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Freemasons A Cult

Does anyone have any opinions about cult called the Masonic Lodge, whose members are sometimes called freemasons?

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 ---Okebaram on 5/23/07
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I firmly believe they are not a cult.As a matter of fact you can't even join unless you believe there is a God and no drinking is even permitted in the one that my son belongs to and he does believe in Jesus as the only way to God.
---shirley on 10/3/10

Gordon. And that proves that Masons are satanic? Circular argument!!
---Pedant on 10/3/10

aka: you called Satan an anchangel, the only place in the Bible his 'rank' is mentioned he is called cherabim.
---Harold on 10/3/10

aka, EXACTLY! Because Satan has wanted to be worshipped from the time he rebelled against GOD in Heaven. And, through the Anti-Christ, he will be worshipped on a Global scale. For the Scriptures say, in REVELATION 13:4, "...they (the world) worshipped the Dragon (Satan) which gave power unto the Beast (Anti-Christ):..." So, yes, he has been working and working behind-the-scenes to finally bring about his son, the Anti-christ and his World-wide kingdom, the New World Order.
---Gordon on 10/2/10

Not-so-New World Order began in the Archangel Satan's fertile imagination, started when he began rebelling. It was implemented in the Garden of Eden.
---aka on 10/1/10

When it comes to freemason, people who know do not talk, people who talk do not know.
---francis on 9/28/10

Yours summarizes the mysterious group the best francis. I know both sides.
Free masonry has no power with GOD. They do not go through Christ. They do not uphold Christ. They appeal to GOD,any man's single diety...but,ignore/miss the path.
Rather than worry about this groups confusion...get out of your own organized cult of doctrine/denom which ever flavor that is more dangerous to your soul than this fraternity.
Find two or three like minded Berean type searchers and seek ask for truth.
---Trav on 10/1/10

Obewan-- What do "undercover" videos prove?
Nothing. Anyone seeing an "undercover" video of some of your church services (or mine) could conclude all sorts of strange and frightening things...if they were so inclined.

this analogy serves what purpose seeing masons are fraternity organization NOT a religious sect

masons do not have open "services" their member only rituals are performed under exceptionally high security

please enlighten us which mainstream "church" service is done in secracy WITH security for members only where an "undercover film" would find -strange and "frightenining" events??

why defend a non-christian group?
---Rhonda on 9/30/10

Gordon ... you have ignored my second question.

when did the Masons start working for the NWO.

Masons have been going for centuries ... I think the NWO is a much more recent thing.
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/29/10

Actually, if you can find some of the centuries old Masonic literature or someone who has left the lodge and who can quote it by author, book, and date, you will quickly see that the founders of Masonry did in fact envision a world wide order or "brotherhood" extending to the highest levels of governments.
---Obewan on 9/30/10

When I took an oath as a juror I meant every thing I said. When I took an oath as a soldier I meant every word of it. When I took an oath (vows) in marriage I took them seriously. When I stood before the church and professed Christ as my Lord (swore before others, taking at oath) I meant it. If you don't mean what you say when taking an oath don't do it. See what happened to Jephthah in Judges ch. 11.
---Harold on 9/30/10

Alan of U.K., I admonish you to look up about the New World Order for yourself. It has been centuries in the making, behind the scenes for the most part. And the main builder is Satan, and his servants/puppets are the "Illuminati", the Freemasons (highest degrees, at least), the Jewish Kabbalists, and other Jewish religious leaders, all of whom hate YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST, and are set in ushering in their own "messiah"-See JOHN 5:43. You could actually say that the New World Order has been slowly, slowly working it's way up since the Tower of Babel, because the Anti-Christ's New World Order is the culmination of what satan was trying to do with the Tower of Babel. Anyway, LOOK IT UP, you have Internet access. It's all real.
---Gordon on 9/30/10

Gordon ... you have ignored my second question.

when did the Masons start working for the NWO.

