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What Is A Christian Fanatic

What is a Christian Fanatic? I have come across Protestants and Catholics who are fanatical about thier own faith. And yet they leave me cold. Why don't they persuade? Yes, to Strong beliefs. But isn't is more important to be fanatical about Christian Love than Beliefs?

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 ---Ed on 6/3/07
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Fanatic is the one who think loves God more than anybody, and only what he does is good, the rest of the people will never be like him, ( in his own opinion)
---tomas_guillen on 6/5/12

Being A Christian fanatic ( Truths ) is opposite of being a fanatic for the devil ( lies ).
---Lawrence on 7/24/10

A fanatic is a world term that suppose to describe someone who has learned just enough to be a bore or a pest about the christian faith. They lack spiritual wisdom and understanding. Insist on doing things their way. Instead of God's way. Very annoying. Out of line and sync with the Word of God. Avoid them like the plague. They are toxic and caught up in their own little world.
---Robyn on 7/23/10

Well, my goodness sakes. Let God be the judge. This fanaticism can also apply in the political realm.
---catherine on 6/17/10

FANAT'ICAL, a. [L. fanaticus, phanaticus.]

Wild and extravagant in opinions, particularly in religious opinions, excessively enthusiastic, possessed by a kind of frenzy. Hence we say, fanatic zeal, fanatic notions or opinions.

FANAT'ICAL, n. A person affected by excessive enthusiasm, particularly on religious subjects, one who indulges wild and extravagant notions of religion, and sometimes exhibits strange motions and postures, and vehement vociferation in religious worship. Fanatics sometimes affect to be inspired or to have intercourse with superior beings.

VOCIFERA'TION, n. A violent outcry, vehement utterance of the voice.

Websters 1828 Dict.
---fay on 6/17/10

Ed, there is a differene about being fanatic about Christianity (and Christ) and being fanatic about one's view of what Christ would like

It is one of the dangers of our age, when faith is so free, the leaders of the church (which we often do not even aknowledge) do not want to tell us what we should concentrate on, as a result we get the fake idea that what we see as the most important point of christianity must be the most important
---peter on 6/17/10

I am a fanatic for God, and I am not ashamed of it, either.
---catherine on 6/16/10

anyone can be a fanatic about anything ...from sports to their occupation - sadly even their kids or grandkids

when any one thing solely controls your life you have become fanatical about it

True Christians understand we are to work out our own salvation NOT others

we are to be a light - when ASKED about our faith we are to lead others to scripture that answers their questions knowing it is God who calls not us

fanatical christians are preaching idea's unsupported by scripture and typically incessantly talking about Christ believing they are working a greater cause or have some special calling that is above others
---Rhonda on 6/16/10

Recently I moved from my home of 35 years. Both my close friends and the cleaning lady had told me before that people consider me a fanatic. Saying goodbye to our cleaning lady she made the most amazing statement to me, she said, when people told me you were a fanatic Christian I prayed that I would get a chance to work for you, I got that chance,and I do consider you a fanatic Christian and I'm very thankful to have met you. I was very shocked!!
---mima on 6/11/10

I am sure there are plenty of people in hell who thought they were turned to Jesus.
---catherine on 6/11/10

I have a job to do which is the most important job in the world, and that is to obey the living God. The more obedient you are the more suffering YOU will do.... Turning people to Jesus: I don't really understand other people's calling. What we need to understand is that only Jesus can save you from hell. If He is bent on saving you, then He really doesn't need our help in this. [predestination]. We are called to be witnesses, this I know and love. You cannot zip someone down and stuff Jesus into them. Can you persuade the devil, of course not.
---catherine on 6/11/10

A Christian "fanatic" is one who unintentionally makes Christianity unappealing to others. He can often be recognized by his self-righteous talk. He talks...and talks...and talks, and never seems to hear himself. He doesn't ask others what they think. If they tell him, he's too busy thinking of his next point to listen.

If he's naturally charming and persuasive, or sociopathic, he may succeed in attracting a following of insecure people. When he discovers that these few will believe anything he tells them, instead of turning them to Jesus, he begins to believe that his own words are somehow anointed. A new cult (probably a distortion of Christianity) is born.
---Donna66 on 6/10/10

I'm a fanatic for The Truth of God & His 1 & Only Church that was born on the day of Pentecost according to Acts 2 v's 37 - 41.

