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6 Year Old Gets Baptised

Six-year-old child informs parents he wants to be baptized. Is he too young to be baptized? I heard his profession of faith and acceptance of Jesus Christ when he was four years old.

Moderator - My son accepted Christ when he was three and gets baptized this week at age 6. No age is too young or too old if the person understands.

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 ---Mima on 4/19/07
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**No age is too young or too old if the person understands.**

To say we have to "understand" for God to work in our lives is the heresy of gnosticism.
---Jack on 12/13/07

Here's a question:

If someone is baptised with John's baptism &doesn't yet know the saving gospel of Jesus.Then how does that person become baptised in the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost? As I understand it, such a person only needs to hear the gospel and accept it. Then by accepting it, they are baptized in the Father Son and Holy Spirit. They certainly don't need to go through the water ritual AGAIN because they already did that by going through John's baptism.

Am I understanding this right?
---Sheila on 5/9/07

Brian, I know what your trying to say, brother. Jack, I totally don't understand.
---Seth on 4/21/07

Jack, your making up rules for baptism now?**

And tell me what "rule" I have made up! (Bet you can't.)

Are you saying that we must "understand" for God to work in our lives is NOT the heresy of Gnosticism?

Look up the word.
---Jack on 4/20/07

The Moderator is spot on. My Pastor who is Holy Ghost filled, accepted Jesus at 4 years old and I believe he was baptized young also. As long as he understands Who Jesus is.
---John on 4/20/07

Jack, your making up rules for baptism now? Of course you must understand when you are baptized. It's an outward volintary expression and commitment to serve Christ. God let's us make our own choices, right or wrong. We are not robots. Your Orthodox church may baptise infants, but it's moot.
---Brain on 4/20/07

No, that child is not too young to be baptised. All that is required to be water baptised is that he is already saved.
---Helen_5378 on 4/20/07

Children observe much more than adults do. if they hear their parents speaking with foul language they pick it up. The same in Christian circles if A child sees those around them loving God they will too. they will ask about Him they are more open to God's spirit. I think it is very likely a child could be baptized at 6. those that hold mtem off are probably doing more damage.
---Jared on 4/20/07

**Does the mind of a child fully comprehend the redemptive work of the Cross? **

Do adults? Does anyone, really?
---Jack on 4/20/07

Ryan Z,
Good word Ryan! Only part I don't get is ".. send them out of
the protection.."; the sending part? I'm missing something. Well,
all you said is like unto my understanding of children. They do not
understand, nor comprehend in light of our grown-up ways. Child
Jesus was brought into the Temple, "to do for him after the custom
of the law,...". We do and even commanded to do for
those who can't do for themselves unto God's Kingdom.
Jack is spot on too!
---Nana on 4/20/07

Christ says we are to hinder not the little children to come unto Him. We are to raise our children in the discipline of the Lord and guide them in the ways of righteousness; always teaching and guiding them. Does the mind of a child understand of what he is repenting of. Does the mind of a child fully comprehend the redemptive work of the Cross? Is it wise, as Christians, to send them out of the protection provided by the believing parent, as stated in I Corinthians 7:14, at such a young age?
---Ryan_Z on 4/19/07

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