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Transfering Of Demons

Do you believe in Transference of spirits? What are your views and experiences?

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 ---Valerie on 4/27/07
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If a person is so full of faith and the power of the Holy Ghost/God no demon is going to want to jump on you even if you are praying for another's deliverance. It is wisdom and a must to be prayed up yourself and living a "right" Christian life before attempting to pray for anyone. We are given power over all the power of the enemy through the name of Jesus. A person shouldn't stay in a deliverance service if they are not right with God,then the demon can enter them.
---Darlene_1 on 2/22/08

My bible tells me that even the christians that cried out lord did I not cast demons out in your name will be rejected if their life is not right so it is not by privilege but by his name fasting / prayer these things are casted out. If you instill fear into a believer you will enlist the very spirit to attack that person because this is the stragedy by which they use to lure you away from the confidence you need to keep them from trying to possess your body/mind.
---Carla5754 on 6/5/07

This is powerful learning these spirits are jealous of our liberty to be seen,heard, loved, touched,live and be happy in the Lord, They want a piece of us and thats where possessions takes place, when a man/woman is focused away from the truth of the word the mind is not on God and the devil gets a foot in the door, left open for other negative thinking, unrepentant behavior, untruths and disbelief in the word for healing through Christ.
---Carla5754 on 6/5/07

As brethren we need to know some of the darts(spiritual) tools of the enemy and guard our fellow men of the loop holes in knowing the truths of God and to dwell daily in the word, strengthening each other for the storms of life. We need to be anchored to that solid rock, and that ROCK is Jesus. This is spiritual ware fare and we need to have that specialist knowledge to help to defeat satan and reclaim back those lost souls from depression and sicknesses also ''mental health''.
---Carla5754 on 6/5/07

ihave heard both ways. one preacher said one time to those who were going to pray for others to examine their hearts.also
to avoid touching sinners before their hearts are right and their sins forgiven.

others say if your a christian the demons can't go from one person to another.especially if they had their sins forgiven.
---Santini on 6/5/07

There are occasions where demonic spirits can be transferred from one person to another. In the case of someone being delivered from a demon spirit and is now repenting and receiving salvation, that demonic spirit will find the nearest person who is not saved, born again, and spirit-filled with the Holy Ghost. Satan's demons are constantly on the lookout for someone to oppress, possess, and harass. That is their job. I have seen people delivered from demonic spirits. PTL!
---Pat8399 on 6/4/07

Mark B
When you are about to sleep these evil spirits are not stupid,thinking your more to believe that your dreaming rather than being spiritually attacked by demons and boy will they try. But GREATER IS he IN YOU THAN is in THE WORLD Christ makes that ultimate difference The name of Jesus is powerful I had an experience some time ago this year and from then onwards Praise God Never has any of satans host bothered me and my sister again, My mum always said Duppy(Ghosts)demons knows who to frighten!
---Carla5754 on 6/4/07

It is what Satan does usually. He is after the souls because he does not have one. I beleive that the devils have attempted to trade souls today with the people of God. In Rev. where it speaks of frankensense, myrr, gold, etc...It also states that they traded and bartered souls of people.
---anonymous on 5/31/07

When you are sleeping you are subconscious it would be easier for them to slip into your dreams when your sleeping. I guess because your guard is down and your really not aware of all of your dreams. I know that there are times that I cannot remember what I dream and other times that I can.
---anonymous on 5/23/07

anonymus our sleep??? i guess but they can only come in if you've left a door open(spiritually speaking) sinned not confessed or however you leave doors open
---mark_B. on 5/22/07

Mary Magdelene had seven demons cast out of her so yes spirits can enter into us...Usually in our sleep.
---anonymous on 5/22/07

Thank you cynthia, for being open. Many are closed to things that they do not understand, and teach others to do so also. Deliverance is also a part of of what Jesus also preached (Isaiah 61). Just because the hand is not the foot or the leg is not the mouth many say it's not the body but all things work together for good the not evil.
---Valerie on 5/1/07

The Deliverance ministry is often a bloody unattractive, doubted, misunderstood ministry. Every Christian may not may not require massive deliverance, but there are many area's that everyone of us can be perfected! Remember ministering in the spirit of Christ's Love is the most important motive or Issue. My fight is not against the believer at all! Diversity may not mean error or false.
---Valerie on 5/1/07

You came, you advertised, and you asked us to check it out. I did. You also said you would like feedback, I gave you my honest opinion. It is extreme, and I will tell you why.
---Remigio on 4/30/07

Jesus said, Mark 9:29, "This kind can come out by nothing, but by prayer and fasting."

Jesus said,
"Be quiet and come out of him" the demon had to obey.

Jesus said at Lk. 10:19: "Nothing at all will hurt you." Vs. 35 says that the demon came out violently but did not harm.

Jesus said, Come Out.

This process did not take years and years and years, with harm and torment.
---Remigio on 4/30/07

Jesus did not fear and had no fear.
He did not worry about the hairdresser, the leper or anyone else transferring an evil spirit to Him.

Some people suffer with mental illness. They have paranoid schizophrenia, and some would call it demon possession.
---Remigio on 4/30/07

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Telling the mentally ill, that they can read a self-help book and cast our their own demons might be enough to drive them over the edge.
I know a man of 40, with mental illness. He went to the health food store. The clerk told him to stop taking his medicine, and take massive doses of vitamin Bcomplex and other things. He loaded up on vitamins, didn't tell his parents (still living at home, unable to function alone.) She told him how to get rid of the demons.
---Remigio on 4/30/07

Some very bad things happened to this man.
Some of what you have described sounds very similar to mental illness. And taking the paranoia further, into all the areas and all the items to look out for (excluding anything occultic), sounds like more paranoia.
---Remigio on 4/30/07

I don't know if you had a pastor, a church, or a congregation that helped you out during the deliverance years.

