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Can Christians Have Demons

Can Born again Christians have demons or unclean spirits?

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 ---ValerieM on 4/25/07
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Personal jabs are wrong. And judging them opens the door for me to be judged also. I refuse to knowingly be a stumbling block to others. Some of the things said by Christians are spiritual attacks. Lord please don't let me be used to harm another's spiritual growth! In Jesus Name!

At most severe, I just state that I don't agree with them on it, state what I do believe, then let the Holy Spirit do the rest.
---PrincessTookie on 2/18/08

This is a touchy subject for me. I was told by a preacher's wife "study just the Bible". I believe personal experience of others can help us also! I have a relationship with God & I know His voice. Who are we to tell others they can't hear God unless it is in the written Bible? Judge NOT lest ye be judged.
---PrincessTookie on 2/18/08

Eloy, you should know all about the Highway to Hell.
---frances on 2/18/08

Certain people I refuse to consort with, because they do not have a sincere word in their mouths. They just speak trash.
---frances on 2/18/08

I think idol worship, as done in the RCC church, produces many demons. These completely take over the Catholic, without them realizing it. They may be sincere good people, but the demons are a spiritual result of their determined disobedience and stubborn refusal to reach for the Word of God and the Covenants he made, first in the O.T. and then in the N.T. One does not extinguish the other, or we would not be given BIBLES just New Testaments.
---frances on 2/18/08

Crystalclear: Demons are not like vampires. Garlic doesn't work on demons like it does vampires. To fight demons all you need is Jesus Christ. And you don't have to wear him around your neck or hide him in your pocket. Fasting and praying works hand in hand. Some demons won't leave unless a person fasts and prays.
---Rebecca_D on 2/18/08


How could you say such a thing? I am your most arduant supporter, and consider you my online mentor. I could never reach the outerlands of spriitual reality without your ranblings as my guide. And Eloy, what I meant was that you are a lot pretentious, not a little.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/18/08


And that one other would be yourself, no doubt.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/18/08

Absolutley!!!!!! If anyone wants proof, let me know.
---Gary on 2/18/08

crystalClear, Ok. You know the words of God in the Holy Bible has changed many lives for the better, and indeed has saved many souls. Let me encourage you to read the New Testament a little bit every day, and you will be blessed.
---Eloy on 2/17/08

The fact that Eloy takes Crystal Clear seriously ought to be a 'Heads Up' to anyone. Crystal Clear is the most disingenuous person, apart from perhaps one other, on this forum.
---frances on 2/17/08

There are some operating with familiar spirits that do call themselves Christians.
---Bob on 2/17/08


I am very very sorry. I apologize for saying I thought you were a little pretentious.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/17/08

.crystalClear, my way is Christ's way, and yes it is the only absolute way, and there is no other way. It is the only strait and narrow way. If you want to believe that this only way is the highway to hell, then that is your delusion, for the truth is there is only one right way, and all other ways are not it.
---Eloy on 2/17/08

.crystalClear, you will say and believe whatever you desire.
---Eloy on 2/17/08

Reg, you do not have demons, they are pin-worms. That is all. And there is a cure for that. Don't give the devil more credit then he deserves. Crystalclear, what you are doing is not biblical. Now if what you do makes you feel better, then do it. But it would be best in the long run to trust that the Lord will not leave you to defend yourself. He is alway with you yet many times He allows things to happen to us for a reason that only He knows will be good for us at a later time.
---Mark_V. on 2/16/08

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Seems to me you're being a little pretentious. Certainly the Bible is a wonderful source, but you are not its only interpeter. And God speaks to me directly in many ways,and I'm not about to ignore that. Your way is not the only way, and please don't tell us that your way is God's way, or else we're on the highway to Hell. don't be so pompous as to say you've got the only roadmap.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/16/08

.crystalClear, you say what you do, and I have said what the Holy Bible says to do, these are not the same thing. What you are doing is not Biblical. As far as me telling you what to do, I tell every person what the Bible says to do, and it is up to every person whether they want to obey or not. That is your free choice, but I will always and at all times tell all people what they should do against the enemy and to be victorious in this life.
---Eloy on 2/16/08


Who are you to tell me how to deal with demons? I do what I do because it works. And I've been doing it for yeaars. Yes, I certainly do pray. But I've got no "elders" here I trust, and I never let anyone but my dear departed husband touch me. That suggestion is rude. Fasting make me dizzy and have strange thoughts.

