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Manic Depression Daughter

I think my daughter may have manic depression, but I am not sure. I am afraid to bring up counseling. Any ideas?

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 ---Mandy on 5/2/07
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Trish, you were forgiven before you asked. No sweat.
---Linda on 12/10/10

Linda: Thank you. I misread your meaning about medications and mental illness. Please accept my apology. I am sorry for jumping to conclusions.
---Trish9863 on 12/10/10

Trish, re-read what I wrote. I didn't denounce any of those things, did I? Quite the contrary actually. Stay on your medicine. Continue with your therapy. I would do the same thing if I were you.
---Linda on 12/8/10

Linda: I am fully aware of the love of God, and know my identity in Christ fully. I am on medication for bipolar disorder, and would not venture to go off of it because of the problems I have had when my medication level was not right. God is healing my heart from childhood traumas in therapy, and keeping me stable with the medications. God put my therapist and psychiatrist in my life to free me from the insanity of bipolar disorder without their assistance.
---Trish9863 on 12/8/10

Trish, suit yoruself but you have yet to see or know the people delivered from such by a real revelation of the love of God for them and/or a proper renewing of the mind to their proper identity in Christ. Too much experience here to doubt it, not to mention the Scriptural basis found in the lunatic's encounter with Jesus. Medication and therapy are fine if one is not certain or established in the will of God concerning such things. Same goes with sickness in the body. It would be stupid to stop medical intervention if uncertainty exists. I am not uncertain. My previous response was not argumentative in nature. If there is a "super" on one end of the spectrum, there is a "super" on the other.
---Linda on 12/8/10

Linda: Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression is a brain chemistry illness, not a spiritual/carnal issue. It results in negative behavior, which family members suffer from sometimes, but it originates in the brain and must be dealt with medically, with the help of a psychiatrist who can prescribe the right medication.

Would you discuss being "super carnal" with a diabetic who needs insulin, or a cancer patient who needs chemotherapy? I doubt it.
---Trish9863 on 12/8/10

If there is such a thing as "super spiritual", then there has to be such a thing as "super carnal". Let me define it:

Super carnal ~ not just being wrapped up in what is experienced with the five natural senses but also so self-focused you would rather be in the mess and getting the attention than to receive the real help you need.

It is said that we can be so spiritual that we are no earthly good. However, we can be so earthly we are of no spiritual good. Real problems need real answers and real wounds need more than a bandaid.
---Linda on 12/7/10

Asonda_Kirkland ---Are you afraid to mention counseling to your daughter because it will make her angry?
If you have a Family Practice M.D., you might speak to him about your daughter. Then perhaps she would be willing to see him about her "moods" or any other reason that might apply. Sometime a Doctor carries more weight than a family member (but not always...just something to try)
---Donna66 on 12/6/10

The earlier she gets help the better,I suffered all my life and didnt know what it was, it cost me family friends and jobs, It makes you feel isolated, it makes you feel that nothing is wrong, that it is everyone else making you sad or angry.I urge you to seek help assoon as possible and call the Doctor beforehand and talk to them. Dont make her feel like you are trapping her into this, take it serious and slow, ask your Doctor the best way to address her and this horrible disorder. Treatment can help alot once they find the meds that work for her, ask about all side affects, educate yourself on any that they put her on and others that may help her,she cant do it herself, also find a support group, GOD BLESS
---Asonda_Kirkland on 12/6/10

Catherine is correct.
---duke on 12/16/07

Yes, if she is not saved so as Jesus can help her what choice have you but to seek a human counselor. I must warn you>>> pills and human counselors has no lasting cure. There is no cure for the Devil except Jesus Christ.
---catherine on 8/1/07

My son suffers from it. He is 35. I am looking for someone to talk to about him, his problems, hope, etc.
---Pat on 8/1/07

Why are you afraid to discuss counseling with your daughter? How else is she to receive the proper help she needs? Bring it up in the spirit of love and concern. I hope she will be receptive to it. If not you will have to resort to tough love later.Worse case scenario: You will wind up in the grave sooner than later. These type people are more than enough for one person to handle. Been there.Had relative with schizophrenia. Get help for her right away.
---Robyn on 6/14/07

If you are concerned for her I think getting her to a doctor/counselor would be a good idea. It is the first step in finding out if she really is BiPolar.
---maryj9396 on 6/14/07

There is no way you can diagnose bi-polar disorder (the preferred name) on your own, Mandy.

Discuss your concerns with your doctor, and follow his advice--even if you don't like it and he recommends counselling--and if your daughter is a minor make sure she takes her medicine.

God bless you. I know you're in for a rough road for a while, but I assure you the bottom is solid (pardon my mixed metaphor).
---Jack on 5/4/07

Something very important I forgot to tell you:

Bi-polar disorder is NOT a moral or character or spiritual flaw. It is a DISEASE--a PHYSICAL disease--a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE, that, thank God, there are medicines to help with.

Do not, repeat: do NOT listen to super-spiritual people who will try to tell you that "All your daughter needs is to fast, pray, and get the demon cast out." This will simply make matters worse.
---Jack on 5/4/07

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Maybe she is going through a battle. When I was 12 I was molested, by my brother-n-law. It went on for 3 years. During that time, I'd come home from school, get something to eat, and go in my room until supper and then go back. I'd come out long enough to tell my parenst goodnight. I would lash out at everyone. I broke down and told them at age 14. And to this day my sister is still married to him. I forgave them both after 17 years. Talk to your daughter, then go from there.
---Rebecca_D on 5/3/07

1. When i was a teenager, i became very depressed. I hated everything. I had so much hatred in my heart. One day i started to cry and i didnt know why, everyone asked me why was i crying & i couldnt tell them why b/c i didnt know. My Mother knew i was very depressed, she asked me if i wanted to see the doctor about it. I didnt want to see the doctor b/c i knew they would have givin me meds, which i would have to take them all the time. cont...
---mcm on 5/3/07

2. I went to church & something inside of me were going crazy. I could not stand there no longer. I had to run out of the church, i sat in the hallway in a corner just crying then left. one day after school at my part time job. i was in the back of the store. I started to pray. While i was praying, I heard a voice, loud and clearly. I opened my eyes, no one was there, looked around, nobody in sight. I believe it was the voice of God.
---mcm on 5/3/07

3. It said "everything will be ok". short time after that, my depression broke. I was a new man, unbelievable. By the Grace of God, he broke my depression.
---mcm on 5/3/07

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Take your daughter to a doctor and don't wait. If it is manic depression which is Bipolar she will need to be medicated. Above all, pray that the Lord will lead you to the right doctor, and also that He will heal her.
---Helen_5378 on 5/3/07

Take her to a doctor to be checked out. The longer you wait - if it is bi-polar - the worse it will get.

---grace3869 on 5/2/07

Is your daughter an adult or a child? Does she live with you? Get her to a therapist and have her evaluated. Or wait, until there is a crisis and take her to an emergency room to be evaluated and possibly admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
---Madison1101 on 5/2/07

Assuming that your daughter is an adult,I would take a direct aproach. Manic Depression or properly called Bi-Polar Disorder is a serious mood swing problem which is very treatable. Most areas have State or County Clinics where you might go and get literature to educate youself and your daughter about the illness. I would have literature handy when I approached the subject. It would be best to talk when her mood is even or depressed. Do not try a discussion during a manic episode.
---jody on 5/2/07

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