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Is Angel Worship Sin

In Revelation 19:10, John shares this > "And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, 'See that you do not do that!.'" Isn't angel worship a SIN? Why did the Holy Spirit inspire John in canon scripture to tell us that he sinned by worshiping an angel?

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 ---Bill_bila5659 on 6/6/07
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\\Asking someone to pray for us is not praying to them to pray for us. So by your logic, when we make a "request" we are praying?\\

The English word "pray" simply means "request."

Haven't you ever heard the expressions "pray, tell" or "prithee" which is a contraction of "I pray thee"?

Many times court papers say things like, "The petitioner prays the court will grant ....." And this is NOT using "pray" in a religious sense, either.
---Cluny on 7/15/10

Lorra "If we can ask each other to pray for us without it being a form of worship, then certainly we can ask saints and angels to pray for us."
Asking someone to pray for us is not praying to them to pray for us. So by your logic, when we make a "request" we are praying? lol I am sorry, this is not so. Prayer is done in reverence and in Jesus name. Jesus gave us an example how to pray... starts off with... "Our Father, who is in heaven." Not Abraham, not Moses, not Mary, mother of Jesus, not Michael the archangel, in heaven. Pray like this, Our Father. Jesus specifically teaches us how to pray, why would you do it any other way or to anyone else?
---Erin on 7/12/10

Just read Colossians 2:18-19 Do you not know that we will judge angels? 1 Cor 6:3 Angels are messangers of God...not gods!
---Bryan on 1/28/09

Yes it is. Angels are just the mailmen of God.Like what was pointed out the angels themselves even tell you no to worhip them. "See that you do not do that!."

Sure you can thank the mailman for delivering you the letter but you also need to write back to the person who wrote it and mailed it in the first place.
---Jason on 11/23/08

If a person feels that The Lord's grace is not sufficient for them, they will decide to worship angels, speak "tongues", study commentaries, become intellectual masters of scripture, perform many kind deeds/gestures, study parables (Matthew 13:13), use obsolete names for God (John 7:39), and use their own 'self-effort' to try and improve God's grace (He really doesn't need our assistance).

Colossians 2:18
"Let no one disqualify you, insisting on self-abasement and worship of angels".
---more_excellent_way on 8/8/08

Angels are simply messengers of God and should never be worshiped.
---notlaw99 on 8/8/08

The bible states that we are saved by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony. Most of the stories in the bible are testimonies of what to do or what not to do. This example was purely to show us without a parable that our worship belongs only to the lord.
---Stacy on 7/28/07

"Do we gain God's omniscience after we die?"
---Matthew on 6/22/07
My answer to this question would be I think so. Men being made in the image of God must have a small minute part of God's knowledge now, later perhaps our knowledge will be joined with his knowledge thereby giving us perfect knowledge. Let us be quick to praise the Lord for all the wonderful things he has done, he is doing, and he is going to do!!!!!!
---Mima on 7/28/07

Leon, I know. Those questions were for those who think Saints can hear their prayers.
---Matthew on 6/24/07

Matthew: The "Creator", God alone is Omniscient, Omnipresent & Omnipotent.
---Leon on 6/24/07

I have to ask this question. Can angels hear more than one message at one time? Are they omnisciet beings? Which is knowing everything(how else could you hear 100's of things at once and comprehend them?).If angels are limited and can be only in one place at one time and hear only one message at one time then how can a Saint here 1'000s of messages at once and comprehend them? I thought that was an ability only God possessed. Do we gain God's omniscience after we die?
---Matthew on 6/22/07

Yes angel worship is a sin. As for why God wanted that part inculded in the bible, that would be something only He knows for sure. Perhaps so we would know that it really is a sin or that even the apostles were human?
---maryj9396 on 6/21/07

I would like to point out again, that it is wrong to worship angels, but a lot of folks have worship and prayer mixed up. It is true that prayer can be a part of worship, but to pray also mean to make a request. If we can ask each other to pray for us without it being a form of worship, then certainly we can ask saints and angels to pray for us. It is illogical to assume otherwise.

John prostrated himself before the angel thinking that the angel might be God, the angel rightly corrected him.
---lorra8574 on 6/13/07

"Why did the Holy Spirit inspire John in canon scripture to tell us that he sinned by worshiping an angel?"

I consider > among other things, because James 5:16 says, "Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."

Possibly, John knew that Christians reading his confession would pray for him to be "healed" to do better.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/13/07

Leon, I am not the one who is improvising. I have been told repeatedly that I cannot ask the saints in Heaven to pray for me because they are dead and therefore asleep in some kind of comatose unresponsive state - Yet Jesus shows us three examples of saints that are very much alive, responsive and helpful - Moses, Elijah and Abraham. Some of you are reading the Bible with blinders on and twisting the scriptures to mean whatever is fits your man-made tradition.
---lorra8574 on 6/13/07

"but nowhere in the Bible does it say that we cannot pray to angels."

