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Do You Witness Often

Do you witness? Does your witness lead to conversions, if not, why do you say you witness?

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 ---Mima on 4/24/07
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Mima: Not everyone who sows gets to reap that harvest. How rude of you to say otherwise.
---Madison1101 on 1/9/08

If the Devil's people are so zealous in what they preach, how much more zealous should God's people be in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and that He is alive and well. True, the Devil's people won't get into any kind of trouble. Jesus said we would. But what future does the Devil's people have? Zero. On the other hand, God's people has a future, an Eternal Glorious FUTURE. Good night all. +++
---catherine on 5/30/07

i think witness leads to God..
---marila on 5/29/07

Mima, is it our job to create the conversion. Aren't we supposed to witness and let God take care of the rest?
---Okebaram on 5/28/07

Be not afraid of their faces. God puts knowledge in head and words into His mouth. God bade him go, but he stirred not till the Spirit took him up. Lifted him up, and took him away to his work. [Prophetical impulse]. Such a dilimma church's watchmen in; Men will curse them if they be faithful, and God will curse them if they be false.>>>>>We must not only not flatter the wicked, but not flatter even the Righteous as if they were perfectly safe anywhere on this side of heaven. AMEN!
---catherine on 5/28/07

Tracts are a wonderful way to witness to others. You don't have to stand still and try to convert anyone, the tracts do that for you. It is a prayer also included and a follow up address, if one need further discipling. Great witnessing tool for new Christians and mature ones alike. I stick a few in my handbag. They fit perfectly. Pass them to others as I grocery shop, at work, on the street, anywhere.
---Robyn on 5/12/07

Linda DeYmaz. Author
---Cynthia_1 on 5/12/07

Author or artist?
---Trish on 5/11/07

My skin rose up on me, I was in TOTAL shock over it Mary, all I can say is, I was glad to follow the still small voice of my heart, as it was given to her the day before good friday, what timing. I am sure you can relate first hand. My little boy is on the cover of 38,000 books released in America called, "Mommy" Please Don't Cry... There Are No Tears in Heaven... I think I will give it to this family.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/11/07

Oh my gosh!! Wow, that is perfect timing for that cd Cynthia! But now your daughter's friend and her family will need all the love they can get--lost my own brother at 17 and it was hell! No, I'm NOT cussing, just describing the pain. She's in my prayers.
---Mary on 5/10/07

What a perfect timing for this blog, I want to tell you something that just happened, I made an mp3 about 3 columbian guys who landed themselves in Hell and returned to tell about it, a near death experience, well I gave it to my little girl and told her to give it to her friend at school, she took it home and the family listened to this cd. Last night her 17 year old brother was killed in a car crash.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/10/07

In the past, in shopping malls, in pizza parlers, etc some folk would come up to me and discuss their beliefs. The trouble is it was so one sided, from them the attitude was "we right-we talk-you listen." Dialogue means conversation, and is not one way.

I admit as a youth I would 'pull out the big guns' and smoke them. Today I listen, ears mostly open and mouth mostly closed. As to my mind, open or closed....?
---MikeM on 5/10/07

Cynthia ... Where are you?
---alan_of_UK on 5/10/07

I am not in the United States now. I do not consider it by chance that God has brought me here to a lost and dying place where tragedy has shook this island and the eyes of the world are watching this place, I witness every chance I get here, it is not by chance. But Divine Providence, leaving all that I left behind was not easy but it has been for the greater cause, as through the years many were brought to the Knowledge of Christ, through my testimony.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/10/07

hhha I would love to go back being a teenager..Becos is short 4 because .. I do this due to limited space we have .. its easy 2 read altho some dont like it...God bless
---jana on 5/10/07

jana....What does "bcos" mean? I'm new to this and I was just wondering. Are you a teenager too since your answers seem to be written like another teenager would write them?
---Karen on 5/1/07

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To be called a witness are not only for people whom u say lead others to conversions. It is not us nor u who lead that person to conversion. U sewed the seed and the Holy Spirit nurtured it and moved the person to come. Dont ever say you lead them to conversion bcos noone can do that but the HS of God.
---jana on 4/30/07

