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Can Demons Visit People

According Hebrews 13:12 we can be visited by angels. Do you think that demons could do the same thing since they are fallen angels?

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 ---john on 4/26/07
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Satan can destroy your mind:>>>He is also where we get our testings from. Temptations ect. Satan can appear as angel of light. Demons are identified as fallen angels. We sure could do some studying on this. I wondered if being posssessed the same as being attacked. Well, no, because I still get attacked. Anyways, here are some symptoms: muteness, deafness, blindness, convulsions, superhuman strength, self-destruuctive behavior. And there are others.
---catherine on 2/7/08

I expect it was a fallen angel (demon) who visited Joseph Smith.
---Susie on 2/7/08

Satan and his demons try to control men and women through ignorance. It accounts for their widespread success in getting men to accept their suggestions, doctrines, ideas, leadings, and guidance.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/29/07

Yes they do. Satan can take one word and misuse it for his glory, and have people argue. Satan and demons even sit beside you in church. Satan walks to and fro on this earth, he is a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8.
---Rebecca_D on 4/29/07

Yes demons can visit you. Why this world is going crazy. Sinse most everybody don't believe in them, Demons can have a hayday. And noone is the wiser. Unbelievers and some believers has a problem. They and even myself, sometimes, we have a tendency to look at the flesh and we don't see or look at the evil forces behind the flesh. Guess what happens>>> Why The devil, He never gets blaimed. He gets off scott free. And he LOVES it. He is happy and he is jumping around.
---catherine on 4/28/07

Yes. and Absolutely.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/28/07

yes there is demon spirit if you have the Holh Ghost these demon's come against you in all sorts of ways they can oppress sprite filled people but they can't pocess a person there is a demon of fear demon of depression
You name it there is a demon for it Lust adultry fornafication lying lust of the flesh
---betty on 4/28/07

greetings.john.Its been 2000+ years since that terrible time when the dragon made it's last attempt to overcome authority.All who fell into rebellion with Lucifer's scheme to overthrow the son of man failed.The rebellion did consume one third of heaven's spirits,that is non mortals.Did not Jesus claim all power in heaven and in earth is now his?Jesus' post resurection sealed the truth of who is in complete and full authority.
---earl on 4/27/07

greetings.john.p2.It was once the responsibility of others includung Lucifer,Satan and the one time prince of this world to provide measures of authority and guidance to mortal mankind.They claimed thou shalt have free will and left their assigned tasks of labor of loving kindness over us.Free will (self will) then went on a rampage.Since Jesus took office(his seat next to God) ,his administration is now cleared of those one time rebellious leaders he intrusted long ago to do the Father's will
---earl on 4/27/07

If I were the devil, the first thing I would do is to deny my own existence! This is absplute the opposite of that used by God who desires, perhaps above all else, to be fully believed in. In the year 2000'S out of 5000 clergymen 82% ridiculed the concept of a personal devil of any sort.>>>Christ- denying liberals have long since thrown out such "outdated" concepts as the old devil and the new birth.
---catherine on 4/27/07

Sure...I think they visit this site all the time in various forms :)
---TS on 4/27/07

To the Blog question. Most definitely. We are called to test every spirit to see IF it is from God. The demons prowl the earth seeking the ruin of souls, and they will not appear as foul creatures reeking of evil. Or speaking ill of God. They will believe in Jesus Christ and know the scriptures well. Which is why we need to know Jesus and the scriptures better.
---lorra8574 on 4/27/07

I expect it was a fallen angel (demon) who visited Joseph Smith.
---Susie on 4/26/07
I want to make my agreement with this statement a little stronger than" I expect" I want to say with absolute certainty that whatever visited Joseph Smith was very demonic with the sole intent of leading many to hell.
---Mima on 4/27/07

earl. Thanks for your answer. I'm aware of 2 Pet.2:4-5 were it says that God sent the fallen angels to hell in chains to be reserved until the day of judgement. He did that at the time they fell. But isn't it obvious from Scipture that Jesus and his disciples cast out demons and it is an order for the church to do this?
---john on 4/27/07

Sin opens the door for demons to enter. Once you sin, you've moved from the hedge of protection (the angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him) into satan's realm which is death and destruction. Sin is disobedience to God's word. Lust in sin. Adultery is sin. Fornication is sin. Lying is sin. I think we all know what sin is, right?
---donna9759 on 4/27/07

Yes, we can be visited by demons.They are here on earth, manifesting in different forms e.g. witches and wizards etc.
---Linda on 4/27/07

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Its Hebrews 13:2(Not 13:12)Yes demons can
visit anyone who opens the door for them to enter.Check Lk 11:24-26. The demons call coming into a man.. my house. Brian. 6933
---BRIAN._STAFFORD on 4/27/07

greetings.It is a fact that Lucifer ,Satan, devils and a host of other personalities were involved in an attempt to cause a miscarriage of God's revelation to man 2000 + yrs. ago.The attempt failed.Jesus is not a catch and release fisherman.He did cause all those who were in rebellion against him to be put in chains.Man continues to keep alive traditions of evil lurking in the air when in fact the evil is lurking in the head full of air.Man will even offend another to keep the tradition
---earl on 4/26/07

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