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The Power Of Prayer

If you believe in the power of prayer, glorify God with examples of answered prayer requests.

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 ---Michelle on 4/18/07
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2. I was back doing construction in just 2 weeks after the injury! I have no evidence of any back trouble since. Yes, I can testify that there is definately power in prayer. Glory to God, in Jesus name!
---John on 11/12/07

Be still and know that i am God
---Betty on 5/6/07

Prayer?,i've been praying like crazy yet no sign of any reply from God,dont get me wrong,i know God is there and he hears,i know the bible is truth,i just dont know what God is waiting for to help me and multitudes of people crying out to him as we spiral deeper
---patrick on 5/5/07

James2:14-24,says faith without good works is dead so also is Prayer without good works.I know a lady who suffered,abdominal pains for years due to drinking coke she stopped & saved her life so it is a matter of adjusting & of course the will of God.
---Emcee on 4/23/07

Sodapop: what does me smoking have anything to do with me getting kidney stones? I can understand the caffine and other ingredients in the soda. For the record, and I say this in love, my name is Rebecca and not Becca.
---Rebecca_D on 4/23/07

sodapop: I know, I am limited to one can of Mt. Dew in the morning, so I won't get a caffine headache. It is hard to break this habit when I love Mt. Dew, either regular or Code Red. I'm drinking more Sprite, water and need to be getting in the habit of drinking Lemonade. We have a small revival at our church that started Wednesday and it ends tonight (Sunday). I wasn't able to go any night. I know God understands, but Lord I miss going to church.
---Rebecca_D on 4/22/07

BeccaD., no more Virginia tobacco either.
No more smokes. I thought about your nice family and they need you. No more soda pop and no more tobacco. So long, now.
---SodaPop on 4/22/07

BeccaD., no more mountain dew for you. No more soda pop. It's bad for your kidney.
---SodaPop on 4/22/07

My husband, my father, many people have been saved as a result of prayer. People have recieved healing, protection etc. in my life. I have had millions of prayers answered and they still are answered daily.
---Junia on 4/22/07

Robin; yes I had it done Wednesday. I have a stint in now until Monday. My husband will have to take it out, :0 it is attached to string. I found out that my kidney is like that sticky paper that catches flies. Any calcium attaches to my kidney and then forms into a kidney stone. My son wants to play a game he says, mommy you can be the turtle and I can be the hare. Yep, I'm walking that slow.
---Rebecca_D on 4/21/07

Rebecca, did you have that procedure this week? How did you do?
---Robin on 4/20/07

1. Rebecca, May 25th. that's the day I got out of the hospital from the broken back and the woman that we were staying with threw us out because she was afraid that we would no longer be able to pay her anymore rent. I remember that day, but I have forgiven her. She had trouble after that, her grandmother, her brother and her son died within just a few months of each other. Her son who died, joined a Satanic cult and hung himself. I felt pretty bad about all that. I would not wish that on anybody.
---John on 4/20/07

2. Strange thing, but it's true, a prophacy was given over us before all of this happened. Whoever blessed us would be blessed, and whoever cursed us would be cursed. That was 12 years ago and I still can't believe it. I don't think it was a coincidence. Talk about fear of God.
---John on 4/20/07

When I was pregnant with my son in 1999, I was on complete bedrest for 2 months and one month was in the hospital because of tozima. On May 25th, my son's heartrate stayed around 200 beats per minute. That was normal if the woman was in labor. I wasn't in labor. My OBGYN had to do a C-section. I lost alot of blood. But God saw us through from the prayers of faith believers. That is just one answered prayer from God. I have many, many more.
---Rebecca_D on 4/20/07

1. In May 1995 I broke my back at the T12 vertebrate. I was in the hospital for a few days and the back specialist that was seeing me could really do nothing for me but give me a brace. I was working construction at the time and I asked him when I could go back to work. He said at least 6 months and that because of my injury and he found through Xrays that my back was also riddled with arthritis, I could no longer work in construction.
When my friend Shane found out, he cried out to God on my behalf.
---John on 4/18/07

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