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What Is Female Authority

Is there a biblical basis for female authority over males in the church?

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 ---Jackie on 4/26/07
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Last time I checked the final authority in every church is JESUS! Men and women all need to submit to HIM!
---Susie on 4/2/08

anonymous: "It may be a nice change to have a woman President."

Yeah, this is how man fell into sin by having the women make the decision to eat the forbidden fruit. But before you flame me, I already read about women "presidents" in other countries and look how their country turned out. Sure, they had their great moments, but overall...
---Steveng on 6/1/07

Phil_the_Elder on 5/1/07: "There are many denominations that have women Clergy:...

The Bible is full of wars, rape, incest, murder, killing, but that doesn't make it right.
---Steveng on 6/1/07

Nor Man Nor woman is over anything in these man made religion buildings. CHRIST IS THE HEAD OF ALL THINGS!
---cheryle on 6/1/07

There is no male, female in Christ Jesus. In the book of Galatians. Whoever is the most capable and qualified has the authority. Does not matter whether its a he/she.If no man is available to pray, for instance, are we to wait until one arrives on the scene, when there are many capable women available. I don't think so. Let's move in the name of Jesus. Women has always been the backbone of the church and society, in general,and will continue to be so. Ask any truthful man of God and he will admit this.
---Robyn on 6/1/07

annonymus: I go by scripture .. Again, I state, No there is not scripture for female authority..Man is the head of a family, Christ is the head of the church and God is the head of creation..It never said a woman may do so..If God wanted a preacher, He will make sure of it, If we only trust and have faith in Him to supply for our needs..yet we dont but still question Him n doubt and that is why man continuously contend with scripture..
---jana on 6/1/07

Jana: In the New Testament in Galatians it states that there is no male or female in Christ. Man has been ruling over women for centuries and this country is in trouble today....It may be a nice change to have a woman President. Also there were high priestesses in the Church.
---anonymous on 5/31/07

Friends, at creation, God said "It is not good for man to be alone. LET US MAKE HIM A HELPMEET:"not a boss/leader, but a HELPMEET..A womans role in christianity is to help her husband,the Bible also said SHE IS NOT TO PREACH IN CHURCH ..its a mans role given by God..when are we going to follow scripture to the exact????
---jana on 5/24/07

Can a husband use answers in these blogs for evidence in divorce court? I expect he could. It seems if you were having marital problems, you would be very careful what you post in here.
---Susie on 5/12/07

Ashley I agree with all this, When, the Husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church. not abuse cases however, but for some strange reason this Susie likes to drag my posts from blog to blog, Who knows why. Totaly Bizarre behaviour.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/12/07

I don't understand why the feud between suzie and cynthia. suzie made valid points and is correct. men are the head of the home as Jesus is the head of the church. that is biblical and cannot be disputed. Jesus said it himself. suzie is right when she says men are to love their spouse with all their heart, cherish them, support them and encourage them so they can live as an example of the Savior. equal partners joined as one in spirit, faith and bond. problems rise when people forget that.
---ashley on 5/12/07

Female should not preach or teach or have authority over men as Paul instructs in His epistles.

There are female preachers who are annointed and are preaching and teaching even in TV to wider audiences than churches.

This seems a paradox for me and wish to expand this issue further and ask someone with theological backgrounds to explain the historical and cultural settings of Paul's message in order to get a better perspective.
---Ephre3798 on 5/12/07

Susie, Get some help
Get saved
Ask God to forgive you
before you are consumed, by the
vengeance youv'e dished out to others
like a cancer. For your information,
My own words don't HAUNT me.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/11/07

Guys scare me, I guess I have never been able to trust any, But if it works for you, I see no problem dating, I do see a problem marrying however.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/10/07

Do your words come back to haunt you at times Cynthia?
---Susie on 5/10/07

"We as women ,do not have to follow their lead, just because they are men. I do not receive that."

