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Pastor Tells How To Vote

As concerns politics and religion; Do you believe it is okay for a pastor to recommend how his parishioners should vote?

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 ---Mima on 5/2/07
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Absolutely, postively NOT!!!!!
---madison1101 on 7/22/08

I think that's between the person & their choice of who to vote on, nothnig to do with the church, two seperate things. Both do not mix.
---candice on 5/30/07

Yes I do. It is ok. Does not mean you have to vote the way he says. It could so some of the parishioners,good. It may stir some of them to vote. Which they should do anyway. Some people need recommendations and some need to be told outright who to vote for. Worth a try.
---Robyn on 5/29/07

The seventh-day Sabbath. The Sabbath identifies who God is-the Creator. >>>God's word commands," Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy. May I add a few words? That is essentially what God said to me, face to face.It is a sign He used between Him and His people [Exodus 31;13,17]. "And hallow my Sabbaths, and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the Lord your God" (Ezekiel 20;12,20).
---catherine on 5/5/07

IMHO: I attribute the success of the Moral Majority to the Christian community involvement in the political process.
The Moral Majority was stifled when the liberals figured out that they would threaten the tax exempt status of a church.
Much of the liberal quagmire that we are in is due to the lack of church leadership. Are we to rely on the media for objective information?
---JohnE on 5/4/07

Barack Obama made a speech right in a California church two days ago.. Trying to gain more black votes.. Such hypocrisy coming from the liberals..
---wayne on 5/4/07

senator Brownback from Kansas is the only possible presidential candidate that openly confesses his faith in Jesus.
That takes real character..
---wayne on 5/4/07

Pray about who God would have you vote for not who the Pastors favorite is. However, often times members go to the Pastor and inquire who he is voting for this has always been a common question to Pastors.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/3/07

No, it is not a pastor's business to tell anybody else how to vote. Christians are to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the pastor.
---Helen_5378 on 5/3/07

No I do not believe it is right and furthermore, I don't have any desire to get into something like that. [Hard enough for me to decide].
---catherine on 5/2/07

A pastor who tells the congregation from the pulpit who they should vote for is leaving the church in danger of losing their non-profit status as a church. It is against the law.
---Susie on 5/2/07

NO. Politics should not be allowed in church. It is okay to dicuss it out of church, but once on the church property it needs to stop. Too many people get into arguements over who is voting for who and why. Before you know it, the ones voted for this person will be on one side of the church and the other ones on the other side.
---Rebecca_D on 5/2/07

I think he can give his opinion on what he thinks but not overtly tell the members how to cast their votes...if anything I would think he would recommend they pray about it.
---Robert on 5/2/07

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