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Government Enforces The Bible

42 death penalty sins are mentioned in Old Testament, stubbornness & rebellion, cursing parents, gluttony, backsliding, drunkenness, spiritualism and working sabbath. Today, spanking a child lands a parent in jail. Would the world be a better place if the government enforced Biblical methods again?

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 ---Cynthia_1 on 5/7/07
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The Bible should be the source of law, and the citizens be obedient to its guidelines for law, family, and community. Those who do not accept Biblical law with have the option to submit to Those in spiritual authority or to leave the country.

---John on 5/26/07

The government is full of corrupt people, rampant hypocrisy and wickedness, so the government needs to seriously repent and be judged first before it can effectively enforce any Biblical standards upon its citizens. The Bible is clear: Check yourself before you check others; remove your sin first before seeking sin in others; look in the mirror when you speak to others.
---Eloy on 5/25/07

I do think that the world would be a great better place to live than what it is now. Majority of us would actually try our best to please God than what most think now that they are. Plus, It sure would be in a since easier to witness to someone about the Bible and or Scriptures to people that are lost.
---missy4564 on 5/25/07

the government may very well support some of the Bible but not all of it. King Nebucchezzar was the most powerful King however his kingdom is in direct violation of God's law...Spiritualism, divination, sorceries etc...Leviticus clearly states this is not allowed. Today you can turn on TV and watch movies about witches (i.e. Charmed) Good witch or not spiritualism is a violation of God's law
---anonymous on 5/22/07

This was one of the reasons I answered as I did on the post for surrogate mothers. Don't play God! It is almost a crime to be a parent now. Such a shame. I spanked with no problems and both my sons are grown now. I would be highly upset if a gov't body interferred with that. How can gov't officials enforce biblical methods! They don't even know God or the things of God.
---Robyn on 5/18/07

Who went to jail for 'spanking' their kid? Are you sure it was only a spanking? I've read some pretty horrible things on here that people do to their kids in the name of disapline. And nobody should be forced to obey a religion.
Move to Iraq if you think like that. (hey I'm a poet!)
---sue on 5/18/07

I note all those who supported the 'Bible' as the bases of civil law bailed, even the evangicals do not support such a dangerious notion.
---MikeM on 5/17/07

I agree with Alan. The last time that government enforced a religion, it resulted in the Dark Ages. Today, Muslims are attempting the same thing. It will also happen in the West when only those who have the mark of the Beast are allowed to buy or sell. God save us from self-righteous government opression.
---jerry6593 on 5/9/07

Rebecca being a Virginia girl myself, this law in West Virginia staggers my imagination! And I have no Idea if it is law in Va. If so I hope they have the same law for men on every 4th Sunday on the Courthouse steps. Man all of a sudden, I got a snapshot of Joyce Meyers, Nancy Grace, and Paula White, on those courthouse steps.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/9/07

Ashley-The US Constitution, which I love and was sworn to protect was written by men who were deist, freemasons, and Unitarians. This is historical fact.

'abominations' exist no more or less than they did in say 1791. secularism, creeping socialism is, as I see it Americas worst problem today.

As to the Declaration of independence only 10 of the 56 were protestant Christians.

---MikeM on 5/9/07

Ashley- What is your vision for America, a theocracy? Please be clear. It would take a police state to control people and make sure they do not engague in evil acts, you want that? This was, still is a country founded as a republic, which is a 100% pagan secular concept, it has nothing to do with the bible, as 'democracy' came from pagan athens under Perecles, 500BC
---MikeM on 5/9/07

It would be a tragedy and a disaster.
Obedience to God's standards nust be voluntary.
---alan_of_UK on 5/8/07

The constitution was written by men that were inspired to help people live their lives in harmony and peace as one people under God. from your response Mike, you are not a part of the solution but the problem now facing the once proud nation. You have closed your eyes and permitted abominations to take precedence over God's values, morals and laws that are enshrined in the constitution. It is people wanting to abolish God given rights that creates mayhem and evil to flourish.
---ashley on 5/8/07

AMEN. Thankyou for understanding,
---Cynthia_1 on 5/8/07

ASHLEY-What makes your vision for America any different than what the Taliban would do to America? Do you know history? When church/state were one it was called a theocracy. Might I suggest a book/film called 'The Handmaids Tale'? Its about an America controlled by fundamentalist Christians.

As for me I will stick with the constitution, written by unatarian, deist, freemasons like Thomas Jefferson.
---MikeM on 5/8/07

Cynthia, I read your question and it makes perfect sense. where do people get your husband in that. you just stated the facts. why people attacked your question defies logic. to answer you, yes, the country would be a lot better off, if evil and sins were rooted out and replaced by the laws of God. If I had my way, all people using alcohol, drugs, abusing their spouses & children or killing anyone would be exiled to the cold ice of the arctic to live,with no chance to rejoin society.
---ashley on 5/7/07

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You could have asked cynthia to rephrase her question so you could best answer her. Your name calling and attacking her personal situation which she asked help for, needs to be put under the scrutiny of the word. Is was really below the belt. If she said something incorrect, you could have corrected her biblically or was it a personal attack on someone not considered as intelligent and educated in your peer group of Holies of Holies:(
---Carla5754 on 5/8/07

The world would be a better place if its people would obey God period. That is if everyone would turn to Jesus Christ and get saved and start praising Him. Then God would help solve all of the world's problems. But as long as man thinks he has all the answers WAM MO, we are all DEAD.
---catherine on 5/7/07

Cynthia, it appears you are out of control here. You are angry and lashing out at the government. You are not making much sense with the wording of your question.

A better topic for you to ask about would be how to cope with your out of control anger, and feelings about your lousy marriage. I suggest you get to a therapist, fast.
---Madison1101 on 5/7/07

It was the Bible that originally gave us our Government standards to follow if one reads the Old Testement at all. We took our standard originally from that in various degrees. But today, sadly, we aren't following those standards as we ought. We are much like the Jews of the Old Testement in our 'sinful' ways of behaving, and not to be surprised when we are Judged accordingly. Those of us who seek to obey, and do His Will face the world's contempt for those efforts.
---Tina on 5/7/07

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It is legal for a man to physically abuse his wife on a the third Sunday on the courthouse steps. this is part of WV's law. Stupid, I know. But hey, this is America. The law from Moses's time were harsh. but if we had those laws, we just might have less lawbreakers now. Look at the Meth/drug dealers/users. It has tripled within the past year. My husband gets called out on some really stupid stuff. The law in Moses's time would put an end to that.
---Rebecca_D on 5/7/07

Whew! Man, you guys are hard on Cynthia! Yeah, she shouldn't be bashing her husband online BUT I too have been in a miserable and lonely marriage to a man who didn't love me and always let it show. Ease up on her; she's not the only one in her marriage!
---Mary on 5/7/07

I believe there is a penalty for wives who publicly show disrepect for their husbands, too.

Would the world be a better place if that Biblical precept were enforced against you, Cynthia?

Or do you want to be the exception to following Biblical law?
---Jack on 5/7/07

Cynthia, I hope you were not in jail over the weekend. Things are out of control over there in paradise. Quit worrying about what the government should do for you and go see a minister, pastor, someone who can help you.
Biblical counseling, pronto.
Anger issues boiling over from a miserable marriage should not land on the kids.
---Charles on 5/7/07

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