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Religious Miracle Stories

Who out there has ever had a religious miracle? I am running out of hope.

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 ---Chantel on 5/16/07
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You've probably had some but didn't recognize them. If you want something really bad God may also see beyond your wants and give it to you in a different way or time. He does know what's best. Share what you want or need with people so they also can ask with you.
---john on 4/13/08

God blesses those who are obedient to him. If you live in disobedience you have no promise. You will never see a miracle of God in your lifetime. They are reserved for the righteous, not the wicked to mock, scorn or ridicule. you need to do some serious soul searching and change your life. if means you are rebelling against God somehow. perhaps you are commiting adultery, lying, swearing, abusing those around you, getting drunk, worshipping idols, you don't repent of mistakes you make.
---Lori on 8/9/07

Joseph I believe the following statement made by you to be exactly opposite of what the scriptures teach. This is truly "works"."As he had told me that I have good deeds laid up for me in heaven and enough to get me in to the kingdom of heaven"
---Mima on 8/8/07

Yes I have personaly experienced Gods healing power. For well over 13years I had been told I had a condition that would hender me from becoming a parent. The Drs tried everything.I even had one ovary removed. But through it all, I kept believing God and on what I thought was my final attempt to correct the problem after yet another operation when the Dr. brought me out of the proceedure he stated both ovarys were fine and no such condition could be found. God healed me and he will do the same for you.
---Lillie on 8/7/07

I've had what I consider to be a miracle here at home in 2006 of October.
I've always wanted to see or meet Jesus Christ in person in my own life.
And now I have done so, As he had told me that I have good deeds laid up for me in heaven and enough to get me in to the kingdom of heaven.
He had explained to me that there were three kingdoms in heaven.
And this I do believe.
---Joseph_Murphy_Jr on 7/29/07

13-year-old nephew diagnosed with anorexia. Put him on prayer lists online, local churches, people. Matthew was on his way to a treatment center when he attended a meeting of football team. He knew he couldn't play because of his weight. God used his football coach in a might way. Matthew went home told his mom he wanted to play football. He's been eating ever since. God healed that boy from a deadly demon!
---Nellah on 6/23/07

Chantell.Ask Christina for the Bamboo & The Fern Story,& the desparing Man.Being Burnished In the fires of God's Burning Love takes time Patience is a mother of Virtue.Just continue doing your daily chores seeking His love.Blessings.Your life is His .
---Emcee on 6/22/07

Chantel, we have not heard back from you. I would like to know how you are. I too have struggled with loosing hope but the Lord in His goodness and love has lifted me up, renewed my hope, and I pray the same for you.
---christina on 6/21/07

Chantel, hope can waver as we take our eyes off the Lord. Don't look for miracles, rather look for/seek the Lord with all your heart and He will fulfill the desires of your heart, including hope. It is Christ in you that is your hope of glory...and Nothing can compare. Bless you
---christina on 6/17/07

Chantel::Cars run out of Gas- People despair & run out of Hope - BUT GOD NEVER quits-I offer you Gods plan in Gen3:15 Search for that hidden love so freely Bestowed. It will strengthen your Faith Hope & Charity.Blessings.
---Emcee on 6/16/07

Chantel, I have one. When I was younger, I went through the motions of being a Catholic, but being very smart, I thought I knew better on many matters and bent the rules to suit my own desires. When I was pregnant with my second child I was fired from my job in a region where jobs were scarce and I was forced to move with my family to another province.
---lorra8574 on 6/15/07

P2: When we settled in I was still very angry at what my ex-employers had done to me, until I found myself in a Church with a Polish priest with the fire of the Holy Spirit in him. I was surrounded by people of faith and started checking out a local Catholic Bookstore with rare and antique books (I love books). I started to rediscover my faith and learn that I did not know better than my Church (I never thought I knew better than God, but I presumed much).
---lorra8574 on 6/15/07

P3: I started to pray the Rosary with my family and go to confession regularly - this change in practice turned my whole life around.

