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Women Obedient To Husbands

It would seem that Titus 1:5 "To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, OBEDIENT TO THEIR OWN HUSBANDS, that the word of God be not blasphemed." Has today become somewhat of a joke. Your views or Comments?

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 ---Mima on 6/7/07
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I am beyond grateful that I'm married to a man who does not command my obedience to him! I am so blessed indeed! We have our problems, of course, but I do feel I'm his equal.
---Mary on 2/12/11

It's not a joke, but many look for loopholes in order to ignore it. Many say they will submit to their husbands provided he's loving his wife as Christ loves the church. When women feel slighted, the advice of Titus 1:5 flies out the window.

Certainly, everyone should live life and engage in marriage as the Bible stipulates regardless of what others are doing and trust that Father will take care of any issues. However, few exhibit this kind of faith in action and the cycle of tit for tat continues between men and women.

I have seen lives transformed, however, when one spouse remains faithful to the Word despite the other's disobedience. Unconditional love and respect is quite compelling, particularly when powered by faith.
---AlwaysOn on 2/7/11

Hope5979: You think you are blaming men by writing, "But I have never seen a man love his wife as much as himself or as Christ loved their church". You are actual saying,"There is no woman close to you that is submissive to her husband as the Bible instructs".
---Adetunji on 2/7/11

Christian wives would have no problem submitting to husbands who loved as commanded. But I have never seen a man love his wife as much as himself or as Christ loved their church & MEN: YOUR PRAYERS MIGHT BE HINDERED. Eph 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it, Eph 5:28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. 1Pe 3:7 Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers be not hindered.
The weaker vessels were not used for manual labor, but cherished & put on a pedestal!
---Hope5979 on 2/5/11

Larry, I do not disagree with you but I will say it again: if men were more interested in love than obedience, they would have wonderful wives! And the world would be such a better place!
---Mary on 2/4/11

God institutes order and peace wherever HE is. It is because of this that HE chooses a leader for the home but he is not an absolute leader, he has clauses of how he must act.GOD remains the absolute ruler of the Christian home. A man/woman that fears Him will not misbehave & peace/order will be there. Where lack of this is, GOD word is not reverred there.
---Adetunji on 2/4/11

I posted this question because of the following incident. Years ago my wife was in New Orleans attending a sowing convention. And while praying in her hotel room she got the following message from the Holy Spirit." Pay attention to your husband". When she came back she reluctantly told me this. I have had very few disagreements with my wife and none over who had the final say. But nevertheless a very interesting story.
---mima on 2/4/11

The word of God is clear on this if they women dont submit to their husbands then rhey blaspheme the word of God. Then I am out of the equation she now is dishonoring God. Wifes are not to be their husbands conscience thats Gods job remember woman was made for man in mans image man was made in Gods image there is an order and Christians should know what that one Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
As unto the Lord women should be ready to please God even when they think their husband is wrong they submit as unto the Lord this pleases God -So Ladies let your husband make the final decisions even when you my think their wrong unless you blaspheme the word of God.
---Larry on 2/3/11

Women are to be submissive to their husbands and the husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it. Men, may you not use the woman's submissive role as an excuse to burden your wives with bitterness and aggression. I say this for your sake and hers and because some men have abused their power in the Gospel to be forceful with their wives.
---chria4685 on 7/23/10

Mary ... "Potent" is the opposite of "impotent"

Most men indeed have been potent ... I myself have four daughters, but in a few years time I don't think I will be able to have any more (even if I acquired a young wife).
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/21/10

"The overwhelming majority have been POTENT"--what does that mean Eloy? Curious, thanks
---Mary on 7/21/10

Open eyes: There are very many "MEN" today.

The overwhelming majority have been POTENT!
---Eloy on 7/18/10

I would have to say that neither gender are performing their God given duties today,as a matter of fact the human race by a vast majority never has.
---tom2 on 7/19/10

Thank God for Women's Rights
---pg1 on 7/19/10

There are very few "MEN" today.

