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Asked Not To Attend Church

Pastor and piano player left town together. After new pastor came to the church, former pastor's now ex-wife came to visit congregation. She was asked to not come back as new pastor thought it might be too disruptive for congregation. Is this Christian attitude?

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 ---Karen on 5/2/07
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The bible is clear that a pastor could ask a member not too visit if he believes it has some potential danger. maybe the pastor was harsh, yet it is his DUTY to protect the church. and sometimes one makes a mistake we call pastors mlen of God, the word men is inside that title they do mis. this proves to me, that the church does not pray sufficiently for him so that he would preach and be an example
---andy on 2/21/08

I am shocked to hear that this happened. Perhaps the new pastor is one of those people who believes that both halves of a couple must have contributed to a divorce and has judged her as being as guilty as the husband was. Sadly, there are many Christians who do believe that and the innocent party in divorces suffer for these people's warped opinions.
---RitaH on 2/21/08

Of course it is not a Christian attitude. Your church should be embracing this woman, and loving her. She is a victim of Satan's attempt to destroy your church through her family. She needs your love and encouragement, not rejection.
---Madison1101 on 2/20/08

I missunderstood in my last reply. I believe this woman came back to this church to see how everyone would react to her. I don't think she was prepared for rejection. I think it was wrong in rejecting her and sending her out the door. This new Pastor has blood on his hands and anyone else that is in agreement with him. No one should be rejected from church, unless it is someone whom is causing trouble.
---Rebecca_D on 5/2/07

The pastor himself was the one who made the decision to tell the woman not to come back to the church. It might have a lot to do with the fact that she was a loving, kind, compassionate woman. The new pastor's wife one who is always perfectly made up and dresses elegant for every service with her hair perfectly done. As far as I know, she has not made any close friends in that church during the few years they have pastored it.
---Karen on 5/2/07

Christian means Christ-Like or like Christ. Would Christ not welcome this poor wronged, broken-hearted lady into his open arms?
---Louise on 5/2/07

If the woman didn't cause problems to anyone in the church, I don't see the problem. He may not want her there, because maybe he is hidding something from the past and doesn't want it brought to the surface. Or maybe he doesn't want anyone judging him because he got a divorce. Alot of people will judge because of one's past.
---Rebecca_D on 5/2/07

In reference to the Pastor/slinky secretary situation on other blog.
The pastor's ex-wife is allowed to attend same church. In the beginning she made it through with sympathetic hugs and I'm so sorry's. She found herself a little job and is surviving. They're missing an opportunity to restore a member of the Body by sweeping it under the rug. It's denial that such a thing could happen and it does, all the time.
---Oh_No on 5/2/07

randy, is it against the rules to let a single/divorced man preach?

The man has never been back to church since.
That's not good. He should forgive and go to another church. Is against the SB rules to let a divorced man preach regardless of the circumstances?
---Oh_No on 5/2/07

Many denominations don't allow a former pastor to become members of a former church. In this situation i think the new pastor should speak to the former pastor's wife, see if she is going to be a problem or not. The church could be a welcoming place for her since they know what the situation is, and provide comfort and healing. But it could also become a very judgmental place too. The pastor might be asking the former pastor's wife to leave to protect her from the congregation.
---Jared on 5/2/07

It's a shame that there are brethren of such weak faith that the presence of the wronged ex-wife would be seen as disruptive. Apparently the ex-pastor didn't do that great a job.

For the sake of these brethren of weak faith, perhaps she should stay away and instead attend a church where the members are more mature in Christ.
---Jack on 5/2/07

A similar situation happened to a friend of mine. He was the pastor of a Southern Baptist Church when his wife left him. He was thrown out of the parsonage less than three days after her departure. That was over twenty years ago. He has not been back to church since. So NO it is not Christian. The woman could be hurting and came to find comfort with her family.
---randy on 5/2/07

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