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Can God Speak To Animals

Does this scripture found in the book of Jonah state that God talked to and spoke with the fish? Can God speak to any of the animals anytime he wants to?

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 ---Mime on 5/11/07
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Yep, because HE'S GOD!!!

He made the donkey to speak to the prophet Baalam in the book of Numbers, remember?

How did he get that donkey to communicate exactly what he wanted to say to Baalam who wasn't obeying God?
---Donna5535 on 7/28/10

I believe that God can and will "order" his creation by whichever means of communication He pleases, I do not believe God has a conversation with animals however, I believe that animals tend to follow God's will. As a matter of fact I believe that out of all of creation, which is supposed to obey God's will, Man is the only creation that feels like arguing with God and suggesting how God should Reign.
Finally, I believe sin has affected the whole creation including animals and that is why we see all these horrible things caused by/to animals.
---Jeason on 7/26/10

Hi, I LIKE to think that dogs have a special connection to God but I'm just biased lol! :D Especially with my step dad's dog, Gigi--I would swear she's an angel in fur! :)
---Mary on 7/10/10

YES because He created them All.
Not only He prepared that great fish, also God used an angel & talked through a donkey to the prophet.
---Lawrence on 7/9/10

Gen 18:14 Is any thing too hard for the LORD?

Jer 32:17 Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:

27 Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

Yes, God can talk to animals:
1 Kg 17:4 .. I have commanded the ravens to feed thee
Jonah 2:10 And the LORD spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah
---a_servant on 6/22/07

Since he made all things I believe that he is also in control of them.
---anonymous on 5/22/07

Anthony, we know you're not very sweet.
LOL (((Hugs)))
---Thinka on 5/20/07

Hehehe! :D I agree with your post Anthony--people sure ARE acting more and more like animals! Oh and you make a good point too about the sugar but I have to confess: I support my local dentists--TOOTH and nail! :*( LOL!
---Mary on 5/20/07

Mary - Perhaps He thought your coffee was a little too sweet for your own good:o) You wouldn't want a cavity, now would you?

Also, it is a good thing God can talk to animals. Alot of people these days are acting more and more like animals! LOL
---Anthony on 5/20/07

God created everything. It whould stand to reason that He could communicate with anything that He created. The Bible says that the "stones" can even "cry" out. With God all things are possible!!
---jody on 5/16/07

Hi; just a bit of humor here; I definitely believe God can speak to animals and probably does, more than we know. I just wish He would have told all of the birds that "dive-bombed" me this last year to WAIT until me or my coffee is no longer under them! :D :D Or given them diapers lol! :D
---Mary on 5/16/07

God can speak to whomever He wishes, including fig trees.
---lorra8574 on 5/12/07

I would say "affirmative" Sometimes we have to spell words like car ride.walk etc. because our dogs know everything we say! My bird even talks back!
---1st_cliff on 5/11/07

Sure. He speaks to the horse's patoots here everyday. Some are listening, some not.
Haven't you watched a polar bear jump up and down on the ice to break through where he can find something to eat?
Who do you think spoke animal instincts into existence. When the climate changes, they will adapt. It's happened before, they've adapted to land. God talks/subdues the animals. Otherwise, even mild mannered pets would turn on their owners. We would see more maulings from wild animals than we do.
---Aussie on 5/11/07

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