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Funny Evolution Ecards

Who has seen ChristiaNet's new Evolution ecards under their Gospel Tracts ecard heading? What do you guys think of them? I think they are very funny.

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 ---Mackie on 6/7/07
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Perhaps, for a change, my computer is the smarter one here. It won't even let the evolution e-card images load. All I get is an X :) If bless your enemies means to call or even imply they are idiots, then the next time any of us are called idiots maybe we should shout "praise the Lord".
---Linda on 6/2/08

Several very large science sites have been sending the Evolution ecards because they think the cards are funny, even when they aren't Christians.
---Moderator on 6/23/07

Mary, that was funny. I would send one to MikeM.
---Bob on 6/23/07

Yes I have seen the evolution ecards here, but can't imagine what occasion you would send one to someone for? :)
---maryj9396 on 6/22/07

Mike ... Look at the words alongside Christianet at the top of every page of this site.
It says "The Worldwide Christian Marketplace"
Also the word "seeker" has been known for centuries. Rick Warren could not have coined it... just appropriated it. He has no authority over word meanings, any more than you.
Who is he anyway?
---alan_of_UK on 6/22/07

Alan, The word seeker means non-christian in the USA. Rick Warren coined the word.
---Mike on 6/21/07

Mike ... have you invented a new meaning for the word "seeker"?
Warwick meant I was seeking after the facts/realities/truth about creation.
"Seeker" does not mean non-Christian.
Why your hostility? How have I hurt you, for you to try not only to disagree with what I may or may not believe about Creation, but also to discredit me personally, and my Faith?
---alan_of_UK on 6/21/07

Alan, so you are stating that you are now a seeker which is a non-christian? Here you are again speaking out of both sides of your mouth.
---Mike on 6/21/07

Mike ... Warwick has never said I am not a Christian.
It is you who said "if you are stating that Alan is a seeker as he is not a Christian then I agree" ... saying in that, that I am not a Christian.
You also say "Alan states that he isn't a seeker" I have never said that.
In any case, why do you equate seeking with not being a Christian?
---alan_of_UK on 6/21/07

Warwick made that statement not me. My statement is to say what you mean and mean what you say so that you don't appear double minded.
---Mike on 6/20/07

Mike Alan is definitely a Christian. However he is still to come to a firm opinion about some Biblical matters.

Badgering him will not assist.

I was a Christian for years still believing God used evolution, but still a Christian. It wasnt until I read literature which disproved evolution that I accepted the Genesis account as historical fact.
---Warwick on 6/20/07

Thank you Mike for stating that I am not a Christian.
Perhaps you can tell us all what convinces you of that judgment?
---alan_of_UK on 6/20/07

I fail to see the point of the ECards. Are they saying the creation process must always agree with biblical literalism? ideas, SCIENCE that do not agree with the Bible are wrong? Evolution is wrong because it supposidly contradicts the Bible, but only animated cartoons are used to stand against the evil of evolution. As for me, I gave up cartoons at age 9. (Isa. 22:40) is resorted to I suppose.
---MikeM on 6/20/07

Warwick, if you are stating that Alan is a seeker as he is not a Christian then I agree, however Alan states that he isn't a seeker, but a Christian, therefore he would be offended by your remark. Alan rides the fence throughout this website to appease people and at times to argue.
---Mike on 6/20/07

Tom "When you answer others you see yourself always correct"
What as strange thing to say!
Throughout, I have made it clear that I did not know.
Why do you continue to misrepresent what I say, as you did before?
---alan_of_UK on 6/20/07

Some here don't understand Alan's position, I believe I do.

Alan's a seeker sifting through the information but as yet not sure what to believe.

We're all in that position in various aspects of our lives. We investigate something, assemble information & think it through before coming to a concrete belief. There's always so much conflicting information to confuse the issue.

It's not fair or proper to force anyone to define their beliefs before they are ready. So please back off!
---Warwick on 6/19/07

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alan, i find that when someone answers you you find it offensive. When you answer others you see yourself always correct. you want conversations and when they disprove of your beliefs you get angry all the time. you do stand on both sides of the fence to get approval.
---Tom on 6/19/07

Alan, Wanted you to take a position instead of riding both sides of the fence. You are entitled to your opinion whichever side you take, but it is impossible to blog with those that ride the fence.
---Mike on 6/19/07

Mike ... Warwick ... with whom I had had vogourous discussion on tghis point, clearly understood my position.
I'm surprised you did not see it, and that you thought I was surprised to state it.
I wonder why you felt it so important to get that impossible "yes or no" answer from me?
---alan_of_UK on 6/19/07

What frustrates me is how those who are against evolution base their objections on visceral emotion, and see no need to back up their subjective assertions without any knowledge of any science what so ever. It is the old medieval faith vs. reason dilemma, and they see faith as being a negation of objective reality. That is also known as ignorance. As one writer put is, Ignorance is strength, and sometimes ignorance overcomes all opposition, over and over again.-George Orwell
---MikeM on 6/19/07

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Alan, Thanks for giving a clear answer which is you don't know. In the future, please don't be scaried of what others might think of your thoughts. Just state them clearly.
---Mike on 6/18/07

Mike stop picking on Alan - he clearly said he doesn't believe evolution a proven fact. He thinks it possible God used evolution. I don't agree with him but this doesn't stop him from being a Christian.

