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How To Release My Faith

How can I release my faith and how will I know when my faith has been released?

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 ---EVELYN on 5/16/07
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Faith, properly defined, is not some sort of force to be unleashed. Therefore, we shouldn't think of faith as something awaiting an awakening or activation. Certainly, therefore, it is inaccurate to assert that our spoken words are able to do such a thing. Otherwise, think about it, what of individuals who are mute?
---Bobby3 on 1/12/09

Faith is not a mental ascent, a mental ascent of God's Word, is a means, to have faith, but, faith, is trusting, and believing, and having an assurance, in God, and his Word, it is an inward choice, of the will, or heart
---TRU-DOG on 1/12/09

Proof is in the putting. When faith is released, the proof will be seen with results. When Peter stepped out of the boat he released his faith and walked on top of the water. If he had no faith, then he would have stayed in the boat, or else stepped out of the boat an sink. When a person releases just a little bit of real faith and will say to a mountain, "Be you removed from your place, and be thrown into the sea!" And the person says this without any doubting in uncertainty, knowing full well that what was said will surely come to pass, then indeed it will come to pass, namely, the mountain will be removed, and be thrown into the sea. The key is having faith, even just a little tiny bit of genuine faith, will move mountains.
---Eloy on 1/4/09

Praying and Not worrying is one way of knowing.
---catherine on 1/4/09

the believer feeds on God's word which is the seed of faith. faith isnt faith unless its spoken or with corresponding action. like the woman with the issue of blood.
she first heard of Jesus, then she spoke what she wanted, then that eventually impelled her to go out to Jesus and get what she wanted.
a believer speaks God's word to feed on it, and eventually when faith is in abundance in the heart, faith will begin to come out of the mouth like water flowing from a faucet.
releasing your faith is acting on God's word. the first action is speaking in agreement with what God has said about your situation. continuing to speak that will bring it to come to pass.
---opalgal on 1/4/09

Whether you use the wording "release your faith" or "direct your faith", faith has to have a target. Faith believes toward something because it is the substance of things hoped for. In the release or directing of your faith, you are establishing your belief toward God's promises in behalf of what you are praying toward, then you are letting go in trust that He who promised is faithful to bring it to pass. This release is the giving over of responsibility to God in bringing about His work which is not of works, therefore releasing yourself from the accomplishing of the answer.
---Tommy on 1/3/09

FAITH allowes one to believe a lie without feeling guilty about searching for and knowing the truth! Yes, we all start out with faith, but don't stop searching for truth. You will not need faith in heaven. You will need 'truth' (Rev. 21:8 and 22:15) Did Daniel have faith in God? NO--He KNEW God. Did Jesus have faith in His Father-NO-He KNEW His Father!
---Dr._Rich on 2/14/08

Faith is the subtance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
---Cynthia_1 on 2/14/08

Pt.2 If we abide in His word & His word abides in us, we will ask what we will & it will be done. However we must ask in faith, without wavering, for he who wavers is like a wave in the sea that is driven by the wind & tossed. The wavering man can not expect to receive anything from the Lord simply because a double minded is unstable in all his ways. We must be constant in our application of faith, always relying on, trusting in & depending upon the Father to fulfill that which He has promised.
---josef on 5/18/07

All things what so ever you ask in prayer, believe you receive them & you shall have them. We recieve of Him because by His grace & empowerment we keep His commandments & do those things that are pleasing in His sight. This is the confidence that we have in Him. Whatsoever we ask of Him, according to his will, & His will is His word, we know that He hears us & we know that we have (Present tense) whatsoever we have asked of Him. Ask with a sincere motive & you shall receive. Cont....
---josef on 5/18/07

The reason I listed the things I did is because sometimes a person is simply trusting God for something that they haven't, in action, put there faith to work.

Simply put, some believe the word, but don't know how to use it.

Faith is more dependent on us then God.(Hebrews 11:6)
The woman w/ the issue of blood wasn't healed because God did it. It required her to use her own faith.
---Rickey on 5/17/07

Saved or unsaved, a person has faith. In Romans 12:3, " to EVERY man God has given THE measure of faith.."

So unbelievers have faith too. Look at rich folks who put there faith in achieving a goal. Some did what Proverbs 18:20-21 says w/o knowing it. It applies to every human being.
---Rickey on 5/17/07

Thanks DoryLory. He's never failed me yet either & I'm confident (have faith) He never will.
---Leon on 5/17/07

Leon, if I need a word from the Lord to stand on in faith and can't find one, I pray and ask the Lord for one. It may take a few days but He's never let me down yet. He always gives me a verse that I can apply to my situation or need.
---DoryLory on 5/17/07

"To 'release your faith' simply means to trust God. Thanks DoryLory for the definition. What if you couldn't find a promise in the Bible that refers to your specific need. Could/would you still trust (have faith in)
God even if you didn't know how He was going to meet your needs?

