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Catholic Church Like Mormons

Recently the pope announced that the catholic doctrine of limbo may not be accurate. He made this decision in light of cultural shifts, specifically abortion. Is the catholic church becoming more like the mormon church in-that they are allowed to change doctrine due to cultural pressures?

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 ---Ryan_Z on 5/2/07
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Lawrence, we may not agree on everything, but what you wrote on 6/18/10 concerning the daughter of the RCC is 100% true and I thank you for it.

I have been trying to share this fact with people for years, but because they have been so indoctrinated for so many years, they are BLIND AND REJECT THE TRUTH!
---Rob on 6/18/10

While I am sympathetic to Rebecca's call for more prayer and less discussion, its important to note the RCC, Mormons and Jehovah's Witness tendency to change and bend with flavor of the month interpretations of scripture or non-scripture based revelations.
This is dead end religion without relationship. No appetite for holy living, the lordship of Christ or the sufficiency of scripture. Instead rote empty traditions with man-based leadership.
In clarity I must note that many Catholics have accepted Christ as their personal savior as opposed to the pagan cult of Jehovah's Witness which last predicted the world would end in 1975.
---larry on 6/18/10

The mormons Is another daughter offspring church from the Man-made rcc just like the presby, cog, luth, naz, aog, episco, etc.
---Lawrence on 6/18/10

Rebecca: Amen. And I might add being charitable (Loving our neighbor and enemies).
---Stephen on 2/18/08

I am so tired of hearing/reading anything about the Catholics. It doesn't do anyone any good talking about it. We need to do more praying for people in the world, instead of talking about them. If we all done that, we'd be in better shape spiritualy.
---Rebecca_D on 2/18/08

Warren Jeffs did follow the BOM commandments, that good ole polygamy commandment was working so well until he went off the rails and really messed up. Ashley, MikeM., Dave, whoever you are now, when you reach your final destination; with all those extra wives, have you made plans for your new planet, you're going to be god, with a wives everywhere. What a nightmare that will be.
---D.Despain on 5/31/07

Jesus said: If ye love me, keep my commandments. LDS's do exactly that. They live in the world, but not of the world. They avoid evil at all costs, where many others embrace it openly. They pray, study, repent and never commit sins again. Look at the blogs here. Adultery, theft, lies, anger, swearing, drugs, alcoholism to name a few. No wonder Jesus said: many profess me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.
---ashley on 5/31/07

LDS Person::You are a true & honest Persom with the fortitude to speak the truth.I applaud you for this RCC& Mormon or LDS are as far apart as east is from west.
---Emcee on 5/31/07

Jim:: The scribes & pharisees always Taunted & asked Jesus for a sign as proofRead his Answerin Mat12:38-40.It is better to be prepared Than question.Like children we are asked to Trust "Its a holy & wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins"If you love You will Trust.
---Emcee on 5/30/07

Both are not the same.The catholics are not in the same group. btw we,mormons,or LDS ,to be properly correct,do belive in Jesus of the bible ,but no matter how many times we tell you on here no one will listen, but no the two churches are totally different.
---LDSMember on 5/30/07

Catholics believe in Jesus Christ.
Mormons believe in something Joseph Smith made up. JS wanted to be exalted. He even bragged that no man, and he included Jesus, had kept a church together like he could.
---Bradley on 5/30/07

Jim, you asked a good question. also, where does it say in the bible that we can take upon ourselves the sins of others and repent of them for them. everything I have read tells me I am the author of my own salvation. I have to repent, I have to obey God's commandments and I am the only one that will be judged according to what I do in life. The only person who can forgive what I do is Jesus Christ himself.
---ashley on 5/8/07

**Emcee said:You may stay 1000 earth years if you have no one to interceed for your release.& again you may stay 2weeks or Mothhs if those on earth will pray for your soul to be released.
Emcee........where in scripture is this located at??
---JIM on 5/8/07

what arrogance. no one is assured of returning to God's kingdom. It is only through obedience to the laws of God. The road is wide and broad is the gate to destruction for many both born again and gentile. they profess one thing and do the opposite and think they will be forgiven, smitten with a few stripes and enter. that is the greatest false doctrine satan has invented to deceive many. narrow is the way and only a few will find God's kingdom by repenting daily and never doing those sins again.
---ashley on 5/8/07

Why would Jesus tell a story about a place that doesn't exist? My salvation is something that I am already assured of today. There is no waiting line for Heaven after you die. That is so far from being Biblical it is scary that anyone would believe it. Once you die it is too late to make the decision to accept Jesus Christ into your life.
---Susie on 5/7/07