But I do pray and God sometimes lets me see demons. So I can see the garlic and salt working. So don't tell me how to protect myself. I am doing fine thank you.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/15/08

If one has lying spirits residing in their house, their body, that person does not have the Holy Spirit.
A house divided against itself cannot stand.
You cannot serve two masters.

If lying spirits are residing in a body, counterfeit fruits will be found - idolatry, witchcraft, lust, hypocrisy, pride, jealousy, haughty, so on.
---Cindy on 2/15/08

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Christians demon possessed, the demon possessed will tell you yes.
God says a house divided against itself cannot stand.
Saved or lost. Believer or unbeliever. Born again or dead in sins.

You belong to God or you do not. Demons that are using someone as a halfway house have found an open door.
Acknowledge God with mind only, have not had a true conversion. Dull of hearing, speaking blatant language of sewer rats when out of earshot or observation of Christian peers.
---Cindy on 2/15/08

A lying spirit and the Holy Spirit cannot live together.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Lying spirits and the Holy Spirit ARE living together right now, here on earth. The Holy Spirit is here, right now and so are the demonic lying spirits. They are co-existing day in and day out in the spirit realm.
---Holly4jc on 2/15/08

crystalCLEAR, salt may be used to kill bacteria, as well as garlic, and garlic is very good for your health. However to fight the powers of darkness will take more than that. Fast and pray, and use the almighty words of Jesus, and the Holy Ghost and glossalalia, and blessing oil, and laying on of hands by the spirit-filled elders are all means to destroy the enemy. Jesus has given us saints ALL Power in heaven and earth, not just some power, but ALL Power to Command the enemy.
---Eloy on 2/15/08


I of course pray on the salt and garlic before I have any expectation of it helping to ward off demons.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/14/08

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CRYSTALclear, it sounds like you are preserving meat and warding off vampires, like in the hollywood movies, rather than using the Word of God and the Holy Ghost against the enemy.
---Eloy on 2/14/08

Oh! I forgot the important part. When I go out I wear a necklace made of rocksalt, with a cross at the bottom, of course. I carry fresh garlic in my pockets, but keep it in sealed baggies. I don't want to offend.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/13/08

You might be a good 'Christian', who attends church services daily, but that church might be infested with demons if it is in rebellion against God. So maybe you believe yourself to be a Christian, but you are not worshipping in accordance with the Bible, and so you are not under the Blood of the Lamb. So called, self-professed Christians may not be saved, and may have demons.
---frances on 2/13/08

No. But demons can certainly cause havoc for the Saints. There is only one devil. He can not be in China and at the same time be here in the U.S.A. But he tells his demons what to do all the time and they follow his instructions. And demons are numerous. They everywhere.
---catherine on 2/13/08

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A lying spirit and the Holy Spirit cannot live together.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

Doc Tom,

Porno addiction is a terrible thing caused by demons. I have had success in preventing demons entering my household. First surround your house with garlic plants. The more the better. Surround the beds in your home with lines of salt to protect those you love while sleeping. Saltpeter in food dishes greatly reduces demonic urges and behaviors in males.

