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How Do You Pray

What is prayer? How do you pray?

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 ---Ed on 5/31/07
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Prayer is talking to God. I start with praise then I talk ask for help, direction, give Him my cares for myself and otheres. Then I praise Him again for answering. Sometimes I apologize if needed. It's just like talking to my father because He is my Father.
---betty8468 on 9/27/08

Praise God, John P., Praise God. That's great news. I will keep praying for your finances and I'm so glad to hear about your wife. Thanks for the praise report. You made my day.
---Piney_Woods on 8/10/07

............."Praise Report"............

My wife's leg is healed! This is not natural. Nobody heals that fast unless God does it, and he did! Thanks for the prayers and thank you Piney Woods for being so faithful. Please continue to pray for our money situation, it's gotten a little better and I know God is faithful and will answer these prayers.
---John_P on 8/9/07

Prayer is a secret conversation with God. Prayer is a tool used to ask for healing, requests and forgiveness a time of recognition of who God is and a time of reflection of oneself and in memory of others. Prayer is a time for listening to the still small voice that corrects and informs. Prayer can also be a time of waiting, but the best thing about prayer is the line is like no other phone it cost's NOTHING always open yet very little time compared to the conventional phone, is spent using it!
---Carla5754 on 8/3/07

Please pray for the surviving victims and family and friends of the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Last count: 60 are missing. It's more of a recovery effort now but you never know. Pray also for the authorities and volunteers that are actively working in the rescue and search efforts.
---John_P on 8/2/07

Prayer is a way of communicating to God. Today a lot of people want to tell you how to pray. Prayers do not have to be long and they don't have to be short. Prayers don't have to be loud, neither do they need to be a wispher. Prayers don't have to be spoken in KJV dialect, neither do they have to be spoken in modern language. Prayer does not have to be vocalized, neither does it have to be spoken only in the queitness of the heart.
---Marcia on 8/2/07

These are all Prayer myths that you will hear often by those who think they can set the standards. The biggest prayer myth however is that praying repeticiously is effective.
---Marcia on 8/2/07

When you are compassionate about something pray compassionatly, if you are not, don't fake it. If you have a lot of thing you want to pray about pray about all of them, the prayer line is open 24 hours a day. If you don't have a lot of time to pray but someone is on you heart, don't disregard the person, say a short prayer for them.
The best advice I can give is that you pray in the context of the situation as God leads you in his Spirit.
---Marcia on 8/2/07

God placed you strongly on my heart and mind. I prayed for your entire family until early morning hours.
I remember you asking for prayers once before. I'm not giving my name. I'm believing in miracles for your family, financial and healing for your wife, everything.
I like prayer assignments, I really do.
---Piney_Woods on 8/1/07

1. Piney Woods, Your a God send. Thank you so much! My wife went back to the Dr. and the day I posted this, her healing began. Found out it WAS a spider bite but it looks like it peaked. Doc says that some dead skin may need to be removed. We are also believing for a financial miracle. It's weird that you said that because one time my wife and I were walking across a parking lot at night and she was behind me. I stepped on a wad of money and didn't even know it. My wife saw it . It was $230.00!
---John_P on 8/1/07

2. We put an add in the newspaper and contacted the Pharmacy where it was found. Nobody claimed it and it was ours. Please keep praying and thank you for your concern and kind words. May the Lord bless you abundantly, personally.
---John_P on 8/1/07

Somebody cares, glory to God! I know I do and I have been praying also. When you really stop and LISTEN to what God is telling your heart, you do have a concern for others. A lot of times praying for someone is their only hope. Talk to God. God don't forget. He will remember your selflessness.
---Chris on 8/1/07

ti>>> It is like talking to someone, except you are talking to God, who by the way, is a person.
---catherine on 7/31/07

