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Catholic To Marry A Muslim

I am catholic and have muslim boyfriend we talk about getting married but I want to get married in catholic church, he is willing to do this but does he have to get baptized cause that he isn't willing to do. If not, would we be able to get our marriage blessed by the Pope?

Moderator - No, a Catholic and Muslim can't get married according to the Bible because they would be unequally yoked.

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 ---betsy on 6/4/07
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TO ALL MUSLIM HUGGERS. When they cut your head off, don't say a word........
---shira3877 on 7/11/11

Howdy y'all!!!
Finally, after what I have explained to you, I would like to tell you that Marriage is based only on both the husband and the wife. If they love and respect each other and are honest to each other before and after the marriage, then whatever their religions are or the environment is, their marriage will last forever. One day I will get back to this point to tell you my own story (if you are interested of course). Greetings of peace and love from God my Lord and from me -your little brother- to all of you.
YOU will find, when you die, that that part of you that you gave to others will NOT die with you.
May God bless you all, and please forgive me and pray for me, so that I find my true love.
---Texascoolguy on 7/10/11

Betsy: Are you nuts? What's the attraction? Is it those beautiful black tents you have to wear, the change of your status to mere "property", or the chance to wear an exploding vest? Run girl, run... while you still can.
---jerry6593 on 7/10/11

You both are nonChristians, and therefore you both are equally yoked. If you both become Christians, then your marriage will be blessed by God. As far as a sinner blesing your marriage, that is not possible, for a nonChristian cannot impart Christian blessings.
---Eloy on 7/9/11

What I told you is the truth about the real Islam, and anyone who said or does something different is not doing the true Islam. There are some bad Muslims there, but they are 1.6 Billions in the world, and if what you are saying is correct, then we will all be in the fourth or fifth World War now!!! Muslims in the US or in the Middle East, are the same, there are some bad but a lot of good. My point to you is we are forgetting what the Christ taught us: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES AND PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU(Matthew 5:44), Please brothers and sisters just read Matthew (5, 38-48). Finally, I would say, Muslims respect Christians and cannot kill them, and Christians are suppose to love them and pray for them, so lets just do that.
---Texascoolguy on 7/9/11

Howdy!! To my brothers and sisters, please don't just generalized things based on a very few examples that might be wrong. Hitler, Bin Laden, and many others don't represent but themselves, they are in no way related to any religion but terrorism, they killed thousands of innocent people. No religion will ask to kill innocent people. Dear Shira, Mark, and Paul, I am not trying to convince anyone with anything. I am trying to deliver the truth, being from Texas does not mean I am ignorant. Don't be fooled by the media in the US. You are talking about Middle East, Oh yeah, WHAT do you really know about Middle East?! Please before you judge ask someone who really knows. I have lived in many countries in the Middle East for more than 25 years!!
---Texascoolguy on 7/9/11

So Texascoolguy, if you are sure about what you are saying, why all this misunderstanding exists?
---David4 on 7/9/11

Yes I have lived there for 25 years, and yes I am still alive!! Radicals, dictators and extremist are sneaky dirty politicians, either in Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan or anywhere in the world. There are Christians living side by side with their Muslim brothers, in peace and love. My best friend back in Middle East is a son of a Muslim father and a Catholic mother, his parents are living in a great love and understanding and have 3 kids. I know you know the Christianity (or you think you know), but you guys have wrong knowledge about Muslims. In their religion, if a Muslim kills ANY innocent human he/she will go to hell fire forever. They can just fight to defend themselves if they got attacked first, and they are not allowed to start the fight.
---Texascoolguy on 7/9/11

Howdy everyone, again, back to the facts. For Muslims, Jesus was a great prophet and a messenger from God, just like Prophet Mohammad (Islam Prophet), who said Jesus is my brother and a prophet like me. Prophet Mohammad said that Jesus will come back from heavens to earth at the end of the time.
In Islam religion, Muslims can marry Muslims, Christian and Jewish women only. Islam has special treatment and respect for Christians and Jews, they call them "The People of The Book", "The book" is the Holy Bible here. For Muslims, Christians and Jews (people of God) are different from other non-Muslims or non-believers because they believe in the only God (The creator).
---Texascoolguy on 7/9/11


Have you read your books?
Part of their commission is to convert infidels.