Susie::While respecting your views You may have cause to remember those words of YOURS.because you are looking at salvation after death NO NO NO those in Purgatory are already saved awaiting entrance to heaven.How long you wait depends who interceeds for you. You may stay 1000 earth years if you have no one to interceed for your release.& again you may stay 2weeks or Mothhs if those on earth will pray for your soul to be released.The choice is yours believe it or NOT.
---Emcee on 5/7/07

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That accusation doesn't work.
Some accuse the Catholic Church of being intransigent. And you: the opposite.
Does any indivdual / group have 100% understanding of God? No.
---Ed on 5/7/07

Susie, first the story of Lazarus and the rich man was a parable with an important lesson, not a factual description of what actually happened. And, even if it were, the Catholic Church does hold that some do go directly to Heaven, Purgatory is nothing but a doormat, if your soul is clean you just walk over it.
---lorra8574 on 5/7/07

jana, I am not bashing. Even Paul, when faced with the heresy of the Galations and the Corinthians, needed to be firm. We, the true believers, also need to be firm in face of heretical doctrines. When Christ spoke of, "Sheep in other folds," he was speaking of gentiles, not false doctrine believers. One Father, One Son, One Spirit, One Truth.
---Ryan_Z on 5/7/07

RyanZ - Amen. I agree with you. We must tell them the truth.
---Helen_5378 on 5/7/07

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true Ryanz, but need we bash them over and over as we do on this forum as some do to Adventists who are preaching truth? We may think we are the only ones with truth but here, Christ said He has other sheep in other folds and them also He must bring into His fold. He didnt say bash and bring in but love one another just as I have loved you..
---jana on 5/6/07

Susie::What is belief if not trust!!!Do children Believe or do they Trust in Mom & Dad.Jesus said "Heaven is made for such as these". Matt19:14
---Emcee on 5/4/07

I was not inferring that Catholics believe people can get saved after death. Actually, I think they are way off on their beliefs since there is Heaven and Hell and no place in between. Purgatory does not exist. Read about Lazarus and the rich man.
---Susie on 5/4/07

jana, so we should just let Mormons think the way they want to and JW's think the way they want to, etc... I sure am glad the Apostle Paul didn't have this passive position or we would never have the wonderful epistles to the COrinthians or the Galations or others. When someone is preaching something that is not scriptural it is the duty of the Christian to correct them. One Father, One Son, One Spirit, One Truth.
---RYan_Z on 5/4/07

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If you think that they are then thats your personal opinion, yet you cant put error in others thinking..why dont we just try correcting ourselves first before we try to correct others? After all, noone is perfect. Let the Catholics believe what they want 2 and let others believe how they want to.
---jana on 5/4/07

Susie, if you were intending to suggest that Catholics teach salvation after death, this is a misconception. Purgatory is only for those already saved by the blood of Christ and are on their way to Heaven. The Jews have their own name for this place and likewise pray for those who are on their way to Heaven. The damned (not saved) are going to Hell, and that is believed by both Jews and Catholics. And once a person dies their fate is sealed. Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell.
---lorra8574 on 5/4/07

That's good, RyanZ. I grew up with cowboy slang. It's hard to shake it off, even when I've got better sense.
"Boy, use your head besides somethin' to part yur ears with."
---Hudson on 5/4/07

I agree with Ryan Z. Picking over words is futile.
---Helen_5378 on 5/4/07

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Ryan Z, Limbo has no impact on infant baptism. Only infants born to baptized, believing parents were ever baptized and this was for the same reason that Jewish boys were circumcised as infants (the timing not the function). Converts to Judaism must wait until they are old enough to properly profess their faith, just as converts to Catholicism.

The matter more directly concerns non-Catholic infants and children who should not be punished for an accident of birth.
---lorra8574 on 5/3/07

doctorine sholud only be changed if we discover that our translation on the different early texts are mistinturperted. Which as time goes by our understanding of what the book says gets better. So we should praise those who try to search for the full meaning. and know that the good lord understands that we are trying to do the best to understand and live by what he wants us to do.
---Ramona on 5/3/07

Yes, I meant to say, "If". I just get so sick of seeing the English language butchered. As an ex-Mormon, I can say that the Mormon dogma is much more dangerous than Catholic. At least Catholics believe in Jesus Christ of the Bible and they don't believe that He is Lucifer's brother. But, this idea that we can receive salvation after death is so wrong. A lot of people would not want to serve Jesus now if there was a chance of salvation after death.
---Susie on 5/3/07