When first a Christian I believed God used evolution.

I'm convinced the straight forward meaning of Genesis is: God created by His spoken Word it in 6 ordinary days- no evolution necessary. From my study of history this is the traditional view. Cont.
---Warwick on 6/18/07

cont. Is six-day creation the traditional view? Consider what Basil The Great said, as just one example.

"And there was evening and morning, one day. Why did he say one and not first? . . . He said one because he was defining the measure of day and night . . . since twenty-four hours fill up the interval of one day" (The Six Days Work 1:12 [A.D. 370]).
---Warwick on 6/18/07

Mike ... It ia NOT a yes or no question.
If I said "No" you would regard that as a denial of evolution.
If I say "yes" that would be untrue.
The answer is that I just do not know.
Now, I do not regard that answer as being in conflict with the Bible. Nor would I regard a "yes" answer as being in conflict with the Truth of the Bible.
Please stop playing the "Have you stopped beating your wife? ... answer yes or no" game
---alan_of_UK on 6/18/07

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Alan, Do you believe in evolution? It's a yes or no question. You don't need to try to explain why you will not answer the question, just answer it.
---Mike on 6/17/07

Mike ... I find your words offensive.
How can I believe in anything that is not proven?
But neither is it proven that evolution did not happen.
---alan_of_UK on 6/17/07

MikeM once again what you mean by the word evolution? We need to know so we can follow what you write.

Its hard to understand what you believe. You seem to say microbe to man evolution occurred by natural selection. Thats what Darwin thought but modern science proved him wrong so now its neo-Darwinism as mutations were added in an attempt to make it plausible. However mutations have never been shown to add the necessary new unique genetic information. Cont.
---Warwick on 6/17/07

MikeM claims fundamentalists have run from museums not liking what they saw. An atheist friend writes abusive emails if I send Christian information. He invited me for a weekend but rudely said 'leave Jesus behind.' Is this how all atheists behave? Your point?

Mike says Christians accept DNA evidence but deny its validity when discussing the Human Genome Project. How do we put the conclusions of the genome project to the same stringent tests as DNA evidence?
---Warwick on 6/17/07

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Mike M says operational science is a buzz word, when in fact it is just a name for the functioning scientific method which created computers, mobile phones & put man in space. He objects to the method as it shows his passionately held beliefs to be nothing but beliefs, which he parades as fact. I dont reject any result of testable repeatable observable science.

MikeM you claim evolution is a law. Please define that evolution and explain how it became a law.
---Warwick on 6/17/07

MikeM, please explain the evolution of an eyeball since you clearly believe in evolution and should have some type of answer to such a basic question.
---Mike on 6/17/07

Alan, you speak out of both sides of your mouth. Do you believe in evolution? It's a yes or no question.
---Mike on 6/17/07

**...I believe ... that the Bible states the Truth that God is God and made the world, and that i do not think that it is a scientific text-book.**

** Alan, Do you believe that evolution is true?**

What is evolution? An orderly progression from simple to more complex forms of life.

Genesis 1 clearly demonstrates this.

The problem comes trying to make it six earthly 24 hour days, when God Himself has given several warnings that He doesn't measure time the same way that we do.
---Jack on 6/17/07

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"Anyone that believes in even a little truth to the theory of evilution [Evolution] is no friend of God. Or to God. And furthermore, God is not your friend"

In the old days, statements like that led to burnings.
---alan_of_UK on 6/17/07

Alan do faith and science contradict? And if so by whose interpertation of knowledge? Is the contradiction biblical in nature or caused due to human interpertation of the truth?
---Marty on 6/16/07

Genesis. 1:1 simply says God created the heaven and the earth, it does not say when. Verse 2 says that the earth was without form and void which means that he had to form it into what he wanted. Verse 3 is where we actually see the creating of the earth as we know it now. If God has always existed he may have always had a place to dwell also. Did God not say that he wanted a place to dwell. Paul condemned those that judged others for their beliefs if they didn't believe the same way. evangelistjerry
---Jerry on 6/16/07

I do not believe whatsoever that MAN evolved from the mud pool. What the call evolution we used to call adapting to the environment.
evangelist jerry
---Jerry on 6/16/07

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Mike you ask me "Do you believe that evolution is true?"
I'm surprised at your short memory Mike, because you entered this blog by responding to my post of yesterday (6/15), which gave you the answer.
---alan_of_UK on 6/16/07

Warwick-Evolution by natural selection There is evolutionary theory, and then there is evolutionary law.