It doesn't say that you cant pray to Lucifer in the Bible either. But, hopefully, you have more sense than that since some people do pray to him.
---Susie on 6/13/07

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Susie, that passage was only to show that the angels are aware of us and acting on our behalf. Therefore, angels are capable of praying to God for us if we ask. This combined with other passages shows that we can pray to angels. Fear not, you are not obligated to do this, but nowhere in the Bible does it say that we cannot pray to angels.

I do agree that it would be terribly wrong to worship them as gods, because they are not.
---lorra8574 on 6/13/07

Susie: Lorra obviously is improvising her own version of the Bible. I pray the Lord will deliver her from the deceptively strong delusions she's under.
---Leon on 6/13/07

"Matthew 18:19.....See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven."

This says nothing about praying to angels.
---Susie on 6/12/07

Prayer is submission, first, so I pray what God has me pray.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/12/07

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Lorra...I'm not worried about getting in trouble with God. I worship the God who sent HIS Son to die for us on the cross. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of HIS Father in Heaven. There is no angel sitting beside God. The saints you speak of are dead and cannot pray for you. Jesus told us to pray to "Our Heavenly Father" and not to angels.
---Susie on 6/12/07

Leon, when David asked the Angels to bless God (or kneel in adoration) that is as much a prayer as anything you would ask your neighbour. The only reason I do not ask my neighbour to do the exact same thing for me is that I know the angels are in heaven and in a position to bless God on my behalf and my neighbour is down here with me.

See also Matthew 18:10 shows that angels do intercede for their charges on earth which is only sensible if the angels are aware of those they have been put over.
---lorra8574 on 6/12/07

Leon, So when David asked/commanded the angels and hosts to bless God, we know that they heard him and likely obeyed.

Further, in the story of Lazarus and the Rich man (Luke 16:24), the rich man cried out to Father Abraham to have mercy on him - by definition the rich man prayed to Abraham. Now given the specific circumstances, the prayer could not be satisfied, but Jesus did not say that this was wrong and given that He mentioned it shows that it was not an unusual practice.
---lorra8574 on 6/12/07

Leon, the Bible gives us examples and history shows their use. The Jesus showed us three people who had already died and yet were alive in Christ, walking around and doing things - Abraham comforted Lazarus, Moses and Elijah talked to Jesus.

Throughout Christian History, Christians have prayed to angels and to saints, and only after the Reformation did this practice become questioned - why is that?
---lorra8574 on 6/12/07

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Lorra: Thanks for the scripture references; but, I don't see where the Bible specifically says it's okay for us, "to ask pray [intercede, make an appeal to God] for us...".

"Bless" (barak) means to kneel in adoration to God, to praise, salute & thank Him.
"Praise" (halal) means to make a show, to boast, to celebrate God.

---Leon on 6/12/07

Lorra, cont'd: It's farfetched to say (even suppose) David asked (entreated, implored, beseeched, begged, called upon, appealed to) the angels to pray for him. In both Psalms, David zealously applauded (cheered) the angels for blessing & praising God. At no time did he ask them to pray for him.

Yes, as Ephesians 6 says, it's definitely scriptural for Christians to pray for each other. But, again, this has nothing to do with angels.
---Leon on 6/12/07

Leon, certainly:

Psalm 103:20 "Bless the LORD, you His angels, Mighty in strength, who perform His word, Obeying the voice of His word!"

Psalm 148:2 "Praise Him, all His angels;Praise Him, all His hosts!"

See also Ephesians 6:19 "and pray on my behalf, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel,"
---lorra8574 on 6/11/07

Leon, I agree that it is wrong to worship angels, but to ask an angel or saint or fellow Christian to pray for us is not worship due to God. I do not ask God to pray for me, I ask Him to save me.

If it was not wrong for Paul to ask other Christians to pray for him and for David to ask the angels and heavenly host to pray to God on his behalf, then I do not see where it is wrong for me to follow their example.
---lorra8574 on 6/11/07

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Eloy: If that's the way you see it, then that's the way you see it. Peace!:)
---Leon on 6/12/07

God alone should be given worship and nothing else. Angels are messengers of truth. it is a case of giving honour to the creature rather than the creator. You think yourself it morally right? The word of god is clear on this just like you rightly pointed out in revelation.
---kelly on 6/11/07

.leon, Abraham was neither speaking to only one angel nor was he speaking to God, but instead the scripture reads, he was speaking to all three angels, much like when we speak to a crowd of people and say, "I tell you this..." How do we know that he was speaking to all three angels, because he said, "Let a little water, I pray YOU, be fetched, and wash your feet, and rest yourselVES under the tree." Genesis 18:4.
---Eloy on 6/11/07

.leon, yes when kept in context it is very clear that God sent 3 angels to Abraham, and that Abraham literally spoke to 3 angels and these 3 angels sent from God were not God himself. God has no need to transform himself into an angel when he has a perfect body of his own to manifest himself to those whom he chooses to reveal himself too. Again God is not any angel, but he created the angels, and Abraham did not worship any angels but only greeted them properly and waited on them as he would any visitor.
---Eloy on 6/11/07

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I agree 100 plus percent Susie.

