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Name Of The AntiChrist

Do we know the name of the antichrist? Is the antichrist alive today in our mist?

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 ---Scared on 5/4/07
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Phil the elder, The book of Revelation is not called "Revelations". Please read Rev. 1:1-3 and you will see that this book is ONLY for the servants of God (wise/144,000) living during the LAST generation. This is why John wrote it down. And no, it has nothing to do with anyone living during John's time! Please do more study on this. You will find that the antichrist is Satan.
---Dr.Rich on 4/14/08

Yes, he is alive today and he will rise soon enough within the E.U as a Global leader!
The E.U will come up with a 7 year Peace Plan for Israel THAT won't Last.
DID Nero have a 7 yr. Peace Plan?
DID he Num. every man,woman & child or Have them Beheaded if they did'nt?
Nero Did NOT fulfill the things written about The AC!

Answers are in the Bible, NOT on T.V.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/14/08

No one knows the actual name of who the Antichrist will be. (like Bob, James, etc) But we all know that it is Satan. No the antichrist isn't here, in person. but his spirit is here and has been since Adam and Eve.
---Rebecca_D on 4/14/08

Scared: I agree with Elder that you shouldn't be afraid. Our Jesus is infinitely more powerful than Satan or his front man, the Antichrist. But Satan isn't the A. He is the dragon on which the A sits. The A is a man, a beast, a religio-political power, a blasphemer, he persecutes the saints for 1260 years, suffers a deadly wound which heals, thinks to change times and laws, sits on 7 mountains, and yes, the number of his name is 666. Who is he?
---jerry6593 on 5/26/07

theres not only one Anti Christ int his world but heaps...I can name one on this forum...Lee..Lord have mercy on my brother..
---jana on 5/26/07

the 666 person was Nero, but there are several Antichrists, they are those that are opposed to Christ. the number system is called gematria it is an ancient practice of transforming names into numbers by assigning numerical values to letters such that the sum of the numerical values become associated with particular names. in Greek and Hebrew Nero Caesar is 666 in Latin it is 616.
---Jared on 5/25/07

I read somewhere that Nebucchadzed equaled 666 in Greek Numerals....In Daniel the King of Greek is a demon.
---anonymous on 5/25/07

His actual name really does not matter. You can tell who the devil is by what he does. There is a letter written by a radio personality named Paul Harvey titled "If I Were the Devil". Google it.. I think this just about answers it all...
---Kimberly on 5/16/07

I belioeve it is the meyterya, his evil consort Benjamen Crem speaks for him. I believe at this time he is in England.
---MikeM on 5/8/07

Phil, you say that Nero was the antichrist, how do you figure that out?
Ifr you use numerology, a tricky if dubious method, keep in mind that he wasn't known as Nero at the time, or rather it was part of his name.
Aa he had some 30 titles, t least 4 names including Nero which was a nickname, you can't choose just one and use that. penpal me if you would like a full list of titles and names.
---mike38384 on 5/6/07

The author of Revelations was referring to some one within his own time period. 666 or 616 refers to the Roman Emperor Nero.
---Phil_the_Elder on 5/5/07

Simple: just as the word says: ANTI CHRIST those whom are against Christ's teachings, non believers, those who teach other than Christ..and there are many who will come out in sheeps clothing
---jana on 5/5/07

No we do not know. The antichrist has not been revealed yet.
There is no reason to be afraid if you have Christ as your Saviour. If you don't then accept Him as your Saviour today.
If you need help or answers write me at elder2291
God Bless.
---Elder on 5/4/07

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