Do you receive that the husband is the head of the house and of the woman? That's what the Bible says.
---Susie on 5/10/07

The problem today is that too many women want to take the place of the man instead of letting the man have his place. And single women wonder why they can't find a Godly husband. A Godly husband will treat his wife like a queen and she will glady submit to him as he will gladly submit to her and treat her as Christ treats the church.
---Susie on 5/10/07

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Susie, You don't have to worry about that scripture, because I certainly do not call YOU the ELECT, and as for deceived, You already are. As for the False Prophets that you have criticized they are the True. So it looks like YOUR ALREADY there.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/10/07

Women have roles to fulfill, as do men. Men are not better than women. Just different. Men are to love their wives, as themselves, according to the Word.They are to lift each other up, not to compete and try to outdo one another. If a woman does not know her place, Christ will teach her and vice versa. Where the Spirit of the Lord is: there is love and freedom.Read Ephesians chap 5 vs20-31.
---Robyn on 5/9/07

No...females have many different gifts to use within the church. There are no males/females in Christ Jesus. We are as one. Some males are not qualified to lead in the church. We as women ,do not have to follow their lead, just because they are men. I do not receive that. I can pray as well as any man. No disrespect. Teach, probably preach and do other things for Christ. I will not be denied. Know the truth and the truth shall make you free!
---Robyn on 5/9/07

Women who want to run their households are not following Biblical principles. If women will let their husbands lead, there would be a lot less problems in the home. Often, men come up to me and ask me something that they have already asked my husband. They think that I will answer them differently. Or they will ask me if they can sing a song or give a testimony. I always direct them to him as it would not be proper for me to usurp his authority as the minister of God.
---Susie on 5/9/07

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Bernie....I stand by what I have already said without a doubt. The Bible says that even the elect will be deceived in the end times. I don't plan to be one of them. I stand firm in Jesus Christ and HIM crucified and not in false prophets.
---Susie on 5/9/07

Men are the head of women in the same way Christ is head of his church. Men are masculine and able to provide for their families. Women support him, encourage him and raise children in righteousness. they were blessed with forgivness and unconditional love. not men. men take the lead in church and in the home to build a strong foundation and faith in Jesus Christ. women have a supporting role, not the main role. women want to be men. that has led to a breakdown of values, morals and love in the home.
---ashley on 5/9/07

Susie, if your discerner was working, you would know that catherine did not stand up for herself.
While catherine is having a personal relationship with Jesus, others are over-intellectualizing. She said, "you're too smart, you're too sane, you're too intelligent', God can't use you; 'No one is 100% in the head."
Correct. How many of the ultra sane are taking meds for depression or some other disorder. How many nutty professors are sitting home, day after day, glued to a mouse.
---Bernie on 5/9/07

Women's authority/liberation, as it is now, will fail.
Women mistakenly think that the way to liberation is to become like a man.
Women will be liberated when man is liberated.
---Jess on 5/9/07

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A man who helps his wife become liberated, become like a man, will set her free.

A wife who helps her husband become liberated, become like a woman, will set him free.
---Jess on 5/9/07

When a husband liberates his wife, sets her free with a divorce, he will go through the same pain with another woman.
When a man liberates his wife, he will stir up a fierce tenacity within her. They will both be living too close to the fire. They'll go their separate ways rather than smother his wife's fierce tenacity.
---Jess on 5/9/07

When a man liberates his wife, throws all the responsibility on her shoulders with a divorce - she will work hard, have the heart attack at 45, die prematurely with families on the sidelines - just like a man. Some may chose death though they still live. They are dead because they are no longer whole with all of the responsiblity.
---Jess on 5/9/07

Woman must not become man to fulfill her role on earth. She is complete as she is.
Read your bible.
Woman is life.
Man is death.
---Jess on 5/9/07

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Woman is liberated by the awesome power of Jesus Christ. That power does not belong in becoming a man.
Masculinized women is a denial of the power of Jesus Christ.
---Jess on 5/9/07

Women who quit being women die young.
Their souls are broken.
Their fire for life goes out.
Do not listen to women who say, "I do not need men. I can do it myself." They are are the women who quit being women.
---Jess on 5/9/07