Friendly non-radical muslims will not hold fast to that belief but it is part of their heritage and doctrine.
---paul on 7/8/11

markv, thanks for your vote of confidence. I would have to dig it out but I do have a copy of part of the koran and they do teach hate towards christians. Muslims even go to prisons and jails and convert inmates who blame society for putting them in jail or prisons. anyone who does not believe this, take a trip to the middle east and they will behead you and put it on a post.
---shira3877 on 7/8/11

Candice, I have to disagree with you on this one. First, you are giving examples of people here in this country which is still free who can defend themselves through our laws. But in every part of the globe they force Islam on everyone by terror, violence and fear. They terrorize people with fear in countries of Africa which are not free, but that cannot defend themselves. And once they convert there is no turning back. So I agree with Shira that worldwide they bring terror and violence to put fear on individuals to become muslem. If you went to Suden and other places you would know what I'm talking about. They have been bringing terror to the Philipians for years now and hide in the small islands.
---Mark_V. on 7/8/11

Shira I have studied on Islam & I have books from islam. Muslims donot force anyone to convert, they say for you to take time to learn . they are against the radicals as well. though i am not muslim i have been around them at their mosque with a group caleld church without walls. So I have seen both sides.
---candice on 7/8/11

Texascoolguy, You sound like a nice person, however I disagree with "All religions are nice, peaceful and guide us to be better human and closer to God" I'll only focus on the God part. John 14:6 Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
While I was in college, 'all religions lead to God' was the predominant way of thinking. Sounds good, sounds nice, but it isn't about"nice" and feeling good. God revealed THE truth to me, and I pray He does for you too.
---christina on 7/8/11

texascoolguy: You fail to convince me. alla is muslim god, my God is God. why don't you read where muslims are to kill all they can't convert. They are fullfilling their belief.
---shira3877 on 7/8/11

Howdy, I noticed many misunderstanding about Muslims on this blog. I will just mention some facts about Muslims, and you need to pray to God for guidance:
Muslims believe in ONE God, the Lord, the creator and the most merciful, who created everything in this universe (which is the Father or Allah), and Jesus is NOT son of God. Muslims don't believe in Trinity (as many of the early Christians before the year 325 A.D). Muslims love Jesus and Mary, and have great respect to them (part of their faith), and believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, exactly like Christians, they believe that Mary the mother of Jesus is the Queen of all women on Earth and Heaven.
---Texascoolguy on 7/8/11

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A good Muslim man will try his best to convince you to become a Muslim because he wants you to be saved, but he cannot force you to become a Muslim because it's against Islam laws to force any one to accept Islam. Muslims will do their best to raise there their children as Muslims.
Now, out of the facts listing, I have studied a lot about both Christianity (Catholic and Protestant Bibles) and Islam, and read large parts from the Bible and the Quran, and I can till that more than 70% of both religions are similar and match (agree). All religions are nice, peaceful and guide us to be better human and closer to God, the Lord. I am still studying, so these are my own beliefs.
May God bless you all and guide us to the right path :)
---Texascoolguy on 7/8/11

I don't think it is a good proposition if they are both devout practitioner of their religions but if they respect each others faith I don't say any problem for getting them married.
---Affleap on 3/2/11

Talk to your priest. A number of the policies are set at the level of the Diocese. Some of these will involve Pre-Canna classes, how "eccumincal" the service can be. Typically as the catholic you would have to sign that "to the best of your ability" you will urge that any children will be raised in the T. and E. RCC. That can be a deal breaker but shouldn't be.

The "deal killer" could be your insistance on conducting it "in the church" where the diocese may have pretty strict
---SanDiegan on 3/1/11

amber, where do you get your information? You are so far wrong it is pathetic. Give us the scripture you are refering to. A member of my church's daughter married a muslim, he carried her to the middle east. Now she is abused by father in law and husband and can't get back home. If you marry a muslim your life will be hell...hell
---shira3877 on 1/26/11

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hi guys, just wanna ask if we can have a muslim godfather on our catholic(christian) wedding? Thanks
---iamjack on 1/25/11

The rcc & the muslim religions are both Man - made religions. There shouldn't be no reason why you couldn't get along. The pope trying to be some one he's not, he really ain't got No say.
---Lawrence on 7/13/10