IMHOthe gates of Heaven were shut Tight because of Mans sinful nature.This included unbaptised Babies.Jesus Death & Resurrection opened those Gates & those holy Souls held in abeyance were released, VIZ "HE deccended to the dead"this was the limbo,Gates having been opened the need for Limbo did not arise thereafter.
---Emcee on 5/3/07

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Susie, **"If we all done that, we'd be in better shape spiritualy"

I we all DID that, we'd be in better shape spiritually.**

Did you mean this as a joke? "I we all..." You did mena to say, "IF we all..." correct? If your going to correct someone make sure your correction is correct. I like the way Rebecca_D writes, it is just as she speaks and it is a clue to how she grew up and where she lives. There is nothing wrong with writing how we speak.
---Ryan_Z on 5/3/07

The concept of "Limbo" has never been a "officially" doctrine of the Catholic Church. Most Catholic believe this, but its a opinion.

In writings before his election as Pope Benedict XVI in 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger expressed doubts about the concept of limbo as it was "only a theological hypothesis" and "never a defined truth of faith."

Keep in mind that "Limbo" (i.e., Limbo of Children) is not taught within Scriptures.
---Ramon on 5/3/07

#2. "Limbo" (i.e., Limbo of Children) was taught not by Jesus, the apostles, or any other person in the Bible. Many people wonder where the souls of babies went after death if they didn't get "baptized".

In fact, Early Church writers, notably St. Augustine, considered that unbaptized infants were excluded from heaven, and thus went to hell.

Most didn't accept that; so the concept of Limbo became more popular instead. But again, it was a opinion.
---Ramon on 5/3/07

#1 It is not the doctrine of limbo that is the core issue here. The limbo doctrine has been used as a guise to cover the true issue, namely infant baptism. What the pope has done has a negative cascading effect into several other catholic doctrines. By negating limbo the pope is trivializing infant baptism. Essentially he is saying that infant baptism is unecessary.
---RYan_Z on 5/3/07

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#2 By taking this position the next logical question is: Is baptism really a significant issue? The danger of what the pope has done is not the doctrine of limbo, the core issue is baptism. Trivializing baptism, weather it be infant or new convert, is dangerous ground.
---Ryan_Z on 5/3/07

Limbo was always a guess not a dogma. It is a mystery on how to handle this issue from a Biblical perspective and the Catholic Church has dealt with it as best they could. The trend away from limbo has been for decades, but note that limbo is not purgatory. Limbo has been a popular notion amoung the common people because the idea that such children might be damned is unthinkable in light of God's mercy. But the scriptures show nothing to prove that such children could ever enter Heaven.
---lorra8574 on 5/3/07

The splits and spirals of so many denominations hides the reality that doctrines are evolving radically within Christianity. Some have even questioned the resurrection of Our Lord, His divinity, and many other key dogmas of the Gospel. If the nature of Christ can be challenged and changed, then why is such a big fuss being made over a Catholic doctrine that was never fully developed or official resolved - until now.
---lorra8574 on 5/3/07

Praise God that I won't be getting an English test when I stand before the Lord. God uses the weak and foolish things of this world to counfound the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27).
---Helen_5378 on 5/3/07

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Yes, they are very similar in that they stay 1 step behind the world system. Morman Cult Prophets can changs prophecies just as Catholics have changed doctrinal/ritualistic issues to suit the evolving changes in a corrupt world. Do not forget that at one time Catholics excommunicated anyone who divorced.
---jody on 5/3/07

It is the strangest phenomenon That when Jesus was alive He was always reprimanding & correcting the Scribes & Pharisees,while being attacked by them.Similarly his True followers re being Bashed & maligned for defending Those same truths of Jesus.WHY--are people so Blinded?-to the extent they throw Common sence to the 4 winds.Knowing full well The outcome is enivetable & that they will lose the most Precious Gift---Salvation.
---Emcee on 5/3/07

"If we all done that, we'd be in better shape spiritualy"

I we all DID that, we'd be in better shape spiritually. Can't we at least have some correct grammar on these posts, especially when someone is trying to tell us how we should post?
---Susie on 5/2/07

The RCC has always been able to change doctrines at their whim.
---Helen_5378 on 5/3/07

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This Limbo topic came up recently and here it pops up again. And the reason is?????
---Caring on 5/3/07

LIMBO was never a dogma of the faith.

It was a THEOLOGOUMENON--theological opinion. A popular one, perhaps, but still an OPINION.

This bears no resemblance to the Mormonoid Mutants from Kolob.

Furthermore, unlike the pretty boys on bicycles, neither the Roman Catholic nor the Orthodox church has hidden doctrines and secret rituals.
---Jack on 5/2/07

You mean they change to follow man's doctrine instead of following God's Word.....
---bruce on 5/2/07

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