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Apostles Creed Quoted In Church

How many of you recite the Apostles Creed in church at least once a month? Does it remind you of Christ or is it just ritual to you?

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 ---Cumo on 5/7/07
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The Nicene creed we all say here in the West had this "filioque clause" added later and it is a wedge issue for Othodox Christian. It is not ridiculous. They don't like us messing with the agreed upon version.
---steve on 12/4/07

The Nicene Creed is also used in the Anglican Church, whih is Protestant.
---alan_of_UK on 12/4/07

Steve:: The suggestion is not born from me as I say the Apostles creed Daily. The Nicene creed is also said in The Rcc at times during Mass. The Apostles creed is used more often.Why the need to delete one? They are both of The Blessed Trinity, and starts with WE instead of I,its still a profession of our faith.I have never viewed it as a wedge, that is so ridiculous.
---Emcee on 12/3/07

alan of uk >> The filioque clause (filius meaning "and [from] the son" in Latin) is a heavily disputed clause added to the Nicene Creed by the RCC. The original Nicene Creed reads "We believe in the Holy Spirit ... who proceeds from the Father", the amended, RCC version reads "We believe in the Holy Spirit ... who proceeds from the Father and the Son"(cf. Wikipedia). However, I found out that the Orthodox use the Nicene for Baptism so I guess it is does not matter anyway.
---steve on 12/3/07

Steve "Mostly I think we should drop the Nicene Creed because it's a wedge between Catholic and Orthodox christians"
Steve, what is the wedge?
I have always regarded the Nicene Creed to be an expanded Apostles Creed, with extra explanation & affirmation of the Trinity.
What part of the Nicene Creed is the difficulty?
---alan_of_UK on 12/3/07

It is good to confess with our mouth our faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the father!
If you mean what you say and are counts!
---lisa on 11/30/07

Emcee >> Surely you're not suggesting the Apostles'Creed is an inferior creed.
CCC #197
As on the day of our Baptism, let us embrace the Creed of our life-giving faith. To say the Credo with faith is to enter into communion with God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and also with the whole Church which transmits the faith to us and in whose midst we believe:This Creed is the spiritual seal, our heart's meditation and an ever-present guardian, it is, unquestionably, the treasure of our soul.
---steve on 11/30/07

Steve:As a catholic we recite the profession of our Faith Daily as you should be doing. All masses have this as a necessity I believe your Proposal has its first veto from me.
---Emcee on 11/30/07

As a Catholic I propose we dump the Nicene Creed and use only the Apostles Creed. No creed is meant to teach the whole faith. We use the Apostles Creed at Baptisms, that alone tells me it is all we need. Also we say it before the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Mostly I think we should drop the Nicene Creed because it's a wedge between Catholic and Orthodox christians.
---steve on 11/30/07

Jody, Bible is full of prayers and rituals and the "vain repetitione" reported in scriptures were the religious mantras repeated incessently by Heathens at the time of Christ (and before and after).
---lorra8574 on 5/7/07

I go to an Church of God Pentecostal Church. Though I believe wholly The Apostles Creed, My Church does not recite it on regular Church service.

The Pentecostal Church of God believe the Apostles Creed (as well other Creeds).

The only creed or Profession of Faith we do recite on most Sundays is the PCOG Declaration of Faith, which is recited only by those who are being/ or who has Baptized and are finally members of the Church of God.
---Ramon on 5/7/07

**They can become just ritual, but no prayer should be allowed to become only that.**

If a creed or prayer becomes "just ritual," this says more about the person reciting it inattentively than it does about the creed or prayer itself.
---Jack on 5/7/07

I am a member of the Baptist denomination, they don't often recite any creed, on occaision say sometimes for communion, or Easter perhaps we have recited the Apostles Creed, but it is not a regular practice.
---Tina on 5/7/07

Cumo::THE APOSTLES CREED is called a profession of our Faith as a Catholic which you already know if you are one true one.
---Emcee on 5/7/07

I do not. God does not like repetitious prayer nor did he did he ask for a ritualistic creed of blief to be recited. Jesus gave us the prayer of power which is in Mathew and that is The Lords Prayer which He did want us to rember and pray but not 10 times in a row or anything. Once is enough at a sitting.
---jody on 5/7/07

We don't at all.
---Rebecca_D on 5/7/07

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The Apostles Creed is recited daily at Mass in my Church, unless the Nicene Creed is used in its place which occurs occasionally. And of course, this means also during the Sunday Mass as well.

I feel that the Creeds are important because they state what I believe. They can become just ritual, but no prayer should be allowed to become only that.
---lorra8574 on 5/7/07

Something to remember: the classical creeds are summaries of faith for BELIEVERS. They don't pretend to be Scripture, but are a response to it, "I believed, and therefore I spoke," as the Psalmist said.

The question is not if the Apostles' or Nicene Creed is mere ritual (something that can't be avoided; inviation hymns can become that, too), but are these creeds true?
---Jack on 5/7/07

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