Word of warning! The excitement fades and you are left alone without a soulmate. After 2 sons, and 19 years of loneliness, my Christian daughter has nothing in common with her Muslim husband. She will not divorce, but they have no spiritual communion. Their sons are confused spiritually. PLEASE marry someone in your own faith. If you don't believe in Christ, then so be it. But, if you do, then you should know that Muslims believe that Jesus did not die, but Judas died in His place. I love my son-in-law, but I hurt daily for my lonely daughter who will live the rest of her children's years at home with a man she doesn't know. It's not too late for you. PS, The Pope most definitely will not bless your marriage.
---Lynn on 9/13/09

hello to everyone.. i am a christian and my bf want to marry me. but the problem he is muslim i don't know which exactly the place in philippines i should go to marry. i should go in muslim way but i don't have an idea which place in manila i will go. and what papers i should prepare? pls help me. and send in my email the answer pls. thank you and i really appreciate it.
---mebs on 9/5/09

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Sarah would you be able to email me so we can discuss this further I would love to know exactly what you had to do in your situation I see you were able to do it and my bf and I although we are not too far into our relationship is something we think about as well as the thought of kids and religion.
---Carolynn on 3/22/09

It is permitted that a muslim can marry a catholic and they are not unequally yoked, the Bible says something that contradicts the yoke thing, i dare this person to find this good section in the Bible! As long as the two agree to raise their children in one religion while showing the other parents religion in a good way.
---Amber on 3/3/09

Im a catholic and my muslim bf and i have just broke up due to religion. Muslim men can marry christian or jews. Muslim men HAVE to have muslim children there are NO exceptions. Also a muslim man cannot sign catholic documents during a wedding nor take vows from a priest. A catholic women cannot sign islamic documents. We love eachother very much but I refuse to have muslim children. I have nothing against muslims. I was under alot a of pressure to try and make everything prefect and realised I couldnt and God will help me cope. I wouldnt be able to put my future children through this even though he would of been a great dad. Ladies think about your future children before you make your choices and if you can make it work God Bless You.
---Kelly_C on 2/26/09

Dig below the surface of both Islam and Catholicism and you find that they are very compatible indeed. The 'angel Gabriel' or his stand in appeared to Mohammad who was married to a Catholic at the time. They had the 'vision' confirmed by a priest, and from then on Islam was established. Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet, and have a special devotion to Mary. Fatima is a place of pilgrimage to Catholics in Europe and also the name of Mohammad's favourite wife or daughter (?) Do the research.
---frances008 on 2/18/09

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I am a Catholic woman married in a Roman Catholic Church to a Muslim man - we had to satisfy all of the other requirements that a Catholic couple would have to and the church expressed that because our religious differences were vast we needed to learn to truly respect each other to have a good life together, and they hoped this meant we would try to learn about and understand each other's beliefs, but of course they were most hopeful that he would learn about Catholicism and one day consider conversion.
---Sarah on 2/16/09

You my young lady are in for a wild ride. Should your boyfriend consent to be baptized he would in effect place all other Moslems under an obligation to kill him. I believe the moderator statement about being unequally yoked together applies here.
---mima on 9/2/08

ok i read what was said but why would they be unequally yoked? i'm, angaged to a muslim guy and i'm catholic i do not believe that because of our religion we cant enter into a commitment we love each other and it shouldn't be up to the pope or our priest to decide who catholics should marry or fall inlove with i don't think it's right
---Meagan on 9/1/08

You know what we're called, why are they building their churches all over the USA? Houston has a multitude of them now.

Why do they want to come here when everything we stand for is to be despised. What a double standard.

We're not allowed to take a stand on our own turf, because it's politically incorrect. It is the end days of apostate church, and blind as bats. Someone said every 400-500 years the power swings from west to east and east to west and back again. We're due for the switch, "they" say. I suppose that's due to corruption from within, playing the fiddle while Rome burns. We've done zilch to pull ourselves out of energy crisis in almost 40 years. Pathetic.
---Ryan on 6/29/08

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nicole, there is no such thing as a catholic Christian, that is blasphemy.
---Eloy on 6/29/08

..Christians are not to marry nonChristians.--Eloy

Catholic Christians can marry noncatholic Christians or nonChristians. Catechism 1634-1637

1637 In marriages with disparity of cult the Catholic spouse has a particular task:"For the unbelieving husband is consecrated through his wife, and the unbelieving wife is consecrated through her husband." 1 Cor 7:14

It is a great joy for the Christain spouse and for the Church if this consecration should lead to the free conversion of the other spouse to the Christian fatih. Sincere married love, the humble and patient practice of the family virtues, and perseverance in prayer can prepare the NON-BELIEVING SPOUSE to accept the grace of conversion.
---Nicole on 6/28/08

It depends upon catholics doctrines whether or not catholics can marry noncatholics. I do not know catholic's couplings, for I am Christian and not catholic, and Christians are not to marry nonChristians. You could check with your catholic leaders about it.
---Eloy on 6/28/08

Frances008, only a RC,Eastern Priest and Deacons makes a Catholic marriage valid. If she could not walk out of the marriage, there was a Priest or Deacon at the Wedding day.