Masons have been going for centuries ... I think the NWO is a much more recent thing.
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/29/10

Alan of U.K., Well, You can, as well, find out just as much. There are books about this subject in Christian Bookstores. It's all around on the Internet, if one takes the time to look. I assure you, that no matter how "secret" something is, or, is intended to be, GOD will make sure that Light is shed on it to be exposed. Satan can only go so far. Since the New World Order will affect EVERYONE, saved and unsaved, GOD is making sure that HIS people are made aware of this Anti-Christ, NWO kingdom to come. So that they may be personally ready and will help others to, also, be ready.
---Gordon on 9/29/10

Derek Prince paraphrases Eph 6:12: For our wrestling match is not against flesh and blood, not against persons with bodies, but against rulers with various areas and descending orders of authority, against the world dominators of this present darkness, against spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenlies.

God's Kingdom is a network of Truth. Satan's kingdom is a web of deceit. True disciples know who they serve. Masons are part of the web, and most of them do not know it.
---aka on 9/28/10

Mima -- Yes almost all the men in my family are/were Masons. My father was a 32nd degree, and my brother, a 33rd degree. He was the only one who bothered to attend regularly. They probably believed a NWO was coming (modern globalism).But I'm sure they would no more die for a fellow Mason than they would for a member of their college fraternities.
---Donna66 on 9/28/10

When it comes to freemason, people who know do not talk, people who talk do not know.
---francis on 9/28/10

Gordon ... How did you find that out? And when did they start doing that?
---alan8566_of_uk on 9/28/10

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The Freemasons are indeed a satanic cult. they are helping to shape the Anti-Christ's New World Order. The lower degree masons, I'm sure, at least some, do not know of these things. It is the higher-degree Masons that know the truth of the NWO.
---Gordon on 9/28/10

---Donna66 you're mistaken about the Masonic Lodge. And from what you have written I assume that someone close to you is a member of the Masons. Am I correct?
---mima on 9/28/10

Harold-- So you believe they take this oath literally? I think not.
---Donna66 on 9/28/10

Oh really? You obviously have not done the research to uncover the documented cases of Freemason murders. A little research into some historical writings is all it takes to uncover them.

And, what about the corruption in Scotland Yard? It was so bad they could bring no one to trial because the "brothers" would not testify against each other.
---Obewan on 9/28/10

Harold-- So you believe they take this oath literally? I think not.
---Donna66 on 9/28/10

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I will not call all masons satanic. They do many good works. It is a civil group not a religious one. Personally I could not belong to any organization that as you go up in the ranks you have to take an oath to kill anyone revealing the rites or secrets of that group. I have seen this in their own "secret handbook", which was bought at a yard sale from a widow that did not know what it was, that this is true. Jesus said (Paraphrase mine) when you plan in your heart to do something your are already guilt of that act.
---Harold on 9/27/10

Obewan -- I did not intend to respond to the rest of your post...only the comment about "undercover videos". Undercover videos are usually used to substantiate preconceived ideas. Such videos could make even the Boy Scouts look like "cultists"!
---Donna66 on 9/26/10

Obewan-- What do "undercover" videos prove?
Nothing. Anyone seeing an "undercover" video of some of your church services (or mine) could conclude all sorts of strange and frightening things...if they were so inclined.
---Donna66 on 9/25/10

You ignored the other 1/2 of my post. Their own publications point to a lot of suspicious (at best) beliefs and those concerns were substantiated by the undercover videos of actual rituals.

Did you look for the book "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements"? It is a scholarly work and goes into great detail with supporting documentation and was written by an expert historian.
---Obewan on 9/25/10

Obewan-- What do "undercover" videos prove?
Nothing. Anyone seeing an "undercover" video of some of your church services (or mine) could conclude all sorts of strange and frightening things...if they were so inclined.
---Donna66 on 9/25/10

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The Freemasons are one of the most god oriented fraturnities in the world. They don't care what religon you are, so long as you believe in god. Yes there are some bad apples in the bunch. But there ar bad apples in all walks of life, church, elected officials, doctors, ect: The BIG secret about Masonary is that there is no secret. you can go to the Library of Congress and find out anything that you what to know. Make up your own mind. Masons won't ask you to join. You have to ask them.
Masonary makes good men better.
---Charles_E._Fowler_Jr on 9/25/10

The best way to learn about Masonry is to read literature sponsored by them as well as the super-abundant "anti-Masonic" offerings on the internet.
---Donna66 on 2/12/10
The book I posted is based upon their own publications throughout history.