John P, if I remember, you asked for prayer some time back under the name of John. There are several John's, so the initial helps. I'll pray for your family, JohnP. Miracles happen, John. I want you to know God has ways of getting the funds to you for survival. When I was young, single person and things were tough, I would go for a walk down by a fence and money would be blown up against it. I've had money blow across parking lots and land right at my feet.
---Piney_Woods on 7/31/07

A lady in my church gave me gas money for my car when I really needed it long ago. She told me God told her to give it to me. I've never forgotten how good God was to me. I'll pray for miracles for you, JohnP. God likes it when we pray for others.
Trust fully in God's providence. He's there and He sees everthing. He sees your friends who are neglecting you through indifference.
---Piney_Woods on 8/1/07

Do not hesitate to ask God for the goods of your family's health and well being. God gives everything - good gifts to his children.
God loves generous hearts that forget themselves for others.
God loves those who pray for others who need help, are sick and suffering.
Pray a fervent prayer for JohnP/family.
God answers heartfelt prayers for those in need.
God is the Master of all hearts. He leads them gently where He pleases.
He will place those about you who are necessary to you.
---Piney_Woods on 8/1/07

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What is prayer? I would like to know. Is it saying some mumbo jumbo words out loud or is it like talking to someone?
---ti on 7/31/07

HELP!.... Does anybody care? Or are you wrapped up in getting things? Pray to God from your heart, but first open your heart. Put yourself in the other person's shoes. Are you dead in spirit? Do you need that TV when your neighbor is suffering? A lot of times the more you have the more you want. It never ends and you are never satisfied and have no joy. It's only a season here on earth and it's an eternity on the other side. Who are you?
---Chris on 7/31/07

You want to be effective in your prayers, pray scripture over that person. Yes, use God's Word and your prayers will be very effective. There is nothing wrong with crying out to God for someone from your heart also. This I have found to be very effective. The effectual fervant prayer of the rightious avails much. Let's pray for our brother John P and his family in their time of need.
---Peter on 7/30/07

1. Please pray for my wife Mary. About 3 weeks ago she noticed what appeared to be a bug bite and went to the ER and she had tests on her blood for lyme disease and Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever etc., and they appear to be negative. Since then the affected area has gotten bigger and more red and seems to be spreading. She said it's also swelling under the skin. It does not look good. We are poor and have no money or insurance to go to a specialist. Also we lost work and are down to one not so big job.
---John_P on 7/30/07

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2. Our rent and utilities are getting paid, but not enough for food and another vehicle which we need badly and for essentials. Our neighbors John and Ellen, who are Christian and who we helped in the past when they were poor, now have money and actually saw with their own eyes that we had hardly any food and did not offer to help. They are buying a 63" Plazma TV tomorrow. Go figure. Things are kind of a mess. Need that prayer. I believe it will make a difference. Thanks and God bless.
---John_P on 7/30/07

Secretly and in the closet or together with believers without vain words or repetition. I'm not saying a pastor should not be able to pray for his congregation aloud, but congregational prayer should be by Decons,Bishops,Ministers. Most people that were asked to pray where I worshiped were members in the congregation of which none of them are there today ! I wonder why?
---Carla5754 on 6/14/07

I notice how the Lord's Prayer starts with "Our Father",
and NOT with "our sins" (-:}

To me, this shows that prayer starts with our attention to God, and how He pleases to share and communicate with us.

And prayer does NOT, then, begin with attention to our sins and failures, but first wait on God to change us to His peace and love, then deal with what we need and how we have sinned and other problems...but first, sharing with God in His love.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/5/07

1Timothy 2:1 says "I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, [and] giving of thanks, be made for all men;"

Supplication- supply to God your need or some else's through prayer. Letting God know what you need & petitioning Him for it with His own word.

