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Information On Depression

I need information on depression. What is the different between manic depression and bipolar depression? How do you encourage someone who is depressed?

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 ---Georgia on 4/18/07
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If someone you know is having symptoms of depression, pray for them, and encourage them to reamin prayerful, and go to their physician to get a physical, and go from there.
Help is available.
---lynet on 11/11/07

I believe they are one and the same. Some people go through a maniac time, very happy, talk a mile a minute, excessive behavior and be depressive, very unhappy, withdrawn, crying all the time,suicidal, etc at different times (from one day to the next, it can change). I hope a professional answers your question so we can all be educated. Bless you
---irhnow on 4/25/07

Judy, my friend, you are on the right track. Demonic it is, but few people believes there is even a devil and few people believes there are demons, and few people believes. I hope you do. Have a great day.++
---catherine on 4/25/07

Madison,I too am a mental health professional and I believe all depression is ultimately demonic,whether it is demon possession or oppression or if it is a chemical/physical illness,as there would not be any imbalances or illnesses if not for a fallen world.One is direct involvement the other more indirect.
---Judy on 4/24/07

We know from several Bible passages that demons do affect the flesh. In Matthew 7:14-18, for example, the boy is clearly influenced by a demon. Also, we know from Romans 7:20-23 that the devil can have an effect over Christians. Otherwise Peter would not be warning us in 1 Peter 5:8 to stay alert, the devil is sneaking around, looking for someone to devour.
---DoryLory on 4/21/07

While I agree with Madison that Christians cannot be "possessed" by the devil. They can be "harassed" by the devil. The fact that we have medicine to control the physical symptoms caused by the devil's affect, does not mean the devil is not the source of the problem.
---DoryLory on 4/21/07

Catherine, I am saved, and I am a mental health professional. I also have saved relatives who are bipolar, and therefore it cannot be demons. A demon cannot be in a saved believer. It is brain chemistry, because if it were not, the medications would not help.

I would suggest that you talk about topics you are knowledgeable of.
---madison1101 on 4/20/07

One of the students that's lying in the hospital, recovering, said that an evil spirit had entered that shooter. He saw and felt it's presence. I don't doubt him for a minute. There are many who will not acknowledge Jesus, catherine. The stigma for mental illness is so great, they refuse treatment. Discussions about mental illness are a stigma for many. If we refuse to look at mental illness, insanity, and learn, we will see more evil deeds.
---Forrest on 4/20/07

Medison 1101>> I was not going to respond, but I know God wants me to so I will. I know about what the professionals are calling chemical Imbalance, my friend. It is demons. It is understandable your attitude, since most of the whole world don't believe they even exists. Nontheless they do exist. You see the devil works hard trying to convince, even the educated and all the rest us fools that he doesn't exist. When you get saved then God educates you. Have a great day. ++++
---catherine on 4/20/07

Catherine: Bipolar disorder is the result of bad brain chemistry, not stinking thinking. I am so glad that when my mother was suffering the worst of her bipolar illness she did not meet you. I am so glad that she had good psychiatrists and hospitals to care for her instead of ignorant Christians spouting nonsense.
---Madison1101 on 4/19/07

Forrest>> I think I understand what you are saying. It is my job however, to let this world,and unbelievers know that there is a DEVIL and DEMONS and they are driving this world the people in it first nuts and if not saved straight to HELL.
---catherine on 4/19/07

VA Tech is forcing the U.S., us, to take a serious look at mental illness in the school systems, prisons, and society. Mental illness, severe depression has such a stigma attached to it that few want to deal with it. Jesus is the answer, catherine. But for those who reject Him, we have to be willing to look at mental illness with solutions/actions so that others will not die. Columbine did not change the systems in place.
---Forrest on 4/19/07

Tell them that depression is from stinky thinking. Tell them there is no cure except Jesus Christ. As far as the the diffence in those two names, why not ask all these people that makes up those names. Praise God.
---catherine on 4/19/07

The prior post are excellent, I can add nothing. Encouragement is the key.
---josef on 4/19/07

Jack...I'm impressed. You do have a heart! I agree with your answer and the compassion you expressed there.
---betty8468 on 4/19/07

Mania describes the accelerated or racing and exaggerated mental thoughts and feelings, whereas bipolar describes the two ends of emotion shown by sharp mood swings as laughing one moment and crying the next with no evident exterior influence causing the mood swing. Most people have suffered depression at one time or another, like losing someone you love, etc. Pray for them, and if physically in the same room, then use hands on prayer in Jesus Name.
---Eloy on 4/18/07

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They are the same things. Back in the 1960s and 70s, it was called Manic Depression. Now it is called Bipolar Disorder.

To encourage a depressed person, you make sure they are taking their medication and seeing their therapist and offer to spend time with them. Invite them to go out with you for coffee or a walk. Write them a note, and put a verse in it. Offer to pray with them.
---Madison1101 on 4/18/07

Bipolar disorder is now the preferred name for what was formerly called manic-depression.

One thing you NEVER say to someone with depression is "Snap out of it!" Trust me, NOBODY likes feeling this way.

Simply be there, offer an absorbent shoulder, ready ear, and reserved tongue. Encourage him to take his meds, if this is presecribed.

It's rocky, he might feel like he's sinking to the bottom--but the bottom is solid.
---Jack on 4/18/07

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