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What Is A Meek Christian

What is the bible definition of meek?

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 ---Marty on 6/14/07
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A meek Christian will humbly submit to God's Word, do it and not try to change it... and will not be arrayed in royal robes, adorned with gold, scarlet and crimson and carry a fancy staff while wearing a big pointy hat and let others bow to him.
---SeventhSeal on 3/27/08

I am not going to look it up. I will give you my definition. Meekness is doing well under affliction.
---catherine on 3/27/08

I just talked to one a few days ago. To be meek and humble is not a commonly held trait of the flesh. These people abandoned all worldly desires, hopes, dreams, and concentrate with great effort to please Almighty God. From what they study in the Bible. To be in one of these people's presence is to realize how short we come of what God would have us be!!! The one I talked to and worked with must fight off the churches to fulfill his calling from God.
---Mima on 3/27/08

A meek Christian is one who is totally dependent on the Holy Spirit in all he/she does. We understand we are weak beings without Jesus. We live this and breathe this but we do know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.We also live our live according to the will of God and therefore, are towers of strength in and through God.
---Robyn on 3/26/08

A.W. Tozer writes The meekman is not a human mouse afflicted with a sense of his own inferiority. Rather he may be in his moral life as bold as a lion and as strong as Samson; but he has stopped being fooled about himself. He has accepted God's estimate of his own life. He knows he is as weak and helpless as God declared him to be, but paradoxically, he knows at the same time that he is in the sight of God of more importance than angels. In himself, nothing; in God, everything. That is his motto.
---Marty on 3/19/08

Hi Frank, don't know if you want total honesty here, but the honest truth is, a lot of what's turned women off is men like you. I'm NOT trying to be rude here--just honest. A lot of women, like me, have been very deeply wounded by chauvenistic men in the church and elsewhere--and it especially wounds us when they're in church. Men like you have often made women like me think God doesn't like us as women.
---Mary on 7/23/07

Kathr; There are seven Spirits of God that comprise the Holy Ghost. The Spirit of meekness is that portion that allows a person to be meek beyond what is humanly possible. While meekness is a fruit of the Spirit, the Spirit of meekness goes beyond that meekness. Remember how Paul could liken himself freely to a nurse and the Lord could liken himself freely to a hen with no regard of male ego? Sadly, many Christian women today can't stand being female, let alone men. 1 Peter 3:3,4
---Frank on 7/8/07

Meekness is knowing your rights but not insisting on them. Jesus knew that he was God's son but he didn't demand to be treated as a king because he knew God would be glorified through his being meek and not coming with any airs.
---rayray on 7/8/07

meek = patient, docile, submissive, compliant, gentle, kind

Moses was described as the meekest of all men - Num 12:3.

God gives MANY, MANY blessings to the meek. Do a Bible word search and see for yourself.
---a_servant on 7/7/07

I didn't post this response here.
---Matthew on 7/7/07

If you want to be meek. Humble yourself and allow yourself to be teachable.
---Matthew on 7/7/07

All Christians are called into meekness. And it means total dependence upon God. Noone that depends on God totally should have much problem with pride. The proud resists God. Let proud spirits hear this and tremble.---God resists them.>>>> What bothers me is that noone seems to care, that God resists them.
---catherine on 7/3/07

"Meek", in the Koine Greek, (which is one of the primary languages of the NT), means, "To be under the master's control". So, no matter what a Christian does, they are to be controlled by God. This includes, who to marry, what kind of occupation choosen, the church attended, etc. Do not confuse "meek", with "weak".
---wivv on 7/1/07

Frank: You said *A meek Christian is a Christian that has a Spirit of meekness which is one of the seven Spirits of God.*

Would you clarify that. I've never heard of the seven Spirits of God. Do you mean the fruit of the Spirit?
---kathr4453 on 6/23/07

Catherine is it a good point that meekness is connected to humility. And if meekness tends to mean those that obey God and we are called to be meek, to be meek is be humble. How do we be humble?

I believe that it is having an honest appraisal of yourself and realising that anything you 'have' 'are' or 'do' does not reflect your glory but God's glory.
---Marty on 6/15/07

Well, it isn't hanging your head down to the ground. Or talking in a sweet tone if it's not you. Meekness>>>It is a condition of mind and heart. The meek will find Spiritual Satisfaction and receive God's instruction. Meekness is closely related to humility and follows directly upon it. It is the opposite of arrogance and pride. It is an inwrought grave of the soul and the exercise of it are first and chiefly toward God. Especially God's dealing with us. Humility also is total dependence upon God.
---catherine on 6/15/07

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In Philippians 2 it gives a definition. It says in verse 7 that He made Himself of no reputation. In other words He didn't put emphasis on Himself or what He could do, but on God.

Meek doesn't mean weak. To be meek doesn't mean you have to be a punk & get trampled on by other folks.

Jesus was meek, but not a punk. Remember when He went into the house of prayer and knocked the tables & stuff over. He wasn't a punk there, but was still meek in heart.(Matthew 21:12)
---Rickey on 6/15/07

One who is humble minded, possessing a gentle, quiet disposition. One who does not think more highly of him or herself than he or she should. Having a tendency to consider the needs of others irrespectively of their own needs. The meek are quick to listen, slow to speak & slow to wrath. Blameless, harmless & without rebuke in the midst of a crooked & perverse nation, shining as lights in the darkened, arrogant, self-seeking world of the spiritually obscured.
---joseph on 6/15/07

Hi, Marty . . . meek means how Jesus is . . . so great and so kind and considerate with everyone - -
NOT conceited, even though He is so superior ! ! !

The Bible definition > the meek "shall inherit the earth", Jesus says in Matthew 5:5. So, what Jesus means by meek > these are the ones who will inherit the earth >
NOT the conquerors and forcers and killers, but the meek.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/15/07

Let me see what my Bible Greek dictionary says > gentle, humble, mild >

talking about Jesus, it would have to do with love, and would not be just a human characteristic.

It includes not wanting to be better than others, and "nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock." (1 Peter 5:3)

And my EMOTIONS, in love, will be gentle...meek, not overbearing and not dominating me. Jesus in His love's emotions is "gentle and lowly".
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/15/07

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"rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God." (1 Peter 3:4)

So, being meek . . . gentle and quiet in our spirit . . . makes us pleasing to God, enjoyable to Him.

And it says this is "incorruptible" > nothing can mess with you in this meekness of God's you will last to inherit this earth > while conquerors with all their power will NOT continue.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/15/07

"Meek" means "to be under the master's control". The best example I can think of is when I was editor of, "The Beauty of the Quarter Horse". On one occasion, I went to the rodeo in Ft. Worth, TX. In one stall was a brocnco, in the other a champion horse. The only difference was, the bronco was NOT under the master's control, the champion was. This is meek, it has nothing to do with being a "milk toast" or weak.
---wivv on 6/14/07

A meek Christian is a Christian that has a Spirit of meekness which is one of the seven Spirits of God. It is a meekness that goes beyond the normal and allows men to put aside their ego and do kind of as Christ likened himself to a hen and Paul likened himself as a nurse for the brethren's sake. It is something lacking in today's churchworld. The boldness should come from a Spirit of boldness and not ego or a haughty arogant spirit. But that's another spirit altogether and another post.
---Frank on 6/14/07

and the meek shall inherit the no way does in mean weak.meek biblically means kind,loving,forgiving,encouraging,towards all people,yet strong spiritually.
---tom2 on 6/14/07

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Ruth Graham is an example of a meek Christian. She passed away today.
---Susie on 6/14/07

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