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Have You Learning Anything

A lot of zealous debate goes on here. Has anyone learned something new regarding scripture that they did not See before?

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 ---TS on 4/27/07
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You're one of the biggest religious zealots here.
---TD on 4/23/08

Learned that some are pretending and using multiple names to decieve, pretending to be something they are not.
---TS on 5/18/07

Yes---a lot of debate. Which is ok. We do learn from each other. That is why we are a fellowship of believers. We are a family who need one another.We should be kind and gentle toward each other as God has said in His Word. No one has all the answers but together we can help others and we can be helped. And yes the Holy spirit should lead us in all that we do and say. We can disagree without beiing disagreeable, as well.Denomination does not matter. Love all/peace to all
---Robyn on 5/11/07

I have learned that people on here are arrogant and self righteous. they profess and preach one thing, but then do the opposite and often revert to mocking, name calling and contention to force the issue. Out of everyone here, it is easy to see who is trying to serve God and who is going through the motions. when questions are answered in truth, it is ignored and debates continue in darkness. it is no wonder Jesus said: many draw near to God with their lips but their hearts are far from Him.
---ashley on 5/11/07

What I am learning is also from the Lord as His Spirit often guides one to His word that we may "destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,..." 2 Cor. 10:5

Satan in the temptation of Christ used Scripture in much the same way as the cultist uses it against the followers of Christ - truth mixed with error.
---lee on 5/11/07

Yes, I am learning alot. Not from other people, but God. What a teacher, man what a teacher.
---catherine on 5/11/07

TD: One of the biggest religious zealots here: Then why do u bother coming on and join in? If your not a believer, then I understand but dont give in, u have 2b strong and patient as there are many truths in these blogs..u need patience brother...stay in there..
---jana on 5/11/07

aaaah Lee: Who are the pharisees u r refering to? Yes, those who teach only what they want to go like you, u leave some of God's commands and just go by what u want...isnt that how pharisees do things? my my..u constantly accuse n insult us for going by scripture. You come on this forum and denegrate, bash and insult Lord have mercy on the blind...yes, we go by law,Christ is the Law, the Word made flesh John1:14..Are u going to reject that last statement?
---jana on 5/4/07

The fourth of the Ten Commandments calls for the Sabbath to be observed and "kept Holy". Why don't you fake preachers get it right, because you are fakes. The Pharisees placed restrictions on Sabbath observance that prohibited acts of mercy or necessity. But Jesus declared that "the sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. See if you don't know God you don't know scripture. you are not fooling me nor are you fooling God. May God have mercy on your souls.
---catherine on 5/4/07

Cynthia_1 - And even Jesus called the Sabbath keeping Pharisees a brood of vipers, white washed walls full of all kinds of filth.

And they constantly judge and slander others for not obeying laws no longer applicable to the church.
---lee on 5/4/07

TS, you sound alot like MikeM., SLC Guy when he's mad.
---Memphis on 5/3/07

You seem really jealous, TS.
Others have more knowledge than you do about doctrines. Yours is a hodgepodge of here a little, there a little and none of it makes any sense. Jesus is a Levite. Bologna.
---Observee on 5/3/07

Noticed a technique of some to attack a denomination when thier own deominationalism cant pass the test of Scripture. They will call you mormon, jehovas witness, sda without having any credible knowledge regarding those denomations or the Bible.
Its simply a ploy toward predjudice turning folks away from Scripture to keep traditions. I prefer to be a Christian based on the Word. Sometimes we Christians fail and bite back at those venomous birds. They're quick to point that out now aren't they. LOL.
---TS on 5/3/07

Some of you are full of hatred and it shows on these blogs, full anger and rage, it makes non-christians look like angels, Thank God I only know you from a blog and not in real life because I would run the other direction, as your words are full of strife and bile, you whitewashed tombs. However I love what the nice people say, and you Pharisees out there do not phase me. You know who you are, emptyheaded smartmouths. Thats it just smoke your way to heaven.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/3/07

Scripture cannot save you from Hell. Only the Blood can save you from Hell. Nothing but the BLOOD.
---catherine on 5/2/07

For sure we need to stand up for what we feel is right. I enjoy learning and reading the different views, but I do not enjoy some unkindness I have seen here. Gal.5:15 But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest yo be consumed by one another!
---julia5835 on 5/2/07

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I have learned that many Christians are immature and illogical. They attack people instead of beliefs. Mature, logical people discuss beliefs without attacking a person. It is a shame because these attackers justify it saying they are saving someone from Hell. Only Scripture and the Holy Spirit can save someone from Hell.
---Madison1101 on 5/2/07

Yes, it is great that we can still have some voice. But anyone that abuses that freedom that God has given to us and to use that freedom to make God out to be a joke, a liar, you do not deserve to live in a nation where freedom still abounds. China would welcome you.
---catherine on 5/1/07

This blog seems like quarrelling siblings to me. Everyone here shares so many more common beliefs than differences. We are not each other's enemies, although it sometimes sounds like it. There are plenty of real enemies out there. Jesus prayed "May they be one". I believe He was talking about all of us.
---Dan on 5/1/07

Some are hateful and un-Christ-like and their wittness is lost. I feel I do know the scriptures, but I wish I knew them better. I am trying to study more. I have been a SDA all of my life and I love the Lord with all my heart.
---julia5835 on 5/1/07

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Oh, Clara Walton>>> I like what you said. You know something, I didn't have to go and pray to God about. Please keep it up. Good Day.
---catherine on 5/1/07

