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How To Complain

What would you do if you went to your church one evening and found out that they canceled it, so people could spend time with family (mother's Day). And no one bothered to call and let you know. But you spoke to the Pastor's wife, but got no reply. What would you do next?

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 ---Rebecca_D on 5/16/07
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Speak with the Pastor, not his wife. He is responsible for seeing to it that the church family be notified of scheduling changes. Surely an announcement should have been made at the morning service of the schedule change.

My church utilizes e-mail and phone calls to make sure the church family knows what is going on with scheduling.
---Madison1101 on 5/2/08

Praise God, Rebecca, that you know you are supposed to be there. And yes, we do fight the good fight of faith and that fight takes place in the mind. Praise God for th victory in Christ Jesus.
---Linda on 5/19/07

Linda: My husband and I searched and searched for a church that God will use us the most. We found this church and we knew the first night it was where God wanted us. 1. We've been going there for 5 years
2. God called my husband to preach out of this church.
3. Yes, I sing every service. God called me to sing. I started before I came to this church.
I'm going back. I'm not going to let something petty get in my way of church. I was just hurt and Satan had a field day with my emotions.
---Rebecca_D on 5/18/07

Rebecca, let me ask you a few questions, hopefully to help you gain a hand up on the situation:

How long have you been going to this church?
Has any good been done to you there?
Have you been given opportunities there that you would not have had otherwise? (You sing, don't you?)
If there has been any good done to you and you have seen and experienced Christ in anybody (even if only one person), then think on that and glorify God for the Christ in another that ministered to you.
---Linda on 5/18/07

There must be some reason you are going to this church. Has there been any love, any encouragement, any support at all? I have story after story after story about hurts and wounds I have suffered at the hands of my brothers and sisters in Christ. The reason those wounds hurt so badly is because we have our shields down when in the presence of those we are to dwell with in love and we don't expect to be wounded in the house of our friends.
---Linda on 5/18/07

However, because of carnality, it does happen and that's unfortunate. I can stand and praise God today for a provision that is more than enough to bring me victoriously to the other side to experience my life in Christ (my promise land). Thanks be to God who always causes US to triumph through Christ Jesus. I encourage you to rest in the word of the King and the work of the cross. It is more than enough to help you and help everyone else around you.
---Linda on 5/18/07

When Paul was saved in that shipwreck, those with him were saved too just because he stood. Important principle there. Very important. One man standing in the midst can bring salvation and deliverance to all around him. "NOW unto Him who is able to keep us from falling and to present us faultless before the throne of His glory with exceeding Him be glory in the church forever and ever, amen."
---Linda on 5/18/07

I did exactly that, catherine. I took my bicycle out for a ride. It's an old fashioned cruiser, without gears or hand brakes. I tooled around the lake, came home, brewed some ice tea with clover honey.
It's thunder and lightning, now. I made it home just in time. No complaints filed here today. It's time to bake cookies for friends in Iraq. Gotta go, need to collect some more honey for the cookies.
---MountainMama on 5/18/07

...which is Christ in YOU (it does not say "me"---esteeming another above yourself),splitting our vision (di-vision), and functioning as mere men instead of new creatures in Christ. Jesus has already split the Adam in His death and that house divided against itself did not stand. There is only One who stands and One who wins the race. It is Christ, head and body. We must stand and run as a corporate man, many members but one body under the direction of the Head, otherwise we are all losers.
---Linda on 5/18/07

Our minds are renewed one thought at a time, moment by moment as the Lord Jesus subdues all things to Himself. When we reject that "saving of the soul", we experience great sorrow and end up critical and judgmental, reaping within ourselves the seed we sowed to ourselves. As we "think on these things", the God of PEACE will be with us. The last thing we need is a Legion of scattered thoughts (plural)tormenting us and removing us from the living hope (singular) of the gospel,...
---Linda on 5/18/07

Speaking from experience, Josef, speaking from experience :) We have all kinds of opportunities to take thoughts and make them houseguests. Jesus bled from His crown to sanctify our thought realm and Phillipians gives us sound instruction based upon that provision. "FINALLY, brethren, whatsoever things are true.......think on these things."
---Linda on 5/18/07

This isn't a complaint, but we Americans need to come to our senses get off our high horses and better realize that high gas prices could reach $10.00 a gal. Get your bikes out we are all too fat anyhow.
---catherine on 5/18/07

Rebecca....I expect there isn't anyone on these blogs who doesn't relate to the gas issue. At the price it is now, it is really going to hurt a lot of people who are already struggling to make it.
---Susie on 5/18/07

Not only do a lot of churches not even have Sunday night or Wednesday services anymore, we have visited several churches where the decision to cancel Sunday night service is often made on Sunday morning without any notification to anybody until that morning. Our favorite church is 85 miles away, so we only attend on Sunday mornings. The pastor would never cancel service even if he was the only one to be there. Like he says, "Somebody might come along and need to get saved."
---Susie on 5/18/07

Sound advice from all of your brothers & sisters in Christ Rebecca, but then I know you recognize that. I know you will hear it & shake off Satan's attempt to trip you in your spiritual walk & hinder your continued advancement within the kingdom of God. Be strong beloved & give him no place.