The Freeman Perspective has interviews with ex Masons as well as undercover video of some of their ceremonies.
---obewan on 2/13/10

The Masons are not, and do not claim to be a church or a religion. They are a private organization with the right to choose their own membership.
As for the people they purportedly exclude, they are the same people Christian churches regularly exclude, though most churches deny it. The exception, in both organizations, is those who are "emotionally ill" because they are not readily detectable. Also women have their own organizations within Masonry.

The best way to learn about Masonry is to read literature sponsored by them as well as the super-abundant "anti-Masonic" offerings on the internet.
---Donna66 on 2/12/10

If you really want to research the history of Freemasons and other secret societies, Google to find the ebook "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements". I found it for free but it is also kept in some rare book collections in selected libraries. It is a scholarly work and is well documented.

If you want video, Google for the web show "The Freeman Perspective" together with "Freemasons". Not as historical but it has some shocking claims.
---obewan on 2/11/10

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The Jewish calendar dates from the creation of the world, in Genesis. According to this calendar, the current year (2009-2010) is 5770. Since Masons claim that their traditions go back to Solomon and his temple (whether such claims are true or not), it would make sense for them to use the same dating system.

(This differs a bit from Bishop Ussher's chronology, which would put us at around year 6014, but it's in the same ballpark).
---StrongAxe on 2/11/10

My personal experience with the freemasons was one of a nightmarish cult with satanic like rituals. Many children were abused physically, sexually and psychologically. The group has people from all levels of economic and social status, they appear to be tolerant of all cultures and spiritual belief systems. However, as one climbs the levels of masonry the rites, rituals and morals become more satanic in nature. All joy, happiness and fellowship are discouraged. Members are encouraged to remain chamelians in their communities to protect the secrets of the cult. I cannot state that all masons or masonic lodges/temples are the same. I do feel that any organization that is driven by secrecy and bizzare rituals cannot be of God's will.
---Katy on 2/10/10

Masonry rejects and excludes are the very ones Jesus sought out to accept and minister to:
The Lodge excludes and rejects the blind, for they cannot see to engage in the signs and due-guards, it rejects the crippled and maimed, for they cannot assume the body positions necessary for the signs and due-guards.
The deaf are excluded because they cannot hear the "secret" words.
The poor are excluded, for they cannot pay the fees and dues.
---Chipper on 2/28/08

The mentally challenged are rejected because they cannot memorize the correct questions and answers to be recited in rituals in order to function in the Lodge.
The emotionally ill are rejected because they cannot be trusted with the "secrets."
Historically, blacks and women have been excluded simply because they are considered unsuitable."
---Chipper on 2/28/08

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"Jesus, on the other hand proclaims that "whosoever will, may come" and receive His gift of redemption and that all may "take the water of life freely" (Rev. 22:17). He especially reached out to the blind, the crippled, the mentally challenged and mentally ill, the poor and the unwanted - the very ones Masonry excludes and rejects (as unworthy)."
---Chipper on 2/28/08

Freemasonry is wrong because they tolerate all religions of the world. The only requirement is that one beleives in "a supreme being" and it doesn't matter who it is. It could be your left shoe.
God NEVER tolerated other gods or religions.
In most lodges or "temples" as they call them, they are forbidden to pray in Jesus' name so they do not offend fellow masons of other religions.
---Chipper on 8/25/07

