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Tithes From Invalids

Is it proper for a church to come by someone's house to collect a tithe because the person can't always make it to church due to being an invalid?

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 ---mima on 5/11/07
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If the person requests it-why not?Maybe that is the only way for the person to pay tithes,temporarily.
---donald on 1/10/08

No ... If a church did that to me, I would remove myself from their register & go elsewhere.
A tithe should be voluntary. If the invalid wants someone to pick up the gift, let he or she ask. Or else wait till next attendance at church.
A pity the church cannot "come by" to have a chat or give a little encouragement, or help.
---alan_of_UK on 1/10/08

jana, I never said the laws were replaced or done away with. I said the priesthood was replaced and so was the covenant of law. We have been given understanding of the law through the author living in our hearts. Israel's understanding of the law was through the flesh, and they didn't get it. They thought life was granted through the scriptures not realizing the scriptures pointed to the Man Christ as the way of eternal life. THis is part of the reason why the covenant of grace is superior.
---Ryan_Z on 5/25/07

Ryanz: which set of laws exactly was done away and for what purpose? why was this set of laws given to the Israellites then? Why did Christ had to come before the said laws were done away and why didnt He come before these laws were given? was tithing included in the ordinances and ceremonial things that u say its done away with?
---jana on 5/25/07

We can choose how we view this type of visit?
Receive visitor in a positive way, thankful for fellowship and opportunity to give to the Lord via our tithe or offering. Who knows we may even find we're mutually encouraged and looking forward to the next visit.

Or be negative forego any possibility of being mutually encouraged, ignore the fact that someone has invested time and effort to call on us.. I wonder what Jesus would do? "Think on whatsoever things are good.....
---Magz9735 on 5/24/07

#1 jana, the tribe of Levi was the one ordained to collect the tithes of the land, the seed of the land, the herd and the flock. Christ replaced this priesthood in a superior covenant. The New Testament is rich with scripture that speaks of a setting aside of a former commandment and the replacement of the priesthood.
---Ryan_Z on 5/24/07

#2 jana, If you thoroughly study the New Testament you will find several exact scriptures that speak of the replacement of the old covenant and the superiority of the covenant of the SPirit. Besides what Israel tithed and what Christians are told they are required to tithe are two completely different things.
---Ryan_Z on 5/24/07

where exactly in scripture does it say tithing has been done away just as the old law was?
---jana on 5/24/07

Yet again, people deny God through ignorance. Jesus mentions tithing twice in the N.T. it is true. no one is forced to tithe. to say others can't through arrogance denies God. Did he not say it is better to give than receive. Be prepared for the unexpected. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse. Thank God I belong to a church that receives tithes from its members. When disaster strikes the world, our tithes, food, blankets etc are sent immediately to help. Long before the red cross or others arrive.
---ashley on 5/20/07

While some see a "new" gospel, the scriptures referred to by Jesus & others in the N.T. ARE the Old Testament rules, laws & examples. If the O.T. is of "none effect", then rip it up. I hope not. The O.T. is the foundation for the N.T. which is the base for Christianity. Lose one & and we lose the other. To tithe is important. To be forced is wrong. If a person asks someone to pick it up, great. If it is solicited or demanded, those people need prayer over their 10 pieces of silver.
---mikefl on 5/19/07

Are heave offerings still in effect? Is circumcision still in effect? Is the firstlings still in effect? Is the law of the firstborn still in effect? Yes.
"All the law is fulfilled in one word,..." The righteousness of the law, all the law, can be fulfilled whether you're circumcised or not. The law is holy, the works of the law are imposed as burdens by slave plans.
---jhonny on 5/14/07

ashley, **many say tithing was done away. show me one scripture in the new testament backing up your claims.**
There was a setting aside of a former commandment becasue of its weakness and uselesness in the flesh. Actualy the entire New Testament is about a ne covenant that replaced the previous covenant and how the New Covenant is superior to the New Covenant. FYI Christ never commanded a tithe.
---Ryan_Z on 5/14/07

many say tithing was done away. show me one scripture in the new testament backing up your claims. I know I have read in Luke and Matthew that mentioned tithing was still in effect and Jesus mentions it in parables, but none that say it was abolished. Can your claims be backed up or are they just opinions again of man. many people say things that can't be proven and take it as gospel even though it contradicts the bible.
---ashley on 5/14/07

I totally agree with Helen's answer. Her statement that Jesus did away with tithing is correct but virtually none of the church people and certainly no pastor I know of will accept this truth.
---Mima on 5/14/07

If invalids want to give with all their hearts, then its a sin for anyone not to accept their free generous giving..what is wrong about that? God never said we only take from able people? If anyone love God, and wants to give, by all means, they are showing their love for God Almighty...
---jana on 5/14/07

