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Can I Clone Myself

A friend I met recently told me he is keen about cloning himself and asked me if it is biblical or not. I was kind of trapped as I could not think of any verse specifically related to this. Is it acceptable morally or scripturally?

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 ---Ephre3798 on 5/15/07
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Whoa, The first second I read this, Like a ton of bricks falling on my head, all I could think of was the ''Nephilims'' And GOD REPENTED FOR MAKING MAN, when the demons had intercourse with the daughters of man hence, came the race of giants, then came the great 40 day flood, IT IS A GREAT SIN TO GO CONTRARY TO NATURE, and to do those things not convenient, it is man turned REPROBATE. GENESIS 6. [Sons of God, Fallen angels, turned demon]
---Cynthia_1 on 3/1/08

I would say No it is not because the Lord is our creator and we are not God to creat a human in that way. Read Genesis
---Sonya on 6/12/07

Why thank you, Mary.
I'm a bit of a billygoat, somedays.
---Bob on 5/18/07

Hi Bob; I like ALL of you Bobs! :D
---Mary on 5/17/07

Cloneing or clowning You are far too late God was the creator look at nature around you or would you rather a Ronald Macdonnell Replica with Brilliant colours & no change of wardrobe.Even Solomon in all his glory could not clothe one as these.
---Emcee on 5/17/07

NVBarbara: That was hillarious! On behalf of clowns everywhere, Chuckles thanks you for your lighthearted, kind remarks. :D

Yes to clowns! Despite their pecularities, all clowns have a soul. NO to clones! The only sole a clone could possibly have would be on the bottom of its feet.

Rebecca_D: " of a kind." That's good. Like snow flakes, we're all singularly unique to our Maker.
---Leon on 5/17/07

I think it would be cool! Wearing the white make-up and big shoes and giving little kids balloons, riding on silly bikes and wearing a bushy wig----oh wait, I thought you said CLOWN...nevermind.

Seriously, some animals have been cloned, but cloning people is going too far. You can't clone a soul!
---NVBarbara on 5/17/07

Maybe it would be like Doctor Jeckell and Mr. Hyde. I wouldn't want another one of me running around. I'm dingy enough for my family. My husband teases me about a woman marries a man that is like her dad. (so we've heard) but he tells me that his mom wrote a book about herself, and I got ahold of it. Because some of the things she has done and does now, I do the same thing. He said it is like he married a clone from his mother's personality. He also told me that I am one of a kind.
---Rebecca_D on 5/16/07

There are those that have cloned themselves here, 2-10 X.
How do you like us, so far?
---Bob on 5/16/07

read frankenstein then decide.
---willow on 5/16/07

As it is, I can get into enough trouble as one person--but 2 or 3 of me?! AGH! :O God broke the mold when He made me lol! Seriously, cloning is a bizarre idea--and twisted. :/
---Mary on 5/16/07

Who would want too?>>>>>I am not GOD!
---catherine on 5/16/07

One upsmanship on God, People playing with fire kind of speak, starts out like a spark, then the whole world is ignited with a frightening man self inflicted chaotic age, clonizing 1000 murderers, No boundrys, hypotheticaly speaking, would it then not be possible to extract the dna from the bones of the graveyards, when will the ''evil imaginations'' ever cease. He may think it's kind of cute, but I call it an unnecessary evil, which God told us everything would produce after its own kind.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/16/07

"Please give BCV [book, chapter, verse] that say so, Leon. Could you be so kind?"

My pleasure Jack. It's hidden in plain sight.

Book -- the entire Bible, i.e., begat, mentioned 177 times; born, mentioned 470 times; birth, mentioned 210 times; conceived, mentioned 59 times; bare, mentioned 181 times; cloned, mentioned 0 times.

I hope that helps, Jack. :)
---Leon on 5/16/07


Good comments have been made and I also tried to explain to him the natural way- birth.

The clon would not have the breath of God in which He shared us His characters that defined our being created in his image and likeness.

It may not have the moral values, kindness, sympathy, affection, etc that we orignally shared from God.

If science practices clon on human beings, it may lead to chaos to world order.
---Ephre3798 on 5/16/07

Cynthia: I understand what you said, but it had nothing to do with cloning. What was the point you were trying to make?
---Rebecca_D on 5/15/07

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Tell him not to do it. He may not like what he sees.
---burt on 5/15/07

I personally like Jack's answer. On a more personal note, I wouldn't want a clone of myself. I would become way too busy examining my own faults. Hey, if I got mad at my clone and shot it, would it be the same as killing myself?
---Linda on 5/15/07

I don't believe that cloning should be done. God is the creater, not man. No matter what God always does, man comes along and tries to do better and then screws things up for alot of people, if not for all. When sciencetists thinks that they are smarter than God and can do what he does, their playing with fire. And their gonna get burned.
---Rebecca_D on 5/15/07

**The Bible repetitively shows God's only authorized way for humans to enter the earth realm is to be "BORN".**

Please give BCV that say so, Leon. Could you be so kind?
---Jack on 5/15/07

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Does this mean that taking medicine is a sin?

Driving a car?

Using a computer?

None of these items occur in nature.
---Jack on 5/15/07

This is the "other Ed." This is me, personally, speaking; I would not blame me conclusions on any specific Scriptural reference - either pro or con. O. K.; that being said, I can really find no fault. This is life from life. The Creator God set the fact of life in motion. Cloning, since it demands both male and female, does not seem - to me! - Biblically wrong. It does seem strange, however!
---ed on 5/15/07

I so not believe in cloning. My mother and I have this discussion quite often. It is like saying I am God. I am just as good as He is. Or that I may be better than God. And the scripture speaks of proud and boastful people just like this. Tell your friend if he wants to have a clone then get married and have a baby.
---chara7388 on 5/15/07

Leon, hypotheticaly, speaking... Could you imagine cloanizing a thousand Hitlers......Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves; and. Because that, when they knew God they glorified him not as God neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. professing themselves to be wise, they became fools....''INVENTORS OF EVIL THINGS, mentioned in Romans 1:29.
---Cynthia on 5/15/07

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Cynthia... Please help me understand. How do you see "cloning" (copying, duplicating oneself) as having anything to do with that other stuff you're talking about? :)

Ephre... "Is it acceptable morally or scripturally?" Acceptable to who -- you, me, others or God? Can cloning oneself be considered a legitimate way of giving birth? I think not! The Bible repetitively shows God's only authorized way for humans to enter the earth realm is to be "BORN".
---Leon on 5/15/07

There are many issues we face that are not written in black and white, do or don't do, fashion in the Bible.
We must examine the complete plan, what was told to others, how it has been done and what is or has been blessed by God.
God has told people through out the ages how to populate the earth.
It is not through cloning in the Bible, is it?
---Elder on 5/15/07

I do not believe that cloning can be done. God is the creator, not man.
---Helen_5378 on 5/15/07

Why does he want to clone himself? Isn't one of him enough? Why does he want to compromise his uniqueness?
---Jack on 5/15/07

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