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True Meaning Of Friendship

What is the meaning of friendship? How do you as a Christian show others the true meaning of friendship?

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 ---Kim on 5/11/07
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Young people out there, if you are away from home for the first time, in a big city, training in a very stressful profession, meeting death and accidents, and having to deal with such situations, get into a CHRISTIAN fellowship. If there is not once, then ORGANIZE one with your Christian friends.
---frances008 on 3/14/08

Our Lord and his apostles lived in groups of Christians, not mixed in the world. He may have eaten with tax collectors and sinners, but it does not say he made friends with the unrepentant ones. Mary and Martha believed in him, and so did all his disciples and later apostles. One was Judas of course.
---frances008 on 3/14/08

Robyn, at the age of 18 I made friends with a little clique of people when I was in training for a profession, and they set out to belittle me, one after the other until I was daily shaking with nerves. I left the training place, but realized that if I had been in the Christian Fellowship, I would have met real friends.
---frances008 on 3/13/08

How I reach out to strangers is another matter and I prefer not to talk about it and give away my secrets. (As the Bible says do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing - it should be important that we keep some aces up our sleeves.)
---frances008 on 3/13/08

Then there are my neighbours and so on (relatives too). As soon as I witness to them, I am a persona non grata. So I learnt to just keep off those topics.
---frances008 on 3/13/08

I know that I can never hope to be as good as even Peter, let alone Paul, or Jesus. But I believe in imitating their lifestyles, and that is that they only lived and had friendship among their own kiind.
---frances008 on 3/13/08

frances008: Wow! You can only be friends with other christians. That is so sad. Satan has really gotten a foothold on the minds of people. Discipleship is very much need among christians. Who ever said we can only make friends with other christians? The unsaved are the people christians should be pursuing. Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners. Why should we avoid people who are unsaved? This is where the christians ministry is. Bringing the unsaved to Christ.Ministering to those who are lost.
---Robyn on 3/13/08

I can only be friends with Christians but even then I think some people are imitators. To show friendship, I would always be available to them, and share what I had with them. Although I would limit it to what is not going to cost my family members in time, money, or other suffering. (I have a separate account for helping people with.) First duty is to my immediate family, second to other Christians, lastly to other people and wider family.
---frances008 on 3/13/08

No one can be a true friend like Jesus can.He's the best friend we can ever have. I do not put too much stock and hope in earthly friends. But I do enjoy friends, of all ages, races and backgrounds.
Jesus was a a friend of sinners. Undesirables and people we normally would not consider friends are the people we should target,Mima. Making friends with the lovable is easy to do. Our true blessings and reward come from loving the unlovables.Now that is the mark of true christianity.
---Robyn on 3/12/08

I have Very few people who are true Christian friends. To those few I open myself up. My purses is their purse, my time is their time, I'm delighted to put fourth effort on their behalf and I make a special effort to listen to anything they say. Thank God for true friends!!
---Mima on 3/12/08

I believe if you look at 1 Cor. 13 and read what love is you will see that it is also what true friendship is all about. I try to be that kind of friend more now than in the past as I have learned some hard lessons about friendship in the past.
---maryj9396 on 6/14/07

A true friend sticks closer to you than even your brother or sister. A true friend is willing to give unconditionally. If you find one or two "true" friends then you are blessed. Most people call themselves a friend, but they are really just an acquantance. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 6/9/07

A true friend loves us unconditionally, as God loves us. The only way to show others the true meaning of friendship is to be a true friend. It's hard to love others unconditionally - it means that we have to put aside our own agendas and do what's in the other person's best interest. It means that we have to trust God to meet our needs as we sacrifice to meet someone else's needs. It means we must choose to love in every situation, even when it's not easy, convenient, or fair.
---LL on 6/2/07

A friend in need is a true friend indeed. when all others bail, a true friend will stand at your side and offer support, encouragement and advice to overcome the obstacle. not just in good times, but bad times as well. they are our pillar of strength to lean on when needed the most. not in judgment, but in unconditional love. I have one friend who couldn't understand why God had deserted her. I advised, God cannot bless disobedience. She listened, repented, and her life has improved dramatically.
---ashley on 5/31/07

The meaning of friendship>>>I know>>You love them for who they are. You are nice to your friends when you do not feel like it. Quick to forgive, because God puts up with you. Also a very good one>> You help each other to grow in your faith of our Lord and Saviour, And be all you can be for Jesus. Whatever you've got, God will take it and God will use it. [always for His glory].
---catherine on 5/31/07

A friend that sticketh closer than a brother....

The revelation of Christ through His people is such that one bears the burdens of the weak and is not untouched by the feeling of the infirmities. In other words, He joins you in that place. That is "sticking" closer than a brother. One is a brother by blood. One is a friend by union. Friend of sinners, Jesus became sin to take it away and restore that which was lost...intimacy with the Father.
---Linda on 5/31/07

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When I went through a hard fall two years ago, I learned what friendship really means. Although many abandoned me, there were a few precious friends that hung in there. They did not lecture or Bible thump too much, instead showed extra love. I want to be that kind of friend. Actions speak louder than words is no longer a cliche to me.
---Miriam on 5/31/07

The Bible is very clear on the True meaning of Friendship, which is... and which says..
Brian. 6933
---BRIAN._STAFFORD on 5/31/07

Jesus is our example. He gave his life for His friends. That would be something to aspire to. In the end times, we will see less loyalty in many relationships as each man is out for himself.
---jody on 5/16/07

My friend is someone who has a role to play in my calling and vise versa. Any friendship away from God's projects will surely bring hurt and disappointment. I consider friends as means that God provides to help me achieve His divine purpose over my life.
---Micheline on 5/14/07

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I read a statement many years ago, in "The Reader's Digest" (I think), that has stuck with me; it goes..."A friend is someone to whom you can say any darn fool thing that enters your mind; an acquaintance is someone whom you are constantly aware of their unreal impression of you."
---tracy3346 on 5/13/07

A friend is there for you no matter what you're going through with. A friend will stick with you through hard times, when your ill, poor, rich, whatever the reason. I have a few people that I can honestly call a friend. That is my husband, and some of my family and my brothers and sisters in christ. I show people Christ that abides in me. For when they look at me, they see mercy, they see grace, they see saved.
---Rebecca_D on 5/11/07

friendship has varying levels from aquaintances which is wheree most friendships start to very deep friendships and anything in between,the deepest of friendships r a real treasure riends should love and care for each other respect and honoureach other and the deeper friendships go the deeper the hurt can be if we betray the friendship so it is viutal thast we do not ever betray a friendship
---doree4573 on 5/11/07

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