I used to be a fanatic for the devil & came out of Man-made relig-org-church (the bapt) & worldly pleasures that came from here, 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15.
---Lawrence on 6/10/10

John Wesley said this, and it's my favorite quote...."If I'm a fanatic, I've become one by reading the Bible." Take a second look at that statement as it has hidden meaning. Wesley was accused of being a fanatic by his detractors when really he was only preaching the Scriptures as they were written. People who scream, as Randy M. does about so called "Christian fanatics", have not really repented of their sins and do not want to change their lifestyle in order to receive true salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. It is exciting to be a Christian. Do not let people put you down, it's only satan trying to get his way until his eternal punishment which will certainly come to him and all who follow him and the world's ways.
---Sidney on 12/28/09

In my experience, they worship not God, but Scripture. They quote it endlessly and will respond to intelligent questions only with more quotes. They don't think, and believe (like Luther) that reason, intellect and imagination are "whores", enemies of faith. They alone have "truth" and they gleefully await the final judgement.
---Hans on 5/13/09

Randy M ::Your 7 para post is proof of the pudding.Linda summed it up in a Trice.
---Emcee on 6/9/08

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Those that proclaim their highly prophetic position the loudest are usually demon possessed. We watch them fall from their own thrones every year. The more fanatic and crazed, the greater the chance you will see them fall publically because they crave attention and adoration. That's what they live for.
---Randy_M on 6/9/08

Christian fanatics will go to great lengths to garner support for their cause. They'll promise you the moon if only you will follow them. They are desperate for adoration, as Lucifer wanted that adoration and worship so does the Christian fanatic false prophet, false teacher.
---Randy_M on 6/9/08

If you think you might be a fanatic, here's a clue.
You can write everything about Christianity, proclaim it, but it will be with your own slant and twist. You can write forever about it, but when there's no one paying any attention - the true self reveals the crazed, manic side of fanaticism. It will come out, demons demand attention.
---Randy_M on 6/9/08

Like the phantom of the opera, the worst thing for a Christian fanatic is disinterest.
Rejection for the fanatic will ignite an angry outburst, revenge, and crazed acts like Jonestown.
The fanatic will write anything to get your attention, making up grandiose situations to get your sympathy if they can't get your attention any other way. But there's a hook and it's not Godly, it's demonic.
---Randy_M on 6/9/08

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Christian fanatics do exist, called by any other name, false prophets, false teachers.
They can quote scripture (so can the devil), but they lead others away from God.
Crazed with mania and a desire to be in charge, demanding attention and worship, when you come into contact with one - they leave you with a wretched sick feeling in your spirit man.
---Randy_M. on 6/9/08

Christian fanatics can be very dangerous.
Jim Jones, Warren Jeffs, "Waco" are examples of the dangers of Christian fanatics.
They're aggressive, driven and usually demon possessed. Recently, Warren Jeffs renounced his prophet status. He said he was never the prophet and a man of sin.
---Randy_M. on 6/9/08

Christian fanatics are motivated by works.
If you live by works, you will die by works.

Those who are motivated by works are never at peace, constantly working at being a Christian. Outwardly, they attract attention, but inwardly, they're dying on the vine.
---Randy_M on 6/9/08

I pretty much agree with 1st Cliff on this one. Most fanatics do a whole lot of talking, not much listening, and zero walking.
---Linda on 6/9/07

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There is no such thing as a Christian fanatic, it may be that they are not Christian at all. Anyhow Christians are not here to "people please", nor to flatter others. You may feel cold because you choose not to share in the Christian's hot enthusiasm or liveliness which they are manifesting.
---Eloy on 6/9/07

Harry; So I'll never win a popularity contest. What else is new? 20 votes is a landslide to me!
---1st_cliff on 6/9/07

I don't know, But it's better than being a Satan Fanatic.
---catherine on 6/8/07

1stCliff, I don't see a 2ndCliff in sight for miles, why not be Cliff with all of sour dower replies and 20 votes?
---Harry on 6/8/07

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Fanatics are "unbalanced" rowing feverishly with one oar and wondering why they just go in circles! Reasoning with a fanatic is futile since all the while you're talking they are not listening but comming up with more slogans.
---1st_cliff on 6/7/07

