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Thanks And Love Blog

This is the thanks & love blog. I would like to follow the example of Christ & obey His command that we are to love each other as He loves us. Thank you to all the bloggers on ChristiaNet, I appreciate & love you all. Please continue to post messages of appreciation and love for one another on this blog.

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 ---Ryan_Z on 5/6/07
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Hi Ryan; great idea! :) My first words of appreciation are to you for posting this. :) I also really appreciate the kind and compassionate posters I see, especially Madison and Rebecca, Alan K, ect. :) Keep up the good work guys! :)
---Mary on 1/23/08

I appreciate the many Christians that are here showing the Word of God to others. We are all at different places on our Spiritual Path and we ALL need to grow in Grace. Thanks Chipper, Jerry, Gina, Mathew, Jana, Jhonny for seeking truth in Scripture. Kathr, thanks for the occassional challenge that helps me dig further into the Book ;)
---TS on 5/22/07

I,too,get longwinded sometimes and have to write several comments. Thanks for your patience. Not my intention but it is necessary sometimes. Maybe the format will change soon. Let's pray for that change, where we wont have to post several times. Just write but not too long, even then.
I love everyone in Jesus name and I do love this site. I am usually here several hours. Too long but for a good cause.Father we bless you and thank you for this site. Amen
---Robyn on 5/21/07

I want to say thank you for the sincere effort and wisdom of you bloggers. I know that I sometimes seem matter of fact and to the point but it has to do with limitations on numbers of words for blog writing. In the past 2 mos. I have grown due to your individual personalities and wise views. I love Jesus and u all too. I am dedicated to saying the truth in the blogs. I am sorry if I have offended some. No one told me this, I just feel it. I never want to hurt anyone but rather lift them up.
---jody on 5/21/07

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the Children of God. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Mary you are such a blessing to me. Thankyou dear one. Cynthia 1
---Cynthia_1 on 5/15/07

(1) I am amazed by the Godly wisdom of many of the bloggers here. I have learned so much from you. Participating on the blogs is like a spiritual workout; I'm stronger in my faith because of you all. You've made me laugh, cry, think and study the Bible.
Because of physical limitations, I am unable to get out as much as I'd like and these blogs give me the opportunity to fellowship that I wouldn't have otherwise.
---tracy3346 on 5/14/07

(2) Thanks all for taking the time to share your wisdom, friendship, knowledge and experience.
A special thanks to those who tolerate, (and the precious few who actually read) my longwinded replies on the Creation/Evolution blogs, heh heh as well as the Moderators for posting them. Love you and God bless!
---tracy3346 on 5/14/07

Hi; I'd just like to thank Cynthia this morning. :) You've taken so much heat and I can relate to you on a lot of things. God bless you dear. :)
---Mary on 5/14/07

Thank you Susie, that's sweet! Happy to be back! God bless you and yours.
---NVBarbara on 5/10/07

I just want to thank all the volunteers who have emailed me and replied to my emails because they really made me feel special. I also want to thank all the males who have emailed encouraging words to me and for everyone who has contacted me and has started a beautiful Christ fulfilled friendship.
---chara7388 on 5/8/07

I want to thank Madison and Jack for all the the sweet blogs they have given to me, Jesus loves you....xxxxxxooooooo
---Cynthia_1 on 5/8/07

Thank God Barb's back. It just wasn't the same on these blogs with her gone.
---Susie on 5/7/07

Jesus loves this blog. This is what having the mind of Christ is all about. Christ is love and the first thing I want to do is thank Jesus. As the song goes, He healed my body, He touched my mind, He saved me just in time, I want to praise His name. The more love we show to others, the more He is glorified. Let God's love flow into you so you can let it flow out to to others. God Bless you all!!
---Debbie on 5/7/07

I could use that hug. Bless us all in Jesus. Contrary to popular belief, God loves us more than we ever imagined.
---John on 5/7/07

NVBarbara - Well said.
---Helen_5378 on 5/7/07

Ryan....Amen to that.I too am guilty of not showing love like i should.I pray each day for GOD to strengthen me and to let Jesus' light shine in me so that when people see or speak to me they will see or hear Christ.
I love you all also and may GODS Grace be with each and everyone of you.
---JIM on 5/7/07

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God bless you Ryan and thanks for the timely reminder! There is too much backbiting within the body of Christ, please all-take Ryan's advice and take time to show love and appreciation for one another. Hugs all around!
---NVBarbara on 5/7/07

ryan, may I say amen, and admitt that way too many times I,am guilty of not showing love towards all people,and being at times too defensive.I thank God that I,am much better than I use to be,and pray that he will continue too help me grow and change to be more and more like him.your words have been another step for me in that direction.God bless you, and all who will step out here and show their love and continuing growth.I TOO LOVE ALL OF YOU. TOM.
---tom2 on 5/6/07

I would like to say God Bless and thank you to all of my fellow bloggers, and those who read and don't respond as well.
There is a great deal of good coming through this venue, and I thank God for that.
---lynet on 5/6/07

hi Ryanz, absolutely, I enjoyed blogging with you.Gr8 to keep in touch with the Word everyday.. it keeps me mindful to compare each others knowlege with the truth..u sure keep me blogging some you in the Lord...
---jana on 5/6/07

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