The overwhelming majority have been NEUTERED!
---John on 7/18/10

Elle, I sure hope you being tongue-in-cheek.
---Mary on 5/7/10

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Mary .... Look at Elle's second name!
---alan8566_of_uk on 5/7/10

Elle, I think I'm going to PUKE! And you're a woman and can say stuff like this?!
---Mary on 5/7/10

Women need to be put back in line and men need to have the strengh to do it. Husbands tame teach if they dont lisson dissepline your wife you have the right the responsability. Tell your women to cook, clean snd serve you, help her be happy in her submission to you to be proud of herself for surrenderring herself to you. Teach your son to be a man so he can tame his future lady make your wife show your daughter how to be a lady so your future son-in-law wont have to work on her as much or punish her for her misbehavior as frequently. have your Daughter and wife serve the men at dinner parties first and always tell them to respect the males and enjoy womanly componey. make sure to punish your woman straight after her mistake but mostly BE MEN
---ElleSpanker on 5/7/10

In regards to woman not speaking in the Church, at the time when the bible was being writen woman were uneducated, and did not know whaat they were talking about. I had a man in my Church tell me it was wrong for me to be involved in the singing at the front of the Church. However I was allowed to teach Sunday School? So while I was teaching the 4 year olds there first impresions of God, I was not able to sing songs with already established lyrics to grown adults that have already formed their minds of God? Regardless I am in a praise and worship band with men and woman, including my husband!!
---Ginn on 8/18/08

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(part 1 of 2)

Just as a king is appointed to Rule so is a husband , a King and a husband are not appointed to rule because they are the strongest smartest and best ... they are appointed to rule because it is "Best"

gods plan, our story and for the lessons he commanded be understood.

You can not divide man and woman by worth they belong to god and were crafted by him ,woe be to him that will judge the crafts of god.
---Gary on 8/9/08

Guys! I was kidding. The fact that this blog question was even treated as reasonable got my dander up. I'm thankful that some men spoke up! Have a blessed weekend!
---Deb on 8/8/08

DEB::God created Women to be a help mate.Genesis 2:18.Men mature much later than women.This is a known fact, as it is the woman who has the education of Her children.Men were made stronger to defend their women and do the bull work Just as Jesus did for His Church.She remains the bride and He the Bridegroom,to administer what is said in 1Cor:13:1-8
---MIC on 8/8/08

Men are made smarter then women???? I feel bad for you. Im a man and would never say something like that. Funny thing though, you remain obedient to your husband because you say the scripture says to, but your skipping alot of other passages in the Holy Book. And further, do you keep the other laws and commandments as well???? Your on the same level as any man. Man is not without the woman, nor is woman without the man in the eyes of the Lord. Your church and your husband have you believing a lie. I really feel bad for you.
---wayne on 8/8/08

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I remain obedient to my husband because it says that is what I should do in the bible. I think he is not always right, but I am a woman, so I have no right to question him.

God made men smarter and stronger. That is just something we women have to live with I guess.
---Deb on 8/8/08

Is this the same Titus that you were reading. Well, in my Bible this is what I read. "I left you in CRETE so that you could finish doing the things that still needed to be done. I left you there also so that you could choose men to be elders in every town". Is that what you are talking on here?
---catherine on 8/8/08

What happened to husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church? Man is the Glory of Christ, but women are the Glory of man. Im a man and would never tell a wife you must obey. Once again take a couple of verses and forget scripture as a whole. Women are a gift and a helpmeet for men, not servants to do what they are told. Christ loved the church and gives them free will because God gave all of us free will. Love your wife and treat her as a gift from God, and you wont have to tell her to obey. A woman gives a different perspective on things and should be listened to as much as the husband.
---wayne on 8/7/08

Its not a woman's place to judge a husband, its her place to Obey, gods word & her promice

to debate against gods word is to blaspheme, follow his word both will learn

for a wife to judge a husbands love is to take the role of god himself,you can not see the road the full story,no debate in gods word, its from god, debate is war

Obey your husband in all things, god does not need your defence ,if your husband is against god ,god will sort it
Christ didn't love the church only in a tender romantic way. he Loved it with every bloody broken bone in his body he loved it with a force that will remain when nothing else does ,
if the church did not Live up to his expectations he would NOT have walked away to a better one
---Gary on 8/7/08

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I think that if a husband is clear about his expectations many women are happily and naturally obedient in the privacy of their own homes because most men require it. However, they are not prepared to be publically obedient. Yet we are begining to see examples of a new age where young women have a different attitude and are happily obedient.
---pete on 5/31/08

This is good advice, please apply to all of your other questions, Marty.
---Mike on 1/9/08

The bible is clear that a man is the head of the house. For those here that interpert that as an excuse for a man to mistreat his wife little lone hit her, to hear this disappoints me that this is your percetption or even experience of 'Christian" men. The Bible tells men to love their woman like christ loves the church!!! This does not justify any mistreatment at all of woman and commands that we love woman with the very essence of our being.
---Marty on 6/14/07

The scriptures reflect reality. God created the natural laws (physics) to function a certain way he also created us to function a certian way.