I take the good with the bad, and I am so used to being in the school of hard knocks in my daily life, that it hits me like a wind breeze blowing through my hair. I love to read what you guys say.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/1/07

I praise God that we live in nation where we can "spout off" concerning our beliefs. I too find it dishearting that we attack one another instead of planting seeds of truth(Gods word) and for some watering. Its okay to state our beliefs, we must be sure our belief is God's belief emersed in Gods mannerism and way. Let us love one another. We may be the only Jesus someone sees and know.
---Clara_Walton on 5/1/07

I have also noticed that many who can not back truth with Scripture will resort to calling those who do as being hateful and un-christ like. Christ preached truth as softly as He could yet He pulled no punches with Pharisees bent on ignoring the plain Word intent on leading souls to perdition. In Love for others He openly rebuked them. The unwise saw this as hateful.
---TS on 5/1/07

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Sadly, what I have noticed mostly is that some of you have wisdom of the scriptures, but lack the compassion of Christ. You beat each other down for having a different view on things and call names. When this is done the good wittness is lost. This is not Christ-likeness, but the total opposite.
---julia5835 on 5/1/07

We're opinionated, myself included. Blogs are an open highway to spout off about our beliefs, our likes and dislikes. Those who are not easily offended are probably extroverts. Those who are easily offended might be introverts. If you're going to run with the big dogs, you better get a tough hide - for some its "HYDE", and other it's "JEKYLL".
You cannot be touchy or you will never have the guts to hit the open road. So buckle your seatbelts, you're in for a bumpy ride.
---Randy_Bach on 5/1/07

I've learned alot...mostly about how hard headed we all are, but at times something new comes through. But on the more serious note, I think the blogs help us express our beliefs in a better way. most of these questions are asked of every believer those that respond are more likely to engage in the conversation.
---Jared on 4/30/07

Thanks for the positive comments. Glad I am considered zealous TD; I would hate to stand before God not able to say that I was zealous in His cause.

I've learned that we need to be patient and plant the good seed regardless."Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days it will return to you."

Good seed spread, the HS will water when the soil is ready. Some currently rejecting light will later find it when adversity tills the soil.

For sure none of us has learned all.
---TS on 4/30/07

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Having vigorous debates with fellow Christianetters has quite often driven me to fast, pray & dig all the more into the Bible searching for God's answers to our endless stream of questions. Also, I've learned a lot from the testimonies & Bible wisdom of a few mature Christians bloggers here.

Very helpful question TS. Thanks! :)
---Leon on 4/29/07

First, thank you tracy3346 for your words of encouragement. They were much appreciated. I have learned here that zealousness must be tempered with the love of God or it seems only as criticism and judgment.
---betty8468 on 4/29/07

I have learned to appreciate contributors like you, TS. God bless, and keep up the good work.
---jerry6593 on 4/29/07

Yes, as in the seed sower, I have learned not to get my hopes up to high when I actually see someone here coming around and participating in the truth, because all too often I see them unfortunately slump right back down into the old mire again. Though backsliders cause disappointment, still I have hope.
---Eloy on 4/28/07

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I have not only learn't from this web site I am Spiritually challenged into asking God to continually change me. Anyone that claims they have not learn't a thing from this sight is a liar! Come on there are subjects on this sight that are both educational and challenging, one needs to take the word and bin the rest, the people that blog you know them by their fruits and mine...... but at least we all know there are areas of improvements to be made. God Bless and eh... Tell the truth!
---Carla5754 on 4/28/07

I understand Calvinism, OSAS, You Can't Lose Your Salvation - it's all the same to me.
Those that are trying to define each one by a hair's width of difference are in denial.
I see the Prosperity teachings clearly, and Word Faith. I understand the water into wine miracle. I know why we cannot forsake the assembling of ourselves together. The lone rangers without a church or any outside communication other than a cat, have become out of balance.
---Victor_Harris on 4/28/07

TS: I have learned many new things regarding scripture not only from the debates, but also the Bible Quizzes. I study the Bible a lot more since I found CN.

Betty8468: Personally, I like your replies, you are pleasant and kind. Don't be discouraged by hateful criticism sis. "Count it all joy" =0)
---tracy3346 on 4/28/07

I think we are all from different countries, different churches, some are not Christian and curious, but asking questions is not wrong. Not every one has or know how to read the Bible or in some religions they do not use the Bible. So how can every one then know the truth? A lot is personal.
---Junia on 4/28/07

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I am always being taken to new heights, the exchanges on these blogs, for me has been nothing but a blessing. I thank the Father for the opportunity to share & to share in the views of others as concerning His kingdom. Those who participate in our exchanges are insightful & most are zealous & steadfast in their belief. I consider that A good thing. A wise man once said If man a stands for nothing, he will fall for anything. God bless ChristiaNet.
---joseph on 4/28/07

I've learnt that a few people here, are not willing to search and study for the bible verses, so they ask everyone else to do it for them.
---Rebecca_D on 4/27/07

I have not learned one thing, how could I when most are unbelievers? Some of the blogs I would not touch with a ten foot pole, but I have learned other things that's going to help me. One being, I won't win no popularity contest in my ministry. But God has already talked to me about that. Am I going to please Him or people?Can you guess what my answer was back to God? Come on, I will give you one guess. Seriously, God is my life.
---catherine on 4/27/07

What I have learned here is that a lot of people who claim to be Christians on this site are mean and nasty and don't care about anyone else except their own beliefs and churches and condemn anyone else who does not agree with them. I rarely respond to blogs anymore because of this.
---betty8468 on 4/27/07

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