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Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ and before appearing to Mary, where was Jesus? Why couldn't Mary touch Jesus after the resurrection?

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 ---Jim on 4/19/07
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To stop clinging to Him because, by doing so, she could not keep the Lord there with her. His destination was to go to the Father. She must believe Him and adore Him, but must not expect to be familar with Him as formerly. The infallible proof of Christ's resurrection was His showing Himself alive. Where Jesus was before all of this, only He would know.
---catherine on 10/31/07

Jesus ascended into hell and preached to the souls in prison. Meaning he went to tell Satan that he was alive forevermore and took the keys from Satan. the reason why Jesus told Mary to touch him not was because he hadn't ascended to God yet.
---Rebecca_D on 10/31/07

I really know how my second to the last sentence came out like it did on my previous answer because Mary could not touch Jesus as he was our High Priest and had not yet acended to the Father to present his blood sacrifice so she could not touch him as she would make him unclean. He was a physical body too pure to touch (thats the only difference in form). I think my 9yr old finished that blog, submitted it and never told me. ha! Sorry :)
---jody on 5/5/07

I believe the angel told the women that Jesus was "going before them into Galilee". When Mary encountered Jesus, He told her not to "touch" him as he had not yet ascended to His and Her Father but would soon do that and as well as go see the disciples. He was in a different(possibly unclean?)form at that time before ascending to the Father for cleansing from his decendcion to Hell for us.
---jody on 5/2/07

Mile, Mary is told not to touch Jesus in John 20:17.
---Phil_the_Elder on 4/27/07

Where is the scripture stating that Mary tried to touch Jesus?
---Mike on 4/25/07

"Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to my Father." Before that appearance Jesus had concealed Himself from everyone. Mary must believe Him, and adore Him, but must not expect to be familiar with Him as before. This would lead her to the spiritual communion which she should have with Him after He was ascended to His Father.>>>NOTE. On the strength of [Matthew 23:37-39] Jesus did not make any appearances before any of the unsaved.
---catherine on 4/23/07

Rebecca D;When did satan ever have the keys to anywhere? So you paint the picture of Jesus standing on a soapbox in the midst of flames telling the "souls" there that He was alive forever more...What purpose would this serve? I told you so? so then what?
---1st_cliff on 4/22/07

His whereabouts during that time is not written. Personally I believe He was waiting for Mary to arrive at the tomb to comfort her & to send her to announce His resurrection. As far as why she could not touch Him, other than the reason He gave, I have no idea. It probably had something to do with consecration or the set fulfillment of His purpose concerning the sacrifice that had been offered. Perhaps her touch would have defied it.
---Josef on 4/21/07

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