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What Are You Hoping For

Hebrews 11:1 says faith is the substance of things HOPED for... Hope in the greek means joyful, confident expectation. What are you hoping or expecting in faith to recieve or do?

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 ---Rickey on 6/12/07
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I in believe in all the bible. I believe in you, even if you don't believe in yourself. You are capable of presenting something other than hate and loss of eternal life. If you will condemn others for not choosing a glorious, wonderful, perfect, consuming, magnificent, powerful and incomprehensible love, then you will need to learn to manifest it first. --After that you get condemn them. Have a little patience
---cindy on 11/3/10

You want to be like Jesus, KNOW ABOUT HELL! He preached more about hell than anyone in the Bible. This is what I am hoping for: That all true Christians, will learn about Hell. Look in the Bible, you'll find it....You are saved, aren't you? Ahh Jesus++ Hallelujah.
---catherine on 11/3/10

I see this and it looks a little choppy. Let me organize.

1. During summer of 2001--pursuing gifts.
2. One week before Sept 1, 2001--spirit of love imparted
3. eight years of confusion
4. July 2009 --joined OA (constant focus on personal relations)
5. May 2010 -- gave away my inventory (5th step)and Experienced a spiritual awakening
---Cindy on 11/3/10

We love God. He is consuming, powerful, incomprehensible, overwhelming and amazing. The most important law. Love the Lord. How about the second command? There is profound effort to reach out to and serve God. Preaching, lessons and studies, acts of service, singing, scripture, meditation and prayer, all to grow close to God. Yes, we are saved. However, nothing 'amazing' can happen until the "love your neighbor" comes to pass.

I found different ways to interact with people. God made His human creation, breathed an eternal spirit into it, and then made it be two individuals. I tell myself, my soul is complete when I am reaching to others. The results have left me breathless. Catherine talk to me.
---cindy on 11/3/10

Cont-- I experienced massive amounts of euphoria and I waited. I have a really pretty voice. I kept thinking I would do something in the choir. I waited for 8yrs, trying to understand. I wanted to bring all mankind to God, but I didn't want anything to do with mankind.

I finally went into Overeaters Anonymous weighing 295. Feelings of deep insecurity, suspicion, helpless, having low opinions of others, and relating poorly to coworkers drove me to a point where I was desperate to relieve my pain.

What I received that night was the kind of love Paul talks about in the Bible. I was just to messed up to get it to manifest correctly.
---cindy on 10/31/10

cont--. During the month of May, I began escalating in powerful/consuming love and ecstasy. I had been working with my sponsor since July on step 1 - 4. In May I turned over my inventory, a list of every hurt, fear, resentment and guilt. At 44 yrs old it was quite the list. Im still working on my steps.

Ill write again later.
---cindy on 10/31/10

Catharine: I've been moving in my Christian life dramatically over the past year. Just before Sep 11th 2001, I experienced a spiritual encounter. Before hand I had been praying for gifts. God can be trusted to impart any gift as he sees fit.

For several months I poured myself into the endeavor. A week before Sep 11th I was lying in bed silently saying holy, holy, holy as fast as I could, again and again. I moved into ecstasy. I began to feel like I was breathing in something other than air. It was heavy and seamed to have lower levels of oxygen because I was breathing so heavily. I started praying "I not afraid and It's Okay". All the while I was too afraid to open my eyes.

I'll write later.
---cindy on 10/30/10

It's all up to God, now, isn't it! Hallelujah. Thank You Jesus.
---catherine on 10/28/10

Cahterine, you probably won't see it until He can trust you with a local body of people, even when you think they are hypocrites.
---Hope on 10/28/10

I am a hoping, [got to be careful what we are hoping for]! I see myself walking out in front of a lot of people, speaking only God's words, face-to-face. In all of God's glory shining down upon me, knowing that God has taken His time, because, a long time ago I agreed with God, in that, I want to be a POWERFUL PREACHER so, I'll wait on Him....Is that enough, Jesus+ God keeps saying something about me speaking to the nation. I just don't see it.
---catherine on 10/28/10

My hope is in Jesus Christ.
---shira3877 on 10/28/10

I am hoping that the Lord continues anwsering the prayers of my family, he has recently brought me home after driving an 18-wheeler for 12 years, and I know it was our prayer anwsersed but now my faith is really being tested on trusting in him.
---daniel_rando on 10/28/10

I hope to serve Jesus & his father with my full potential. I hope to go out into the world & give out his message. My hope is that my family & others will grow in Gods knowledge through the church & through faith.
---candice on 2/10/08

My hope is in Jesus Christ, knowing that I will spend eternity with him..
---cynth9664 on 7/14/07

A godly husband.
---maryj9396 on 6/22/07

AMEN josef!!! Very powerful, just love your responses, I am encouraged. It is Christ in you, the hope of glory. BLESS YOU!
---christina on 6/22/07

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My hope, my earnest expectation is that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but rather with all boldness I may approach the throne of God's grace. I expect for Christ to be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death. That the Father will make known thru me the mystery of the richness of His glory, Christ in me my hope of glory. That being justified by His grace, I am an heir according to the hope of eternal life. Looking for the glorious second appearance of The great God, our Saviour Jesus The Christ.
---josef on 6/15/07

Two faults that I have made in the past was 1. putting my hope in marriage, I know that God has a wife for and all that Jazz, but it was interfering with my relationship with God becuase I was putting it before Him. I still hope for it but now I do not put it before God becuase my hope is in him alone, and God wants to bless us and it is in his plan for to get married.
---Marty on 6/14/07

2. I use to put my hope in people by placing my trust in them. Particularly even though I knew there were real consequences (bad) to doing this. Why did I do this, a world without trust is a very ugly, sad place. I have learnt to put my trust in God alone, trust people, but only as a fruit inspector. i.e. judge them by their fruits, for only God knows the heart.
---Marty on 6/14/07

To be all I can be, no not for the Army, but for Jesus Christ. I suppose we are in war with Satan. I want Jesus to use me for his glory, for his purpose. And whatever my future holds, that I will live for Christ and let my light shine.
---Rebecca_D on 6/13/07

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I just want to make it in this life, Till the day Jesus comes and gets me. Praise God.+
---catherine on 6/12/07

To go to heaven.
---sue on 6/12/07

Be made perfect. A bride in white for the Lord!!
---Ryan_Z on 6/12/07

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