Before long I lost my anger and discovered that being let go was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was humbled completely by the Holy Spirit and was taught to yeild my whole will to God, and I did. I put my life in God's hands and I have never regretted it.
---lorra8574 on 6/15/07

P4: Chantel, before I moved I was not living right with God. I was doing a decent imitation, but I was really treading water with my faith. Moving to where I did was a real eye opener and I learned how to really pray and how to truly worship and how to really be what Christ wanted me to be. I felt like the Holy Spirit really hit me over the head and told me to smarten up. It may not seem miraculous to some, but that experience truly saved my life in every sense.
---lorra8574 on 6/15/07

Chantel, when I started doing philosophy I finally cried out to God if your real prove it. I told no one nor saw anyone and it was the first time that I ever did it. Same day I got a call to go to Church. I didn't expect Him to answer me so I thought, hmm I'd better go.

When I first became a Christian I has a hard self-reliant man and still am in alot of ways. Over 3 months I only prayed 3 prayers and they were pathetic. But bang instantly he answered them.
---Marty on 6/14/07

He answers my prays still, but sometimes I tend to focus on myself and I can't see what he is doing and I don't think about or remember the ones that has done. The prayers that he answers now are big prayers; as well as the small ones.
---Marty on 6/15/07

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Tommy i was just thinking about that...i think God made it more evident to me like i knew it but now its like mind blowing...meditate on that concept for hours and you'll be blown away...another one is the fact that God of the Universe who created all 7 billion of us wants to come in personally and talk to us and get to know us as a friend....meditate on taht for hours and you'll be blown away
---mark_B. on 5/25/07

Chantel, Have you ever REALLY considered the miracle of our salvation? Think about it. THE God of Heaven, creator of all that is, became a man to live and die for us. Paying the debt of our sin, though He was sinless. God gave all He could in order to restore our relationship with Him. What could be more religious or miraculous than that?
---tommy3007 on 5/24/07

chantel do you have children. if you do, they are a miracle in your life. their first words, first steps, everything done a first time. remaining healthy, helping someone who is in need of a shoulder to lean on is a miracle. people often forget life is a miracle. hearing birds and seeing nature are miracles of God. we often overlook the obvious for something irrelevant to our lives. always remember how fortunate we are that we are not homeless, hungry, sick or oppressed. happy memories are miracles.
---ashley on 5/23/07

I have. I thought I was going to die. I called out to God and he saved me...That nite the Holy Spirit filled me...I woke up the next morning with this incredible love for God. I also had another one...I was reading the Bible and thought to myself why doesn't God ever show himself to me...I looked out the window a few minutes later and there was a cloud in the shape of Jesus with wings flying. I was elated that Jesus cared so much to do that for me
---anonymous on 5/22/07

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Lord, today, please show Chantel that you are real and show your many miracles around us. Amen!
---Susie on 5/16/07

Chantel, I know what you mean. Jesus said that we would do greater miracles than He. I believe that we are going to be seeing an unleashing of incredible miracles very soon. In Daniel, we see that He is told to seal up WORDS until the time of the end. I personally believe that these WORDS are being released at this time and when they come into fullness for believers, the miracles Jesus speaks of will come to fruition . We have seen miracles throughout this entire time, but nothing like what will be.
---jody on 5/16/07

Hearing what God has done for others is uplifting, yes. But all you need is God's word for hope. I have found out when I'm down in the valley, there is higher ground. There is not a place where, God's hand can't reach down. I also found out that when I'm down in the valley, I have strength that I never thought I had. God knows all about your situations. He is just waiting for you to pour out your heart to him, and stand firm on his word.
---Rebecca_D on 5/16/07

Dear Chantel,

Have you ever heard the saying, "Coincidence is when God does a miracle and remains anonymous"?

Sometimes YOU are the miracle: when you INDEND to believe and trust, though all evidence seems to have disappeared--and others look with wonder at your faith.
---Jack on 5/16/07

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