There is much bad on the internet. I required my family to keep one hand on a Bible and the other on the mouse while using it.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/13/08

I believe this is the correct answer,"I can assure you that Christians cannot be demon poe., however they can be demonized. There is a huge difference. Example: a recent study indicated that 40%+ of active Christians are addicted to prono on the net. That is demonization.
---Doc_Tom "
---mima on 2/13/08

No. Christ's Holy Spirit and satan's unholy spirit do not live in the same temple. "Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. Know you all not, that to whom you all yield yourselves servants to obey, his slaves you all are to whom you all obey, whether of sin onto death, or of obedience onto righteousness? I John 4:4+ Romans 6:16.
---Eloy on 2/13/08

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I can assure you that Christians cannot be demon poe., however they can be demonized. There is a huge difference. Example: a recent study indicated that 40%+ of active Christians are addicted to prono on the net. That is demonization.
---Doc_Tom on 2/12/08

Some people who go to church manifest demons. I have heard this happened at a mass (I believe the priest was a very good man) and the demon scared most of the congregation. It was not staged because the person was a woman who was mentally subnormal. Good people seem to attract demons to them. Like Jesus did. But I heard demons also attack some people on their deathbeds and it is awful to witness. We should be sure we are obeying the WHOLE Bible 100 per cent.
---frances on 2/12/08

No. I believe that if you really have met Christ, in whatever way, you will be delivered. The demon-possessed who met Christ were delivered. Demons recognize Christ and Christians and want to destroy them and get them off the battlefield. You may be attacked by demons, but that is not demon possession. It might be through any kind of illness. There are doctors to help with mental and physical illness and good drugs out there (as well as bad drugs so beware).
---frances on 2/12/08


Maybe if you live in Australia, but i can't say for sure.

I know i works for demons in any part of the world, except for the colder parts where it doesn't grow.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/12/08

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CRYSTALClear ... Does the garlic keep the Roos away as well?
---alan_of_UK on 2/12/08

Yes definietely. I protect myself. I have surrounded my house with plantings of garlic. I sprinkle salt all around my bed before sleeping at night because that's when you are the most vulnerable.

Salt peter works well for teenage boys to stop the demons that might turn them away from abstinance. I used to put it on mine boy's foods. Of course, I set aside a special portion for my husband when he was alive. Never found anything that worked for girls, so I just watched them, and kept them in.
---CRYSTALclear on 2/12/08

They'll do better getting a puppy or a kitty.
---Nana on 2/12/08

Christians CAN have demons. Sin/uncleaniness, generational sins/curses, curses,unforgivenss, bitterness, anger, past hurts/pain, occult practices, drugs/alcohol -All these can open doors for demons to possess you. Even some sickness/disease is demon related. Darkness and light CAN mix in this since.
---Leslie on 2/9/08

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Christians are indwelled by the Holy Spirit of God, and therefore cannot be indwelled by an evil spirit.
---Madison1101 on 2/9/08

I wouldn't recommend that book, either.

The inspired Word of God is all that you need.
Experiences of others share information, the Word of God gives transformation.
---Michelle on 5/14/07

Issues and your tissues

Valerie Miller
---Cynthia_1 on 5/14/07

Mary Magdelene had seven demons cast out of her so the answer is yes.
---anonymous on 5/14/07

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Shiree, some are tormented immediately after conversion. Not for something they did wrong but because there are many who leave the faith becauise of demonic torment. The demons know this, so they try. Torment can happen though because of unrepented sin in our life, grudges in our heart, faulty beliefs(beliefs that contradict the Bible). The list goes on and on. Pray for help. These attacks don't have to continue. Ask God if you did something wrong that needs to be repented. If not, pray for deliverance.
---Matthew on 5/14/07

Valerie...what is the name of the book you wrote. I am a christian and have started being tormented day and night and would be grt to read something written by someone with experience.
---Shiree on 5/13/07

Reg, it sounds like there's a doorway that's open in your life that you're not aware of, I would suggest getting books by Rebecca Brown MD . She deals and talks a lot about demons and many people have been helped and taught how to combat the enemy with total victory. Please look her up for you will be greatly blessed.You can post prayer requests which she takes before God ( you can do that too, but support always helps ) Also fast, pray and ask God through the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer.
---Daintydee on 5/8/07

