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Satan's Rebellion Destroyed

At what point in history was Satan's rebellion destroyed? Was it at the crucifixion or ascension? Is Satan's rebellion still in power today?

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 ---wendy on 4/18/07
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By YAHUSHUA's (Jesus Christ's) Sacrificial Death on the Cross, He won Victory over Satan's Kingdom over mankind, that is, for WHOSOEVER WILL. But, the Victory of finally literally DESTROYING Satan's kingdom once and for all will not occur until after YAHUSHUA reigns on Earth for 1,000 Years. At that time, Satan and his fellow demonic angels will all be cast alive to BURN FOREVER in the Eternal Lake of Fire. Revelation 20:10 Until that time, Satan is allowed by GOD to tempt, torment and oppress people.
---Gordon on 1/15/08

Since so many people are in rebellion against God today, who is their leader?
I feel that God, through Jesus, has won salvation for us, so Satan's rebellion does not hold absolute sway.
But surely Satan still has power today to create havoc in this world? Where else does today's evil come from?
---alan_of_UK on 1/14/08

Without even thinking it was the crucifixion. Yes the Devil is alive and well. And because most people have rather listen to the Devil than to God, the power of his rebellion still abounds. It's pride. the great sin of pride will keep most people out of heaven. And what is left?>>>HELL!
---catherine on 5/23/07

Satan has very little power over the true children of God...
---anonymous on 5/23/07

Satan is alive and well. read the blogs. there will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, but who says that is reserved for the wicked. you also have to include the hypocrites. those that draw near to God with their lips but their hearts are far from him, which includes born again people and people from all faiths. saying you are saved does not mean you are saved. you will be judged by every word, thought, action you do in life. only then will you be accepted or cast out. that is completely up to us.
---ashley on 5/23/07

You must be very careful today. Satan transformed himself into an angel of light and demononized the true holy people today. Satan's rebellion is here today...Drugs. Sex. Mind Control. Spiritualism. Witchcraft. Sorceries....He is here in full affect he selects who to use and it is usually those named after God.
---anonymous on 5/22/07

I stand in agreement with Betty. Satan will continue his rebellion until he is casted into the lake of fire & consumed.
---joseph on 4/19/07

Satan's suicidal and unwise rebellion against his Maker continues until the 2nd Coming of Christ. For now the Maker is letting the tares grow with the wheat, the sheep with the goats; but very very soon the Judge of all will divide the righteous from the sinuous, even as recorded in the Scriptures, and man o' days, what a day that will be, great wailing and crying and gnashing of teeth by the wicked whom have hurt us unceasingly throughout our lives are one by one condemned to the everlasting fiery pit.
---Eloy on 4/18/07

Satan's rebellion will not be destroyed until he is thrown into the Lake of Fire which will be after the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth and he is let loose again for a little while. Rev.20:7-10.
---betty8468 on 4/18/07

greetings.Satan's rebellion(the dragon) ceased when Jesus said,I saw Satan fall and when he said,Get behind me Satan.The rebellion is over and finished.Those who participated in the rebellion are detained in (chains) awaiting their trial.Their trial ,judgement should eliminate them from what we know as living .In fear man walks this earth thinking he is soon to be overcome by evil forces he cannot comperhend.In fear he will die believing the Satan made him sin.
---earl on 4/18/07

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