What is in place in Christ is the principle of love inherent in the sacrifices and offerings and tithes and firstlings. God is our father, thus those who beleive are the children of God. Rom 8: It is by faith, not by the deeds of tithing. But the law is never destroyed or replaced by faith. As Paul said, "God forbid".
---jhonny on 5/13/07

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No, it is not alright for a church to even think of collecting money from invalid people. They should be helping to support the invalids. Jesus did away with tithing and it was and remains part of the Old Covenant. That is very much a RCC practice of getting money from old people when they are alive and then from the relatives when they die.
---Helen_5378 on 5/13/07

If the church does not visit with this woman, and fellowship with her, and only come just to get tithes, then they are in the wrong. Now I'm not saying they should fellowship then ask for her tithes. If this woman is willing to give tithes, that is fine. But a church should not BUM AND BEG FOR MONEY.
---Rebecca_D on 5/12/07

No, it is not proper for a church to do tithe collecting. Nevertheless many people like the "free" service.
What covenant is being entered into through the "collecting" (not in the bible) and "paying" (not in the bible) of tithes.
---jhonny on 5/12/07

The elderly lady I mentioned in the other blog is poor. They don't bring food.
---Susie on 5/12/07

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"Collect" not in the bible.
Tithes are neither "offered" or "paid". Tithes were brought.
"And thither, shall you bring,..."
Seven parts entered covenant with God:
as leader(-war),
husband,(-intimacy), counsellor, judge.
1.burnt offering; 2. sacrifices;
3. tithes; 4. heave offerings;
5. vows; 6. freewill offerings;
7. the firstlings:
The priests failed the covenant.
Tithes are money.
The other six, who cares.
---jhonny on 5/11/07

I think the distinction between being an invalid and being indigent here is being lost.

Though many shut-ins are very poor, not all are.
---Jack on 5/11/07

What gives others the right to deny anyone the blessings that come from paying a tithe that is commanded. I guess people figure who cares, we can rob God in our tithes and offerings and then because we are supposed to prepare in advance and expect the unexpected, disaster strikes and you are stuck. fortunately, many people do read the scriptures and prepare ahead of time. it is amazing many people cling to doctrines that benefit them, yet others they ignore through their own greed and arrogance.
---ashley on 5/11/07

No this shouldn't be done at all. The church shouldn't worry about who pays tithes and whom don't. If my church done that to me, I wouldn't return. If the person asked someone to collect their tithes, that is different. but she needs to let them know every time. The church shouldn't demand anyone to pay tithes. If any church demands tithes, they are in the wrong.
---Rebeccca_D on 5/11/07

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If the person wants a church member to do this as a service, then this is a wonderful thing. If the service is offered with good intent with the option to refuse plainly stated without any strings, that's ok too (privately). But if the church is chasing money without consent of the person, this would be obscene.
---lorra8574 on 5/11/07

There are groups who require "tithing statements" for their members.
---Susie on 5/11/07

the 1st bthing a church should do for its houseboung members is visit and have fellowship and see if any help is needed in any way,not tomcollect money the world will see that we are Christ's disciples when we have LOVE for each church knocking my door would get a penny if it was money they wanted.i am disabled but do manage sometimes to get to church.the church should be door knocking anyone just for money
---doree4573 on 5/11/07

It is totally improper. If someone is a shut-in and cannot attend church, they can always mail their tithe check to the church. The church should come by to visit and bring food, and good wishes.
---Madison1101 on 5/11/07

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I do agree with Alan. I feel they church should show love instead of greedily coming to my home to collect tithes.Bring a bag of groceries, a nice plant or something to show christian love. If I had tithes to give, I would call the church and ask for someone to come and pick them up. Otherwise, I would be outraged, that someone would come to my home to pick up tithes. I would remove my name from the roll. Immediately!
---Robyn on 5/11/07

Congregational buildings of worship that are christian should know better than to collect tithes. By going to the persons house, invalid or not, this violates the command to give in secret; of course many people throw that command out the window.
---Ryan_Z on 5/11/07

It really seems that money is the real issue in this situation. If you feel obligated to go collect a tithe, it seems that the condition of the person (spiritually & physically) is second to having a financially sound church. It is not proper.
---Paul on 5/11/07

There was a time that this was usually done in some churches--not just collecting offerings from shut-ins but from all members.
---Jack on 5/11/07

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I'd have thought that they would have been contacted with a bag of Groceries and some flowers as a good will gesture maybe they couldn't afford it that week rather than to ask for money perhaps they did not have.Is it not the responsibility of the individual to give cheerfully not the Church to collecting door to door. Maybe it needs addressing.
---Carla5754 on 5/11/07

If the person wants to give but can't get to church then I think it's ok for someone from the church to come and collect it. It's just doing the person a favor. But if the church is demanding it and telling the person they are coming to collect then that's going a bit too far.
---john on 5/11/07

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