Lorra: For the benefit of those of us who don't know when or where you provided (posted) the "It is perfectly alright to pray to Angels" verses from the Psalms, would you be so kind to list them again? Thanks.:)
---Leon on 6/11/07

Susie, before you get yourself into trouble with God for bearing false witness against your neighbour, invest in a good dictionary. Prayer is not the same as Worship - prayer can be a form of worship, but to ask an angel to do for you what you ask your neighbour to do for you (as required of you in the NT), is not worship but making a request (which is what praying is).

FACT: David did pray to Angels.

FACT: David did NOT worship Angels.
---lorra8574 on 6/11/07

Eloy!:) Please tell me who it is that Abraham spoke to in Genesis 18? Was he speaking to just "one" of three angels or the "LORD" God?

Since God has clothed Himself in flesh & become man (Christ Jesus), do you suppose He could not also appear to man as an angel or for that matter in any form He chooses? (Ex. 3:2-6, 13:21, 33:18-23, 34:8)

The Bible, when read in context, makes it very clear -- doesn't it? :)
---Leon on 6/11/07

I believe Lorra has answered this question. She clearly shows that their are those who indeed worship angels. You can't pray to someone that you don't worship. Angels have no authority to hear our prayers. Jesus gave the example. What part of "Our Father Who Art In Heaven" don't you understand Lorra?
---Susie on 6/11/07

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.leon, Lot, nor Abraham, did NOT worship these angels from God. But if you choose to wrongly believe that Abraham did, then that is your choice, but you should not tell others your falsehood as though it were the truth when it is not, because then you are guilty of misleading others also. In Hebrew YHWH is written when expressing the only Lord God, but adonai is written many times to refer to other lords.
---Eloy on 6/11/07

.leon, Sarah calls Abraham "lord" (adonai)Genesis 18:13; Shechaniah calls Ezra "lord" (adonai)Ezra 10:3; the watchman calls Isaiah "lord" (adonai)Isaiah 2:8. But none of these mean "the" Lord God, just as Genesis 18:3 also does not mean the Lord God.
---Eloy on 6/11/07

Helen, from the Psalms. I have already provided the verses previously, I suggest that it would not hurt you at all to take the time to read them all. It is perfectly alright to pray to Angels, it is not alright to worship them as if they were gods because they are not.
---lorra8574 on 6/10/07

Leon, Do not add to the Bible, else you be found a liar. Angels are not God. Abraham did NOT worship the angels, but only greeted them as I have already said. And the word lord here is not written YHWH in the original Hebrew which refers to the Lord God, but written Adonai which simply means lord or sir, much like every man or a landlord whom one pays rent too, and not Lord as in God. Your god may be a created angel, but my God created these three angels in Genesis.
---Eloy on 6/10/07

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Jack: Gen. 19:1 pertains to Lot, not Abraham. Though the verse tells us they were "two" angels, to Lot they initially appeared to be men of high status traveling in the land.

Lot didn't prostrate himself before them in worship. Rather, he cordially greeted (welcomed) them to his city with a respectful, customarily middle-eastern, bow & sought to protect them from the Sodomites.
---Leon on 6/10/07

Jack: Gen. 18 begins by introducing the "LORD" (Angelophany of GOD) to us & Abraham. Notice, wherein Lot addressed the two angels as lord, Abraham worshipfully, "bowed himself towards the ground", & addressed only ONE of the three angels as Lord (18:2-3). Clearly (without a doubt), God let Himself be known to Abraham.
---Leon on 6/10/07

Catherine you are right. The custom of greeting at that time was to usually kneel with one knee to the ground, and also if it was a friend coming to visit you would kiss the person upon the cheek. This was the common greeting equivalent to the handshake and knodding of the head that westerners express today, and has nothing to do with worship. jack is in error Abraham nor Lot worshipped the angels, but only greeted them with the expected respect.
---Eloy on 6/10/07

** Any Angel of God will find it disgusting to be worshiped. Yes, it is a sin. Worship the Lord thy God, only.**

And what about the three angels in Genesis 19 whom Abraham bowed down before? They didn't find it disgusting, and there's nothing in the context to assume they did.