Once inside the "tabernacle" or "temple", the high priest was to be facing away from the east where the sun rises. The Egyptians were sun worshippers and God had the priests face just opposite to show their loyalty and faith to God.
---Chipper on 6/30/07

Masonry wants you to believe that it is an ancient fraternity of "good old boys" who help each other when they can. Actually, from what I have historically discovered, the first chapters were in the late middle ages, in the European Eastern part of the new Roman Empire. Being a member means that you have to swear allegiance to a group besides Church and Country, which means to me a False Religion.
---harold on 6/30/07

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As a matter of fact, I do. But I have so many books and since I moved they are in boxes somewhere around here and it would take me awhile to find it.
I am not a mason but I have studied it for about 20 or more years. I have many masonic books that actually a non mason is not supposed to have, plus a lot of books by masons who have become christians and demitted from the lodge.
If you'd like, I could try to make a list of the books I have.
---Chipper on 6/30/07

Sorry, chipper that's not how the temple was laid out. By the way the way "AL" means year of light, mixing the christian dating concept with the hewbrew, as a guess on when the world was made.

The Ulam: the porch or entrance before the temple in the east (1 Kings 6:3; 2 Chr. 3:4; 9:7). In the porch stood the two pillars Jachin and Boaz (1 Kings 7:21; 2 Kings 11:14; 23:3), which were 18 cubits in height and surmounted by capitals of carved lilies, 5 cubits high.
---Elliott on 6/29/07

Do you have a source on your "backwards temple" theory?
---Elliott on 6/29/07

Chipper, that sounds like the date in Hebrew. Instead of 2007, the Hebrew calendar says it's 5767.
---AlwaysOn on 6/26/07

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Does anyone know why the Masonic Temples have the date "5,something" (example> AL 5767) on them? instead of say, 2007 if it is built this year.
Have you ever heard of Anne Lucis?
---Chipper on 6/26/07

Freemasonry goes back to Solomon's Temple (and further). The masonic temples today are fashioned and designed after Solomon's, but are deliberately set in the exact opposite direction which is facing east where the sun rises. Solomon's Temple was built facing the west, so the worshipers backs were towards the rising of the sun... as God commanded.
---Chipper on 6/26/07

One story about how the Masonic lodge came about is that during the plagues of the Middle Ages, they consituted those that gathered up the bodies in the streets for burial. Thus the need for secrecy.

Whether this is true or not, this came from my father who was a Master Mason.

Another story is that they were the successors of the Knights Templar.

They were instrumental in the overthrow of the Papal States.
---lee on 6/25/07

When my great-grandfather was a mason member in the late 1800's, it was made up of mostly the local baptists...In the early days I don't believe there was much conversation about any other God but our Lord and Savior, Jesus. It was just understood that was who everyone was referring to...when pledging their allegiance. Now adays because of our countries all inclusive policy, it probably has become somewhat of a cult...How times change!!
---Jane on 6/25/07

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Alan - if you have a top knowledge of Masonicism, could you tell us if there was much difference between the Masonry of our US founding fathers & what old Albert Pike introduced?

In order words, has the Masonic lodge changed much from its introduction to the time of Pike?
---lee on 6/24/07

Alan: You surely have the top level knowledge of the Freemasons. That's what they want you to believe. The Masons is a multilevel organization. What you and the majority of people, including most Freemasons, know are the first few levels where they bring together food, money, medical supplies, clothing to help the poor and needy. They look good from the outside, but the higher you go in the organization, the more sinister it becomes...
---Steveng on 6/24/07

Alan: ...Only a few make it to the top. They are both a cult AND a religion. "Just because you say "Lord, Lord," and you feed and clothe the poor and needy" it doesn't mean Jesus will recognize you.
---Steveng on 6/24/07

How could Albert Pike be a corruptor of the masonic organization when he wrote the rituals for all the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite Masonry?
---Chipper on 6/24/07

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Alan said, "Freemasons meetings are held in a Masonic Lodge and are always opened and closed with a prayer to invoke the blessing of God."