The Priest is the witness. What completes the Marriage is not the Priest, but the couples with consummation.
C:1640 Thus the marriage bond has been established by God himself in such a way that a marriage concluded and consummated between baptized persons can never be dissolved.

The RCC states other Religions have the Valid Marriage Sacrament. The Priest witness rule only applies to any Catholic getting married.

C:1630 The presence of the Church's minister(and also of the witnesses)visibly expresses the fact that marriage is an ecclesial reality.
---Nicole on 6/28/08

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I knew a Catholic who married a Jewish boy, and later got divorced. She could not just walk out of the marriage as it was recognized by the Pope on account of a priest being present at the Synagogue (or hotel or wherever the Jewish marriage was performed) and blessing the marriage. So Nicole I think that a priest does not have to perform the rite to make it valid for a RC person. If he blesses the marriage it is valid in the RCC.

Later on she became a protestant and married again.
---frances008 on 6/27/08

they get married at the city hall. the muslim girl declares that shes catholic but the truth is shes a muslim..pls reply.--bhaby


The Marriage wasn't valid even if she was Catholic. Only because you said they were married in the city hall.
Their marriage is only legal in the Government's eyes not in the RCC.

If one party is a Catholic, they have to married by a Roman Catholic Priest or Deacon. (Eastern Priests and Deacons are valid as well.)

Tell your brother to ask a conservative Priest and he should be able to direct him through the proper channels. No Money is need.

Now, he still have to get a Legal Divorce for the Government to apply for a marriage license for his future wife.
---Nicole on 6/27/08

My brother marry a muslim girl my brother is catholic, unfortunately they brokeup they just been together for a couple of months my brother found out that his muslim wife is unfaithful to him and then twice the girl abort his child.. been thinking does their marriage is legal? they get married at the city hall. the muslim girl declares that shes catholic but the truth is shes a muslim.. pls reply...
---bhaby on 6/26/08

A Catholic can marry a Muslim. The RCC doesn't advise it. As long as the Muslim person agrees to allow any children to be raised Catholic. The pre-marriage classes are usually longer. He doesn't have to be baptized, but again the Church doesn't advise it. You are right about getting married in the Church. In fact all Catholic marriages must take place in the RCC. Not the beach,garden, or any other church, and only by a RCC Priest or a Deacon.
The Pope blesses all Marriages, not just Catholics.
---Nicole on 6/3/08

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"You can be a Muslim and be a Christian"
Islam says Jesus was very important Prophet, but not divine, nor Saviour
---alan_of_UK on 6/2/08

The muslim who says Allah is God and Mohammad is his only not a Christian. For we know through the Gospel that Jesus Is Lord of all and Is God's Son One with the Eternal Father. This is the only Truth!
So the Catholic-Christian who knows and believes an acts on the Truth spiritually is in a position to convert those who are not and certainly not supposed to marry someone unless the are a child of God / Jesus the Messiah, King of all!
---lisa on 6/2/08

Catholic, Muslim, African, Buddhist it don't matter... what matters most is a foundation in eternal life though Jesus: the way the truth and the life! You can be a Catholic and still not be a Christian. You can be a Muslim and be a Christian. To join together in marriage is sacred and should not be taken lightly! Both parties need to accept Jesus and live the Bible. Then no Church can refuse Marrage.
---Matthew on 6/1/08

No. The two are not equally yoked. This would be a selfish relationship that would only serve the purpose of gratifying the flesh since the the two cannot become one in Christ and grow together Spiritually.
---Marcia on 7/13/07

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The Bible, Koran and Bagvad Gita says without the shedding of Blood there is no remmission of sins, Remember only Jesus Christ shed his Blood on the cross of Calvary.Only Jesus claimed to be God.
---Charles on 7/12/07