Intercession--enter into a session of prayer for someone. Stepping in the gap for someone.(Genesis 18:20-32)

Giving thanks--praise; thanking God for what you've petitioned Him for.
---Rickey on 6/5/07

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Prayer of faith--Mark 11:24

Petition--requesting/demanding God to do something.(1John 5:14-15)
"the will of God is the word of God"
---Rickey on 6/5/07

We are to pray without ceasing,done while walking in the Spirit. I don't claim to do this, although there have been times when prayer was continual. Prayer is communication with God, an important part being listening...As we draw near to God, we WILL see the wicked ways that remain in us, Him bringing to light the things in darkness.
we are to ask God to search our hearts to see if there are any wicked ways, which He delights to do to set us free.
---christina on 6/3/07

By every possible means. I have prayed the "Our Father" often and other formal prayers. I have also prayed with my children and husband and Church community. But, I have also prayed informally, in general conversation with God, seeking advice, asking for things, making petitions. In the past and may do so again - I have offered my whole day to God, making every action an act of service to God and a form of prayer - this requires that I be mindful of what I do and live in a Christlike way.
---lorra8574 on 6/3/07

I talk to God like I do my best friend. It's better than talking to my bestest friend. Because God understands everything I tell him, and holds me, he hides me, he shelters me and he never denys. That is more than a friend. When I am going through something, I lay all my feelings out on the table. I tell him exactly how I feel. And through his love, he comforts me, more than what a good friend could do.
---Rebecca_D on 6/2/07

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Prayer is communication deeper than words; I need to be sensitive to God and how He has me BE in prayer and whatever He has me pray for.

Jesus was always submitting to our Father > "the Father who dwells in Me does the works" (in John 14:10) > so when Jesus spoke in prayer, He was speaking what the Holy Spirit had Him say; so whatsoever He prayed was guaranteed to come to pass how God Himself meant it.

So, see John chapter 17 ! ! ! All this is guaranteed...for US.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/2/07

Bill_bila5659: Wow! That is some post you made. You never pray for yourself? Why? What are you learning in the Catholic Church? Why would you pray for others and not yourself? You don't need God? This is the problem I have with Catholic churches. The teachings and doctrines are so wrong. I am not attacking you, my brother, its that god-awful church. These leaders are going to Hell with their eyes cut out. They are ruining and have ruined scores of innocent people who believe their dead gospel.
---Robyn on 6/2/07

Prayer is a way of life for me, I murmur prayers all day, giving thanks for all things It's sacred, just between me and the Lord. I pour out my heart to Him, and I know He hears, and cares.
I pray for others, and ask others to pray for me. I never take it for granted when someone asks me to pray for them. Sometimes it may take a minute to see where God wants me to go with a prayer someone has asked for, at those times I wait on Him, and then go forth.
I always begins with thanks ...,
---lynet on 6/1/07

Yes, like Catherine, prayer to me is like talking with God .. He is our constant companion..I love walking in nature and talking to times on the beach I sing to night, I kneel by my bed for my last talk with Him..I would begin with thanks giving and praise for Him then present to Him my petitions for everyone with me to last.
---jana on 6/1/07

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As a Catholic, I would say the "Our Father" and Hail Marys and other prescribed things, and I would ask God to bless this one and that, if I remember right, and ask Him to please bless me to show all women "love, respect, courtesy, chivalry, service, and adoration". I never asked Him to help me with any problems or my own personality which was in need, to say the least.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/1/07

Prayer means- communicating with God. Talk to God as you do a close friend. Prayer should come from the heart, and not just with their lips. I pray from the bottom of my heart. I praise God and thank him, and ask him to watch over me and my family. Just like that old Hymn, "Let's Have a Little Talk With Jesus".
---Rebecca_D on 5/31/07

A good way to start out is by praising God. Then ask him for what you want or what you want for others...It is like talking to God
---anonymous on 5/31/07

Prayer is talking to God. How do I pray? I talk to Him all day long. Perhaps not continuously but through out the day until I close my eyes and go to sleep. When you need Him as much as I do you will do the same thing.
---catherine on 5/31/07

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