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How Do You Die To Self

How do you die to self? Is this a daily battle or is it possible to pray through to that level of spiritual maturity? Explain how you have achieved more Christ-like qualities and reduced your selfish ones.

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 ---melissa on 6/1/07
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"Take off the old man"...if ever there was a line drawn in the sand, the evolution-creation debate says it all. If we are as animals, we live as reactive, self-centered "carnal" beings, and the Physical world is our only perception of things. We can take off that carnal creature through Christ's atonement, and are made into something new...a creature of Living Spirit. Our maturity comes with that "line-by-line, precept-by-precept" building of this new Spiritual character which is the manifestation of Christ's Spirit within us.
We all likewise find our unity as one "Body" in Christ when we all meet our circumstances with His same spiritual mind, method and solutions.
---Elaine on 3/14/10

You give up who you were to become Christlike. I believe it's a daily battle, because we have to crucify the flesh daily.

---Shary on 3/13/10

Linda: I'm not getting it. What does it mean that I was crucified with Christ? My passions and my selfish nature still exists with me. Does this statement apply only to those who are converted? Ie. is there something else foundational that needs to be 'proofed' before one can believe this statement to be true for themselves?

---Moses on 3/13/10

lift your spirit (attitude) to the Lord continually all day. He will show the adjustments to be made if any. This is very difficult at times and we will want to quit. If this is done regularly it will happen even will we are asleep.
---scott on 4/7/09

OOU good question. The answer is I have not a clue. It is a battle. It hurts. God's ways are not the same with everyone, either. You can not go out and give a whole bunch of advice, because we are all individuals and God treats us as such, too.
---catherine on 1/16/09

Dying to self is a giving up and sincerely opening yourself up to God. With no reservations and holding back. Allowing Him to come in and take over your whole being. You give up everyhting. You make a vow to the Lord, perhaps coupled with fasting and prayer. You have to really be sincere,open and honest for God to do a work in your life.Also dying to self comes from spiritual maturity. You learn how to overcome certain sins and some we just outgrow and refuse to hold onto anymore. But we need Jesus to help us to do this. We can't do anything on our own.
---Robyn on 1/15/09

To die to self is not a cutting or lopping off a part of your being, by degrees. It is not a cessation or termination of self in an ontological/metaphysical sence, it is moral in nature. You are immortal, with a consciencness of being, you will neaver cease to be. To die to self, is to give up selfishness as a way or manner of life, it is a lifesyle, apart from God. You can only really die to self in Christ, by making Him the Lord of your life.
---TRU-DOG on 12/20/08

It is by His working in you (He gets the glory), therefore you must trust. No other way. This one thing right here is what divides the passionate from the complacent, who will feed on the Lamb at suppertime and who will refuse to show up at His bidding.
---Linda on 3/22/08

I do a self inventory every day. I read my bible every single day thru out the day, I pray, I stay in a forgiving attitude,a humble attitude,but here is the key factor, THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD IS THE ONE WHO LEADS YOU AND GUIDES YOU INTO ALL TRUTH THRU CHRIST JESUS TO THE GLORY OF GOD. He teaches you how to live Holy and clean before the lord, that is how you die to yourself.
---queen on 7/9/07

i believe that to die to self is a daily process,because once the devil see a change in you then his focus on you become more can't just say you are saved and think its all cherries from there no when you saythat the fight is on maturity i believes comes at death when you have fought the good fight
---mae on 7/9/07

when jesus told them those who want to follow me must pick up there cross rightdo u think he was saying to act like him talk like him so on the reason they crucified him was becuse he claimed to be god equal with god shouldent we? i beleve we should as sons of god psalm 86 verse 2
---robert_m_son_of_god on 7/8/07

We die to self when we are born again.
---duane on 7/5/07

Dying to self is a CONSTANT struggle. It's not a once-and-for-all thing.

Practices that help you learn how to die to self are fasting and self-denial. What do you think the custom of "giving up something for Lent" is about?

As for my having Christ-like qualities, readers of these blogs know I have no virtues at all.
---Jack on 7/4/07

Yes, Melissa, I think that's good how you shared, including how we need to do things not for ourselves, but to please the Lord. Example > Jesus says,

"'And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses.'" (Mark 11:25)

Forgiving helps us die to self, especially when we forgive in order to please our Father, and NOT just in order to make sure we get ourselves forgiven.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/13/07

My pastor once said it is not all about us. Everything in this world does not revolve around us and our families. If a person begins to do good deeds for others, the individual will die to self. These actions will come to be manifested as maturity in Christ. Joy9988
---Joy9988 on 6/9/07

#1 To die die to self, you must first know that you were crucified with Christ- Gal. 2:20 - when He was crucified. When you were born again, you appropriated that death on the cross for yourself, it is a provision of your salvation. God sees you that way, you have to agree with him and believe it yourself. there is nothing for you to do to attain this except reckon the old man dead.
---Debbie_Jo on 6/8/07

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#2 God, through His grace has done the rest, it is a gift of God. I have achieved what I have by taking a daily look at myself - judging my self - and if I seen any sign of the old man - self, I give it to Jesus and let Him take care of it for me. That is all that is required. You got to judge yourself - I Cor. 6:5; I Cor. 11:3; not by the law, but by Paul's gospel - Rom. 2:16.
---Debbie_Jo on 6/8/07

We die to self everyday because of temptations for one. yes a daily battle. By stay and learning Gods word it becomes a little easier. Staying in prayer with God every day many times a day.
---deb on 6/8/07