In Genesis 1:26 it reads: And God said, Let us make man in [OUR] image, after [OUR] likeness; and let them have [DOMINION] over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and [OVER] [EVERY CREEPING THING THAT CREEPETH UPON THE EARTH] 27. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. [Question? is a male a creeping thing?]
---Cynthia_1 on 5/9/07

Bernie...It is important that Christians learn to use the discernment that the Holy Spirit gives them in recognizing false prophets. One thing that is strikingly true. A false prophet believes every word he/she says. The problem is when people are led astray by them. The sad part is that Bernie is probably Catherine using another name.
---Susie on 5/7/07

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I know three women evangelists. One has a average size nationwide Ministry. One has a local ministry and one has a jail ministry. All understand that they are not called to preach in a pulpit and exercise authority over men. Many times people get their Callings mixed up, this in fact happened to me when I first begin to want to serve the Lord.
---mima on 5/7/07

Many of her posts are shockingly true.
They might give the highly educated cause for pause, but they are honest. She believes every word she says.
Those that bark the loudest, I've taken a second or third look at their levels of compassion; especially when this is supposed to be their 'gift'.
---Bernie on 5/6/07

** Don't you know she hears from God more than any of us? **

I've noticed, in my more than 4 decades of being a Christian, and God tends to tell people EXACTLY what they want to hear.
---Jack on 5/6/07

Susie, every now and again, you can't help yourself, you have to make fun, quite often it's catherine that you pick on.
I don't doubt that God did tell catherine to leave the church for reasons we really don't need to know. If there were people there making fun like you do, I can see why she picked herself up and left.
---Bernie on 5/6/07

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Jack...You mean you don't want to listen to a woman who says that God told her to stay out of church? What are you thinking? Don't you know she hears from God more than any of us? After all, she is the prophet! It's amazing to me how many self-proclaimed prophets there are around now days.
---Susie on 5/6/07

**How sad it is when we have to pray to God for women ministerters to be excepted [sic]. When He does the calling. How sad indeed.**

What has not yet been satisfactorily answered in the affirmative is whether God is indeed calling women.

All we have is catherine's word for it--not very good proof.
---Jack on 5/5/07

Catherine...Maybe you misunderstood me. I was asking what kind of church you attend (what denomination) so I could visit it sometime. There are so many out there. I just wondered what kind you attend. Thank you!
---Karen on 5/1/07

Dan, in regards to what you said, I agree 100%. It seems Paul said "I am speaking now and not the Lord" for a very important reason. That was no accident and it deserves consideration.
---Matthew on 5/1/07

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There are many denominations that have women Clergy: Presbyterian (PCUSA), Congregational (NACCC), United Methodist, Episicapal and others that I don't know of without doing Internet research. Women Clergy as well as their male counterparts serve their congregations, preach, teach, train and lead and I am very thankful for them.
---Phil_the_Elder on 5/1/07

Paula White church would be a place to check into. "You can check in but you you can never leave."
Juantiaville. Joyce. There are many churches led by women, turn on the TV. You can become a prayer partner, and send your tithes and offerings in over the phone or by mail.
---Sara on 5/1/07

Karin>>> God has promised me my own church four years ago, I am still waiting. But when God finally sees fit, I believe He is leaning toward An african American Preacher. [I do not like to use titles but in this case I will]. You are serious about your relationship with God. "I am trusting," so I will ask God to grant you peace in your ministries. Have a great Day. +++ How sad it is when we have to pray to God for women ministerters to be excepted. When He does the calling. How sad indeed.
---catherine on 5/1/07

catherine....What kind of church do you attend? I am looking for one that is open to women ministers.
---Karen on 5/1/07

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Well, I have learned something. You cannot change people's minds. This here thing about authority over men I feel as if I should explain. Men are in charge of the household as unto the Lord. bUT, He must honor his wife as unto the Lord. Now, did you learn something? I hope so. Good day!++ "Thank you my Lord and my Savior for calling me to PREACH."
---catherine on 4/30/07