Men need to be respected above all else (harvard research shows that we would rather have no love than no respect. Whereas woman require a cherishing love.

Men leading the family reinforces resepct. Men loving woman AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHRUCH, if in a good relationship with God can only lead to a cherishing love.
---Marty on 6/14/07

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Well Betty, your complaint is very common. It boils down to the fact that your husband didn't live up to YOUR standards and didn't do what YOU thought he should do based on your interpretation of the Word. And since you see nothing wrong in the wife taking over leadership, one would have to question how accurately you are interpreting the Word.
---ralph7477 on 6/14/07

Before sin came along, Adam and Eve had the idea marriage; he did not "lord it" over Eve and Eve was there for him for whatever he needed, emotional and physical support. If men would only love like Jesus loves, or love their wives like they do their own bodies, we would do anything for a man. Some men are so focused on submission they forget love!
---Gina on 6/13/07

Since the entire word of God reflects on Christ being the husband and head of an obediant and submissive wife many women that seek equality are manifesting their unwillingness to be subject to their head not only here, but at the throne of God. Since the kingdom of God is no democracy their rebellion, like Vashti's, will cause them to lose their place. They will wish they had laid the word of God to heart and not sought out scriptures to seek equal rights and/or rebellion.
---Frank on 6/13/07

All leaders (not tyrants) lead by the submission of the led.

1 Cor 14:34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak...
35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

If a woman will not submit to God in church, she will not submit to God regarding her husband.

Many submit to Joyce Meyer, but not to God.
---a_servant on 6/13/07

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Give me a godly man anyday. He does not have to cook or anything else, if he loves the Lord with all of his soul and mind. These are the qualities that are pleasing to God. If he reverence God he will love and reverence me, as a godly wife. Everything else will be added to our relationship. But a spouse who cooks,bbq, works and does things around the house is appreciated in any relationship. But is not the most important qualities in a man.
---Robyn on 6/13/07

Minniemouse! Yep, he's a keeper all right! Sounds something like my husband too, except mine doesn't cook. But he vacuums, does the laundry, makes the beds, cleans up, is making not one, but TWO baby cradles with his own hands for our soon to be grand babies and works 40 hours a week so I can stay home and take care of my mother. Also a keeper. I do not deserve him! Thank you God.
---sue on 6/12/07

ralph... a woman cannot follow a man if he is unwilling to lead. My ex claimed to be born again, but in life he showed anything but. He refused to be the head of the household, he refused to follow the Word concerning such things. How would I have follow such a man? Would you be able to if in my shoes?
---betty8468 on 6/12/07

The rightful place of a husband is in the kitchen, like my husband. He is a master chef (self-trained), cooks for my extended family. We fight over the pots, so I give in. I have determined this is proper.
He BBQ's, he bakes (cherry pies with a fancy crust - his specialty); bakes bread, homemade biscuits. You name it, the man can cook it. I clean up the great big messes.
He is the ultimate handy man; can wire a house, plumb, paint and build; and work under the hood of a vehicle. He's a keeper.
---MinnieMouse on 6/12/07

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My husband plants a huge garden, he knows how to can it. He's a fisherman and a hunter
(he's fishing, now). If you have a crisis, this is the man to have around. A country boy can survive. He's big as an ox and can swing an axe. He helps my mother and father out with any job they need around their house. He'd do anything for them. He's big enough to pack both of them around. He calls them the little people. God gave me a Samson.
---MinnieMouse on 6/12/07

We hear about alot of sad marriages here, falling apart at the seams. Families living with abuse. I am a wildflower, my husband doesn't make me do anything. I do know what his buttons are. I am strong willed myself, as long as I stay out of his way in the kitchen and don't tell him how to do things, we're alright. I am his BLT, bossy little thing.
---MinnieMouse on 6/12/07

A man of integrity doesn't beat his wife into submission or browbeat her either. A Samson like mine, who quietly goes around to the stores looking for good bargains for kid's clothes, toothbrushes, toiletries - who makes bundles for homeless and womens shelters - how hard do you think it is to submit. It's effortless. He's always thinking of someone else. Why he's an awesome Titus 1:5 man.
---MinnieMouse on 6/12/07

How does a wife determine what the "rightful" place of a husband is?
Once again, the man has to measure up to some standard set by the wife.
---JohnE on 6/12/07

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o.k. im not understanding this. women are equal to men. men are not better than women. i feel that for a woman to be obedient to her husband the husband should be obedient to the wife!
---hannah on 6/11/07