"do we have to constantly pray about our failings?" Yes Melissa. We are to commune with our Father continuously. Bringing every thought under subjection to the Word He has privileged us to understand & embrace. Prayer represents our awareness of our weakness & limitations, as well as our recognition & appreciation of the Father's ability & willingness to compensate & empower us in & thru them. Yes spiritual maturity does eventually lead to fewer and fewer "human" failings.
---joseph on 6/4/07

Bill- I appreciate your comments very much. I think one of the things you are saying is that when we treat others well, we are actually doing something for our Lord. To think of it that way should make it easier to show agape love for others - to do it for no other reason than because it pleases Him! Also, what you said about not being a lord over others. I never thought of it that way, but I guess that is what I do when I try to control others. Thank you for your insight!
---melissa on 6/4/07

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Joseph - What do you mean? We are still human even after we get saved. That is what I wonder about when I say "daily battle" - we are not perfect or divine - do we have to constantly pray about our failings or does spiritual maturity eventually lead to fewer and fewer "human" failings like anger, impatience etc?
---melissa on 6/4/07

"How do you die to self?"
By a conscious realization that I am crucified in Christ & true life is found only in Him. Knowing I am fasten together in union with Him as His instrument, for His purpose.
"Is this a daily battle?"
No. He operates in me both to will & do that which pleases Him. I Have achieved nothing, His character is developed within thru His influence & empowerment. With that development the love of the Father is recognized & embraced. That love is selfless.
---joseph on 6/2/07

By being submissive to God . . . how He transforms me to be sensitive and obedient to Him . . . NOT what I can make myself do in my human ability and free will. It's better than how I can hope and try to make myself become. He does it, and it's so obviously better, "like an ambush", than how I have been and have been trying to do things; so I can only thank Him for such a relief.

For my ego, it's a struggle; but the Almighty wins in me easily and breezily and beautifully.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/2/07

Well, only God can change me to how He knows Jesus really is > "Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God," (2 Corinthians 3:5)

But while He specially blesses me to submit to Him in His love, right away I can be sweetly thanking Him and desiring this for all other people, and praying for all others to share with God in His own love.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/2/07

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1 Peter 5:3 has helped me a lot > "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock."

This shows me, that like my "examples", I must not ever lord myself over any other person. Always be absolutely gentle in Jesus' love > in relating, be an example of relating submissively in love, so others can join me, but do NOT go along with how ones influence me, if it's not the way God is taking me (Philippians 1:9).
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/2/07

Oh my goodness it is painful. I have never prayed for it; I suppose I should. You know what, God knows what we need and will give it to us, help us with it, when we don't know to ask for it. It is a daily battle.
---catherine on 6/2/07

We die to self by learning to consistently choose God's will over our own will in every decision we make.

This is a daily battle and a growing process. It's acheived by praying (relationship with Him), and by being in His Word (getting to know Him). We must also make a conscious choice to obey His Word. As we do this, we become less carnal and more like Him. As we mature spiritually, doing His will becomes more natural and less of a conscious decision.
---LL on 6/2/07

Your desires decrease and God will increases in your life. If you know by doing something it will put you in the frontline then you examine what Christ would do and do it. If you know you will commit a sin then then you measure your actions by what Christ would do and do it.
---Carla5754 on 6/2/07

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---AdAlert on 6/1/07

Put more God word in your heart. Yes this is a daily battle. The flesh wants to do this and that. While the spirit is telling us you need to pray, read, visit the sick, etc. The flesh (carnal Mind) is an enemy toward God. The flesh doesn't want to do what God wants us to do. If a person wants to be more like God, they must first have that desire to do so. and by doing that we die out to self each day. We will battle with this flesh until we get our glorified body.
---Rebecca_D on 6/1/07

Following God's Word as it is laid out in the bible. Knowing scripture, hiding it in our hearts, living it out in our lives,grows us to maturity. We begin to do things God's way therefore we die to self(our own ways)We want to obey and do things God way because it is better than our old selfish ways. When we realize this, self must go(die).
---Robyn on 6/1/07

Spending time with God and communion with the Holy Spirit will always help.
What causes me to die to self is getting a disciplined relationship w/ God.

I just choose a specific time of day to spend w/ Him.(prayer, praise/worship, the word)

Being diligent in those 3-things will cause a desire in your heart to ignite to give up more of "you". But when you give some of yourself up God always fills you something else.(Psalms 37:4)
---Rickey on 6/1/07

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Romans 6 says, "Knowing this, that the old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should no longer serve sin" then "therefore reckon yourselves dead to sin and alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord" and then "yield your members as servants of righteousness." It is knowing this, reckoning it to be so, and then that order.
---Linda on 6/1/07

Gal.2:20, Rom.6, Eph.2:2,5,6....we must believe His Word and, in believing (present progressive tense), we have life through His name. We must believe even what we cannot see or understand. Once we believe, the Holy Spirit will bring understanding. The world says, "See it and believe it". God says, "Believe and you will see."
---Linda on 6/1/07

Believing that His death was the death of who you were in Adam will work effectually in you...and patience is paramount here. The only termination to selfishness is in, by, and through the cross of Jesus Christ for His death was the highest form of selfLESSness for a very selfish people. Simply feeding on the Lamb is the answer, otherwise you will always be trying to do something He has already done and will never achieve it.
---Linda on 6/1/07

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