Alan, to which god (God) do they pray?
Japanese masons pray to Shinto, Indian masons pray to Buddha, and other masons of other religions pray to their god (small "g").
Masons are forbidden to end their prayers thus, "in the name of Jesus Christ" for fear of offending other masons of other religions.
---Chipper on 6/23/07

Old Albert Pike was a confederate officer during the Civil War and also an organizers of the Klu Klux Klan.

I do not who Eliphas Levi was.

I realize that Pike & Levi came much later and I am wondering if the Masonic lodge was somewhat different during the colonial period of US history when all the founder fathers were Masons.
---lee on 6/19/07

Albert Pike & Eliphas Levi were big time corrupters of masonry in the 1870s. It is interesting that most of Americas founders were Freemasons, and that Washington DC is flooded with Masonic symbols, as Masonic influence is seen in the constitution, a secular document; yet so many claim the founders were solid protestant Christian. Many presidents were masons, Masonry today is antiquated, but in its time it helped break up the RCC and ecclesial controls of government in Europe.
---MikeM on 6/19/07

A cursory study of Albert Pike & Eliphas Levi should reveal the truth about freemasonry.
---a_servant on 6/18/07

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Freemasonry is not a cult, nor is it a religion, but does encourage members to support their own religious beliefs. Freemasons meetings are held in a Masonic Lodge and are always opened and closed with a prayer to invoke the blessing of God. Freemasonry is not a Secret Society either - if you would like to have a look around a Lodge or learn more about them, just look up your nearest Lodge in the phone book, knock on the door and ask. The only thing you stand to lose is your ignorance and prejudice.
---Alan on 6/18/07

Creepy mason ads.
---Adalerts on 6/9/07

Warwick- the roots of the conflict today between Christianity & Islam goes back even before the crusades when Islamic armies conquested much of Europe. It is in their religious ideology to convert & conquer.

In any case, Masonism puts itself above the 'light of religions' believing itself to be a superior light. And that is why they borrow from many different religious ideologies.

I have much of their literature as my family was well advanced in Masonry.
---lee on 6/9/07

Lee it amazes me that anyone would bring up the crusades (which occurred 800 years ago) to defend the monstrous acts of Muslims today.

If you study the history of the crusades you will see they were fought because Muslim invaders of the Holy Land stopped Christians visiting on pilgrimages, as they had done before Islam existed, for hundreds of years.

The crusades were fought to regain access.

Yes that's right the muslims were invaders of the Holy Land.
---Warwick on 6/8/07

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Not all Islamics are radical terrorists or hateful of Christians.

Most want nothing much more than to live in peace with their neighbors and most in the United States are law abiding citizens.

As to atrocities, if you studied the 'christian' crusades you would find much in common with radical Moslems.

Masonism views itself above the common morality found within the various religions.

Light is masonry is more desired by the freemason than is light from religions.
---lee on 6/7/07

With all the problems the world is having today with the radical Islamists and their hatred for christians, why in the world would this organization use the Islamic sword and crescent for their emblem?
Mohammed killed christians in Fez, Morraco in northern Africa, then dipped his "white" hat in the blood of these same christians as a sign of victory. This is why the masons today wear the "red fez".
This is all documented truth.
---Chipper on 6/7/07

Chipper - *No true God fearing Christian can be a good mason.*

Agree but the reason is that the lodge is really part of the world system.

Specifically, they give each other accolades and proclaim themselves to be ethically moral.

God sees the heart and makes judgement on that basis.
---lee on 5/31/07

Lee: I'm not sure if you are defending Freemasonry or not here. Although I am not and never will be a mason, I have studied quite extensively about it and have been told by masons that I know more than the average mason. Freemasonry is a cultlike organization. I cannot explain this in 80 words or less.
No true God fearing Christian can be a good mason.
---Chipper on 5/31/07

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The "god of masonry" can be anything that one makes of it.

The Masonic lodge only request a belief in a god of ones own chosing for membership.

