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My Boss Is Disorganized

Has anyone had to deal with a mentor that your personalities totally clash? My mentor is the most disorganized person I know but she knows her stuff whereas I'm ultra organized and like to plan things out. How do you deal with someone who is hard to get along with?

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 ---Kim on 5/3/07
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When I was a very young woman I learned a lot of lessons by trial and error, mainly error. I had a bad habit of wanting to show how much I know. One day, I interrupted my supervisor while she was waiting on a customer. She, politely, removed herself from the area and left me hanging. I learned that lesson well and remember it after 30 years. Try letting your mentor teach you and you be the student. That might help.
---Susie on 5/4/07

As a supervisor, a few years ago I had a similar situation where the person I was training constantly confronted me about how I was doing things and how I was training her. I finally asked her if she always confronted her supervisors like that. She said, "Yes, when they don't know what they are doing and I know more than they do." She later began a relationship with one of her married coworkers and ended his 40+ years marriage. I guess she didn't really know as much as she thought!
---Susie on 5/4/07

If you were looking for sympathy, you were met with everything but.

If you are a Christian, you'll have a difficult time being an office snitch. Conviction will come in short order. Some bosses like the office snitch, spy, keeping them informed of what's going on in the ranks. A Christian boss will not like it, and that includes the office 'flatterer'.
---McCutcheon on 5/4/07

In large offices, you will usually have one of each. The good employees will leave and the rats stay on the ship. If the boss is blinded, it will go on for years and years with major turnovers. The flatterer, uses false flattery to win favor. This person is usually lazy but wins over the boss with lavish compliments.
The workplace. Set your will not to gossip and life will go smoother.
---McCutcheon on 5/4/07

Has it occurred to you that she is your mentor precisely because she knows what she is doing and has years of experience at the very job on which you're a newbie?

Maybe YOUR ultra-organized approach to your job is the wrong one, and YOU are the one who needs to change. Maybe YOU are the one who is hard to get along with.

Try listening to her and following her instructions instead of judging her.

I'll bet things will go better.
---Jack on 5/4/07

Sounds like you could learn to have patience and long suffering. Does anyone else find her hard to get along with? If not maybe it is you who has the problem. Not trying to be mean just giving perspectives here. Besides if she knows her stuff, don't sweat the small things.
---betty8468 on 5/3/07

#2... I am very organized at work, so I understand what you are dealing with. I had to learn that not everyone is organized, but if they do their job and do it right, I learned to look over the things that bothered me and saw their performance instead. What is more important, job performance or what their desk looks like?
---betty8468 on 5/3/07

Using myself, I expect and don't want to hear excuses, way too many times. Solution, those people who I give assignments, continually did their assignments. But their prayers was heard, God dealt with me and continuing to deal with me. Submit and let God fight on your behalf.
---Paul on 5/3/07

First is she being paid to train you or are you being paid to train her?
Maybe you think you are. Another lesson for you to learn, maybe?
---Elder on 5/3/07

Although I like to be very organized, over the years I discovered that you can keep everything neat and tidy, but it doesn't mean that you know what you are doing. What is important is priorities more than organization. You can learn a lot from all parts of life, even from those with whom you might have a personality clash. Often the thing that you see in the other person is a reflection of yourself. Take a deep look into your own character defects and you might find the same one.
---Susie on 5/3/07

There's a reason she was your mentor, she knows her stuff.
Because her working style doesn't fit your criteria, doesn't mean she's not every bit as valuable.
I would guess the mentor is good in a crisis, can think fast on her feet and does not sweat the small stuff. (Pencils out of order). All that planning did not help you keep your mouth shut. Sorry, but gossip in a workplace is a disaster.
---McCutcheon on 5/3/07

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