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Practice Apostolic Poverty

Do Protestants practice Asceticsm and Apostolic Poverty?
Jesus tells us to "sell all we have and give to the poor." John the Baptist lived the life of an ascetic in the desert.

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 ---Ed on 5/22/07
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Seems this basic question was asked a few weeks ago.

Holy Prosperity (aka avarice) seems to be a big part of the message of the independent pop-evangelical mega-churches. What amazes me is that you see no such mega-church preaching holy prosperity in the poorer sections of town, but only in well-to-do suburbs. Why is that?
---Jack on 2/14/08

1.John. Your ministry is a prime example of why places of worship do provide social services more effectively than any goverment agency. The 'in the trench' religions put to shame high profile 'glitter and gold church's' We see. It is very Christlike.

My issue is the autocratic legalistic doctrines I see posted.
---MikeM on 5/27/07

2. This provides a dictomony. I know many at work who are so very proud of being "open-minded people" who in fact are secular self-centered, narcisstic. Then I have met those who are narrow, dogmatic, offering doctrines (their religion-S irrelevant I find downright vile; yet in their daily actions were decent and rightious as can be. Its a moral Conundrum.
---MikeM on 5/27/07

MikeM. If you showed up in our church you'd be welcomed, fed and clothed. We are a street ministry church in the poor section of the city. Most people walk in. The biggest portion of them are substance addicted. Some come in drunk and cause a lot of trouble but they are always welcome just like everyone is.After the service we hand out bags of groceries to anyone who needs them and if they need clothes we have a room full for free.
---john on 5/26/07

John said; "I'm not a protestant, I'm a Christian" I have heard that before, People I once knew. They claimed the 'RCC is the beast, the protestants are children of the beast, and everyone else is a cult.' They believed in c'apricious literalism,' meaning arbritary use of scripture,being literal when it suited, dismising it when it did not.

Example; 'Do not suffer a witch to live' dismised'

'Submit to leaders,' not dismissed.
---MikeM on 5/24/07

Its been speculated John the Baptist lived with the essenes in Qumran. I note the Essenes had little use for the 'established authority' in Jerusalum. I see these TVpreachers, their fine cloths,gold watchs, garish wigs on dumb women, and protracted silliness- then I consider the humble small Church quietly going about its business.

Somethings, over history never change.

Question to John; What would happen if I showed up in your church?
---MikeM on 5/24/07

I've heard many people say, If I'd win the lottery or got a better job, or a raise, I'd be able to pay my tithes. God doesn't want what is left from your paycheck, what is left at the end of the day. He comes first on all things or not at all. He didn't halfway save me, so I won't halfway praise him. God is looking for a bunch of people who will praise and worship him fully. He wants to be first not last. So before you do anything in the mornings, praise God. Your day will go so much better.
---Rebecca_D on 5/23/07

today our attention is focused so intently on jobs,retirements,our credit scores,ENTERTAINMENT,compaining,anf murmuering. if I just had a better job,if I just won the we live most of our day isn,t life at all.
---tom2 on 5/23/07

Cynthia. Did you see Jesus taking up an offering when he fed the people and went from place to place doing the Fathers' work? I'm sure people did give but where did you get the " protestants are taught to tithe 10% of the first fruits" can you show me where protestants are in the Bible and then give me the verse that tells them they are supposed to do this?
---john on 5/23/07

Protestants are to be thanked for much that is good about Christianity today. But do they deserve the right to condemn Catholicism as some do. Catholicism might have its faults. But thanks to the Counter Reformation, Vatican ii and so on the Catholic Church has being greatly reformed. One thing the RRC Church didn't give up though is its belief in ascetism and apostolic poverty (as followed by Franciscans, Dominicans, Benedictines and so on). Whose example is passed down to other Catholics.
---Ed on 5/23/07

No we do not. This is why the catholic church and other churches(JW, Christian Scientist etc..) are in so much error. They want to practice their own brand of dogma. They want to do something to pay for their salvation. You can't. Jesus has done it already. Ascetism and Apostolic Poverty is just a dead ritual. God is not pleased with this foolishness.
---Robyn on 5/23/07

This is ironic, I heard of this Apostolic poverty, only just a couple of hours ago, for the very first time from a sweet catholic guy on the tv, Michael Manning, He said he took an oath of poverty to join the Priesthood, I felt so sorry for Him, Protestants are tought to tithe the firstfruits of 10%. When you go to a restraunt to eat food, you never leave without paying the bill first, likewise a Pastor gives spiritual food, that doesnt mean you pay with a spiritual offering (nothing in the offering)
---Cynthia_1 on 5/23/07

I'm not a protestant, I'm a Christian.
1Ti 6:9 Those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.
The motive of the heart is what God will see. Riches generally draw people away, not bring them close to God.
---john on 5/23/07

The whole tended, in a wrong manner, to satisfy the carnal mind, by gratifying self-will, self-wisdom, self-righteousness, and contempt of others. The things being such as carry not with them so much as the show of wisdom; or so faint a show that they do the soul no good, and provide not for the satisfying of the flesh.
---Linda on 5/23/07

Col 2:20 If you have died with Christ and have escaped from the world's rudimentary notions, why, as though your life still belonged to the world, do you submit to such precepts as

Col 2:21 "Do not handle this;" "Do not taste that;" "Do not touch that other thing" --

Col 2:22 referring to things which are all intended to be used up and perish--in obedience to mere human injunctions and teachings?
---Linda on 5/23/07

Col 2:23 These rules have indeed an appearance of wisdom where self-imposed worship exists, and an affectation of humility and an ascetic severity. But not one of them is of any value in combating the indulgence of our lower natures.

Self-imposed sufferings and fastings, might have a show of uncommon spirituality and willingness for suffering, but this was not in any honour to God.
---Linda on 5/23/07

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