\Once, I went to see thye Yankees play in Yankee Stadium, and saw my than idol, Mickey Mantle,pathetic I know and dates me.
I was a fanatic and screamed and shouted when he caught a ball.
Now i Hve a new source for my screaming and shouting, what the Lord has done in my life. Yes I am fanatical about it and I want others to have the same experience.
---mike8384 on 6/5/07

Hare Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, the Pope. None of these will be able to save us on that great and terible day. Who shall be able to stand?Those who have ears to hear. Let us hear. Satan is on the job 24/7. Be aware!
---Robyn on 6/5/07

We should be fanatical about Jesus. Christian love should be the principle that guides our actions.
---LL on 6/5/07

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A person who love God so much that he/she refuses to allow anyone to interfere with how they understand the truth..let alone change it..I dont think they are mad as mentioned ..not for us to judge them..they are just faithful to truth and how they understand it and stand by it..
---jana on 6/5/07

In the latter days, many in the church will follow after a false faith that unites all religions.

2 Thessalonians 2:3 - Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

---Martha on 6/4/07

I believe proper and correct doctrine is important. There are many false doctrines in this world. Any false doctrine will lead you to a pit. Call me fanatical, but I believe beliefs is important. If a doctrine contradicts Scriptures, then you have a problem.

On the other hand, I do believe Christian Love is important. Jesus said, "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another" (John 13:35). The Gospel of Love is very important.
---Ramon on 6/4/07

someone unwilling to love-quarellsome in disagreement with brother or sister, unyieldingly, relentlessly arguing their point to exhaustion, who in decision between love and legal, chooses the legal and sacrifices the LOVE when faced with the dilemma of diff circumstance. I would rather be the dirty samaratin than the fanatical priest any day.-a fanatic cause I am raising my hands in praise? (so they despise me as much as David's sister-in-law did him when he danced) BLessed are they who are persecuted
---eileen on 6/4/07

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Guess that suggest where ur hearts At!
---Carla5754 on 6/4/07

Jesus taught: "If ye love me, keep my commandments. Live your life in fear and trembling, meekness and as an example of Jesus Christ." He did not say mock him and quote scripture every second. That offends many and isn't in meekness. Respect is given to those whose words are not drowned out by their example. One example: A man was preached at for years. He looked at the hypocrites with anger. He met a meek man answering his questions in honesty and truth. Whom did he follow, the second.
---ashley on 6/4/07

I am a Catholic. I don't even think about purgatory. What's the point? When we should be focussing on the really important issues, as Jesus commanded 'Love God and Love neighbour.' Why get so hot-under-the-collar about a side issue. I am not saying i disbelieve it. Just that I think it pales in comparison to Jesus two great commandments.
---Ed on 6/4/07

Fanatic is also a word the devil has coined to put God's people down who have a great love for Him.Its also a word for believers who have a burning desire to share the Word of God with others. Its a tactic used by unbelievers to keep good, god-fearing people in their place, if you let it. Do not be dissuaded by this but we should be careful to do all things in love. Don't buy anything the devil is selling. Lies and all.
---Robyn on 6/4/07

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People call me a fanatic a person (motivated by excessive, irrational zeal). I do not disagree with this assessment of myself, but I refuse to accept anything as scriptural or biblical that cannot be found in the Bible. For example a believe in something called "Purgatory" which as far as I can understand has absolutely no basis of acceptance from the Scriptures. And about this I am a fanatic.
---Mima on 6/4/07

New age philosophy is recycled ideas from long ago. It is basically a form of Gnosticiam. I do like not like new age foods, Tofu and granola. I do sometimes like new age music, There is a new age radio station I listen to in L.A.. Everything else is a repeat of ideas centuries old, old wine in new age bottles.

As to Christian fanatics, study history, crusades, pograms, inqusitions, persecutions, etc. No thanks.
---MikeM on 6/4/07

To me, it is one who is spiritually confused and possibly in some cases mentally ill and sets about in some self appointed task for"God" by their own will. This type of person or fanatic brings embarrassment rather than glory to God. Their compulsive behavior seems to be so out of control that it is really not their fault but possibly demonic or organic in nature. I find it very sad and something to pray about instead of making jest of or becomming angry about.
---jody on 6/4/07

The word is zealous for these type people but we should be careful that we are not overzealous. We become pushy and unloving when we do this. We should not force anything on anybody at anytime. This gospel is too sweet to force on anyone. We all have free choice. Thank God for that. The more mature we become the more zealous we become. God is so real and so faithful and we just have to tell it to anyone who will listen. Sometimes it comes out as too forceful.
---Robyn on 6/4/07

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Jesus says the two most important commandments are:

1. Love God
2. Love neighbour

St Paul says we can have faith that moves mountains, and know all things, but if we have no love, then it is all useless.