Your posts were beautiful Linda, true, direct & compassionate. God Bless
---Josef on 5/18/07

My husband and I drove 4 hours to the doctor a week ago, one way, over a 10,000 ft. pass.
The doctor had an emergency. It was a nice day and the golf course just opened. We had to make the trip, again. 16 hours of driving time for a 3 minute visit. Don't sweat the small stuff.
---MountainMama on 5/17/07

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I understand what you are saying. At one time, we lived an hour away from the church we attended and to drive all that way only to find out services were cancelled would have been a major thing. However, again, you can make the choice to think about what was done to you or you can think about what was done both for you and for them that settles it all. The thing you think about the longest will become the strongest thing in your life.
---Linda on 5/17/07

The more you give attention to these things, the more sorrow you will experience because one thought taken again will bring seven more even more stronger with it and you will find that you treat them differently. In other words, you react to their error instead of respond to the love of God shed abroad in your heart.
---Linda on 5/17/07

Rebecca, this happened to me. Here's what happened. I stayed and others came so we had a very small, 5 people, church all by ourselves. We talked, and I anointed everyone with oil and a lady who came got set free from alcoholism. I would not get mad at all. I would shrug it off and let it go. You can have church all by yourself and have good time or whereever two or three are gathered in His name, there is He in the midst of you. Get a friend and have a service with your friend.
---donna5634 on 5/17/07

Jack: The fact of the matter was, I didn't have enough gas in my vehicle to go both Sunday School and church that evening. So we decided to go that evening. It hurt because no one called to let us know the service had been canceled. They knew that morning but, not before then. It was a spure of the moment type thing, as it was explained to me. so again, what should I have done?
---Rebecca_D on 5/17/07

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I must say I find it hard to believe that notification was not given to every one the Sunday before, And personaly, I have never seen a church do that on Mothers Day. It is the Sunday of gratitude and appreciation usualy a rose or carnation is given and then a prayer for all the mothers and children.
---Cynthia_1 on 5/17/07

I would remember that murmuring and complaining kept the children of Israel out of the promised land. Recognize that Pastor's are far busier than any of us would like to admit and, though we would all like a personal phone call, we don't always get it. Our church utilizes the "one call" system.
---Linda on 5/17/07

I hate it because it reminds me of those "please press 1" machines you get any time you want to speak to a real person, but I do see the necessity of it as our Pastor works a full time job and carries out full time ministry. If the smiting and stripe of Jesus wasn't enough to settle the offense, nothing will be. Reckon yourself dead to sin and alive to righteousness. There is far more to bring you up than there is to bring you down. Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world.
---Linda on 5/17/07

If I was hurt every time I wasn't called because of a cancelled service, prayer meeting, or Bible study, I would live a life of offense and drown in my own sorrow. Was there a Sunday morning service? Did you go? Did they perhaps announce the cancellation and you missed it? Be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath, for the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God. Exercise a meek and gentle spirit and watch what happens.
---Linda on 5/17/07

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Things like this happen at our church too. We make announcements at meetings in advance, and put it in the bulletins but there seem to always be a few people who don't hear about it becasue they are not paying attention or are missing at a lot of the meetings. We can't seem to get everyone by phone so what do we do? I don't know your situation but did you maybe not hear or have you been missing at meetings? And maybe someone did try to call you and you were not home.
---john on 5/17/07

**And no one bothered to call and let you know.**

Isn't it strange, Rebecca, that there was NO announcement about this from the pulpil, NOTHING in bulletin, and NOBODY was talking about it at church?

You really expect us to believe that?

The real question is where were you on the Sundays leading up to Mother's Day? Where were you that morning?
---Jack on 5/17/07

Rebecca...We moved to a new community a few months ago and this very thing happened to us with one church in particular. They kept cancelling church services on Sunday night and Wednesday night. Since we are in the ministry, we aren't always there on Sunday mornings. We got tired of showing up on Sunday night and Wednesday night only to find church wasn't open. So, we found another church.
---Susie on 5/16/07

This is the END TIMES and during this period, the Bible warns that many will be offended. Seek God to help you forgive the church and Pastor's wife for disappointing you with her lack of apology and empathy. If you can find peace about it, great. Next, try speaking with the Pastor's wife and the Pastor again regarding the matter and how it affected you letting them know what God has shown you. BE CAREFUL to not let this come between you and your spiritual growth which is what satan whould like.
---jody on 5/16/07

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I would not let this become an offense, it's not that big of a deal. There are so many serious things going on, we need to conserve our energies and direct our efforts towards more important things. Move on, RebeccaD. Next.
---LactoseIntolerant on 5/16/07

RebeccaD., don't be so grumpy.
Mother's Day is over, you had to turn around and go home. You need to stop at Dairy Queen and have a treat. Don't make a federal case out of it.
---Time2Forgive on 5/16/07

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