Be that god of the Christian faith, Islamic faith,etc. the lodge does not specify but does require one to subscribe to high ethical values, common to most religions.

And they do use the hoodwink and cable toe in some of their ceremonials.

I am not a member of the Masonic lodge, nor care to be one.
---lee on 5/30/07

In reality we all do have the same creator who is Jehovah God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But some men choose to believe in other gods such as Buddah, Vishnu, Shinto, Krishna, Mohammed, Allah and the god of masonry, satan or lucifer himself as Albert Pike taught.
A christian cannot remain in the lodge if he really knows Christ as his saviour.
You have been "hoodwinked" by satan himself!
---Chipper on 5/30/07

The lodge views that all men are brothers in the sense that all have the same Creator.
---lee on 5/27/07

If all masons are "brothers", then they are brothers with false religions. Darkness cannot fellowship with light. They fellowship with Buddahists, Hindus, Krishna, Islamist Muslims, and many other false religions.
Freemasonry never make a distinction between the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the others gods of the other religions.
In most masonic lodges they are forbidden to pray in Jesus name.
---Chipper on 5/26/07

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Okebaram - They believe in secrecy, so you may not know much about it...but it is witchcraft.*

"The only secret the Masons have is that they have no secrets" - Ben Franklin.

The literature on Masonry is easily available for anyone that has the time to do the research.
---lee on 5/26/07

Well then from what I have heard here Americas Founding Fathers, being involved deeply in Masonry were awash in satanic witchcraft, thus the constitution, and republic is Demonic inspired.

From what I understand, in the 1840's Albert Pike heavily influened masonry in America, and co-founded the KKK, (I could be wrong on this.)

As for me, I think masonry is a slowly fading away old boys club of little value
---MikeM on 5/26/07

MikeM, do you know what cult we are talking about?

They believe in secrecy, so you may not know much about it...but it is witchcraft.
---Okebaram on 5/25/07

And it is reported that in one of the Scotish rite degrees, one has to swear an oath on the Koran. (pls check this out as my source may not be the best).**

To be more precise: Scottish Rite (and Blue Lodge, for that matter) simply require belief in some kind of deity. Any book recognized as authoritative and sacred in any religion may be used to swear upon--the Bible as well as the Koran.
---Jack on 5/25/07

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** Masons are advertisting their ringtones and supplies.**

Adalert, can you clarify what you mean by "masonic ringtones," please?
---Jack on 5/25/07

There are some things in the Masonic rituals that are far less than Christian.

For one, they seem to recognize any deity one may worship.

And it is reported that in one of the Scotish rite degrees, one has to swear an oath on the Koran. (pls check this out as my source may not be the best).

Me thinketh that I would have a few problems with some of those degree!

But I understand that the York rite is more designed for the Christian.
---lee on 5/24/07

MikeM: If you read my answer you will see that I said the "organization" is a demonic cult. It's sad but I doubt there's one in 10,000 of the members who really know what Masonry is all about. They blindy join and blindly follow the blind leaders.
Most masons do not even know the man who wrote the rituals of the 32 degrees of the Scotish Rite that they swear to abide by.
---Chipper on 5/24/07

If you say Freemasons are 'of the devil' then you are saying;

Americas founding Fathers, are satanic, as most were masons.

That much of the influence of, on the constitution is satanic, wash DC and founding documents are full of mason terms.

That the Boy Scouts are satanic, as (Baden Powell, their founder was a mason, and patterned it after the order)

Forget Disneyland, Disney was a mason, and so many others.
---MikeM on 5/24/07

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Yes, I have a lot of opinions about the organizations. It's a demonic cult. Stay clear of it.
Would you swear blood oaths to belong to a cult like this?
---Chipper on 5/24/07

In short, yes.
They make no distinction between Jesus and Budha; at the higher levels they openly worship a demon.
---mike8384 on 5/24/07

Masons are advertisting their ringtones and supplies.
---Adalert on 5/23/07

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