Betty, if as you say, a man's rightful place is leadership, it would follow that a woman has no business taking it over. A man cannot lead a woman who will not follow...just as in the Garden.
---ralph7477 on 6/10/07

the problem here is the same one that has been going on since the garden,sin.if men loved their wives as christ loves the church,and women submitted to their husbands as the scripture says to do there would be no issues. but sin invades.everything.
---tom2 on 6/10/07

Betty8468: Raises a very valid point. I agree with that point, as well.Sometimes these men fail to take their rightful place in the family. The female is forced to be the head of the household. They don't want to leave or divorce these men because they love them but someone has to take the lead. I know of relationships like this.
---Robyn on 6/10/07

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Betty- Your response seems to me unbiblical.

With leadership comes not only authority but also accountability as God deals with the husband as head of the family. If husband is not up to this, better to check his relationship with God on case by case basis & seek godly counsel.

Otherwise, it is beautiful when we take the places God given to each of us and anything we try to shift brings chaos not only to the family but also to the society at large. See Eve...
---Ephre3798 on 6/10/07

In many cases women have taken the lead because the men have refused to do so. Women have become domineering... ralph, please do not generalize so. Not all women have. A lot of men allowed this to happen by not taking their rightful place just as in the Garden.
---betty8468 on 6/9/07

As wife of a nonbeliever, I still see my husband as head of our home however, when he call 4my attention on things against my belief,I never put God's truth second place..and in my faithful stance, my husband has come to respect n understand God's teachings. In all things at home or wherever, hes head, at church, Christ is the head. If men wants us women 2 submit to them, just love us more, and u will b surprised just how much love women can give..altho this text does not mean we submit like a slave..
---jana on 6/9/07

I don't see where Jack has attempted to make a joke. What he said is sadly true. The blogs reflect the church at large, which is becoming ever more feminized and matriarchal. Women have become domineering, demanding, and insatiable. She is all-wise and the husband is inept and just a big kid. She wants her husband to "lead" as long as it is where she tells him to. And I have been married, as if that makes a difference. Loving a wife does not come close to satisfying a wife anymore.
---ralph7477 on 6/9/07

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In the eyes of the world yes this has become a joke. But as a Christian wife I find it's a very safe place to be in.
---matalyn on 6/8/07

Well Jack: I hope you are enjoying the joke. I have a suspicion that whatever was said would not interest you anyway. You seem to have a close mind and God forbid how you probably feel about women, in general. But I won't even go there.
Marriage is a very serious business. Not to be taken lightly. Mary has the ideal answer. Don't focus on trying to make her obey you, just love her and other things begin to fall in place. Try might like it.
---Robyn on 6/8/07

Jack: Don't you think praying for marriages would be better than sitting back and criticizing and looking for a cheap joke out of it. Marriage is serious business. Divorces are at epidemic proportions. Christian and non christian. But do know this. Submission goes both ways and there are many good Christian marriages that are working. Praise be to God for that.
---Robyn on 6/8/07

So a wife is to be obedient to her husband only if he measures up to her standards.
Otherwise, the deal is off.....
No wonder Paul never married.
---JohnE on 6/8/07

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john, how about using the word submit rather than obey?
Jesus gives liberty to the captives, He came to set the captives free. I'm not a captive and Jesus sets me free. I am not my husband's captive; nor am I on a chain gang.
The way Mima asks if this Scripture is a joke, I have watched the enemy use Scripture to bring condemnation and strife.
---Geneve on 6/8/07

I have also watched men use this Scripture to their advantage; and watched men slug women in the stomach. I have watched men double their fists - all the while using this Scripture, and hit women in the face/head. I have watched men use this Scripture and kick women.
---Geneve on 6/8/07

My first impression of Mima asking this question in this way, makes me want to run away from a man like Mima. Run so far away, you would never hear from me again, ever.
And while Jack may chime in (without ever being married), the way Jack responds about women, makes me want to run away from him, too.
---Geneve on 6/8/07

Am I overly sensitive to "women must obey men", maybe, maybe not.
I witnessed much in my childhood. They say it takes a lifetime to overcome your childhood, maybe, maybe not. I know that 60 percent of marriages end in divorce now. Abusive husbands far outweigh abusive wives.
Statistics bear that one out.
In my lifetime, I can't recall one woman, doubling her fist and knocking the daylights out of her husband.
---Geneve on 6/8/07