A scientist sees night eyes on a horse, he sees one thing, and the fundamentalist sees something else. When OBJECTIVE DNA evidence confirms what the scientist sees, its the fundamentalist who ignores, then seeks to find answers consistent with SUBJECTIVE 'a priori' conclusions.

Which is science?
---MikeM on 6/16/07

No Alan, you sure can't. Others say what they think, and you're on them like stink on a bug. So turn abouts fair play.
Say what you think and you're going to get blown out of the water, just like everyone else you visit with.
---Tex on 6/16/07

Warwick-Defining terms;

To say the earth is only 10,000 years old is delusional, on par with geo-centricism.

To deny the validity of all science* the entire spectrum of the sciences outside of fundamentalist 'creationism' is a throwback to a medieval mindset.

*(operational science is used as a buzz word)
---MikeM on 6/16/07

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Warwick-One cannot accept science when it suits ones purpose, then deny it when it does not. Example, a fundamentalist will serve on a jury, accepting DNA evidence, but deny its validity when discussing the Human Genome Project.

When doing tedious undergrad work at a museum in L.A. constantly fundamentalist would grab their kids and run from the museum when they saw fossils, same as on these Blogs; fundamentalist modus operandi; thats not faith.
---MikeM on 6/16/07

For fundamentalist objective reality is traded in for a subjective standard. Thats not science. Yes man is a flawed creature, yes man is finite, and God is perfect. I would be arrogant, be giving into the foolish wisdom of man to think otherwise that is not however, not a carte Blanc, not mandate to deny our God endowed ability to reason. Fundamentalist rigidity is a reactionary force against Freud, Darwin, and Marx. All must be defeated in support of a priori literalism, a. medieval mindset.
---MikeM on 6/16/07

Mike ... Do you not review what people have said?
Please read the first of my two posts on 6/15.
---alan_of_UK on 6/16/07

Well, I am not Alan, But I can promise all of you that evolution is a lie and a hoax and the biggest joke that has ever been told against God.
---catherine on 6/16/07

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Alan, Do you believe that evolution is true?
---Mike on 6/16/07

Mike & Tex I do not ride the fence.
I just honestly say what I believe ... that the Bible states the Truth that God is God and made the world, and that i do not think that it is a scientific text-book.
Am I not allowed to say that without being vilified?
---alan_of_UK on 6/16/07

I have sent one and I love the E cards. We desperately need more people that are willing to stand up for God. I feel these E cards are doing just that. Anyone that believes in even a little truth to the theory of evilution [Evolution] is no friend of God. Or to God. And furthermore, God is not your friend.
---catherine on 6/16/07

Marty- "it is either arrogant or tradition(human wisdom)" My education is in science, Biology to be specific. I more often than not adopt an, "I only know that I dont know attitude." Literalism is a mental trap, requiring cognative dissonance, likewise atheism requires more aith than any theism. Yes, it is unmistakeable, God is the Creator of the universe, and not one evolutionary biologist, or palentologist I know is an atheist.
---MikeM on 6/16/07

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MikeM the word evolution means different things to many people. The intelligent development of a car is ofter called evolution. Unless we carefully define our terms our meaning is very unclear.

Please define exactly what you mean by 'evolution.'
---Warwick on 6/16/07

Alan of UK I agree with you that the Bible doesn't pretend to be a science text-book. Fortunately as the Bible is unchanging Truth from the Truth, God. Science is the falible changing tool of falible sinful men whose version of truth necessarily changes as new contradictory information comes to hand. The history of scientific belief shows this.

From your style of writing I deduce you are an older man therefore you will have seen the best 'facts' of science change.
---Warwick on 6/16/07

Mike the bible says that God is the creator. In the 6 day creation account meant to be read in a literally or allegorical sense I don't know. I do know that St Augustine held that it was symbolic rather than literal. But I am sure there are people who will say it is meant to be literal, and perhaps rightly so. God has not given me a personal revelation on it, so until I get one it is either arrogant or tradition(human wisdom). One thing that is unmistakeable is that God is the Creator of the universe.
---Marty on 6/15/07

I see, its a different Mike. I note 'Mike' or Tex will not debate the issue. I pose to them, "If ones faith cannot stand the test of FREE INQUIRY, its finished"
---MikeM on 6/15/07

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I have never said Alan is ignorant, in fact I read most of his posting and agree with much of what Alan says. I have corectly been corrected on some issues, like the statue of the Anglican Church.