There are reapers and there are sowers. I am a sower and I have had the pleasure of learning that down the road, that the seeds have not been thrown to the swine but have been planted, watered and bore fruit in the form of salvation. I don't need to know who got saved. I just need to plant and let God take care of the rest.
---betty8468 on 4/29/07

Matt.10:32-33 If you confess Jesus to men then he will confess you to the father. If not, then he won't either.
Our faith needs to move from our heart to our mouth or else we are not really saved.
Rom. 10:10-11.. With the heart man believes but with the mouth confession is made to salvation. For he that believeth will not be ashamed.
---john on 4/26/07

I absolutely agree with Observer. No guilt trip on the Believers. Need I remind everyone of God's people, you cannot become a witness until the Holy Ghost gives you power, "Then you can become my witnesses", Saith the Lord. Sorry you have to wait on God.
---catherine on 4/26/07

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Madison1101 - Why do you find this discussion offensive?
---Helen_5378 on 4/25/07

Mima: for me, it's the other way around; I get to know the person, establish a relationship, then look for an opportunity to witness or minister to them; not to say that is the best way; that's just how I go about it.

While we're on the subject of witnessing, I was listening to a Christian radio station this AM and they were talking about a website called "paid4u" where you can print out "business cards" with just their web address on them...(cont)
---tracy3346 on 4/25/07

...When you through the drive thru at a fast food restaurant, you pay for the person's meal that is behind you in line, give the card to the cashier and ask them to give it to that person. When, out of curiosity, they visit the site, there's a message explaining why they received the free meal and how a far greater debt was paid for them by Jesus. It's an awesome idea; check it out... (paid4u dot com)
---tracy3346 on 4/25/07

Helen: I do not keep score like Mima does. My ego is not dependent on how many notches I have in my witnessing belt. I love the Lord and share Him with those I meet. I find this discussion offensive.
---Madison1101 on 4/25/07

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1 Corinthians 3

6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.

Please stop loading false guilt trips upon God's people.
---Observer on 4/25/07

Mima - We all need to stand up and tell the world that God loves them so much that He sent His only Son Jesus Christ into this world to become a Man and die on the Cross for their sins, then Jesus rose from the dead.
---Helen_5378 on 4/25/07

Madison1101 - If it is the Cross of Christ that is being witnessed to, then there will be at least some conversions. There will also be seeds that will be planted through the Cross, that will reap harvest later down the track.
---Helen_5378 on 4/25/07

---Jimbo--- I just want to thank the Lord for useing you. And I pray that others will see the light and make an effort, because that effort will be honored by the Holy Spirit who of course is the active agent in salvation!!
---Mima on 4/25/07

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Mima, I totally understand where you are coming from and that you are super excited and properly focused on what God has for every believer. I have had the best opportunities to see those won to Christ in prayer lines. Frequently, I am lead by the Holy Spirit to ask them if they have accepted Christ and then get to lead them to the Lord.
---Jimbo on 4/24/07

We witness so that we can reach a lost and dying world before Jesus returns. We don't always know what the results of the witnessing is. It may be that the person witnessed to may come to know the Lord years down the road because of what you told them today.
---Susie6997 on 4/24/07

We witness so that we can reach a lost and dying world before Jesus returns. We don't always know what the results of the witnessing is. It may be that the person witnessed to may come to know the Lord years down the road because of what you told them today.
---Susie6997 on 4/24/07

Mima ... You are clearly an exceptional evangelist, from the stories you tell us about those whom you have led to Christ.
But most of us are far less effective (at least directly) and I echo Madison in her concern at your apparent disdain or even condemnation of those who do not have the same immediate success that you claim
---alan_of_UK on 4/24/07

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I witness everytimes I leave my house. Actions speak louder than words. People are watching the Christians. They watch every move we make, what we say, etc. If a true christian leads by an example, then that is how to witness the best. A true Christian will shine a light to others, and show them the way to Christ through their actions.
---Rebecca_D on 4/24/07

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