
---Nicole on 10/30/08

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4BC others say 0AD?

Is it me or is this question written wrong?

Jesus is the center of life and entered time to be the center of time (circular).

BC: Born Christ.
AD: After Death - death of Christ.

So to say 4 BC, wouldn't this mean: He was born 4 years before He was born?

0 AD: Doesn't this mean He was born at the same year He died?

I am not trying to be funny.
I am sincere in my questions.
Please, if anyone can explain this to me I would happy.

God Bless.
---Nicole on 10/30/08

According to the Jewish Calendar (God's Calendar), Christ was born in the month of October (Atonement), because this is when the census for Israel would take place. Joseph had to go to his hometown to take this census during the time of Christ's birth. December (when we celebrate it) is wrong.
---Leslie on 10/30/08

Just as it isn't necessary for us to know when HE is returning, it isn't necessary to know exactly when HE was born. It's not important. Being born again is important!
---Susie on 10/30/08

.emcee, I do not fight "the truth of God by others", but every tongue opposing me in judgment will rightly be condemned. Thus I suggest strongly that a person think before mocking and blaspheming anyone from God.
---Eloy on 5/2/07

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Eloy:: Nobody knows where the shoe pinches Except the wearer.I am sorry for you & Hope & wish that Almighty God in His Mercy will bring you solace & consolation for your Pain.Steel must go in the fire to be Tempered do not fight the truth of God displayed by others.To err is human,to forgive Divine.
---Emcee on 5/2/07

. .alan, yes, many times over "I" have payed the price for others, and still am. ---Eloy on 4/30/07

He is refering to the time when the State of California took away his children, many years ago.

Evidently there was a bitter divorce, and a bitter custody battle.

I do not defend the IMPLICATION of his words, but merely point out his frame of reference.

Nevertheless, I do agree with you that his substitutionary death is preposterous, if not clearly delusional.
---John_T on 5/1/07

RebeccaD::Dear Lady far be it from any body to even attempt to justify ones walk with the lord.To prove or reach a state of Perfection as is being required by each Individual.But by way of a standard read footprints in the sand to determine that walk.
---Emcee on 5/1/07

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