For the past 4 or 5 years, I have been persecuted by demons. I can hear their voices threaten me with death and I feel them at times move around in my rectal area. This causes much pain. I have prayed and prayed through Jesus Christ to have victory over them. I tell them that in The Name of Jesus Christ they must leave me immediately and return to Hell. This works temporarily. I am Born Again. I do take authority through Jesus Christ over them.
---Reg on 5/8/07

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For the past 4 or 5 years, I have been persecuted by demons. I can hear their voices threaten me with death and I feel them at times move around in my rectal area. This causes much pain. I have prayed and prayed through Jesus Christ to have victory over them. I tell them that in The Name of Jesus Christ they must leave me immediately and return to Hell. This works temporarily. I am Born Again. I do take authority through Jesus Christ over them.
---Reg on 5/8/07

If one is possessed by demons, the only way to get rid of them is by prayer and fasting. Then of course command them to leave in Jesus name. A Christian woman came to our church, for awhile all was good. Until one Sunday morning, she went to the alter, started to throw up, fell back and her eyes rolled back. Then her eyes fixed themselves unto my Pastor, and she smiled. He said if anyone is not right with God, leave or get right with him. He rebuked the demon in Jesus name and it left. This is no game.
---Rebecca_D on 5/2/07

When an unbalanced Christian, claiming to have all the answers, a direct pipeline to God - would cause another mentally unbalanced person to stumble and take their life.
---Remigio on 5/2/07

I remember a woman who took the lives of her children. She was receiving advice from a pastor, a shepherding type of situation. She was relying on God to deliver her.
We all know how that tragedy ended.
---Norma on 5/2/07

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Remigio- Can you explain your reasoning that a physician could be greater than Christ?

How do you know when a physician is needed?
Are you suggesting that God's perfect work must happen according to our dictates?
---William_Halverson on 5/2/07

good point, catherine, why would God be our comforter if we didnt need any comforting
---mark on 5/2/07

---Remigio on 5/1/07
The bible clearly speaks of demon possession on many many occasions.
No one here said that those with mental disabilities were demon possessed.
This is a place for religious discussion, do you have any input into possession in the real biblical sence of the word?
---johnlovesginalyn on 5/2/07

Also, if Satan is leaving you alone I would be more concern, because you are doing nothing to bother him. And also, we do have great victories, little by little. But God is always going to keep His people somewhat needy. I mean after all, if was humpty dorey all the time, than we would get the big head thinking we don't need God anymore. Then do you know what would happen? God would bring me and anyone down.>>>God said to me one day,"NO ONE HAS IT 100% IN THE MIND."
---catherine on 5/1/07

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If a Christian is unable to have Victory in their life, it could be mental illness.

If the demons are tormenting you constantly, it could be a chemical imbalance in the brain. If Jesus Christ cannot deliver you from the demons, you might need an actual physician.

Remember "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
If we released everyone from a physician's care, many of those with The Manual, The Bible, would not be able to overcome mental illness. Brain malfunction takes all forms.
---Remigio on 5/1/07

If you are mentally ill and the only way you can cope is to stay completely away from all human contact, are you free?
If the slightest of stress-filled situations causes you trauma - do you have the Victory?

A fixation on demon possession is not healthy. It creates more helplessness and puts you under - not over.
---Remigio on 5/1/07

People with paranoid schizophrenia hold untrue beliefs (delusions) or hear things others don't hear (auditory hallucinations).

The onset of schizophrenia in men is usually in the teens or 20s. The onset in women is usually in the 20s or early 30s. Paranoid schizophrenia tends to appear toward the later end of this range.

Although there's no cure for paranoid schizophrenia, medications and well-coordinated mental health care services can help people manage the disease.
---Remigio on 5/1/07

Some may be able to keep the lid on this illness by avoiding all contact with others.

