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Adjusting To Motherhood

I am an new mother and am having trouble adjusting to motherhood. Any helpful tips?

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 ---Mary on 5/16/07
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Motherhood can be a joyous time in our lives but it can also be a nightmare. If we are married and have helpful and loving spouses it is heavenly.All the pain and labor is worthwhile but if we don't have support, especially from the father, it can be a sad experience.The depression and facing all the problems of single parenting can becoming overwhelming.But it gets better as time goes on.
---Robyn on 2/20/08

Is the father available to you? Is he loving and accepting of the baby?I don't know what problems you are having. If depression and sadness, that will pass. If not perhaps your doctor can be a help to you.Nursing can also present problems but you and the baby have to adjust to each other. That gets better,too.Having a tiny human to care for is overwhelming in the beginning. It was for me. But somehow I made it through and you can,too.Pray for strength. God bless you.
---Robyn on 2/20/08

I hope that this helps. Try a baby sitter once or twice a week. When you get back home you will be happy to see the baby.
---catherine on 2/20/08

Your baby should be a consolation to you. This happens to new mothers. Just look at your baby and see what a blessing it is to you, many people are not able to bear their own babies and adopt, you are blessed.spend time with the baby, these are treasured moments. Soon the baby will grow and you will long for those moments to cuddle it. If you are born again surely what does the bible say about parenthood, buy books and magazines on parenting and you shall enjoy. May God grant you the grace you need.
---lucy on 2/20/08

One thing is true: you are NOT alone! Try to find other young mom's and get together somehow. Then the babies can play and the mom's can talk and trade idea's.

One of the most important things to remember is to Keep Your Sense of Humor!!!
---sue on 2/19/08

Find a support group of other young mothers. Becoming a mother is a wonderful and TRYING thing. You are no longer able to think only of yourself. You have someone completely dependent on you for all their needs. It is a HUGE responsibility and shouldn't be taken lightly. Be cautious as post-partum depression is a very real thing, but it can be treated with medication. Left untreated, it can have very devestating results. Take action now so that you can enjoy many years ahead.
---Crystal on 2/19/08

Your not alone I remember feeling as though I'd been kicked in the pants, I had heard all the horror stories of unhelpful spouses and interfering mother in law's and boy did I get one not inlaw but his mother and mine. telling me what to?not to do(traditional) crazy stuff , I instantly became the wicked with of the West.God became a great help to me as I realised that I was human and needed to take time out to heal.
---Carla5754 on 5/18/07

When my third son was about a year, I went through depression. I felt like a failure because, though I loved my all of my children, I received no joy in being a mother. During that time, I hung onto Isaiah 40:11 with all my might.

"... HE gently leads those that have young."

It helped me realize the Lord understands that being a mother has special challenges and that He cares for us unconditionally.
---DoryLory on 5/17/07

One thing that helped me get through raising children was the thought that they aren't children forever. They grow up fast. Having another female you can trust to give you a break once in awhile will also help with this. You aren't the first mother to experience this feeling. I will be praying for you.
---Susie on 5/16/07

First of all, you will get plenty of advice, but always use your own judgement. It is hard taking care of a baby. If someone says it is easy, they either neglect their child or work all the time. When the baby takes a nap, you take a nap (if possible). Believe me you will need all the sleep you can get. I have a 7&5 year old, and there are nights where I still don't get any sleep. Don't let anyone scare you about post-partum depression. It can happen, but don't dwell on it. talk to other first time mom's.
---Rebecca_D on 5/16/07

Hi Mary; congratulations from another Mary lol! :D I have always felt that if I could have children, I would actually pay someone reliable to watch the baby so I could JUST SLEEP. Any sleep you can get will help you physically and emotionally; God bless you dear. :)
---Mary on 5/16/07

**Just know that the Lord understands and has seen it before.**

Well put, Jody.
---Jack on 5/16/07

God bless you, Mary! And congratulations!

It sounds like you could be suffering from post-partum depression, which is real.

I'm taking what you say seriously, but it does pass. Nevertheless, you should ask your doctor.
---Jack on 5/16/07

Establish a routine that includes a time for devotions in the morning, while the baby naps. Find a Women's Bible study that offers child care, and attend as much as you can. Most are young mothers such as you. Be sure to allow yourself time for you, when you can go out and not have to worry about the baby, like taking a brief walk after supper when hubby watches the baby for you.
---Madison1101 on 5/16/07

Crystal is right. I just want to add that it is very common to go through what you are experiencing so do not beat yourself up. Since children are God's blessing, Christian mothers sometimes have a harder time because they feel so guilty about the adjustment problems. Not leaping with joy, feels kind of like a sin or somehow ungreatful. Just know that the Lord understands and has seen it before. He loves you. It will pass.
---jody on 5/16/07

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