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Teaching Biblical Principles

In today's world moral values are not being taught in family's or in schools. How can we as Christians reach the children who know nothing about good moral values and Bible principles?

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 ---Brenda on 5/28/07
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Regarding religion and public schools: didn't our 'founding fathers' and our ancestors fight and sometimes die so we could have freedom of religion?
---sue on 3/19/08

Where did you get the idea that morals were supposed to be taught in schools?

You're not responsible for other people's children.

Teach your own children well, and if you've done your job well, their example will rub off on others.
---Jack on 3/19/08

Through local churches! If every church had a "bus" youth ministry, and every church had a rewarded Bible verse memorization program, think how much eternal truth would be going into the heads of the bored youth of our country!
---harold on 6/30/07

Yes it's a parents responsibility, however, many are lost, and we as christians need to reach out to the lost and not look the other way because another parent should have done whatever. I've failed in many ways a s a parent and am thankful for all Godly influence from others. In answer to the question, pray for these children, seek what God would have you do, open your hearts and homes to allow them to see the love of Christ in action.
---Christina on 6/30/07

Candice...You've got things right. It is the parents place to teach their children about faith, morality, etc. It's just too bad that all parents aren't doing it like you are able to do. God bless you in raising your children.
---Susie on 6/4/07

Catherine; "Government is becoming more corrupt" Was our goverment less corrupt 150 years ago when the country was far far 'less secular' and more 'Christian?' Ask a black man 150 years ago, ask a native American or chinese then or women wanting to vote. More Christian does not equate to more free, never has, history 101.

(As a libertarian I do believe in a religious society, but a secular goverment.)
---MikeM on 6/5/07

Congress===1787.-Religion, Morality, and Knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind. Are people happy today? >>>Is it any wonder Americans are losing their freedoms, Government is becoming more corrupt, and the general state of happiness is declining. A note. almost everyone use could read and write when prayers was in the schools and Ten Commandments. Now days not so good.
---catherine on 6/4/07

** Our founding Fathers emphasized Christian Faith and Morality: Virtue, Learning and Piety. === Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison.**

Doesn't it bother you to say things that have no basis in reality, catherine?

The Adams and Jefferson were Unitarians. Jefferson did a version of the Bible with the miracles of Jesus cut out.

Washington refused to attend communion services.
---Jack on 6/4/07

Part 2:

Lincoln NEVER claimed to be a Christian nor was a member of any church.
---Jack on 6/4/07

Now Catherine, The founding fathrs were mostly deist, freemasons and Unitarians, like the ones you quoted.
John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison. As to the pilgrums they were Calvinist,Willian Brewster, John Robinson, William Bradford.

Then there were no public schools,-they were not established until after the industrial revolution so goverment schools are a different matter.
---MikeM on 6/4/07

I try to teach my children the best I can. It also helps if we have church support with different parents, but it starts with you at home starting the cycle.
---Candice on 6/3/07

I agree Brenda: Rejecting the word of the Lord is rebellion against God (1 Sam. 15:23-26) & that is the sin of witchcraft (doing what is thought to be the natural course of action, regardless of what God says).

Turning a deaf ear to God's word, e.g., The Ten Commandments, has significantly contributed to moral decadence & a downward spiral in the public school system. Public schools no longer teach children not to kill, not to steal, etc. So, there you have it -- moral bankruptcy!
---Leon on 6/2/07

Our founding Fathers emphasized Christian Faith and Morality: Virtue, Learning and Piety. === Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, James Madison. Some Christian Pilgrims:Willian Brewster, John Robinson, William Bradford.
---catherine on 6/2/07

MikeM....Maybe in Salem? LOL!!!
---Susie on 5/31/07

Brenda...I know many young people who are strong Christian witnesses in their schools. They are NEVER forbidden to use the name of Jesus. They are even called on to say a blessing before special meals at the schools.
---Susie on 5/31/07

where are they teaching witchcraft?
---MikeM on 5/30/07

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Many schools teach Witchcraft and other related religions here in America but we are not allowed to speak of Jesus unless one of the students brings up the subject. We can talk about God as long as we don't relate Him to any one religion.
It is time for true Christians to take a stand and get involved with the public school systems in their local commuity schools. Join us in school and help us fight the violence.
---Brenda on 5/30/07

Why in this world did Christians sit around and allow our Government to do away with God's laws and prayers? And now everyone is bellyacheing because of the shootings and the corruptions and no morals. We have evolution.
---catherine on 5/29/07

2.I am thankful to them for installing in me a respect for the great writers, some Christian, some pagan, whom without their negative endorsements I would have never discovered or peraps have never gone to college without them. The several who have escaped all are in college, so if anger can inspired acheivement, it was all worth it, thats what I tell my nephew and neice, both who escaped an autocratic church. Ephesians 9 says "be angry but sin not."
---MikeM on 5/29/07

John, Where are the schools that offer athiestic instruction?
I would like to know what school teach's atheism, as no public school should teach any religious view. Is in the U.S.? What state is atheism being taught in, please be specific so I can inform others of this.

As to 'Gross immorality and Godlessness' they are 90% the result of faulure in the home.
---MikeM on 5/29/07

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I worked with troubled children everyday, they are not being instructed about morales or anything good. they are focused on fighting, drugs and gangs. I ask "How can we reach these kids?" Sorry I stirred up so many, It is good to know there are those who do teach moral values to the family.
---Brenda on 5/29/07

A lot of churches have bus ministries to pick up children and adults who don't have transportation. We have seen very successful Children's Churches grow out of these bus ministries. This is one way that we can reach the children who are not receiving the Christian education they should be.
---Susie on 5/29/07

"They spend 6 hours a day getting atheistic instruction"
Really ... is it atheistic to teach how to read & write? To add up and multiply? How to make things? How to play music? About the history of yuor nation?
You seem to have a wide definition of "atheistic"
In fact is there ANY teaching in school that there is no God? Because that is what atheism is.
---alan_of_UK on 5/29/07

**They spend 6 hours a day getting atheistic instruction. What can we expect the result to be other than gross immorality and Godlessness?**

That leaves 18 hours at home. Are you implying that the influence of the home is indeed so weak?
---Jack on 5/29/07

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I agree that good moral values are not taught in pagan schools but in homes that are Christian I do believe they are taught. They are probably not followed very good because the school teaches them apposite that the home teaches. They spend 6 hours a day getting atheistic instruction. What can we expect the result to be other than gross immorality and Godlessness?
---john on 5/29/07

Brenda: The evangelical mission field for "all Christian parents" begins in our homes, with our own children. (Pv. 22:6)
Continually pray for children in families who aren't being taught good moral values & Bible principles at home. (Jas. 5:16; 1 Thes. 5:17)
---Leon on 5/29/07

Jack, AMEN. It is my responsibility as a parent to instruct my children in the faith and teach them right from wrong. They have been a positive influence on their friends and are doing well. If more parents did the same, what a wonderful world this would be.
---lorra8574 on 5/28/07

Morality, is not the function of schools, or goverment, period.

'Goodness,' morality comes first from the homes, then the church's and synagogues, etc. I suspect if the families of America were intact, and 'Christian priniples' were applied IN THE HOME, 90% of Americas domestic problems would go away.

A dozen strong families beat a single social agency.
---MikeM on 5/29/07

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I can only teach my kids. While my kids may be small, they are setting examples to other children their age. My 5 year old was witnessing to her 7 year old cousin about Jesus. To this day she (cousin) goes to church more often now. Teach your children they way the bible says, and they will witness not only to other children, but to adults as well.
---Rebecca_D on 5/28/07

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