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Words Of Encouragement

What words of encouragement do you give to someone who is dying?

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 ---Sally on 5/3/07
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First I like to pray with them about their salvation. If I know them very well and am certain of their salvation I go to the Scriptures. John 6:37 and many others that promise us our salvation. And then lastly I like to talk to them in this manner; do you believe the God lied to you in the Bible? Well then be at peace you will soon be with the Lord.
---Mima on 4/25/08

Make sure they know the Lord as their personal Savior. Read scriptures out of the bible to them (Rom 10:9)(John 3:16-18)(I Thess chap 4)and make sure to get a firm "yes" that they have given their heart to Christ. This is the greatest thing you could do for a dying person. After that, be as gentle,kind and loving, as possible. Make them as comfortable as possible. Speak words of love and concern.
---Robyn on 5/29/07

Words of encouragement>>>Again I must ask; "Are they saved or not"? If saved, Ask Jesus, "To hold your hand as you get ready to meet Him". If unsaved, ask Jesus, "To save you and to forgive you and mean it from the heart, from the depth of your heart". Anyone who is saved should not be afraid of death. Don't become attached to the things of this world, then when its your time to go you won't mind leaving everything behind.
---catherine on 5/6/07

Sometimes it is important that family members and friends tell the dying person that it is ok to leave them and go on to be with the Lord. Often times, the person wants to keep fighting and cling to life so that they won't leave their family grieving.
---Susie on 5/5/07

My uncle died last summer. He was a young man of 37 years.. I'm a little older (families work out that way sometimes).

He died of pancreatic cancer. He was a roping cowboy (steer wrestler), rancher and family man. I shared the love of Jesus Christ with Christian cards. He was a man of few words. God showed me what to do and I prayed alot for him.
---Rural_Cafe on 5/3/07

My uncle was a positive thinker right up until the end. He did not want to talk about death.

He refused pain medication until the last week, so that he would be alert.
When it was time, family came from far and near. The last time he talked with his Dad, his Dad said, son, I never dreamed you would go before me. My uncle said, Dad, let's not talk that way, let's keep on riding, Dad. Let's ride.
He died the next day.
---Rural_Cafe on 5/3/07

Death is different for everyone. It's as individual as personalites.
Some may want to talk about what's in store for them, what heaven will look like, and what a glorious place it will be.
Some may want to focus on the family they're leaving behind, and stay strong for the family right until the very end - like my uncle. A very brave man.
He knew Jesus as his Savior and that's all that matters.
---Rural_Cafe on 5/3/07

Hold their hands, read, whatever they like. Not everyone gets the opportunity to tell their loved ones, goodbye, it's a blessing in some ways. If they're in great pain, take care of that always. My uncle was on morphine the last week.
Tears can scare someone who is dying. Be strong for them, don't cry your head off in their room. Wait until you're by yourself. Stay strong, with the power of the Lord. It's easier for them. Comfort, wait on them hand and foot, be there. Make sure they know Jesus.
---Rural_Cafe on 5/3/07

When my mom was dying, I told her that she is a winner either way, if she goes or if she stays. She'll have her healing here, or life forever if she goes. You can say that if the person dying is a Child of God. If this person is lost, you can talk to them about Christ. And hopefully the Holy Ghost is dealing with their heart and convicting them so they might become saved before dying.
---Rebecca_D on 5/3/07

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