As to evolution there is no fence to sit on, its a false dictonomy between science and the Bible. Those who oppose evolution do so on a viseral level, nothing more
---MikeM on 6/15/07

Tex, I agree. By doing so it allows him to go after either camp versus just making a clear point and standing for something.
---Mike on 6/15/07

Alan rides the fence.
---Tex on 6/15/07

I cannot believe anyone takes those ecards seriously. They only insult the writers of them. I could, if so animated I could write a far more articulate, detailed antievolution card, or statement; and I have no problem with evolution in the dirst place. I dont see their point.(I am not ths other 'Mike' In fact, my name is not Mike at all)
---MikeM on 6/15/07

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Mike ... You say I "don't know any answers"
Really ... if I am so ignorant, how comes it that I say "The Truth of the Bible is that God is Creator"
Then you accuse me "therefore anything goes?" What just are you trying to imply by that?"
The Bible gives Eternal Spiritual Truths. It does not pretend to be a science text-book.
---alan_of_UK on 6/15/07

Alan, it sounds like you don't know any answers and therefore anything goes? The Bible does give answers as well as science.
---Mike on 6/15/07

To be a Christian, it is not necessary to be a 144-hour Creationist, nor to deny that God could have used tools not disclosed in the Bible to make this world and us.
The Truth of the Bible is that God is Creator.
That thouggh would not say that evolution is a lie. Evolution is not proven, but it or something else beyond our present knowledge could have been used by God.
---alan_of_UK on 6/15/07

I think the Evolution ecards are an excellent way to witness to people by using humor. I have already sent several.
---Jimbo on 6/14/07

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It looks like ChristiaNet is putting up some more Evolution ecards. Take a look.
---Tommie on 6/11/07

OK - Of course you would disagree with the ecards if you are into false doctrines. Which false doctrines are you into that are causing you to consider your beliefs?
---Jeanie on 6/11/07

I like to send specific blogs and quizes to people. Teachers find the American History blogs amusing.
Some of my relatives were on one of the ships that arrived in Jamestown, VA, 1619.
---Jenny on 6/11/07

Concerning ChristiaNet's ecards under Gospel Tracts, I however must say that I disagree with them too. Is Christianity making mockery of errant theologies? And some of the things they mock are true Spiritual things that they mock. And even when they aren't, would you win a Catholic by making mockery of them, or insulting them for their practices?
---OK on 6/11/07

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notlaw99, you err greatly. For the wise follow their Creator and his words; but the foolish are those whom dis their Maker and his words, and the end reward for their folly is eternal torment and eternal separation from Salvation.
---Eloy on 6/11/07

BarbaraNV why would you send the card to insult someone? Seems to me the logical approach would be to send the ecards to someone that is unsure and then attached the Evolution or Creatism bible quiz scriptures.
---Jeanie on 6/10/07

A lot of excellent graphic animation wasted on an unworthy subject.

Creationism is a fantasy of Biblically illiterate fools.
---notlaw99 on 6/10/07

There are more subjects than just evolution on these cards. I would rather talk to someone about our different beliefs than sending them an insulting card. I don't think these cards will do anything for the one on the receiving end but make them angry. Is that how we treat a friend?
---NVBarbara on 6/10/07

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My education is in biology. I see not conflict bewtwwn volution/science and the bible. I note those who do usually share a common fallasy, a tautological one, "Its false beacause its untrue." They are viseral. The ecards are trute, and its not evolution/science/the educated being insulted.
---MikeM on 6/10/07

Yes, they are cute, and they send the right message that evolution is not true, but falsehood; and those who accept the teaching of evolution are accepting false teaching.
---Eloy on 6/9/07

Well said Anothony. The point of the cards is that evolution is a false doctrine being pushed on Christians as being true when indeed it is a false theory.
---John on 6/9/07

opp - Since when is accurately describing someone being un-christ-like? If somebody does not like being seen as idiotic for believing in evolution then perhaps they should change their beliefs, rather than being shielded from legitimate criticism. Jesus "told it like it is" so that means we should too, and then try to help those who want to change. That's christ-like.
---Anthony on 6/9/07

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If they will help God's Kingdom>>>YEA,YEA,YEA,YEA.
---catherine on 6/9/07

Linda, you've that old T.S. shine on you.

Scrubbed in sunshine, NOT.
---J._Adams on 6/9/07

The cards are a very clever way of showing how evolution is an adult fairytale. Way to go ChristiaNet!
---Jeanie on 6/9/07

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