GOD, does not call upon a woman to preach his truth. When Christ Jesus told Mary to go and tell the people that he was comming that is what he meant. But not for her to have authority over man( meaning to preach the gospel! Read Revelation chapter 22-18-19
---cheryle on 4/30/07

Jack: if your married and if God puts a calling upon your life to do whatever for him, he will also call your wife to behind you, supporting you in your calling. And until God has put such a calling upon you, you won't have an understanding. I have confirmation from several people that God has called my husband to preach. We do not need your approval before he can preach. We don't have to answer to you by no means.
---Rebecca_D on 4/29/07

There are two Matthews, one is always on, and the other is getting there.
---Sam on 4/29/07

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Matthew, do you believe..

Some things pertaining to custom and the norm of those days.
Paul said, "But I suffer not a woman to teach...". In that
said he was affirming that there were capable women.
Could you tell me if God said:
I Corinthians 7:12
"But to the rest speak I, not the Lord:..."
"...(I speak foolishly,)..."
"...(I speak as a fool)..."
---Dan on 4/29/07

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. God called me to support my husband in preaching. To become as one in Christ. I didn't mean to say God called me to preach, that wasn't what I meant. I meant to say as he called my husband, God called me to support him, to be a helpmeet for him, as God intended.
---Rebecca_D on 4/29/07

Jack can you prove God called you to the faith?

I bet you can't.

If you can't how can you expect Rebecca D. to provide proof that God called her to preach? Why should she even have to provide proof in the first place?
---Matthew on 4/28/07

**He called him, he called me.**

What's being debated, Rebecca, is whether or not God called you, and you are offering no confirmation of this call other than to keep repeating you say God called you.

Mere repetition and insistence is NOT proof.
---Jack on 4/28/07

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do many of you realize that you are arguing over nonessentials and that most of your replies read like propaganda and nothing like the Gospel?
---sam on 4/28/07

No, they didn't offer me a badge, gun because my husband became a police officer. Because my husband CHOSE to became a police officer, he was not CALLED from a higher calling to become one. He was CALLED by GOD to PREACH. But since he is a police officer I have protection 24/7, just as I do with God. So I guess you people think it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO PUT A CALLING UPON ONE'S LIFE?
---Rebecca_D on 4/28/07

I do not believe there is except unbelievers within the church and then seek God for answers. REBECCA, I was wandering, is your husband still a police officer now that he is a preacher? I mean does he do both?
---catherine on 4/28/07

Wives submit to husbands and viceversa, it's not a one-way street.
God placing men in authority over women in the churches is also symbolic of Christ as the head of the Church.
It doesn't mean men are more intelligent than women. They are not, that's obvious.

Submitting to authority in the church is Scriptural, as hard as that may be for strong willed woman. We are to honor God's Word and what He says the Church is to be.
---DuctTape on 4/28/07

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When women usurp the men as the head of the household, rebellion will rush in. It takes all forms. Discipline for the children/or lack of it, money matters, you name it - things can go cuckoo. Women fuel up on emotions and men are geared not to.

When a woman is in charge of a church, a televangelist, pastor - you will see things get out of whack. It may be subtle at first, but as time goes on, emotions creep in and you will see whackie Jackies.
---DuctTape on 4/28/07

Women should not counsel men. A woman pastor really cannot relate to men.
Jesus gave us His Word, how a church is to be run with order. That's difficult for some women that like to take over. Jezebel, a controlling distortion of authority, can creep in.
---DuctTape on 4/28/07

You need look no further than your television to see evidence of how Christ wants the church. Woman pastors that may have started out on the right track, you see elements of pride, emotional frenzy (working it up in the flesh), controlling, pomp, and all kinds of flakiness. It is out of balance. It's not the way God intended it to be.
---DuctTape on 4/28/07

There are women who have set themselves up as a pastor here. You see control, manipulation, emotional unbalance - same things you would see in a church led by a woman. We need to follow God's Word.
---DuctTape on 4/28/07