In Jesus' parable of The Good Samaratin, the man of faith walks on by the beggar, but it is the pagan Samaratin who stops, and offers compassion.
---Ed on 6/4/07

Brenda that is a pretty large steriotype...actuall really really large...i'm involved w/ denominations.. people every where has done what you said...not just in denominations...and not many but they are there
---mark_B. on 6/3/07

Studying can lead some people to be very pompous, I know, I've been one of them. We are not called to persuade, we are called to plant, He will sow when the time is correct. It is important to show all people love, the flesh is very "In-Your-Face" One who walks in Christ, and Christ in him, will always love you, they may disagree with something you are saying, but they should respond in love not pride.
---Ryan_Z on 6/3/07

Many who are involved in a denomonation are usually caught up in their actions and their works, thus they brag about who they are. These are not producing fruits of love for the brethren. A true Christian, will be a fanatic for Christ when he or she grabs those around them and urges them to Christ with real geniue love.They don't focus on themselves, just those around them.
---Brenda on 6/3/07

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John 13:35...if you have love for one another. I agree with you, but I would use the term passionate. Fanatical has such a negative connotation to it. Someone who is truly passionate about Jesus will be passionate about showing Christian love.
---betty8468 on 6/3/07

No Ed, it's not better to be all caught up in the Love doctrines.
Ed, that thinking reminds me of the New Age Movement. They're all about the love.
G is for GRANOLA
GRANOLA is a favorite food of New Age People. They eat it because it is healthy and makes them more conscious.

Horses have been eating stuff like Granola for years. How many highly conscious horses have you met?
---Jenny on 6/3/07

In the New Age we will all live in a GLOBAL VILLAGE. Everybody will be connected with everybody else and that instead of having lots of little governments that nobody likes, we will have one big government which for some reason everybody is expected to like.

When we have one big Global Village, everybody will be a Citizen of the World, and we won't need passports any more.

According to some sources, a simple mark on the forehead will be sufficient.
---Jenny on 6/3/07

G is for GOD
GOD is the One who started it all. Many people carry a grudge about that.

He is also the One who made all the rules. This upsets many people who would rather make their own rules. These people have decided that God doesn't exist.

Many New Age People want to find God, although they have a hard time explaining how they lost Him in the first place. According to reports, God would not be easy to misplace.
People figure it's more fun to look for Him than to find Him.
---Jenny on 6/3/07

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A GURU is a person who teaches you things. It has been said that everyone is your Guru. This of course implies that you are everyone else's Guru as well. Have you been shirking your responsibilities? You better get on with it.

Being a Guru is a serious business. At least most of the better-known Gurus are serious about their business.

Just ask their accountants.
---Jenny on 6/3/07

HARE KRISHNAs are people who used to shave their heads and stand on street corners beating drums and raising money to help the needy. Since Hare Krishnas considered themselves very needy, they had a good incentive to do this.

The Hare Krishnas chanted the name of God on street corners. This made many people very annoyed. They think God is a Special Being who should stay in Special Places like churches, where He belongs.
---Jenny on 6/3/07

HEALTH FOOD is what all New Age People eat... makes them radiant, clear-eyed, and regular.

All official Health Food is organic, the guy selling it claims it has no dirty-old chemical and artificial things in it. Health Food costs a bundle.

Eating Health Food gives a New Age Person such a healthy, sensitive body that it absolutely freaks out if it takes in something unhealthy.

Considering our environment, would you really like to have a body like that?
---Jenny on 6/3/07

HOLISTIC means "encompassing the whole." It is a favorite word of New Age People and there's no end to the fun ways you can use it. Like "holistic healing," "holistic education," "holistic nutrition," and "holistic relationship."

Of course "holistic" is always used with words that make it redundant. But that's half the charm of the New Age Person's vocabulary, isn't it?
---Jenny on 6/3/07

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J is for JESUS

JESUS was God and Man. He lived 2000 years ago. He was killed because He said things that people didn't like.

Today almost everyone agrees with the things He said. Since these ideas are no longer controversial, nobody pays much attention to them.
---Jenny on 6/3/07

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