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The wife should submit, as long as the husband is not wanting her to disobey the Word. If the husband is not fufilling his end of the marriage, the wife should still submit in a godly way to show the example, provided there is no abuse going on.
---betty8468 on 6/8/07

If a woman is a true christian then she knows where her place is with obenience not just to God but husband also.Proverbs 31 should be read by all christian women! We should stand by the word of God not against it or our husbands. I am thankful for my Godly husband and know my place. We all should.
---deb on 6/8/07

I've noticed that when one spouse doesn't do what they are supposed to do then the other spouse feels that this is a license to disbobey. A husband who doesn't love his wife like Christ loves the church will many times have a wife who disobeys him because of it. A woman who doesn't obey her husband will many times have a husband that doesn't show love to her. This is retaliation and just adds to the problem.
---john on 6/8/07

yes some women of today take it & ignore it, so sad, I admit I am not perfect with my husband,but I do respect him & I am becoming more of a Godly woman how they acted 100+yrs ago instead of the women portraid today,so sad. We should have our own minds_yes,but still submit to our husbands.
---Candice on 6/8/07

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I think that if everyone would read all that Paul says on marriage and practiced it, we would benefit from it. I have not been able to live up to every word of it due to circumstances beyond my control in my marriage, but most of it I do keep. My husband is the head of our household, but not my master. I submit to him, not as a slave but as a loving wife and helpmate. Together we are one flesh.
---lorra8574 on 6/7/07

Titus 1:5 doesn't say that, it talks about God appointing Elders in the church. Titus 2:5 speaks about your question. This still goes on, but you rarely see it. When I have questions about the bible that I don't understand, I go to a woman whom has been serving the Lord faithfully many, many years. Woman and men still teach the younger ones, but now-a-days it is the younger ones that doesn't want to be taught.
---Rebecca_D on 6/7/07

His duty is to love his wife, show her respect for being his wife,a mother,a worker, and his helper, teach her the word. Cherish and groom her well, just as he does his own body, he may well then benefit from a wife that treats him as her lord, honors him in her actions, Keeps the home that he has PREPARED for her, good working order and fit to be called a home, A father worthy of being a role model, one Obeying Exactly How To Be ''THE OBEDIENT HUSBAND'' and so NOT BLASPHEME the word Either!
---Carla5754 on 6/7/07

Point a finger sure BUT... three fingers and the thumb are always pointed straight back in your own directions. Year in year out the familiar stories Men abandoning their families. How many Churches deal directly with wife abuse,taking drug,drinking,violence lack of love towards wives etc,
When are the Real men of God going to deal with the the issues of absent men in the churches and gear their evangelism in these Areas?
If you don't fix them they remain Broken!
---Carla5754 on 6/7/07

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Jack, you have never been married. Your thoughts and views are pretty idealistic about it. You can imagine what it might be like, but until you've been there, you're warming the bench.
Mima, on the other hand, did your wife go on a vacation without you? Did she leave you some TV dinners in the freezer? Are you home alone, Mima?
---Geneve on 6/7/07

No..its not a joke.We are willing to be just as it says in Titus. Where are the godly husbands/men? The few that are around don't even come close to understanding what their roles are. A lof them don't know how to treat their wives so the wife will be free to live up to that scripture in Titus. They see the word Obedient and run with it. They set out to treat the woman like a piece of property or a small, child. This is not what the scripture even comes close to meaning.
---Robyn on 6/7/07

Man: If you are a God fearing man who loves God as much as I do. Know your role in the home and elsewhere. Understand what God would have you to do within your role as husband and father. We share the same values and morals concerning the church, are equally yoked and have a teachable spirit. Then our marriage stands a great chance of working out. I am willing and able to follow your lead and help you to make crucial decisions when necessary. I will love and honor you always.
---Robyn on 6/7/07

Hi; as a woman who has always been very sensitive about chauvenism, this is a very painful thing. Like Charles said, it's not a one-way street. We are equals but yes, God has given men the final responsibility--not to "lord it" over women but to love and honor.
---Mary on 6/7/07

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Also, I've said this before and I'll say it again: if men would quit focusing on getting their wives to submit to them, and start REALLY loving them, they'd find we'd do almost anything for them.
---Mary on 6/7/07

It sure has become a joke on these blogs. Many women have posted excuses on why this Biblical precept doesn't apply to them.
---Jack on 6/7/07

Are you becoming legalistic on us here?
What is your intention behind that question?
Are you thinking only men should be answering questions, used by God?
Submission runs both directions, so what are you getting at?
---Charles on 6/7/07

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