Hello Riza in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is not a prophet, he died so that all mankind, including you would be saved from a burning hell. I have been to the gates of hell taken by God Almighty himself. I was admonished for my lukewarm christianity which is something the lord hates. Hell is real, do not be decieved any longer. Jesus Christ is the son of the one true living God, the bible says choose you this day whom you will serve.
---queen on 7/9/07

As it now stands, either the catholic or the muslim would have to convert to the other's religion, or you would both have to renounce both religions, in order for you to have a proper religious or secular marriage. What the Moderator is saying is that Catholic to Protestant weddings are fairly frequent, but you never see a Muslim wedding in which the woman doesn't convert to being a Muslim. Muslim's are not saved, according to all Christian theology. Don't do it!
---harold on 6/30/07

Reza::In a similar case a rich man asked what must I do to have eternal Life.To your question I say,Become a catholic in all sincerity& accept Jesus as YOUR ONLY GOD.Understand Jesus's Love & mission & reach a stage of Perfection If you want happiness in this life as well as the next-Seems impossible but without Baptism & heartfelt sincerity This is HIS WAY.Blessings on your venture.
---Emcee on 6/29/07

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Hi.I am a 43 year old shia Moslem,single guy.It is really hard to answer this lady. But shia Moslem can marry a Christian lady. In general we respect to Christians(every branches)and believe in Jesus as a prophet of God.We love him.Hope to learn about your religion.Please help me.
---Reza on 6/29/07

** If he does not want to be baptised into your church, then he doesnt love you**

Instead, I would say that if he doesn't want to be baptized, he has no faith in or love for Jesus.

His feelings for the woman really don't enter into the piccture here.
---Jack on 6/15/07

Betsy, I am sure God wants you to bring this man to Him. If he does not want to be baptised into your church, then he doesnt love you..thats the answer for you..and its time you move on.There are heaps of apetizing fish in the sea so to speak...make sure you dont move to his country...its very difficult to get out once you marry him there..I have a Muslim friend and he told me this..God bless I will pray for u both..
---jana on 6/15/07

Betsy, why are you asking this question here to a bunch of people who are antagonistic towards your faith, instead of asking your own pastor?

That's what he's there for. You're likely to get a more sensible answer based on reality instead of prejudices and ignorance.
---Jack on 6/15/07

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Honey, you must love punishment. You have a lot of hurdles and problems to overcome. Can't you find another suitable mate for yourself with less problems and concerns. The way your marriage begin is how its going to end.....BAD! You are unequally yoked, also, according to the Word of God.
---Robyn on 6/14/07

If you have asked Jesus into your heart and made him the Lord of your life, please realize that Muslims do not believe as you do about who Jesus is, or what He is.
We are advised to be equally yoked for very good,important reasons. If you have a relationship with Jesus, you shouldn't even date a Muslim. I know it sounds harsh, but it is no less true. Muslims view non-Muslims as infidels, as taught in the Quran. Please don't let him smooth-talk you away from the truth!
---Pat on 6/14/07

Being a Muslim does not dictate that they hate Christians, though the Quran may require this of them. What any Muslim is, is a human created in the image of God, please do not be quick to hate them

If you become unequally yoked with anyone, it will put stress on the marriage. And this tension will keep pulling at your relationship; and something will give way. I do not believe that if you marry a Muslim man that it will be him.
---Marty on 6/14/07

Betsy, sister please I pray that you would ask God what to do in this and heed has word. Also please do not listen to advice just because it is what you want to hear. Remember that we are to test the words of others against the Bible.

A thought. An example of the conflict that will exist in your marriage if you marry him. Think about the children you will have one day. If you marry him you are likely to rise your Children as either Christians or Muslims; but they cannot be both.
---Marty on 6/14/07

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Rebecca_D: "...or did you read their beliefs on an article?..."