So you're wrong again, catherine.
---Jack on 6/9/07

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Bill_bila: In short, it's sin to worship the creation (life forms, places & things) rather than God (the Creator). (Ro. 1:18-32)

Susie:) I believe you just pinned the tail on...LOL
---Leon on 6/9/07

Any Angel of God will find it disgusting to be worshiped. Yes, it is a sin. Worship the Lord thy God, only.
---catherine on 6/9/07

Thanks, Jack! You just proved my point!
---Susie on 6/9/07

**I just assumed that you had never been married. Of course, you know what "assume" means?**

Nobody can make an ass out of me without my excplict permission, which is seldom given.
---Jack on 6/9/07

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John knew the being he faced was not made from earth as he was, and therefore his instinct was to revere God. But the angel forbidded him revealing that he himself was not God but instead he was sent down from God to him. As for figurines and paintings of angels, I think people commonly confuse "artwork or decoration" with "worship", but they are not the samething. Decorations or pieces of artwork to fill up spaces is a good thing, but worshipping decorations and praying to them is sin
---Eloy on 6/9/07

Jack...Sorry if I misjudged your age. I was only going on your immature responses and the fact that you aren't married. I just assumed that you had never been married. Of course, you know what "assume" means? LOL!! Frankly, I still think you are under 30.
---Susie on 6/8/07

I will not name all of the women's magazines that have a weekly section for angel experiences. Every week there's a story how to talk to your angel, really weird stuff.
Women wear angel pins, and they become totally carried away with angel worship. Susie, I, too, have seen the shrines in peoples homes. Crystal angels, angel everything, not good.
---Jenny on 6/8/07

** Jack...You have obviously not visited any home where there is a virtual "shrine" to angels.**

Many schools have reproductions of the Declaration of Independence and other such documents in what is called a "Freedom Shrine." Does that mean they worship them?

And, if age matters, I'm in my upper 50's. I stand by everything I say--but now you can dismiss me as a senile old crank.
---Jack on 6/8/07

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**(3) So, the Bible makes an example of John, in order to make it very clear we must not worship angels.**

The Bible also makes an example of Abraham who bowed down before the three angels in Genesis 19, addressing them collectively as "my Lord"--in effect, "YHVH."

Now what?
---Jack on 6/8/07

Jack...You have obviously not visited any home where there is a virtual "shrine" to angels. I have been in a few ladies' homes where they do worship angels and see them as some kind of magical beings. I figure that when you are about 50 years old you will look back on some of the comments you make on these blogs and you will either be very embarrassed or laugh at yourself. Laughing at yourself is a lot easier.
---Susie on 6/8/07

Lorra8574 - David did not pray to angels because he knew not to. Where did you get that idea from?
---Helen_5378 on 6/7/07

Lorraine . . . you wrote that King David PRAYED to angels and asked them to pray for him. I don't remember any Psalm writing which says David PRAYED to angels. Can you quote exact words to this effect, or are you interpreting, please?
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/7/07

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(2) THANK you, everyone, for answering. Yes, I'd say the Holy Spirit was making an example of John, by having him confess in scripture to how he sinned by falling down to worship an angel.

And, I'd say if he fell down in order to do it, then already in his heart he had done it; so he DID worship the angel, I'd consider.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/7/07

(3) So, the Bible makes an example of John, in order to make it very clear we must not worship angels.

And, in Revelation 1:10 John shares, "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day", and then he had this vision of Revelation, and THEN was when he sinned by worshiping an angel. This shows me that even if you are close to God like John was, you can sin against God. So, we must never take for granted that we have become so spiritual, that we can't sin...even while "in the Spirit".
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/7/07

It is wrong to prostrate yourself before an angel (or saint or anyone other than God) as this would be the kind of worship due to God. David prayed to the angels in the Psalms and asked them to pray to God on his behalf; however, this is not worship.
---lorra8574 on 6/7/07

I know nobody who worships angels, and what's more, nobody who posts to these blogs knows anyone who does, either.

Some might think they do, but they are deceived because God has not granted them to see into other people's hearts.
---Jack on 6/6/07

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We are to worship only God. Worship of anything else is idolatry which is a sin. Angels are servants of God and are not God. To worship them is clearly idotatry.
---jody on 6/6/07

The Bible records the sins of many people. There is the original sin of Adam and Eve, The murder of Abel, David's affair with Bathsheba, and many more. These things are recorded in the word of God so that we can learn from them and so that we can be reminded that the people of the Bible had the same struggles as regular people yet God forgave them to when they asked.
The Bible says in 1 Timothy 3 that "all scripture is profitable for... instruction"
---amanda on 6/6/07

God makes it very clear to worship only him. It doesn't say John actually worshiped the angel but he did fall down in attempt to do it. The angel told him not to. It just shows me that any man is capable of making a mistake, even John, who was "in the spirit."
---john on 6/6/07

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