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Men are not to hold that authority over women with arrogance, pomp, pride, control, manipulation. The same characteristics of Jezebel apply to men as well. If they do, God's ways are just.
---DuctTape on 4/28/07

Here we are, on the blogs.
Some women who are handing out judgments/false teachings with a critical spirit would be "rode out on a rail" in a church. They would be removed, immediately.
They would not last more than one service.
It is suspect, and maybe that has already happened to them. So now we are on the receiving end of their error.
---DuctTape on 4/28/07

WOW!! All this sure makes me look forward to the day when men and women will view each other as equals before God.
---Mary on 4/28/07

What are the Christian blogs to you? Are they a Christian internet forum, only - or are they an extension of the church.

In a restaurant with a smoking/non-smoking sections - smoke does not know where the boundaries begin and end. It goes and flows wherever there is a wind.
So with every wind of doctrine that we see here, which section will you choose?
Smoking or non-smoking?
---DuctTape on 4/28/07

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Rebecca, when your husband became a police officer did the department also issue you a badge and gun because you are his wife?
---ralph7477 on 4/28/07

My husband and I are one. He called him, he called me. I support my husband and behind him. Too many Preachers let sin behind the pulpit, and get in trouble with God. Ya know Jack, I don't care if you believe God called my husband to preach. God calls people like my husband, a man fearing God to preach to people like you. Your ignorant with the word, with other's beliefs, and arrangant. You shove your beliefs on people and if they don't believe the same, you question if their saved and their calling.
---Rebecca_D on 4/27/07

Since when is a wife automatically called just because she is married to a preacher? That is NOT Biblical.
---Susie on 4/27/07

Jack: GOD called my husband to preach, not man, not an organzation, we don't belong to a religion or an organzation. GOD called me as well because I am his wife,**

Oh, ,yes, and we're supposed to believe it because you say God did.

---Jack on 4/27/07

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**If he isn't preaching the TRUTH ABOUT GOD, I won't be behind him. **

And just how do you determine if he is NOT preaching the "truth about God"?

Because it doesn't coincide with YOUR understanding of the Bible? Or with what you say the Bible says?

This is what I mean. You are NOT submitted to your husband, but merely submitted to your OWN understanding.
---Jack on 4/27/07

A "preacher" is one who announces, tell forth, brings good tidings, declares (speaks) the good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ. Shouldn't all Christians, in whatever capacity God has equipped us, "preach"? Aren't, apostles, disciples, prophets, bishops, evangelist, "pastors" preachers? I believe so. :)
---Leon on 4/27/07

Rebecca D--- I believe God called your husband to preach. But I do not believe God called you to preach either at the same time he called your husband or at any other time. I believe your a Godly woman, I believe you are absolutely and truly saved. I do not believe you are called to be a preacher. You well know I have Scripture to backup what I believe.
---Mima on 4/27/07

Jack: GOD called my husband to preach, not man, not an organzation, we don't belong to a religion or an organzation. GOD called me as well because I am his wife, and we are one in the Lord. You are adding words that I didn't say nor did I mean. If he isn't preaching the TRUTH ABOUT GOD, I won't be behind him. There are many men who preach with sin in their life. And their wife stands behind them. Leon: My husband is not a Pastor, he is a Preacher. Big difference.
---Rebecca_D on 4/27/07

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So if a woman is married, does her husband become her god, since she is under his authority and must obey him? What about unmarried, women who is her handler, her father? What is her father is deceased is it her pastor?
---randy on 4/27/07

Rebecca_D: I thought maybe if your husband was the senior pastor of the church then you might be the pastor. As such you would have authority over other men & women in your church.
---Leon on 4/27/07

**I believe that when God called him to preach, he did me as well.**

And what bishop, synod, ministerium, association, or other ecclesiastical authority ratified your call? Or do we simply trust your own say-so?

**I am behind him 100% as long as he is preaching the truth of God.**

In other words, you do NOT yield to your husband, but put your own judgement above him.

That doesn't sound like submission to me.
---Jack on 4/27/07

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