An article is a written document from an author who personally experienced something in their life. Didn't you base your Christian belief in a bunch of letters, personal journals, the history of the Israelites, Etc?
---Steveng on 6/14/07

God created you both. I will pray for you both. May the people of this earth see your love through Gods eyes. From every second of your birth to the final hour of death god has watched you. Your task is uniquely different as each of ours. May God grant all you people with the power of compassion
---brian on 6/14/07

RebeccaD... Are you even bothering to read anyone else here or just me? Muslims DO NOT believe that Jesus is the Son of God and therefore cannot be Christians. They acknowledge Him as only a prophet.
---betty8468 on 6/14/07

RebeccaD - ("Just because they are of a different religion, that doesn't mean they aren't believers in God. ") -- Muslims definitely do not believe in the one true God. To be a Christian one must believe that Jesus became flesh and died on the Cross for sin. Just believing in God does not do it. This world is full of people who "believe in God", or so they think, but they are not born-again. Muslims are definitely not Christians. They hate Christians and we are Satan to them.
---Helen_5378 on 6/14/07

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Again, God created you both. I will pray for you both. May the people of this earth see your love through Gods eyes. From every second of your birth to the final hour of death god has watched you. Your task is uniquely different as each of ours. May God grant all you people with the power of compassion
---Brian on 6/14/07

Rebecca, I know what a Muslim believes and they do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God. They believe that he was only a human prophet and no greater than Mohammed. They also deny that he died and was resurrected, but was rather saved by having someone else die in his place. I have read some of the Qu'ran and studied some of Islam (this is a relatively recent venture so I am not that far into it yet, but enough to know that there are substantial differences between Muslims and Christians).
---lorra8574 on 6/13/07

Betty; How do you know what a Muslim believes? Are you friends with one or did you read their beliefs on an article? Every true religion, whether it is Baptist, Catholic, Pentecost, Methodist, they all believe in Christ Jesus.
---Rebecca_D on 6/13/07

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the Moderator. I am a Catholic and while I can appreciate the faith in God exhibited by Muslims, their faith is not the same as your own and there is far too great a potential for trouble in the marriage. Especially once children come into the picture.

A good Muslim is obligated to try to convert you to Islam, otherwise he is not a good Muslim. Even if he is a good man, his family obligations will eventually destroy your faith and your marriage.
---lorra8574 on 6/13/07

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RebeccaD. if he is Muslim then he does not profess Jesus as his Saviour therefore he is a non-believer which would be an unequally yoked marriage. Muslims do not accept Jesus as the Son of God nor as their Saviour therefore they are unbelievers.
---betty8468 on 6/12/07

1#A Muslim by diffinition cannot be a Christian and vice-versa. This is not an issue of heritage, race, class or law. It is an issue of the heart. To be a Christian means that you make Jesus the Lord of your life. A Muslim cannot not do this.
---Martin_Smith on 6/11/07

Betty; how do you know their not? Is this something someone has told you, something that you've read? Just because they are of a different religion, that doesn't mean they aren't believers in God. Take Catholics for an example. They may have the name Catholics but yet they are still believers in Christ. Unequally yoked means one is a believer and the other one is not. 2 Cor 6:14. Notice it says don't mix with unbelievers. You don't understand what this means.
---Rebecca_D on 6/9/07

It is only those that are born-again who have to submit to the command to "be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers" (2 Corinthians 6:14-17).
---Helen_5378 on 6/9/07

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The Bible says DO NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED TO UNBELIEVERS. Trust god for a man that pleases Him and meets His requirements that you will love. Unbeliever- No.
---Loved on 6/9/07

RebeccaD... a Muslim is not a Christian, so how can he be a believer? UNequally yoked means of different faiths. It was Moses who maried an Ethiopian, actually, she was Midianite. I believe also that the law was established before or right after the Israelites entered the PL. so he was not under the law then.
---betty8468 on 6/8/07

How can a Muslim be a Christian? Most denominations have some things in their laws that are not biblical. What does the Bible say? AND Who do you want to be faithful to, a doctrine or the Word? Pray about it.
---betty8468 on 6/7/07

No, he doesn't have to be baptized before you to get married. Unequally yoked is if you married a sinner, or vice versa. Noah married an Ethopian, and he was of a different faith. It is't wrong because both of you are believers.
---Rebecca_D on 6/6/07

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Betsy...It seems to me that if you are a Catholic that you would already know the answers to your questions.
---Susie on 6/4/07

Most people who marry with opposite religions, never can settle on where or who to worship, thus you will never find peace in your marriage. I agree with the Moderator, you will be unequally yoke. I do not beleive your Pope will reconize this as a sanction of marriage according to the scriptures.
---Brenda on 6/5/07

The canons prohibit the marriage of a baptized Christian to a person unbaptized.

And why are you asking this question here? It's mostly pop-evangelicals who hate the Catholic Church who post here.

Would you not be more likely to get a sensible answer from your pastor? Ask him instead.
---Jack on 6/4/07

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