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Church Leader Is Sinning

The scripture says that love covers a multitude of faults(sin). How much is a multitude and if you know someone holding an office in your church (deacon, secretary, choir director) is having an affair, do you "cover" them in prayer or expose them?

Moderator - Report them to the pastor and continue to pray that they stop the affair.

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 ---Sonya4694 on 5/29/07
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While my local church is a good one, the denomination really has problems. This month at their convention they decided that those who are non-celibate and living with those of same sex, could be ordained as pastors, elders & deacons. Interesting enough, one of their final recommendations was to encourage 'those who are clergy & church leaders, to know their HIV status - saying that testing will make them a "visible example" and will "help eliminate the stigma associated with HIV & AIDS testing'.

I will be changing denominational affiliation as soon as possible.
---leej on 7/26/10

JUDE 1:19 -THESE be they who separate themselves sensual having not the spirit.
1 TIMOTHY 3:2 A BISHOP then must be blameless the husband of one wife vigilent sober of good behavor, given to hospitality apt to teach.
MALACHI 2 - AND NOW O YE PRIEST this commandment is of you.
IF YE WILL NOT HEAR,and if ye will not lay it to heart my name saith the LORD of HOST, I WILL send a curse upon you:I will CURSE your BLESSING,---------------
---RICHARD on 7/25/10

I dated a married Bishop/Pastor/Doctor

he does all, he is everywhere online NOW.

BUT AT THE TIME, he was on Ebony Back dating website, and he approached me, and we dated online for 8 months. I really loved talking to him, and he conned me into things I am ashamed of. The day we were to meet, he stood me up, and later I found he was very married, Pastor with children. He loves money, and praises money and more money. Do we let him continue to be a Wolf? or let it go?
---medelia on 7/21/10

Scripture gives guidelines about how to deal with a believer in sin. First you confront them lovingly. Then you take two or three with you to discuss it with them. Then you go to the church leadership.
---Madison1101 on 12/27/07

Here are the steps you should follow, according to the Bible: 1. Talk with the person in private. If he/she refuses to listen, take step 2 which is take someone with you and confront the person. Next is step 3, if they refuse to stop, talk with the pastor - with the same person you took to see this "wayward" person. (The pastor wants to make sure you aren't just accusing falsely.) 4th and last, if the pastor doesn't believe you, take it to the deacons. (Keep the accused informed.)
---WIVV on 5/30/07

Just pray? I agree with prayer but that's not what the instructions are. Read 1Cor5. Paul says get that person out of the assembly because they are bringing defilement to the whole church. If they are in leadership they need to come before the church to give account so that all may fear. 1Tim.5.
---john on 5/30/07

I don't like that word expose! many times fornication and adultry goes on in the leader ship because the pastor is afraid to lose or offend, or maybe he dibbles and dabbles his self. God is the greatest reprimand and he sees all, just pray.
---JEB on 5/30/07

You are to love them but it is not your love that covers their sins, it is God's. 1 Tim.5:19-20 says you are not to bring a public accusation against leadership unless there are 2 witnesses for proof. If you approach them and they admit to it, then you don't need a witness. According to these verses, sin in leadership is ordered to be exposed to the public. People in leadership should lead lives that are an example. Talk with the pastor about this situation.
---john on 5/29/07

Sonja; if you do not speak to your Pastor (hope that he isn't part of the guilty party) then you are condoining this affair. I wouldn't expose them, but either go to them in love and let them know that you know and make them step down from their position, until they stop it and get in under the blood. Or either go to the Pastor, and have him talk to them. If they don't listen and take heed to God's word, then you've done your part. If you see someone sinning, you must go to that person.
---Rebecca_D on 5/29/07

A mutitude of sins means>>>You do not gossip about them, you don't feel that you are better than they are, you don't expose them to the whole world. You perhaps could confront them, and if that doesn't work perhaps to the pastor.
---catherine on 5/29/07

Just like Pastor Ted Haggard, this leader probably has demons in their life that need to be excorcised. Christians can have demons too. Pray a spiritual warfare prayer. Command Satan to let go over every area of this person's life, and be bound to the pit, in Jesus' Name. Satan will NOT let go until you tell (DEMAND) him to.
---Leslie on 5/29/07

I think I'd just pray for them.
---sue on 5/29/07

Prayer is the key, you must humble yourself and allow God to do his work. And don't forget just because one holds a position in the church does not mean that they are exempt from failing. Not saying it is right but we must pray more and practice at passing judgment less. For we once were on the left but now we are on the right.
---Clara on 5/29/07

If you know the affair is going on and you cover it up, you are just at fault. It needs to stop right now. Speak to the Pastor about this, in private (along with his wife), and let the Pastor take it from there.
---Rebecca_D on 5/29/07

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