Autisim, Aspergers, etc., may require assistance all the days of the their lives.
Do the parents with autistic children consider them demon possessed?
---Remigio on 5/1/07

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The mentally ill can be susceptible, open to suggestions and try a self-help method to eliminate demons. As they age, the symptoms may lessen and they may call it deliverance.
This is an area best left to the professionals; whether it be medical or knowledgeable ministers of the Gospel.
---Remigio on 5/1/07

No, but they sure can drive you crazy.
---catherine on 4/30/07

No, it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The place is not empty. Christ resides in a believers heart. No such thing as a demon residing with Christ in the same place. False teachings.
---frank on 4/30/07

Has anyone here seen the exorism of Emily Rose. I feel this is an impressive depiction of possession and why it happens.
There is a dark side to this world (not that it isn't all dark) which embrasses co-operation with satan.
I had problems going to bed cause of a strange presence before, but i felt it leave, in a jolt and then complete silence in my heart and mind. There is a noise that exists which stays with us but when we seek the Lord sometimes He stills all things.
---johnlovesginalyn on 4/30/07

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Absolutely ..when they wander off the truth and not rooted in the Word of God. The devil knows our weakest points and come in thru that way to deceive and attack what God meant for us.
---jana on 4/30/07

demons can sit beside you in church and even pretend to speak in tongues they try to be noticed
---judy6645 on 4/29/07

I have seen many Christians, go through deliverance of opressive spirits and the Christians that backslid into the devils territory, actually did become posessed, and the things my eyes saw I could never put on this blog all I can say was that I was astonished to see and hear first hand the grotesqe contortions beastly natured that manifested in muscles of the face and body and voices females coming out with a deep mans voice etc... I won't go into the other stuff but I saw alot.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/28/07

A believer can have unclean spirits. If you open yourself up through sin the enemy can get into your life.I knew a woman that got saved who used to be involved in witchcraft. She got saved but she was still posessed with those demons and she knew she was posessed by demons.It took a lot of prayer for this young lady. She is now free and living a righteous life.So if a person lives a righteous life and does not open any doors for the enemy to come in we won't have to worry about demons or unclean spirits.
---Monica on 4/28/07

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Hey haha, i've heard/seen christians manifest a demon and needed deliverance...what does this mean to you catherine???
If you say its not possible...
---mark on 4/27/07

No absolutely not. No demons can posses a child of God. Demons are afraid of Jesus and Jesus lives in us. But the devil and his angels well, they are always trying to cause trouble for God's people. That is one of the beauties of being Born-Again, we now have Jesus to help us with the evils of Satan, the god of this world. Most people don't believe that he even exists. My, MY.
---catherine on 4/27/07

Donna's statement,"A demon dwells in the fleshly part of a Christian's body. The Holy Spirit dwells with that person's spirit. Thus, the spirit is waging war with the flesh "shows great insight into a biblical truth.
---Mima on 4/27/07

Unless you've lived with a born again, spirit filled person who's demons were never casted out of them when they got saved, you can't imagine how horrible it is to live with someone who has demonic activity in their life DAILY because they refuse to admit they have demons because they are saved.
They are saved from the wrath of God, but live in torment until they are casted out of them.
---donna9759 on 4/27/07

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A demon dwells in the fleshly part of a Christian's body. The Holy Spirit dwells with that person's spirit. Thus, the spirit is waging war with the flesh. Do you think that when a person gets saved, demons say, "Ut oh, here comes the Holy Ghost, we'd better flee from this person." NO THEY DO NOT GO WILLINGLY. Jesus said they must either be bound up or casted out of the person and the person has to want them gone.
---donna9759 on 4/27/07

Demons don't give up. They may back off for awhile, but they come back. The saved person just gets stronger in the Lord, and then you know how to fight off demons.
---Rebecca_D on 4/26/07

When I recieved Jesus as my Savior 26yrs ago I was tormented day and night with demon spirits. I couldn't sleep at night or work, suffering from depression, nightmares etc.

I went through the same thing. Eventually they give up and it passes. You will be amazed with how many leave the faith and turn to pagan relgions because of demonic torture. They convince themselves "this can't be right because I am suffering for it."
---Matthew on 4/26/07

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