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Stories Of Perseverance

Let's hear everyone's stories of perseverance. What have you done in your Christian walk that shows your perseverance in Christ?

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 ---Mackie on 5/14/07
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Never compromised the word of God. When others would make it fit their situation, I remained steadfast, immovable in Christ.

When everything came against me, I stood on the Word of God and I pleaded the Blood of Jesus. I pray and the battle is His. HE works things out for our good, not you, not me, not us, only God "causes ALL things to work together for good to them that love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose."
---donna on 3/12/08

My family were devout Roman Catholics, living in an RC neighborhood, attending RC school. That is until I got my sister and I kicked out out of school. The neighbors shuned us and forced us out of the neighborhood. I was nine years old. I was very persistant on getting answers to questions like "why pray to Mary?" and "Why have statues when the Bible says not to?" My mother was upset with me and abused me until she kicked me out of the house at 16. I always kept my belief in Jesus.
---Steveng on 5/15/07

I was also homeless twice for one year each time because I disobeyed God. I'm a technical writer and graphic artist. Although jobs were plentiful, I just couldn't get work for some supernatural reason. The only work I received from God was tutoring English to two people which brought in enough money for a daily meal. You would have never thought I was homeless by looking at me because I kept myself well groomed. My strength to pull me through was only from God. I thanked him each day for what I had.
---Steveng on 5/15/07

The question of God always vexed me, I questioned everything. As a teen I lost 90% family who said, "believe as we do, or you are out." Thinking was the greatest sin. They were knoxville pentacostals. today I look at them with detached humor. Now 'refugees' from the family stay with me, one disowned for going to college, another for 'thinking' for some reason they like my council. Perseverance of individuality often comes with a high price.
---MikeM on 5/15/07

My neice Nikki, 20 just finished her second year at cal state. She has been totally disowned for 'rebellion.' At first she cryed, wepted for days, it was rough, then she became angry, then that anger spured her on to a 3.7 GPA. WE supported her all the way. only 5 of us, 'non-pentacostals' speak to her, we let her know how proud of her we are. Thats Perseverance! My only worry is she will 'throw out the baby with the bathwater'-meaning dismiss Jesus instead of just pentacostal/fundamentalism.
---MikeM on 5/15/07

The other story of Perseverance is my cousen. He 'arrived' at our door in January. He is very bright and angry. He will be 18 in July. Also dismissed from the family for 'being in rebellion'-thinking, he still loves God, in spite of the kookiness. We study scripture where you are allowed to 'question' which is completly new to him. He is college minded but 'confused.' He knew when he came to us it was a one way trip.

I wonder who the next one will be.
---MikeM on 5/15/07

for two years I served God in the buckel of the bible belt. I endured guns in my face, cars trying to kill me on the roads as I walked or rode my bicycle. I was often thrown out of churches by enraged pastors who thought I was there to take people from his congregation, I faced poisonous snakes, people wanting to inflict bodily harm. This was not done by non believers, they welcomed me. all of the above was done to me by born again christians. I knew Jesus protects those in His service and survived.
---ashley on 5/15/07

Susie, what a touching story. (((huggs)))) It goes to show you never know what people have gone through in life.
---donna on 5/15/07

When I was a little girl, my mother died. We were very poor and went days without food at times due to our father's drunkenness. My mother had taught me that Jesus could do anything and that all I had to do was ask. I prayed constantly for seven months until the Lord got us out of that situation and put us in a Christian foster home.
---Susie on 5/14/07

I prayed for a fellow worker for 10 years. I explained salvation to him many times. Then one day while he was at his home he got down on his knees and received the Lord Jesus Christ into his life. He called me on the phone and told me and I was so very very happy and so very thankful to the Lord for letting me live to see the fruit of my prayers. This man today publicly says he loves me to all who will listen. What an amazing incredible turnaround.
---Mima on 5/14/07

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