Just curious: Who coined the phrase "release your faith". That terminology isn't in the Bible.

P.I.M.P. God Rickey? Hmmmm! That concept doesn't exactly parallel sound Bible teaching.
---Leon on 5/17/07

To 'release your faith' simply means to trust God. You find a promise in the Bible that refers to your need and trust that God will do what He said He will do.

You know your faith is released when you are aware that are trusting Him. You are resisting fear and unbelief ... you are looking to God in faith to answer your need according to His promise.
---DoryLory on 5/16/07

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Can you say I am saved, born-again on the way to heaven? If answer is yes use this faith releasing, faith building suggestion. You should consciously knowingly engage in praising the Lord in all circumstances. Praise the Lord for being the Lord, praise the Lord for being able to lift your hands, praise the Lord for being able to walk, constantly and sincerely praise the Lord!! The Bible says God inhabits the praises of his people you will know you have released your faith when things began to happen.
---Mima on 5/16/07

2Corinthians 6:14 says, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:"

Unbelievers are folks who doubt what you're standing in faith for.

So don't hang around doubters.
When you're around others be slow to speak.
Doubters will rub off on you if you conect w/ them.
---Rickey on 5/16/07

2Corinthians 6:14 also says, "...for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?"

Some folks don't know that they are the righteousness of God in Christ.(2corinthians 5:21) Therefore they will doubt the promises of God. They are cut off for lack of knowledge.(Hosea 4:6)
Because of the traditions of men and erroneous teachings they doubt.(Mark 7:13)
---Rickey on 5/16/07

...what communion hath light with darkness?

What good would it do for you to connect w/ folks who don't have the revelation knowledge you have? None.

Doubt comes in where the will/word of God is unknown.(Hosea 4:6)
---Rickey on 5/16/07

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Jody is right. Praise God after you've released your faith.

You have to be a P.I.M.P.(Psalms 34:1-3)


In the

Midst of a

---Rickey on 5/16/07

We don't have to pray about alot of things because God has already promised it. We just have to lay hold on it by faith.

Ex. healing(1Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53:5; Matthew 8:17)

This requires our faith, not prayer for healing.
---Rickey on 5/16/07

The evidence of your release faith will be your testimony! how after you asked god and he worked it out for you. Don't be afraid to go to the darkest hour of your situation, thats when the lord will work it out.
---JEB on 5/16/07

You need to be born again first, be taught the basics of christianity and continue to learn about Jesus. You will begin to gradually change by the power of the Holy Spirit in you. The more you know about Christ the more you will learn to love Him. Your faith will grow and you learn to trust Him more and more. You will begin to see things happening in your life. Your prayers will be answered, then you will know you are releasing your faith. It is a process tht cannot be rushed.
---Robyn on 5/16/07

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You can release your faith by speaking.
Mark 11:22 says ," Have the faith of God" or simply "have the God-kind of faith".

Jesus showed what the God-kind of faith is in Mark 11:23. In Genesis 1 God spoke and had what He said. Since we were created in His image we are speaking spirits who can do the samething.
---Rickey on 5/16/07

Romans 10:9-10 is a prime example of releasing faith. It reqired your faith & your mouth in order for you to get saved.

Same principle applies to realeasing faith for any thing else; confessing & believing.
---Rickey on 5/16/07

Several other ways:

1. Confession (Mark 11:23; Job 22:28; Proverbs 18:20-21; 2Corinthians 4:13)

2. Laying on of hands(Acts 8:18; Mark 5:28)

3. Sowing seed(Genesis 8:22;Luke 6:38)

4. Prayer of faith(Mark 11:24; James 5:15)

You'll know when your faith is released when you believe in your heart what you're releasing your faith for.
---Rickey on 5/16/07

Once you release your faith:

1. Praise God for it(Psalms 34:1-3)

2. Keep thanking Him for it until you get it

3. Don't hook up w/ doubters

4. Renew your mind concerning it
---Rickey on 5/16/07

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Evelyn: Contrary to the false doctrines of Word of Faith preachers, faith is not a "Star Wars-like force" to be mastered by Christians in order to manipulate heaven, earth & even God. That's a lie of the devil! The Bible says Christians should hold on to (not release) our faith, our "trust" in God. (Mk. ll:22; Ro. 1:16-17; Heb. 10:23, 11)

Don't let them lead you astray.
---Leon on 5/16/07

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is evidenced by things NOT SEEN. In Mark 22:22-24, we learn to BELIEVE WITHOUT DOUBT, and we will recieve what we ask for in prayer. That is how to release faith. You know it has been released when prayer has been obviously answered in the natural or when you have become very used to not doubting during prayer. Try thanking God in advance,when you pray.
---jody on 5/16/07

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