But if this was demon possession and not mental illness, a knowledgeable minister of the Gospel with a praying congregation behind him, should have been able to remove those demons without harm or torment in a short time, not years.
---Remigio on 4/30/07

Just for the record Valerie, I am completely for you, and you ought to be commended, yes the transference of spirits, is generally not spoken of much, and we get touched on by hairdressers, massage people, I am a bit more aware now that you posted this thing. And I say thank you for bringing it to our attention.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/30/07

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God Bless you, may God have mercy on you. I thought this was an open not a judgemental blog. I forgive you for Judging me!
---valerie. on 4/30/07

Think about where most of our clothes are coming from today. If we sat and worried about who sewed those clothes and what religion they were practicing, we would have to perform a deliverance for each article. The same goes for food, new vehicles, new furniture, building materials we use for homes - it would be endless. It's extreme.
---Remigio on 4/29/07

You've advertised your book free of charge, a couple of times now.
Honestly, Valerie, it sounds nutty.
God has given us safeguards, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God sends His angels wherever He chooses (humans cannot direct angels, by the way, they only listen to God).
God says let no one lay hands on you suddenly for a very good reason. False teachers with a wrong spirit - if you are open- yes there could be a transference of an unholy spirit.
---Remigio on 4/28/07

But opening ourselves up to out of balanced teachings can open ourselves up to a spirit of fear.
Forget advertising your book, that's enough.
And if you're conducting research here for the next book, that's not right either.
---Remigio on 4/28/07

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Jesu's name is enough to expel any demon/s from your presence. If one needs to deliver a individual from the possession of a demon/s, prayer/fasting is a powerful combination and will do the work fine just don't think the person will be delivered straight away, sometimes some possessions can expel immediately others over a period of time which is exhausting, with the right believers one person can do this the more the believers the quicker. Fear No evil Christ is above the devil and the devil/s works.
---Carla5754 on 4/28/07

I did check out your site on lulu and see that you are an evangelist, too.

I would rather meditate on God's Word and what God says about faith, than to dive off the deepend into demon obsession.
---Remigio on 4/28/07

They were transferred into a bunch of pigs in Matt.8:30.
---john on 4/28/07

Valerie, I have not read your book, however, I am impressed by what you say here and agree with you, many are destroyed by lack of knowledge of the Bible, Yes our war is mentioned throughout the book of Ephesians chapter 6, and all through the Bible. I beleive people are no longer under the illusion of a little pitchfork character but now with their own eyes they are seeing much of the spiritual powers of wickedness.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/28/07

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A curse without a cause shall not alight.

Looking for demons behind every bush can become an obsession and an unhealthy one, out of balance. If people had to worry every time they went to the thriftstore that they were bringing demon possessed clothing home, or in used furniture, we would need more exorcists than 'Carter's little pills'.
Fear is the opposite of faith. Teachings like this open you up to a spirit of fear, which is not of God.
---Remigio on 4/28/07

I am certain of it. The Bible says ''Submit yourselves to the Lord RESIST THE DEVIL and he will flee from you.'' Why would it say that if there was no Devil to resist? True Christians are in a very real battle, they need to cover themselves UNDER THE BLOOD OF JESUS, keep themselves pure in EVERY area, or the unclean spirits will transfer, into their bodys, they are always looking for a body to inhabit.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/28/07

Satan's existence is doubted by the world. Cartoon concept is>>>Most of the world today pictures the devil as a medieval and mytjical two horned, fork-tailed impish creature, dress in a red flannel underwear, busily pitching coal into the furnaces of hell.
---catherine on 4/27/07

A** Transfering of spirits have nothing to do with how strong your anointing is, but a lot to do with knowledge or ignorance. Hosea says my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge! Sometimes it is not always the big demons but small ones like pride, jealousy, lust, depression, fornication, masturbation, gossip etc. I believe many transfer right through the telephone tv etc to contaminate a living temple.
---Valerie on 4/27/07

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B**Wearing a Holy garment can not make one holy pure righteous or right standing with God
Haggai 2:12
but according to Haggai 2:13 Wearing clothes, touching the clothes that have touched dead body under the law can contaminate ones temple (not their spirit).
Unclean spirits are unholy. The also know about these spirit laws.
---Valerie on 4/27/07

If a person is so full of faith and the power of the Holy Ghost/God no demon is going to want to jump on you even if you are praying for another's deliverance.**

You're correct, Darlene. Demons never bothered Jesus at all, now did they?

And St. Paul didn't have a "messenger from Satan" to buffet him at all, right?
---Jack on 4/27/07

When demons from the dead bodies or contaminated bodies leave they need a vehicle, an article, an instrument to get to a new body. This is the tranference. It can be old furniture from the thrift store, or the music from lustful music CD's, Tapes, DVD's. Much is being learned about Transference. Do your research; I also wrote a book called Issues and your tissues. It talks more about this topic! I am interested in your feed back. Thanks!
---Valerie_Miller on 4/27/07

C** Another point, There are many men and women of God that are strong and anointed struggling with fleshly lust, gossip, unforgiveness, hate, witchcraft curses, generational curses etc. But the lord shall deliver if they chose to want it. Many entertain the spirits, although knowing that the Bible says, do not give place to the Devil!
---Valerie on 4/27/07

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